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4-28 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back where -- major governing obscenity beach I didn't know Donald Sterling was probably you didn't know Donald Sterling was -- LA via people know him because he's a prominent real estate developer there. He's. Nearly a billionaire twice over one point nine billion. Is what he's worth. And what he's doing his girlfriend while she was secretly recording them. Vote has hit the fan and obviously yeah but not well received an. NBA is black. Of his team twelve out of the fourteen players -- black his coach is black and we don't know about the rest of the front office but. Basically. He told his girlfriend among other things not to bring any black people have a game where there. Mean -- -- like that I Betty didn't go down to have a box office and say don't sell any tickets to black people so he'll take their money. And -- he'll take the players even dog sugar blues players are paid guys wage. They'll take their labor to make millions of dollars but there there there are compensated certainly that's a that's a deal. I'll but he doesn't want them showing up at the arena -- his girlfriends off well. Amazing. The audio first released and I'm working with this it is a New York Times article. The audio first released by DMZ reportedly. Catch him arguing with a female friend described as these that -- at all and video I'm sure doesn't stand for version. Criticizing her for posting pictures of herself online with a black men including Magic Johnson. Don't put him on instant Graham for the world to have the seat and then they have to call me said the male voice who is assumed to be him. And don't bring him to my games -- bothers me a lot that you want to promo broadcast that jurors you have an association with black people. Do you have do. So this is with his thirty something year old girlfriend who is. Described by herself was half Mexican half. All right. And here's some of the things that are on the tape. -- regarding this conversation I support them he's talking about black's team. I give them food and clothes and cars and houses. Who gives it to them that someone else give it to them do I know what I have. Who makes the game do I make the game or do they make the game and pardon me is there's thirty owners. That created the league so what he's doing first of all he's trying to portray himself as a big benefactor. The -- the bargain is that he pays them and they perform. Basketball services and people buy tickets to see implied and that's what makes money. So basically. You can see why. The the word got out and and the reaction is as it is. Especially in the NBA it would have been going anywhere but especially. Mike and -- -- on WB yeah. -- -- -- -- -- A lot of extreme yelled -- my plate during I just don't see it. As bad. As other people see that and I think what it what spewing. -- -- It didn't -- yeah. Certain groups of people. The united what I don't think it was any worse. OK then what are you have a conversation amongst your other friends who are multi culture. And I don't think it was any or. For the immediate. -- -- -- -- -- Different words that -- to express his spirit about white people think of that nature. I don't think as human being and and that Erica I don't think effective at the level at. Situation. But if you put in perspective if you apologists if you put in perspective when you go to C a comedian. You know that a -- gonna say things to try to make you laugh and maybe shocking that may be poignant whatever so you're expecting that he is the employer. Of the people he's talking about. And adjusts the first of all telling her not to bring blacks imagine saying don't bring Jews over Italians or don't bring irishman. To the -- of the game and then he and his. Characterization of the fact that he gives them all these things I think it brings back memories that are not very pleasant so I can understand -- people get Beryl. I read. -- -- You know work a little bit. But I go back. Such as -- at that I like that. Well they should -- Here say I hate black. Eight to act I don't hurt they and -- -- well boy. About how about something. And until. It's right or is still think it worked there I'd -- call. All work -- people how's it. Been called. The names -- worked and what that -- ever better. Why different culture I. Inspect and I don't read the about it. I don't put it. Certainly don't call me it -- -- people did. I could -- That are are well. I said please don't point I will -- view is the fact that there was supposed to be a private conversation. He wasn't publishing -- there was a lot of plaque on the lobby I mean it was a private between him and his girlfriend she -- -- she betrayed him she turned a man and now -- The word is out. Right -- say it. At a particular pumping out that well it's human being and adult at the -- about when I say it. Right Robert eight era billionaire. -- what you are not your your privacy is that it isn't. I don't think it kind of business c.s and if you made flange as a way you it wouldn't matter. I'll load matter but it wouldn't be this kind of a story. But because he owns an NBA team he lives in a fishbowl is part of a community. And especially Los Angeles which is very multicultural. -- so -- with that there's a certain standard it's higher than it would be with the aware of the dormant while -- Michael Hart has already about with -- people that don't have a public persona. Who we understand he didn't have anything I hate speech -- there -- -- -- threatening people but it obviously showed his state mine and when you work forum. One would while I would assume that you wouldn't be too happy to hear about it cousins are about you when your friends. I think we as humans is America we are now looking at. Particular -- that situation. And you know evil evil evil it got a billion dollars but you know what it was a fight or they shouldn't. We and it dropped right and it art and concerned. -- market is that the politics. Well I don't like Eric or I don't like that you say. -- market despite -- -- we were little I. And what why it should be out there that you're still -- is that that your old white out I was sober. Yeah you don't give up your free speech I understand what you're saying there you met a couple of a couple of Bob points worth making I think so thank you thank you for bringing them up version. A do you think you guys you think it's overreaction do you think it's a media are trying to get a big -- -- -- swing and around the room. No and I can't stand when people try to blame it on the media to cancel stupid. This guy got caught saying something that was disgusting revolting. He should be called out on the carpet for no bones about it. And they're your group aggressive ideal and the media saying I just doesn't hold any water for me here because nobody knew who this guy was before it's not like they took some big name like a Mark Cuban -- adults from now where it looked like. You're trying to get something on a guided him in trouble nobody cared about Luke Donald Sterling was before us and it. Put it in context and the city and timeframe all right we have spent a lot of time making sure that if you wanna join a club. That the club opened their doors to you mean there -- women now playing golf or country clubs where they were never allowed to before. There are there are minorities who are members of certain organization in clubs that weren't allowed to before. -- -- trying to -- he has as a country and open society. Without boundaries without borders are the word diversity is in every third paragraph of things that I read in the paper. That's a whole different story for different time. But what we're trying to be is all inclusive. And just imagine and set of blacks use your own ethnicity. And it's see how you'd feel if you knew that the owner of that team didn't want you when the auditorium -- an emotional buy a ticket -- -- -- is that they'll have anything. And I don't -- if I found out that that that was video feelings that they harbored I would I just wouldn't -- well. I wouldn't go I wouldn't support them knowing that that dollar that I'm spending is gonna end up in his pocket. -- so that's -- and I think that's part of it is part of it is that weren't there it's an ally. If it's in LA. I would assume the mindset is totally different and LA that it might be in some other parts because it is very racially mixed. In it in Los Angeles so he can see where that people might get bill and over something like this. He didn't break the law. I -- the he didn't break the law by any manner of means she broke the law about recording him. Without telling them so if there were any charges to come up actual criminal charges. They would be hers and not he has. -- is something we just don't know which I don't think the rest on this story so far will take a break and we will return. Well I was obviously I was appalled I mean nobody out to be quite honest with you I wasn't too surprised I've known several plays and play for Donald Sterling in the past in particular Baron Davis who's been on the wreckage very publicly decrying some of the stuff that was spewed in his direction. Well when he was the star player for the clippers organization. Telling stories about how he would be on the court and Donald Sterling would be sitting courtside. With one of his female acquaintances spewing all kinds of of of rhetoric in his direction. -- saudis say that this is a surprise. I'm not going to go that far but at the same time to consider the fact that he is an owner in the league. That you've got such a reputable individuals like Chris Paul as the -- -- team alone will Blake Griffin when you've handed over pretty much control of basketball operations to a Doc Rivers and -- hear that you spewing this kind of rhetoric is obviously a -- it's very disturbing. And there's no doubt about it that the leak itself Adam silver specifically. Tasked to take action is not something that you can leave off. But is region governor satellite that's. Unless you have a small -- organization you know where it's of very intimate where the owner is there on the floor in the office every day and you get to know them personally usually we don't know who owns us I mean we know who wants us but we don't know them personally. And we don't know what their thoughts are. Their thoughts usually are related just to the workplace only we don't know what their personal thoughts are but for those who criticize. The team for actually playing the game I would like to ask you this have suddenly. You are the owner of York company. Was. Was charged with this kind of speech would you not going to work the next day -- you refuse to -- there. I don't think most people have that opportunity. They're happy to have a job and and they would not like it but they would deal with -- it's it would really be unfair to ask. Of the members of the team -- hurt themselves because of an idiotic comments by their owner. If via either forfeited the game has played out there in the playoffs now too too we're going to -- They shouldn't be punished and so I think they did what they could do. They were summoned and not -- go to warm up attire for the game. And then war I think it was either black over Spencer head bands or whatever their show that they are thinking as as the team. And I get are what is I can't blame for that. Meanwhile I have a letter in the USA today. Of buy -- Nicholas he says are sterling comments truly awful and deeply disturbing yes. Were they made him a private intimate conversation that never should have seen the light of day. Yes here's a question for those of us who remember the controversy over short term. Mozilla's CEO. Getting buyouts for having donated to an anti gay marriage ballot initiative. Assuming the tape as legit as it makes sense with the NBA two K and sterling while we know that they can't cancel it and fire sterling. They get suspended but they can't can't make him make him. Self. They can make things miserable form they could turn the heat up make him feel totally uncomfortable on wanted but they can't make him to rent of the franchise. As best we now. And there again it's that you're tired double standard of course is a double standard there always has been in my lifetime and there always will be. If you are black comedian you're allowed to say words that white comedians can't view is if your black rappers Euro obviously things on your music that. Others can't say because of yeah its just your standing it's part of payback I guess or equalization. Or however you want to name it. There was a book called white men can't jump. Remember that. A regarding the ability of white men to jump. I -- up and threw away years of that level basketball so. -- double standard but the bottom line is you've got to your living in a community. In this case LA that is very racially mixed very sensitive to all this stuff and they're not used to hearing this and I don't wanna get used to it and I don't blame. Did he say anything illegal now he's having stupid yes. The guys -- eighty years old he's a billionaire and has a thirty something year old -- for. Actually because he's a billionaire he probably -- the thirty some otherwise. I don't think should be -- You -- As the little they can you make it as a safe that he gets does get good seats Oscar's got I'm a lot but six back after -- -- she go when she first visited stub hub should vote on them. OK yeah make up your joke let's go to Roger in Albion Roger here on WB. -- I'd like. That's again. But what I've got it does -- record -- Kate M legally or illegally I don't call. It was kinda dirty trick that she did. That I'm not sure that I don't really care yeah I wait all I'm concerned what it does. This -- even made in my opinion has just stick a -- totally uncalled for. And and my own opinion. He's -- race. Which okay. That it's our annual condemning them and you're -- hourly and what -- you. In my opinion that -- all ways. And I think he should be given opposition. Reverend Al Sharpton Al all. And they could start their day in and bail out and talk relations come -- -- each other. And -- wouldn't be any captain -- whatsoever. And it would be that televisions -- -- why. Was special guest Tawana Brawley I hear a larger sense Roger -- over backwards more or beach company. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. Collison now an 80309. -- cell calls are free and -- -- journey there are told streamlined -- 1806169236. It backward Beijing got -- -- and the question today is what the deal -- Donald Sterling. If you listen to what he actually said. -- I don't think he broke the law with what he said because he's not threatening Israel there's -- threats in there. On it and he just told his girlfriend not to bring blacks. Having games and not to be don't photograph we have magic Johnson and and and she's posting it on social media. And then he he went into a thing about how. He says he's -- players now on twelve out of fourteen a blackened and he's referring to his players current and past assume. I support them and give them food and clothes and cars and houses. Who gives it to them does someone else give it to them. -- sounds like a Dick and Jane thing is that the way it's written as somebody else give it to them does some. After Wright as a someone else given that I am do I go what I have. Who makes the game -- why make the game or they make the game. Thirty owners are created the late first of all it's very choppy. But what is he saying he's saying he doesn't want her to bring blacks to the game. But he's not telling the box office that they shouldn't sell tickets to blacks. So hypocritical there. However because there's no hater or anything. Where does that line coming -- I've and I've often wondered that. If you're not comfortable on the presence of of some other group does that mean you hate them. You just don't wanna be associated with a at the associated with a much -- what he chose. There's probably a reason I don't think you have to be a psychiatrist to figure out that that you think that -- less than you are or at least different. And you are there or something or not comfortable way you either think that they're inferior to you. You're not comfortable for some other reason. But does that is that immediately racist as soon as you get to that point you have to go further. Answer that question because I really don't know the answer question one eyewitness -- is because you feel superior and they and you -- your your opposing them as inferior and that the that you would be a racist attitude and that's the way I'm looking -- -- it's the same way yes -- -- yeah I do -- I don't really know all -- another way to look at it. The it's because basically and and to be honest with you. It is so condescending. When he says I support them I'd give them food clothes and cars and houses okay. He didn't give him anything. He paid him a paycheck but whether they give him. They gave him a team that people are willing to pay ticket prices to see. They are playing in a sport that people -- interest that it but there are the ones that draw the crowds he doesn't nobody buys a ticket to -- Donald Sterling. At battery and they just don't believe they wanna see the players in the game so it's like. My consideration has always been this in radio. Is I go to radio station and we make a deal they pay me -- on money do I do bushel for them. A crucial for -- it attracts listens listens attract advertisers the advertisers spend money here. I have made millions and millions and millions of dollars for the people -- work for okay. But it's fair they paid me a fair wage. I've given them a fair value for that -- worked out pretty well but it's not a one way straight it is not charity by any matter remains. And I never felt that my employers were giving me anything I was earning it and still -- I think that the players could take great offense they're the ones that though orange have to stay in shape year round now basically. They're the ones that have to do the traveling at all is out of -- now a lot of you would say well I do that for that kind of money. But that's beyond just the money it's the effort put into that. The expertise of getting to that elegant level. Blow professional sports to be able -- -- NBA player so the owner didn't give you anything you learned it. And I think that there could be resentment there -- On the -- the resentment is gonna comment the at the turnstile where now people. Don't show what the game's best score half exactly now that will hurt him more than I've -- the players players are wrong the contract. The guys eighty years old and he's worth one point nine billion. I don't think there's time enough to get caught up after the -- -- I don't think there's not enough to hurt him financially. This season's almost over it's 202 in the playoffs. If they lose two more games. That's it for this year and then did. It's the off season they'll play again until about September October next year. So I don't think at age eighty and being a double billionaire. That there is time to hurt him financially. But ostracize and that's something else. These people operated at different levels of socialization. And most people. If he or ostracized say suddenly goes to his favorite club and then then that's so cool about having them there. Or goes to his favorite restaurant he doesn't get the table he always gets or he does get seated immediately. These things. Can mean a lot to somebody who has used to having people scrape from buyout to. So that kinda thing might be more effective that's -- said he is. His punishment. For lack of a better term. It should be separation from the team even if they can't force him to. To sell the team. A ban him from the arena ban them from practice banned him from flights. Ban him from the hotels -- -- on the road banned them from all team related activities so he still owns the team but there's really nothing to do. If you think about it he has no choice but to solid team. What freeagent quality free agents weren't -- form now. As he could keep his old player is the only gonna go after white players I don't know I don't know the history of of his team but I know they have been very good for a long time. This is the best year they've had a terrible time to have this happen. -- -- If if if if that way and nobody knew it. It's like did it make noise when the tree fell -- -- forests and there was nobody journalists enjoy it. If only -- know that he'd have to live with -- but now. That bond is broken between the owner and the people who were out there playing the game that bonds gone. Because he showed what he thanks them. And so I don't know I think it's it's irreparable I don't think they're gonna warm up to him ever. An entity does if it's some phony PR thing work. He donates to a minority charity injury excuses himself for. Four miss speaking. I don't buy any of that stuff. It's usually umps are at a cost more than I'm sorry guys I said. And so why I think that the new. The new commissioner how to beat the new commissioner this lands in your lap Stearns gone out of it's there and said man I'm glad a lot of -- today the -- -- But they don't commissioner says that the decision will be made and something will be decided within a couple of days with a breakaway back for the final segment. The question what to do would Donald Sterling. When that well first of all they're furious let's get that out of the way first I mean they are absolutely livid they appalled. I don't know what they would say or do this man Donald Sterling their own if he was in front of their face at this particular juncture hall according to one play I actually -- I was actually told within the hour that play as well considering it's actually not playing not themselves what their family members did confidant still loved -- -- encouraging them to take the stand and not to play. A matter of fact one of the things that they've heard is that obviously this was something of a gay slur or what have you thought they would have been. Obviously something that was reported that you would see people taken the stance so obviously give the impression under that Gaza alone in terms of shell being unified front and taking a position that you know what maybe you should participate in these days but that's obviously not something that's going to happen. In his speech and company and were asking what to do with Donald Sterling. Now some things I think we can agree on. That. First of all she -- she recorded him illegally. She did not tell on -- recording and in California it's illegal it's illegal mostly it's actually. So he was so it was big recorder didn't know it. He did not make the statement for public consumption that shouldn't really matter -- as far as mindset is concerned and as far as liability is concerned he wasn't trying to convince anybody else than anything. He was talking through his mistress and apparently. Where we don't have good mistresses like we used to anymore now they're taping you're shaking it down okay. He's eighty worth almost two billion box of one point nine actually. And this year is in her thirties. And obviously just. Totally follow -- -- -- Okay I'm back. But anyway it must have been his -- Yahoo! sticky and his wife is filing for divorce a month earlier than this happened okay says she went to the game. After the story broke. You believe that out. And his wife -- a month earlier filing for divorce he's got this obvious bimbo. For a girlfriend. Ad that told her not to post pictures of herself with Magic Johnson anymore and not to bring -- to the game. And not to bring any blacks of the game that's what he said and then he went on say how he's given them meaning his players lower mainland. All of these things -- indeed they -- that they were employees they -- here in the profit they are in the celery and that's that let's go to Nancy. In buffalo later on WB -- I think candy is I am well I have a couple of things that -- about this sterling character. I -- island ferry that there was a good point okay agreement you about. Fainted he seemed to be very kind and mean and eager for the work is performed by his players. Are basically -- employees yeah. I am and at the other -- Atlantis is. His girlfriend. Describes herself as being black and Mexican. And I think that there's an element of sexism here as last. Because he thinks it's okay for him. Indeed a woman suspected Mexican. But that she. Shouldn't associate with people who have this same background. Yet even somebody is as. A Magic Johnson was probably the biggest the celebrity and in town he didn't want to her picture online. With him even and magic is probably owners of the Dodgers. -- -- It is a double standard there as far as while it's okay for him to do it but not for her. It probably if he really feels like he said he probably feels that even though. A guy like Magic Johnson who has an enormous amount of talent charisma and and and money is still beneath him. So how did his girlfriend have a picture taken with him when he's a -- she's his girl. Right. Now and then aren't what they should be banned I get to the owners association. And there's people who make up a bit and I want to deal. Yeah the owners admitted they've kind of tied there's nothing in their bylaws that said that they can force him to Cella. Yeah I -- they can find him I heard yes well absolutely and he's so wealthy they can hit him with a hefty fines maybe. The the most they can find him as a million. And he's worth one point nine billion so even if he gets the full million. It's not going to hurt him that much I do think making him an outcast by ostracized in him and keeping him from. Normal places he would go within the league I think that could be more effective form adequate marked down. People don't wanna be shunned by people used to bounce -- to them thank you. Yeah you know suddenly. He goes to his favorite restaurant in the table is not ready or at the table is enhance. Or he -- to go where he normally goes there camaraderie isn't there he's a -- belongs to some clubs he goes in the club and natural sodium. Nobody -- what are very few people. A nervous conversation all these things are probably more important this guy at this stage in his life and money. But he's probably release the board he's got it he's got plenty of and they can't there's not much -- can do beyond a million dollars million policy -- and they would be a lot. But to him not so much. So they they don't have a lot of leverage they don't have a lot of leeway. But see the NBA especially. Has to be very very. Careful because there are -- people love basketball. And and your team becomes a part of a community. And it's a smaller circles certainly them -- National Football League. Or even Major League Baseball but they they wanna keep that image of being you know a solid reputable league and the last thing they want out is that. A one of the owners and who knows -- more than one but at least we know that one of them as these feelings and argue that. Remember they where they were wrote a very careful about their image -- some image problems were double Roth. Remember and they've tried to clean that up and I think by and large they have it they know that rough and -- league image -- they had that about 57 years ago I think they've done a pretty good job of that there was the the dress code that they put in place that was fought for awhile but I don't think any you don't really hear anything at all and -- -- and that's good -- I think the NBA is very happy about hearing a lot of bottom because he used to be that they were inferior because. They were they they played a very rough game on the court made they didn't present themselves well. So last thing they want is the somebody upset that apple cart is not the NFL but it's certainly a Major League. Let's go to a merry little enamored Sharon W via -- -- until. I'm thinking more sinister I mean what there's got to be a reason why this mistress all of sudden decided to do that. They've gotten something you know for her death at a joke and -- at the woman you're doing something for reasons they don't quite get a divorce. He she wasn't gonna get somebody out of the deal who knows but why would she do but -- southern. Well you know you might have a good point because it was not that long ago right across town with a LA Dodgers where the owner of the Dodgers was forced to sell the Dodgers. Within an enormous. Amount that it had to go to his ex wife they're going through divorce maybe she saw that who could she could be in goggles when his life. Apple won't get -- to begin with. What what good -- got to be a reason to prefer predicted that all of a sudden. I you know I like I like your thinking -- where you say hero he bureau little euros suspicious events. Haven't been that way you want to advocate even I do not get a system that put upon as a and then. All the sudden it's going to be big public. You know what I think that this tape was made public right after she said to him do I look fat in this dress. I bet you're gonna -- all abide. As leverage DMZ said -- why. Not only did he tell her that she looked for Adam address but he told her not to not to show up -- Magic Johnson anymore either course he doesn't have the Magic Johnson easily. That about wraps it up. The image -- him somewhere took me three hours to figure out how to do it. I was -- IR Missouri and I -- we are WB yeah. We'll -- much they never -- to he's at peace.

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