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4-28 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back I would Beijing company wanted to -- would Donald Sterling he's a billionaire worth about one point nine billion any happens on the LA clippers. And keep in mind some things that that may be at first blush after you got over what the words that think about it like this this was recorded. How many of you have a girlfriend of records what you say a raise your hands. Well not many of your. At this was not meant for public consumption was not meant to be printed. I didn't say it in an interview he said it in a private conversation. And in the state of our California it is illegal to tape someone without informing them of their being take. So the of these things as what is she dead. But he is probably of most likely illegal. Doesn't -- -- doesn't excuse the language or what though the results were just thinking it through a thing of all aspects of it. But I want to know what you would do would Donald Sterling. The NBA bylaws do not allow -- does not allow them the force of the sale of the team they can suspend them. They can find him up to a million dollars but beyond that I don't know what else -- -- -- my suggestion would be to keep him totally separated from the team. Not even allowed in the arena when they're playing basketball or the practice facility or the team point. Or road trips or anything for a period of time to be determined but I think that taking that aspect of ownership away. Does that this is the kind of thing that usually people get in the pro sports for the schmoozing aspect. Bring a business clients and friends and neighbors or whatever and yeah I own the teams are you look at procedure getting in your on the team plane and stuff like that if you eliminate all of that. That is suddenly just an investment he might just sell its alone so -- -- on the ability to make a solid. Those actions by cause him so that would be my best suggestion. Off the top let's see what people think let's go to taught. Todd here on WB and thanks for holding what do you think that I should go oh win that Donald Sterling. I see let me go. Personally. I didn't or both what you said. We're making good first repeat that first of -- he's a -- under that program. That was -- -- was -- -- It would mean you're talking at a bar in right pace prompting ethnically slower. And so you're keeping it in an -- here -- -- -- anybody and we all gonna somehow some way shape or form. It seems that it seems devious and I think that anybody whether their racist not racist the same two or whatever. Don't do not expect to be tape recorded in private conversations will be made public -- Exactly the other thing I want out so. Well I think it's unfair to the gentleman in civics I mean I am not really -- and I'll read my turn it's made up by. We are -- use of all of the background just look at night well Warren okay for 9/11 we all our side and these aren't going. They're -- and we all freaked out okay. So these people that are saying we should all get along at all yet in my. I'm pretty well -- at one time or another like. It's like the second thing and he's given a lot of money and NAACP. Didn't NAACP. Bonus after. All are gonna give money active -- that he -- you know. Yeah it. Yeah -- he he has a history was fine. 2.0 lately the it was -- that two point 765. Million. As in 2006. The US Department of Justice sued him. For statements he made against ranting because he's a big landlord to Latino and black tenants. So apparently these thoughts of -- rolling around his head for awhile otherwise you wouldn't pay out that kind of money. Exactly and I mean I'm acting as whites aren't as saying we're trying to at least second. In Orange crap and we should be yet. I don't think they think should be done to him you did nothing wrong except in an opinion as someone who thought it was talking to. And eat you know what let me just say and -- that they are really -- -- paragraph is paying me. How many million hours eager to dribble a basketball court you can call me anything you want. Okay thank you bank you're gonna -- very much. I guess the only kind of speech. That we punish in this country and and its gonna stay that way it absolutely has stereo it is speech that threatens. Another words if you call for somebody to go out and kill somebody. Or at the the the classic yell fire in a crowded theater and people get hurt or killed trying to get out and there was no fire in the first -- Threatening speech hate speech is the only thing that. That week. That we ever -- go after but this was not made in a public forum. Think about like that this was not made it wasn't like he was speaking before a game. -- he was being interviewed on radio TV your friends this was something that he told his girlfriend. And I think that seriously I really do believe that. If all of us were -- 24 hours a day there will be things we would not wanna be made public even if we consider ourselves good people. Even if we consider ourselves a decent people who will Tryon a you know be conscious of of the problems of the world there are still things we say. That we wouldn't want public as just the way it is but for him to have his girlfriend. Tape it and suddenly shows up on DMZ. I'm in just amazing to me. Let's go to Rambo -- in north so what did you hear on WB again. An actor or any area that documentary that you were speaking about yeah it's called her right. Part of it and and that's what it out what you watched the first part. -- right right yup back and artist called. There were right all its. -- document airy and all of history. With that show world war. BI the German. I thought it was remarkable they did a really good job. I've watched the -- What do you think they should don't look -- Donald Sterling. You know. I mean now have. A strong. Well Bob. But what a guy talking like you're talking to a female what you consider sure mystery girl for whatever. Europe and gimmick that between me and horror. You -- share things with a woman you don't care what matters. Right. Was private conversation is not meant for erode public consumption. -- -- thought they was talking -- and mistress girlfriend that's what it's about it like to me. Go here you never two point imagine pillow talk. Thoughts are being on the front page of the Buffalo News that would work out too. Yet but that terrible at Belmont for me. Fleeing for me it would come in the that we don't worry you can trust me I'm a girl. And -- I I. I don't wanna know where this is all our guys are you did that he kind of got -- a little bit. Yeah I mean. -- body was pocket when girlfriend a female but yeah I mean. Good good my -- Jim thank you very much look at David David program for public office. He is pretty well known racist. And that's part of a platform Iran Iran it was well known as a racist and he spoke publicly. But as despicable as as you and I might find his speech wasn't threatening anybody. It's just said showed his dislike or distaste for being in the company or having his girlfriend in the company of -- black. Anybody I guess -- Magic Johnson. So that's basically what was he wasn't threatening anybody wasn't breaking any laws there's nothing illegal. In fact if any laws were broken -- -- broken against him. Not by him think about like that there's no law against being an idiot. They should be maybe sometimes but there isn't. Will be -- more -- beach company and newsreader and I'm thirty W -- So for him to within. Make these comments. Or alleged comments. About myself as well as other. African Americans and minorities. There's no place in our society forward there's no place in our league because. We all get along we all -- -- different races of people when you're in sports that's what makes sports so beautiful. What to do -- Donald Sterling. As their reprehensible as you might find a statement I don't think he did anything illegal. As a as far as that's concerned he didn't threaten anybody. -- didn't so I'd do anything of that majors -- showed incredible ignorance as far as I'm concerned but. We have ignorant people that haven't broken the law so what do you do with the bylaws of the NBA. Do not allow for just pulling the franchise and then putting it up for sale. They can find him up to a million dollars they find a bigger guys they find all the time like Mark Cuban. I was talking to Chris about his Mark Cuban who has -- the right team the mavericks because he's a maverick it's -- all the time by the and it so they define them enough of these kinds of issues usually criticizes. Officiating stuff like that. So take a final and a video. They could suspend him. But they can't make themselves team. So I don't know what what they're going to do my suggestion. Totally disassociate him with a team in every aspect of it so that he owns the team but that's it it's an investment like owning stock in something else. Don't allow him in the arena. The team bus with the team playing the practice facility the hotel when they travel nothing keep him totally away from the team. Ostracize him like that and -- might get what you want and that is selling the team. It -- on 9301806. On 69206. And thirty. Let -- go to who stand in Rochester stand here on WB know what to do with Donald Sterling Stan. Well you know what you -- one he knows David duke you know how I -- -- that -- interest. He was a grand master like master of the ethical -- and in Louisiana. He ran as a Republican conservative and heavy democratic area there was an adult people wondered he why -- -- Yeah but he got the good thing as he he was proud of what he thought and he ran for public office this guy was making a private conversation it was different. As ill advised and is still open is -- might big deal wasn't the same -- was. Now what you I gotta agree here that went. Angry would come rarely but what do what can do I give you example like Mel Gibson you know Drucker and Cooper said cool -- probably the world. -- are collecting your beauty and worded doesn't. Caller yeah they. Nothing happened and that nothing anybody well what happens usually is personal and usually. It's career -- arm. Money oriented. This guy is not in movies but he has is very Wellfleet. And so it might affect his wallet but is not going to of you -- moment he walked in your church meeting Norwood died. Now I know I don't care to know but I mean the bottom line is this is all over the place to -- where -- like those canyons would I was bigotry and hatred this is not. What we're going. I do you think do you think you got set up basically. Yeah I think maybe kicker drop or something that would solve the latest on a dumpster and any issue -- look at Porter who was ran for president here. Sarah -- You know the other one you know actually Romney. And this guy his videotape. Right -- the 47% of the -- now. Is that -- I don't know I may have caught him and he'll actually between him and. And think about what he was doing is no different than Arab Al manager of a team saying look at the schedule right here the month of June we -- as a write that off we don't have a chance to get that. But then in July will be back I mean it was basically sending but he was cooked after that it. It will be a unit talking about you know terrible. Watching it is so bad that they will naturally Germany. A little lucky naturally -- -- World War II. Are you third right I want the Third Reich. I watched it I thought it was magnificently. Donna as a whole different. Attitude they certainly didn't make any excuses for anybody but they just showed us how life was in Germany while the -- world. Abroad are doing despicable things the home life was basically the same until the Russian short. Show. Your ID I can see -- okay thank you up. That was called William Third Reich and it was from the perspective of the civilians. That we're in Germany while the war was going -- where were true. I'd never seen anything like that before they didn't make any excuses whatever and they showed the horrors of what was going on abroad. Well this is -- home life was in Germany at the same time. And I did see both parts of southern -- the first part and the second part. It's a remarkable film and I'd I'd advise you watch and we can all learn from. Let's go to Joseph in Gainesville -- you're on WB CN. Extended. Good topic as usual I didn't know what you're thinking about this -- there's -- there's a bit better standard user. If people regret artist and -- -- their sons. And some of their lyrics from their strongest. Aren't you wanna be Emily from their label and not be able Adam -- anymore I just think it's a doubles spammers. Well it might be a double standard I think there is one aspect that is different though they are the employees. Of this guy and he says he makes a sound almost and I think this is part of a rob. -- they are earning a living and they are making him millions of dollars. Yep always edit I support them and give them. Food and clothes and cars and houses who gives it to them. Does someone else give it to them it makes it sound like he's a great benefactor Wendy is the owner of the team and they're making him millions of dollars as employees. But don't hit. Gordon there's always a doubles absolutely. Who can use the N word -- use the N word what chickens and a rap sung what you can't say on AM radio. I mean -- there's always been adults and I don't disagree that. Do you think he was set up you think he was ambushed. I don't think he would shut up I think he he really and truly believe that no matter if it's right or wrong that's. But -- police. But she wanted to get it on tape I don't know -- -- I never dated anybody that -- my record my ego my thoughts. -- You. Duke thank you very much. A video is one thing. Could talk him color code -- and -- -- but audio Lenovo -- yeah any of us. Go through an average week. There if everything was tape that we said in an average week how many of us would want to say okay anything that you tape in his last week can be. Can be put on WB. Or on channel to force and bylaws are getting Jamal. Nobody would because we say things sometimes just. To react to other people who say things sometimes is a joke. If you have to explain everything this was not a joke because it was a tirade he just went on on and I you know reminded me of it reminded me I I've always thought that the thing that is just my own opinion. That the thing that set OJ. Was when he saw Ron Coleman. Driving he is his former whites Ferrari that he bought. OK I think that was like the final straw. And I think that this guy when he talks about I give I give them this and I give -- that doesn't give them anything merit. They -- it embryo because of their athleticism and their ability to attract the crowd people buy tickets the money goes to him. He has to pay for that they are they are what brings the crowd and nobody goes to see Donald Sterling play basketball nobody. So I think that aspect of being a great benefactor. To the team and and may be kind of regretting the fact that he has to do it in order to run his business. Might be the same kind of thought processes which is as it is will be back with more -- -- -- company. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 80309. Series cell calls are free agents started 930 or toll free line 1806169236. Why didn't -- -- would Donald Sterling see here's the problem. No laws were broken and not know were aware of anyway. It was not threatening speech. It was. -- and speech but it wasn't threatening speech. And so the only law that we can see that was broken was probably broken by his girlfriend who taped him without him knowing. That is an -- and in the state of California as it is in most states. So it's it is it's kind Velika -- the new NBA commissioner has to do something but what to do. They can't yank the franchise from them. They can find him and the -- and go up to a million bucks they can suspend him but beyond that we don't know and he said you heard some bite. That it they wanted to get this thing taken care -- within a couple of days I'm sure of -- they do not want this. And during the playoffs period for the NBA worked entrances are really high they don't want this thing festering wanted to caribou and let's hope that they do something. That is a justifiable but I am asking you what should be done. If indeed those bylaws did not preclude them from forcing him to sell -- what would your answer me. Let's go to -- David Lancaster debut on WB yen. -- -- -- You're two topics that one about the work -- -- went to school -- he worked extensively about what do I met. That documentary on the right. It's -- right. There right. And it -- it all work they did bring -- public in this stage you know this is what -- -- UID number disintegrating and a. You know in the camps were we're liberated they've brought the civilians the German civilians and to see what. What had been done because most of them said they did not know about it and they didn't want to believe it -- about Donald Sterling. Are wealthy should be it in himself. I think you know what they should do I think that the they should stand on the recorder with a fine. It and -- is -- sorry forty not all that and remember earlier that there I don't like it when people record older people always stop you are small. Now -- up in Canada you got that debt problems -- you can corny it is and it works you know without anybody record. Other problem with public humiliation is if you don't really if you don't really regret and accept that it was made public it doesn't show me much it's it's the same as if they. -- nudge him into doing more community service or. -- or donating to worthy minority causes. To me that doesn't change the the fact that this is the way this guy thanks and there's no way to change the way things except by he has to change at the league camp -- through so. I think they're kind of a corner this day. They're considering Powell the great -- hundreds of our employees that he has. Our effort American rights the ball that was even sat. If you have twelve -- of fourteen of your players and your coach all black. And you and you -- this what what kind of a full larger and how does a fool like that accumulated almost two billion dollars thank -- -- How do you -- accumulate. Two billion bucks it's like one point nine billion. And being feeling like that but on the other side it was not public. He was not being interviewed remember Jimmy the -- -- was a big star for CBS he was having he was having. Launch at a club in New York. Am a crew happened to be there and they came -- and stop by his table and ask them a couple of questions. And of course there was camera there available. And there and he had had a few drinks before dinner. And said some things that weren't. Really despicable. He thought of them as analytical. And it was done. He she was done after that and if you I think if you -- went back and you looked. At what he said it wasn't hate speech at all that wasn't like this at all but he was -- you have to be extremely. Extremely careful. If you're a public figure or have places. Like this man is -- one of rarefied air and NBA owner and then the NBA does not want a big painted -- this rush I can tell you that especially since the majority of players are black. And and has a great appeal to everybody in America they don't want a tick off any section. I'll let alone their own employees. It's hard to think of guys that make. Zillions of dollars as an employee but there are they are they're the ones that are doing the work. To sell the tickets. Which feels mister stallings bank account in Asia remember that when he talked about giving them this and giving them that you can give me anything. They earned it. They earned it and and they're making him millions of dollars. Let's go to Mary and in buffalo -- on WB yen. Good morning Andy. And Andy. Do you think -- -- okay. First of all it's it's people like sterling to create an -- in America. And you know what. You think of my idea. Employee's -- of the act abruptly -- is one line at the crowd did it. They got that flow they got they look at this stage I think that and -- stable patted him. Do you still okay. I did give -- -- on the air thank you here's the deal the you don't want the players punished okay. If they do something bad they're -- they're not allowed to do. It's really punishment have now more than punishments of the -- pursue all were in the playoffs right now. So it's almost a moot point we're. Today the a bit behind -- ahead though where the complexity excited to would goal and stayed there were there were up by. To want and they got obliterated yesterday on the other -- those three games left gadgets is down to wire beyoncé and there's some very here they are in the heat of a player does he remind these guys worked their whole lives to get to a point like this a little wanna punish them. I don't know what they could do to punish the owner. I really don't those people said they should have done more. Two to show solidarity they showed up in their warm up close and took them off. All of them. Of course and and ultimately -- senator circle. And then just put playing colored things on the don't have the logos and stuff. And then later they wore while on a black arm band or a wrist band or something that they did a couple of things like that just to symbolize. How they felt. They didn't have a lot of opportunities to do much channels and for those who suggested they forfeit the game now that that would not have been right. Why should they punish themselves after their idiot owners said that things that he should -- that. I'm so I don't know it's one of those things where you wanna throw the book -- But there's only so much -- you throw I don't -- guy's worth one point nine billion dollars even if you find him the Max which is a million dollars. Okay million dollars lot of money no matter how much money you have but it's not going to bring him to his knees and I as I said the punishments that include. Suddenly you know he would have to do with social work or make contributions through some minority causes -- -- had to be very superficial. Because the person really never rethink their thoughts these they think the same thought they had. Before they are caught just wishing they had gotten caught however I do think that his alleged girlfriend ought to face something true. Because he was not expecting to be tape recorded when he said this. And she obviously seeing -- -- to a Rome. She tape recorder a bit and ended up on TMC. And the world knows that now -- reduces. This is not to have a good behavior obviously. -- Nor is he exhibiting any kind of wisdom by these diatribes against blacks would take a break will be back with more would be each and company. I believed that. Once the commissioners -- so rescuers -- star. Silver you know does all his due diligence we -- information gather the information. We we gotta he's got to come down hard he shouldn't own a team anymore. And he should stand up and say I don't wanna own a team anymore. That -- the apology thing doesn't really worked out well either the only way the apology thing works I think is of people say something. On the spur of the moment that's totally out of character for them and people around and say. Where did that come from occasionally. We all go off -- deep and for summaries and it just triggers a triggers are our thoughts. But this guy has a record going back and nine years. As -- having these kinds of thought so I think an apology means nothing. At all and so what what to do with the Donald Sterling it Austria Montreal wideout is excellence is -- music -- 930. Let us go to Nancy in south buffalo lawyer on WB again. -- pallone and. I guess and say. The girlfriend was black. Now this guy can't be he 80000 machines thirty sound to thinking -- and the fact that she loved him. Why won't he actor and stick and he never made a great shall learn. Maybe he just want to know I don't ever put me when people -- -- and stick him. I think it's just that got everybody outraged they NAACP. So outraged they're gonna get his money back. And exactly how much does it take. Just threw up your resonated -- the other. Stop. -- our memory goes back to 20061. He was sued by the Department of Justice were virtually the same thing he owns housing stock. And he was as sued and and settle for two point 765 million. -- detrimental statements about Latinos and blacks so this isn't something that he just thought of by the other night this is something's been -- Whirling around -- set for some time. But why did -- -- -- Scheduled to be manatee here by the NAACP. Good question -- if you work that I'm -- so go get him up awards but. How hot here's what I don't understand Nancy how can a guy if you really feels like that. Why would he want to buy an NBA team -- is -- very much blackened and most of the players that twelve out of fourteen that he has a black his coach is black he's hired black people of past. If you don't wanna be around me you know Michael why would you hire them. I don't believe that's true -- a girl that was black. As you have. So why what I -- it right there it doesn't it true that he's not able and then not be around. It's it's it's strange but at at his age who knows so well what his mind as a swirling out of. Look at it than others that he did not use a racial slur he didn't and eighty her -- say that I mean he wouldn't talk to -- island so. So you'd put him under the heading of daughter and old fool my big. Went well and maybe. He's gotten all cool that he's going to get this thirty something year old girl. Well I do think that. You know as long as it's within sixty years that -- is this this is fifty or animals -- thank you Nancy. -- He's eighty she's thirty something like this good when your billionaires that I'm sure it's it's hot -- that attracted her to him. Couldn't be money Claudette now who believe that. Mod me it's the root of all evil our Chris a couple of FaceBook post -- OK this one comes from Brian he says. I heard reset and honestly people need some thicker skin head he said dat or head dampens saddened by anybody else -- would never even made the news. Wait a minute now out on don't know well it depends of course is set by somebody who isn't a billionaire and all of them and for each eyes. Maybe exist as a regular modest guy like the rest of us maybe you might be right. But take the black Donovan and put anything else. Put Latino put Giroux put anything in there except black. Don't bring any Jews the game how that. Don't bring any Latinos have a game solid -- If you put anybody else in there I think there'd be more outrage and us. I really truly believe it yeah I do know but especially since. The the black members of his team and his black coaching staff and and who knows the front office I I don't I have no idea what the but the makeup is there a front office but. These -- his employees are making him millions of dollars a year Williams in the books we can assume that okay. So if there if they're doing their job while out that they're enriching you know why do you feel it necessary to say you give them things. It's almost like you're the benefactor. You're the master and they are your -- your servants. Mean is is so out of touch it's incredible. But the guy is as -- point of the guys eighty so maybe he's been thinking like this for a long time but. I'll tell you one thing I would I would invest in something else if I was that I'm comfortable on blacks. The last thing I would do is -- myself -- comfortable with my investments. But won't slide it -- may be -- is a good business investment he remind they've always placed second fiddle to the lakers. While they were there. But wait for him to be thirty something wrong when he got exactly that's a good point oh wouldn't it be cheaper just go to a bar you can have a Rolls Royce a limo parked out front. I thinks are not going Chris. This is from -- says what he said was reprehensible but the problem is everybody in the league knew this guy was he has a history of this type of behavior. And the league is allowed to happen over the years so I think they should share some of the blame. Yeah I don't disagree with that -- that about sports -- sank eucharist the thing about sports owners. In sports. They were already rich when they got in the sports. The -- they made their money somewhere else they either inherited it or they made it in business. They invented something or they or dot com the only Dan Snyder and and those guys and Mark Cubans though. People made a lot of money and the Internet and stuff like that then they got in the sports so sports didn't make their fortunes they had them before they got into sports. And by and large most of the people have made this kind of money that would get him in this club or the NFL war. A Major League Baseball. A pretty much used to getting their own way and maybe some in some time. A thinking differently than everybody else but getting away -- because of their authority in their power and their wealth. So they're not used to having other people kind of oversee. A what they do but the only thing in his defense is that. He didn't expect to be recorded and this was not a public statement so we can certainly pin them -- with a statement but it's not like he was trying to spread the word. This was his own personal view. In his own personal life. Unfortunately. He was being recorded by his alleged girlfriend and it doesn't work out too well when your member of an exclusive club called the NBA owners. Because they don't want to be painted -- that brush especially since most of their employees a black. Certainly -- a large predominant number -- So -- he's in trouble with the league no question. He's eighty years old is Nancy pointed out desired changes spots this leopard is in the states a leopard did the rest of his life. They don't -- on on 30180616. -- -- through sixth and I thirty always works. -- for stating -- her for recording of one outselling them which is illegal. I would say that if you look at several legal points she broke the law and he didn't. Even though I don't like what he said either break a lot with a what he says we'll be back after this.

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