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4-27 Sunday Edition of Buffalo's Early News - Mom

Apr 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning 934 at WP and so we start the show. With a little story about meeting an -- Let my wallet in the diner so mom and drive the wallet all the way back in them mommies here's to -- Hey you know early morning good morning -- -- usually I get giddy at the time on things from afar but the wire here I. From was my -- astounding how low the way. And -- loving son who forgets the lightest. That's ever going witness that's. Well well what's what's the last tightly forgot something. Yesterday. As we can all last week rates and -- patterns. -- Before we get too much further with this. Normally people do the hi mom thing but if you are mum would you have to stay right. Fat. I'd say you're gonna give me a warning about you can't say this you can't say that so. Here I am from was by -- -- Sunnis in high. To a woman I know I'm my friends out there. Everywhere is I don't miss any plus the people -- say hi Wendy's mom like not stop him. Like other people who say. Listen to -- time and then when names mentioned. He misses like Jerry from the gun -- While those kind of people are cheap as say a mile and such as such. Doctor -- by the way your personal does not mind my dentist I have another dentist here to Carlo and listened to the program whose faces they had to come to shout out to all our dentists difference. Our so. You got home last night you went that route and he nice little soiree and he came back and now what was the sequence of events. There's some elements of the counts both sleep. -- -- nice. Tiring. Yes. Is very tired but I am who went on to the kitchen. Is highly Donna there was -- -- and the fluent. It's as though is your father's but it turned to be yours. And I know the bullet. What -- to the picture of medium license. You're right. Actually have polluted you've been in wild card it's in DC activists -- -- at the left and open up the right then and of the trifle -- right does the green green -- well. While I -- a brunch date with some legislators and -- and would have been difficult to explain. Somehow I didn't get invited. Well your kind of invited now -- obligated but now it's like. -- -- two hours and no I think more than much. So it's just coffee on Saturday is not gonna cut it anymore. And by the way I didn't get a copy and Ian we'll -- -- at all. Populist this morning had to have elevators make it again. There's only because you in -- did these two diapers and there. I gave Eagles bush went strikes. I would just hoping you'd remember that you know in the spirit of Sunday and radioed it in other certain. Words more than the seven of George Carlin you can't say. I see I'm well thank you very much for bringing in the law. You're very welcome and say I love you enough because you know without you have nothing to say most. And W Indian -- immigrant children. -- over the states. Brady and other sit. -- -- cool. Heavy -- and even forgetting about me not that. And he got a moment let me. See this is what happens when I'm on its expand. And you know highlight ever -- visit here she got to meet I love -- he's so cute she sees me every week but you too. Were the highlights champion -- is. And I don't know that -- as that if I wouldn't get a picture of Nikko to Canadian on a -- Well if it. As they get so excited over there. He's trying to octave I don't have at once -- If I were an amount was coming and were warm and nice but only if you were coming into one nice that he. President he's he's rock in the Ohio State Buckeyes colors nice to see him and colleagues. But to see them lose every year await the one game they win it here the guys for out of conference that's. If there aren't well thanks again for cumin and can't say enough thank you -- -- you do indeed on. Yet the Steelers I mean not the singer island park just the fact that went on as well and I'm fifty years. I'll bet heavily from another -- court -- -- AccuWeather joining us next here WBE.