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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

4-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the he would write benefit them. India the hole looked -- -- intentions and -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'd had a great protest it was because -- guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got help after all it. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. -- and I don't know I didn't put. -- -- People know and it's live it's local. It's Tom how early. They're wet eyed women that good news radio yeah. And our -- and jello. John you're not you're not wearing black people by -- place out do not bring. Now well I want my black Brothers and sisters here ever own volition I want you ever -- you want to be here I. I don't bring you know I want you here because you've chosen to be a part of my lucky. Hey it's -- -- news radio 930 WBE. And you know -- still shaking my head and I'm spell. I'm wondering what the rest of the story news I'm at the rest of the story is going to be about -- now. The wife of the guy who owns the basketball team that used to be the buffalo braves way back when. I she says the tape was altered the tape that is featured very prominently on the website TMZ. Sheryl just so you know -- that's what she's. Our reporters last night asked the guy and his wife leaving the restaurant. Are you are racist and he didn't say anything she's of course not. Well I think they just think -- about the whole thing is under ordinary circumstances the issue would be this guy is bringing another woman to a game and apparently dating this other woman and they are going out with his wife. But again I've told you before that marriages are weird and met some people. You know made. They just have arrangements that other people don't yet and maybe that's one of these situations. But I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Now F about let's let this one. Let's go let's pretend let's pretend I'm gonna defend. The guy who owns the LA clippers -- that let's say I'm gonna try to defend him. First of all if I was in crisis management. And up. At dealing with crisis management. What he said. If the tape was not altered what he said there is only one way out service you agree with me there's only one way out of it he's got to sell the team. It's too big distraction it's not fair to his players it's not heard of fans it's not fair to the league he has become a story he is a distraction. Now we still have freedom of speech in this country. -- our government is not gonna put this guy in jail for hate speech nor should. Lot of people get freedom of speech all mixed up paper ball freedom of speech well -- you can save almost anything you want but that doesn't mean the marketplace won't respond -- -- questions about that asked The Dixie Chicks. Because they got into trouble. Our way back went. Not that the government was gonna come down on them for what they had said. But because their own market their own fans basically said you know what if that's the way -- really feel that we don't wanna be your fans anymore. So if I were in crisis management the first thing I would be doing right now is hiring a forensic. Tape examiner and forensic specialist. Word these tapes altered is there any evidence that would show that this guy did not say what he said. As is reported on these tapes. Now I would expect it to be done in a few days. There's there's not that much in terms of audio. So it shouldn't take over -- -- Now if there is any hint. Bet these tapes were altered then. Play and beat goes into effect which is the counter offensive basically calling the woman who recorded the tapes any money grabbing extortionist. And then guess what he looks like the good guys. My money it would be on the tapes not being altered but that's an opinion and it's not based on any effect if that is true. And this is where you have to have an honest heart to heart with the person with whom you're dealing in crisis management infected we should get on the show wish Michael could put on the issue. Because this is what he does for a living John. This is what he does relive it Michael -- photo he deals with people in crisis management. I'd like to spend a little time talking to Michael of these available because. If he said what we think he sent its ugly. It's hideous I'm shaking my head. Follow pro sports really but I've noticed something about the NBA. There's some black guys in the NBA. A fact there's a rather tall black men in the NBA. There's some efforts all black man in professional basketball I don't know how that works exactly but a lot of guys in the NBA. And to even entertain the thought. In anyway -- perform that lets see you can hire these guys to play for you compare them lots of money. And you don't want the woman you're allegedly banging on the side. To hang out with other black guys in public even though you own a team that is mostly black and it has just. It's absurd it's just patently. Absurd I actually agree with. The world may be coming to an end ladies and gentlemen. The world are becoming -- because I find myself actually agreeing with what the frauds that with what jurors that. Bet that mr. sterling words speak for themselves. Out the irony is the guy gets -- -- -- of the year award. I'm not -- and it's up from the NAACP. A few hears that he gave money to the NAACP they're not telling us how much. They say that they're gonna send it back to what mr. sterling. About them as the other question that I was -- Now we know that the guys who play and the clippers aunt and most of those guys are black. I've -- -- a protest you know they took up their jackets and they had things inside out. I'm -- myself the ultimate protest would be to refuse your paycheck. From the guy who -- these slots about people who look like you do. And if you're clipper if you're listening to -- show I would simply suggest that you send your checks to me I'll have no problem cashing out. I'm sorry I'm sorry there's only one color that unites the races -- that is its dream. I'm not trying to laugh I'm really not trying to make light of this but please understood to have that. There's certain things that I -- they're -- be shaking my head. And this happens to be one of them I mean is it says some kind of premature senility is this set up. Is this. What did she threaten to the woman to take this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know. I mean I'm sure we're gonna hear the rest of the story whatever that is. But for today all we know is that basically the owner of a mostly black NBA team. Says that he doesn't want the woman he is allegedly blinking outside of his marriage posing in public with black guys. I'm I'm sorry but I've heard there's some comedy. It's weird comedy it's dark comedy no pun intended it's like blazing saddles and if you know what. Mel Brooks somewhere in his mind has got to be contemplating a movie about this seriously. You know one of the things we do our intro is whenever it throws is from blazing saddles and it's a stereo type of racism. It is a a stereotype based that racial comedy at least to some extent panda one of the lines as well women that. And that's the stereotype that black guys will only go after white women now I search Imus. I did I know I actually that little problem is broke out you wanna -- -- -- works so hard to track that down. This is on the intro this is back when America actually had a sense of humor. About stereotypes and we're trying to maybe. Understand each other better through the use of humor and a classic scene was when the sheriff and his body. Are try to get weapons away a couple guys dressed in kkk outfits so they're trying to get the kkk guys to chase them behind rocks so they peer out from behind the big boulders and the black guy says. Well there's no better way to get a couple of kkk uniform -- and I think -- have to get that assays up they elect Barack. So -- any -- locker room a surprise for you if you're one of the only people in America about to have seen that movie was actually alive when it was out. But. This -- you know my first reaction -- they were just asked them age shaking my head. Absolutely. And that's -- realized just it to compound the ironies. But this guy gets the humanitarian. Of the year award from the NAACP. They get myself okay. And apparently he's a he's a Democrat. So. You know. Met the political opportunities here. Are absolutely going to be exploited but they're not going to be exploited by the Republicans. I don't know they're not gonna be exploited by the GOP it will be exploited by the Democrats and the so called progressives because at the end of the day they're gonna have all of America believing that this guy is somehow a right wing Tea Party patriot who is at. At the bunny ranch in fact he was actually the guys saying the things that Clive and east Atlanta. I have America ball there before too long. Because of a spin machine. So. When you first heard about this story did you do what I did I did a complete. Intellectual double -- like right I hear that right. I bet that that I hear that directly. At him by the way I don't mean to -- point out the obvious here but. I don't know of anybody else's talked about this but you you do know that the woman to hole. Mr. sterling allegedly may be racial comments. You do realize that she is at least part Asian and it wouldn't surprise me at all if it turns out that she was part black as well. Judging by her complexion. It wouldn't surprise me at all would it. Djokovic and you're looking at the picture would it surprise you -- -- look a -- I get you know I'm among rural racially. You know the little this and have a little of that I don't even know exactly what I am until the DNA tests come back. The IQ test can bet that was -- but the other terrorist I'm still wait and a so a -- long story short. I really -- now. Your first reaction to what he said. And what do you think the -- applications of this are going to be. Bottom line is. If I'm in crisis management as I -- first thing I do I sit down my client. -- at the guy who allegedly said these things I say did you say them or is that tape doctored you gotta be honest with. And if he said yes I really said. The only option sterling has is he's got to sell the team. Does anybody wanna take exception that the only option he has is to sell the team. He at this point has become the story not his thing at this point he has become the story not the -- If you can't tell me that every single other NBA franchise owner in the NBA. It doesn't feel the same way because this is gonna reflect of that. And they don't want that. I realize David Stern is no longer the commissioner of the NBA but. I I have to believe that had mr. stern still in the commissioner of the NBA and by the way he was an integral part of building the NBA in to what it is today. He was a tremendous commissioner. For the National Basketball Association final follow sports closely but I'd follow them enough to know that he was in for eagle. And in developing the game promoting the game etc. -- that are out. There's no other way out if he said it he's got to get out of the game. Not. Dot now we know that some people. Some people can say. Really mean and nasty things. About other races. In fact I seem to remember ago. I seem to remember certain TV anchor. Because remember folks. Racist or not just white folks. Racist can be -- Racists can be Asian they can be Indian they can be amber Indian are Indian subcontinent Indian. They can be basketball. They can be let you know if it doesn't matter. Racism exists it is one of the ugly as components of human nature fortunately I think most of us have advanced well beyond that. Well beyond that jungle mentality which racism is no matter who. No matter who is gonna say that -- are superior based on bigger race which is what I believed to be the definition of racism a belief that your race is superior to other races simply by virtue of the fact that your race. How well now big bear well there's a news anchor on MSNBC. And her name is Melissa Harris Perry. And win the Romney family released a picture of the Romney family including the grandkids. There was. I say this delicately. There's a a child of color in the Romney family who had been adopted to the Romney family. End up Melissa Harris -- She decided that she got a little fun that any cat. -- -- this was one of these things yeah. The disputed his name and -- -- front and center would. One of these things is not like the other 11 of these things is not the same I think I got the words right there that's what she set the -- times as I've watched the show I'm what you need of some remedial education but. That's what she said Jesse Jackson. Just Jesse Jackson the esteemed -- a quote civil rights leader. Jesse Jackson once referred to New York City as Hymie town. You wanna get a Jewish person upset and this is not really today to do that by the way. Not that it ever is appropriate but not no you don't don't don't do it they'll do -- this time of the year ever. He called New York City Hymie town. Andy was basically using a Derek. A prerogative for Jews and yet. He gets to keep his moral superiority which I never really understand. Because frankly in my estimation there's a guy who's built a career. Out of threatening to call other people racist and using the blood of the great Dr. Martin Luther King. As almost his holy relic because he was there the -- Doctor King was murder and stood over him as he lay dying on the Memphis balcony. So -- I don't see anyway out of this for this guy he's not gonna get thrown in jail not gonna get thrown in prison or surety but. If he said what he is alleged to have said he's gonna have to give up ownership in the NBA. I don't know what the provisions are amongst NBA owners but. Certainly not gonna tolerate this they can't. They can't afford to even have some of them think the same way he does they can't afford the perception not the NBA. No way. No I didn't feel intellectually superior. I find the cops marathon healthy feel like Einstein a distinctive. 334 news radio 930 WB ET and the -- his name oddly enough is up Michael Capuano and Michael and I still text each other. Michael thanks for joining us on the power they show on the WB and it's always a pleasure sir. -- first things first if you were handling this situation involving the owner of the clippers how would you begin. Start by -- church and a lot better and I think. It's impossible hole. -- -- You would -- -- -- Apologize profusely. Calm himself basically. On the number via public opinion. And do something. -- in all -- trying to. More. And -- for century. I think you know. -- we have been. And note that you know. It Mozilla. -- was fired but yeah that money. -- injured and they can move. It was just the -- -- It it supports in. What. Year. And grow our. -- A year ago when it was. -- opinion. And later it wasn't offered employer. Pop culture move very quickly. -- my but of course I mean in in Barack Obama's case I should point out always forgiven because he had the exact same opinion as a guy from Mozilla up until a couple of years ago they sent Joseph Biden out with the trial balloon -- the trial balloon got out -- Before you know what Barack Obama changed his opinion and he gets a pass where the guy Mozilla did not. The first thing I would do and tell me if I'm wrong here Michael. I would ask the owner of the clippers if he really said was on that tape or if it was doctored. Well I think you have to remain in today's day and age you have to consider that there's a possibility no matter how remote. And I think you're right he needs to. Acknowledges its authenticity. Or argue against it and make a public statement it to where he stands on the recent. You know event. But even if he comes out and he does a heartfelt may have cold. In this situation in these times is that enough we saw what happened with Paula day. I I gotta tell you you know apology came out the other end of that arts -- machine. Should be cute remark upn and the one thing we hear about ball early. Is that he's -- an awful lot more money than -- and and I think it. When -- well -- -- went -- well. No man and most people on the people of professional sports team. You can afford to. The problem is that he's got -- town and its team. I think it damaged but I think you might -- -- the league owners acted together and have him there aren't. Yeah -- that's -- what I was thinking earlier Michael is I don't see any salvageable way out of this in terms of his being able to keep the franchise the clippers because the other orders are not gonna wanna be associated with him. In any way shape or form. I mean I think it would take a miracle. I believe -- And I'm not going to be judgment on that might not there yet we do -- our troops are quite communicate respective. I would advise him to extricate him not to quickly -- organic thing. I keep bringing him up visited app that when when crisply. Had abuse scandal in his career he acted immediately. And better be but you know an awful lot of scrutiny every spam Lyonnais and is is -- It is congressional leadership he moved immediately get out of the way in a matter -- -- is guilty or not. Prompt and and and magnanimous action it and you from further better. At this point is there any way. Sterling can do bet. Well I think -- let let's take a look at it from this perspective I believe I've been he's been issued an owner community. I act against -- arm it'll be idle long drawn out legal process that will be bad for the and these. Friends among the other owners are probably lobbying right now. But look what happened. To. -- -- for example I would and you were saying we are aren't under very badly served poorly served by his attorney giving him you're right. And telling them not to say a -- I mean there is life after. Our political game a bit light after what your -- out on national. Television as the owner of a professional. Team I don't they can include continuing to own the paint -- Got -- -- Tibet now as far as the as far as the woman in this is concerned. Isn't of interest saying that America is focused on the comments of mr. sterling and not on to whom those comments were addressed considering the fact that mr. sterling is a -- Dugard. Yeah it's -- and end and apparently this woman and it's well under way in and out of -- guys light debated it. Boy I tell you when you listen to take into achieved practically -- -- particular note that would be any. Speaking argued an -- professor. I'm so. You know regardless so I mean I don't know people who are so who most people of my father's generation and it's probably generation remark -- be. Considered bigoted. In two days are politically correct society. And are going to have a chance that the right. All right so are you predicting I don't know I'm gonna ask you for prediction how long before the NBA owners unanimously with the only dissenting vote being -- mr. sterling. The NBA owners vote to. Make him sell the franchise there's got to be something in the NBA charter -- situations like this were an owner causes such undue embarrassment to the league that has continued presence is a detriment to -- I think they're actually mathematical formula that bit bit. That put Jesse Jackson in the denominator. A factor he -- outside or or not Al Sharpton outside and -- human factor he'll be gone. Partly depends upon. Put pressure. And I believe that you'll see this entry. -- at the end of at all. Sterling -- their -- And I think see and it got out of the way he say -- -- did in double Lotta there a lot better. You know one thing. These reporters -- the people who call him out of order or even sometimes problems are Tibet orders. Are going to be things out the better continue to compared like Chinese water. Yeah well we don't we live in an error in my hall of portable. Audio recording devices hidden cameras. And all kinds of technology they can eavesdrop. On people especially once you get yourself in -- somebody's life are these kinds of inner sanctum story's gonna become more and more prevalent will we find out that people to whom we may have looked up. Proved to be one thing in public and another thing in private and we can also talk about the ethics of recording somebody's private conversations. Brought to our yet know the 1 thing I am I worked with advice aren't cheap to date News Corp. On on the on the public relations and an honor image it. There's a whole discipline now -- -- see you know the very best of them. You know they use email they don't have -- they don't look at it. They don't have a FaceBook account or not they're not not because they're not interest and their lawyer told them not do it at all. They're completely disconnected from the not the if they don't have. Expect there doing it for them but they don't touch it. I know it's CEO and you can't communicate with them can't get on our own he got no other way to get to but but but but right. Nam and under the pact -- -- and -- machine is a are striker. It comes out goes right into the soccer. The best CEOs that vote. The people were really watching. There mirror image part art airport that. -- when it comes to recording each other so on congress and our audio on repeat and I note the great. Amount of restraint. Exhibited in the last you know ten -- increasingly every year remember. -- you know the executive -- Sweden also in political life. People don't believe that there is need any modicum of privacy at all and I think it it's happening more and more speedy. Accurate following it -- You see it here this video of congressman Kissinger's staff. There's no -- into it and certainly aren't Donald Sterling showed the you can argue it from even the people that you think you -- Well I'm I'm wondering Michael the situation like this is my final question for you. There be a backlash against this woman for basically. Betray the confidence of the guy with whom she was hanging out. It irrespective of the the contents of what he had to say and how we feel about bat. The ethics and morality are recordings somebody when they don't know there being record. Well operation beyond I mean I expected to do that art show on him and he beat -- -- on that. And I I think it you look at the woman who -- Oh gosh I'm not just in a Russian amateur. We will work as well known for being -- in -- there it is and and nordic alternates -- -- Russian girl or altered to do its relationship. Now wait a minute Michael I just found out over the weekend the 100000. Russian women who want me candidly in an email what's wrong with you. Partner yes it. But you know. Being -- them you know so take the campaign app look at remember she was completely can't somatic. And I believe even said some RN -- Black statements as well. All we -- yes something about her being gang raped by -- yeah out. Yeah -- that. And and I'm excited. Don't don't Mel Gibson on these really aren't swayed back and they're they're they're very prominent liberal writers who were advocating it. Return to Hollywood's paper. So -- -- Mel Gibson I mean. I'm not sure about. This -- sterling but Mel Gibson is known around town now that he's sober around LA you are. A right. A pretty nice guy. And really honestly trying to find his way through that horrible weirder quite this -- early part is gonna try and buy his way out of. Very very interesting Michael I really appreciate your expertise on this and I think where we we both agree the only way for this to end and and quickly for him presuming the tape is in fact authentic which I happen to think it is by the way but that's you know being a big prejudiced I I think it is -- -- that the -- he's got to get out of the ownership of the NBA he's got to run from the game as fast as he possibly can -- -- -- hockey team -- not -- -- It's all right. I hit thank you I'm very glad to talk with you Michael. All right Mike Caputo who's an expert in that crisis management. Joining us on that news radio 930. WB EM -- -- -- don't forgive me for just. I don't know what to say I. You know sometimes as a talk show host a guy aggregate news for you say stupid things all right I've said stupid things I know of some stupid things our -- night and I'll say. In that held that ice is bad for. -- just immediately. And I and I also -- people who have my private cell phone number who can call me to say hey Tom. That really was stupid what you just said. So well. When I see this guy who is worth about two billion dollars to billion with a B. When I see him as the owner of a team. Most of the on the court employees of which are black guys. Telling his girlfriend outside of marriage not to make public as a public appearances with black guys. Including Magic Johnson who is like pretty close to a say in LA I know I know. But. I honest to goodness folks I mean part of me wants to say maybe it's release -- -- I don't know what it is but it's not it's not rational. Are right what do you what do you think so far. Just curious what do you think so far. Can this guy possibly stay and owner in the NBA. If you don't even have to be approach sportsman I'm not pro sports fan but I have noticed there's a couple of black guys in the NBA. I've noticed that over the years watch in the chair it was a flip through channels another couple black guys probably not the smartest thing to say. When you -- the owner of an NBA team in fact it is so dumb that's why I just I can't stop saying are you kidding me. SMH would be Internet -- And AccuWeather -- WBM first of all rob Roy yeah. Would they wouldn't be complete without lots of weather to talk about high wind warning will be in effect from eight -- camera. Until 5 PM meant to borrow. And we're talking about the National Weather Service office in buffalo issuing that former. Counties. Wins 25 the 35 miles an hour gusts up to sixty but that's tomorrow between 8 in the morning at 5 PM I would just advise that would go home. Overnight -- -- park your car underneath the neighbor's tree with that Branson looks like it's about the come off at any given moment probably not a wise thing to do. We have -- -- the Verizon's first pitch breezy tonight the rain will spread from south to north across the area the overnight low 45 degrees tomorrow cloudy and breezy wind we told you about occasional rain and will be up to 53 degrees tomorrow. -- -- And I do I wanna mention of course I do that it's marked on Monday the buzz is that -- Louisville bats first -- 605 PM. And that we told about the weather hopefully that will hold off until such time as the game is -- concluded. So up. The owner of the LA clippers do you see any way out of this but to extricate himself from the NBA I honestly. I I do not mean the other owners he is anathema. Okay this would feel like having Martin Luther as part of your -- board of directors of a Catholic Church. It just isn't gonna work it's not gonna work. There is no extricating himself. Sterling -- -- as an NBA owner is absolutely -- he's done he'll still be richer than you. MIA and everybody we know put together but as far as altering its aid he might as well here's a good but. Because in -- -- to April and by the way this -- just in from Reuters the National Basketball Association. Will make an announcement on Tuesday about its investigation into sterling. While fallout over racist comments allegedly made by him continues. Sterling is being investigated by the MBA. Over racist comments you allegedly made that is said sparked widespread outrage. The NBA facing mounting pressure to take tough action against sterling says the new commissioner well relatively anyway David Stern. Adam silver will address the media tomorrow at 2 PM. 2 PM the NBA will issue an official statement. By the way. This does not surprise me nor should it surprise you the team's sponsors begin pulling -- financial support of the clippers sterling his own family. Has distanced themselves from him. So what it's all unraveling for sterling the -- he gets out the better what does he need the money for. He doesn't what does he need the aggravation no let him go live somewhere. And we never have to hear from him or about him again. Right on WB.

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