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4-28 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh how -- -- region got -- and I'm sandy beach well I breaking those. Ever -- in your breaking. I guess I want named a strike up the potential Buffalo Bills ownership group from the future. Donald Sterling you will not -- I wanna confirmed as Donald Sterling will not and I emphasize will not be buying the Buffalo Bills. I'm just telling you here -- there you're heard here first. I know -- is looking for a new team to buy it but he shopping around the albino league. He says that Bill White enough for him. -- so that's that -- a billionaire right so back also proved just like Bloomberg. That you can be a billionaire is still be a boob. That's basically -- and watch a guy who obviously has no love for blacks why would -- -- an NBA franchise. Twelve of his fourteen players alike -- coaches black. A large portion of the NBA's black if you did not wanna be around blacks why would you buy a franchise in that league I don't get it I really don't. But it was the big news story over the weekend and content of either a big news story. And of course via the -- made the made the news over the weekend -- on several national laden. National a newscast. And kind of got to shut down the same way they got shot down here there doesn't seem to be a great deal of sympathy for the five people who are institute of the lawsuit. Yeah that's right a lot of social media of bashing of the jails who harboring on the lawsuit in. Senior U2 which we're getting into eggs. Bakley. And you know if you know what you're getting into and it worked out as you thought it would YE complaining about it now. Shouldn't complain about it before. So so that's that now I I had not heard. Of Donald Sterling before this I don't know is he is worth one point nine billion dollars so he is essentially a very rich person. And so I don't know there's certain limitations as to what the league bylaws say can be done with him and that's what we talked about -- not necessarily. Right now so Ryan -- got an early vacation and a -- you -- Chris. He isn't some -- he was awful at the end of the season and he was not good in the playoffs -- another blues were terrible it's also it's not all on him. But he a lot of some bad goals I'm just thinking of his future there was a conditional draft pick attached to him. If he resigned or he -- the conference finals. I'm not sure the blues -- don't want us out of long term after their performing well he wasn't good enough and they were have to give us a higher draft pick if they did sign him. And now if he's on the market he's not gonna get anywhere near the -- would have gotten it -- a strong performance he might have to sign. With you know -- mid tier team at this point. So would you guys say that the sabres made the move at the right time on the arms of her actual maximum value -- -- looks like perfect timing. You know is that he's getting up there in goaltender age you know what 33 years old is his skills are gonna start diminishing -- Some some athletes are you see it in mixed martial arts a lot of the fighting sports when you lose that it's gone quickly goes -- as that happens in other sports too. And I hope it's not happening to him -- always -- a -- has but he looked pretty worn down at the end of this year. While it's it's it's a tough position -- at first I thought I should be a goalie because I would cover gold gold just standing there. But that I'm thinking now all week that things are going that I don't do that much in real life like get up off the ground to instantly -- You never seem ago this Wednesday night when I semi last contract PO I jumped up in the air and the sweats and well. Man I -- that's a tough job but -- a guy I'd like to see amber again or maybe he's just going through rough patch there. Now if you are are thinking about. Bidding on some of The Beatles memorabilia that went. At a New York City auction house. A most of its -- one piece didn't but most of the dead from the Ed Sullivan Show people who love of the of The Beatles there was a lot of memorabilia there. Those include -- Sargent Pepper's lonely hearts club band original fan club poster that went for. 59375. Dollars -- The Beatles meet The Beatles signed stereo problem for 56250. Dollars. I should've sent something through The Beatles when I interviewed them them sign it would have been worth something yeah -- know. Oh autographs from The Beatles that Sullivan and Brian abstain. From the 64 performance over a 125000. Dollars now what did not sell. They had a of course I don't know where you'd put this. A four foot by two foot plastic walls they thought it would bring 800000. Dollars. They did not reach that and so they're in solidly and trying to sell a private place. I don't know plastic walls are available book that that's maybe a Pink Floyd moments later you know but that's that's about it so. You either miss out on -- looks like everything sold for for big money. All right let's say this giveaway this should be good today we have a pair of tickets for the BBO's know the score. Early Thursday may first at 7 o'clock decline as the value is fifty dollars call now 6449875. And random caller will would have surprised or content rules applied it's the third a series of WB and BP goes -- score. It's a casual evening design. To -- the music with the story behind it bring the audience closer and enhanced with multi media afterwards mingle with the BP oh. And enjoy food and beverages I wonder how you know which ones I guess I'll have instruments and there I'd like to mingle with join Paula she's very tractor blown. Tickets available at BP O dot org that's it we'll take a break we'll come back we'll mortgage company. A newsreader and I'm thirty way RW via his vision governor Tony I'm never gonna forgive you you're going to be on my eye on by a watch list from now on you've. You've corrupted our friend -- Hamilton. I love -- Hamilton and Ken Hamilton was always known for his rough tough commentaries and on target about not afraid to take on the big issues. And so I get it I get an email where Avaya I'm on a list of the latest thing that can ads written. Are regarding his visit to Tony's house. Now -- tell you this all right I. My seven metal kind of guy. And I myself to get hired I'm not I'm not a tough guy on the shoes are made and I can be lethal but beyond that it's an easy I really am. I hate these cutesy stories on target well here's the deal can't Hamilton writes an -- just lost. He had to go to your house. To pick up some member of the listener who made us that I have made things very nice so he was coming to your house and -- he starts with. As soon as I walked in and this cute little curly haired mop it comes running up to me and hug my leg that was -- of course yeah. -- bubbling over about your children whatever. I was discuss it happened every old hard biting -- Hamilton that we all know -- it just didn't mush. My kids have that effect I rarely so you know so I I obviously you don't mind I didn't read the rest that's open -- and read some day. I'll -- curl up with a right after -- yeah mine comp I'll read. That. You know it's interesting. There was some. The it was a series. It wasn't the military channels on the channel. I watch a lot of the Military Channel a lot of the military channels about World War II. All right but there was a series. And it was at least three hours that I watched. Called the Third Reich. It's a story of Germany in World War II obviously. But from a totally different perspective not from a military perspective but from a civilian the German civilian perspective. Of of what their lives were like as this thing for our progress with the Hitler. And and then the you know invading other countries and whatever and it's really how they were affected and how how they interacted with the people doing it which where their husbands and Brothers and uncles and whatever. It was fascinating because I've never seen that that's sort of a that's sort of perspective on it. It's it was even worse than you'd expect because. A lot of them -- and in turn their heads because life was still good in Germany. Some of them didn't know I don't know what percentage is no way to ever -- But if it ever plays again it was on all weekend and I saw three hours. But it was really interested because they have a lot of video footage. A while while war was going on an unspeakable. Crimes. They showed German people and swimming pools and having birthday parties and doing the things and what life was like in Germany. While the troops aware of molesting other countries and people and killing Jews and doing all these horrific things but what what was like -- like behind that at that homeland. If you are -- -- got to see it because it was very wild on I don't know produced. But they photography was excellent and that you know with a lot of -- portraits of you see very similar about footage. This had a lot of footage I'd never even seen before I've been watching this forever a you watched the Military Channel. Yes and I love anything to do with the world war two and from the state can. Wasn't it you know rain after the war that they had deliberately bring people from the villages in the cities. To how sure when it's in things like the big show them fortunately when I 'cause they had no idea. They they've made people come through -- And actually helped bury and actually see what was going on. Because some people who lived in the same towns claim they had no knowledge of what was going on most counts. Remember when the when the Americans walk through those counts. They were shocked because word. Or some word was leaking out but nobody had an idea. Of how horrific it wasn't totally liberated the camps. But they've they've made the civilians. Come through and see this is what exactly what was going on and it was remarkable. Show while I'd I'd I'd totally recommended worry. Historical perspective believe me there's no more sympathy but there's no sympathy for what happened is just an an eye opener as to what was going on. In the homeland while they were doing the atrocities and other countries. While it was something else and our auto better lighter note I finally saw the other half of the Billy crystal's 700 Sunday's. There's -- -- tournament an hour late the first time and now I saw the first hour and the guys magnificent the assault. Good at what he does. He's so funny. He he would he's great mimic Carey's song and dance guy and they -- show is super sharp or they recorded one after a revived on Broadway. They actually recorded tour measurement one. But if you wanna see a talent works of Billy -- seven under -- on this -- around HBO. He's one of those celebrities that I would give anything to be able to sit down and and hang out with because he's such a fascinating person his love of -- -- baseballs -- as baseball and very knowledgeable tells. Or Islamic in metal and -- great this does he is so good at telling us he's a great story -- and -- you you identify with him right away. He's funny when he has three funnies poignant when he should be poignant. It's it's a master performer at work Billy Crystal. I've never heard anybody say that they don't like Billy Crystal no I've always liked their -- -- and -- still some let me go talking book. And I was on long trip and I listened to in my car. It really -- me spellbound and them when I found out that they had. He was gonna do revival and they had tapes to them to make it into one TV special watch it again and I'll -- very good stuff. I'd like to see professionals -- is right right now we're kind of like an out in a swab. It's time period for entertainment. You know some slob what his -- hang around his shirt open and walks out on stage and says the F word and some other words and gets a few laughs and ambles up the stage. That's not Billy Crystal is neutral professional guy comes and good comedies -- hard to do it's hard right Smart comedy is even harder right. But now we don't see a lot and now we -- a -- it's a -- com. Something and we're getting beyond being shocked -- what else can -- Q well how I can tell you if you're player. In the National Basketball Association. This could shock you when -- -- -- the owner of the LA clippers which used to be the buffalo braves once. What. What he said I still love the go to braves fans loved ago I went to a lot of them so. Had I've watched Ernie day. Bob Kaufman my wife had a crush on Bob Kauffman. -- could do was sensational are -- and lose the tanker he should I mean he -- the lights out. And I just love to watch the Braves play and we usually are really good seats -- -- I'll tell you a funny story. One are news people at KB named Jill was this column Joseph that's at all okay. I'm a large guy. He made me look small. Yet caught selling yet. The bottom line on nine he made them look small. We had two tickets celebrates him it was a newsman and he got up about same time I did and I said hey why you -- -- and so. Gaga gets -- it -- our seats were right next to the bench and there is there they had. Seating that was in sections OK and you have room for like two within our cameras and -- -- -- little. And so we sat in tool our Jason sites like this. And told the Braves made the first sensational play and we've both tried to stand up. And when we stood up the whole section of seeding came up with. I couldn't stand up. 'cause when or wedged in this asset and we -- or if I mean we heard this Barbara -- this car stable. And it was embarrassing as other people had to push the seats down while we tried to stand up and get our hips past. The iron railing pulling him between them. The needless to say we didn't get refreshments are hall Motorola take a break. Bentley was twice my size twice twice and I was not even small. One will be backward -- beads and company and -- rated. Almost Sean Hannity in buffalo -- -- -- seven to attend to news radio 9:30 AM from WPA and. -- clear vision governor said -- beach well you talk about something. Hitting the airwaves. Like a tidal wave and it was over the weekend a where everybody started talking about Donald Sterling. Now if you have not had the radio on TV or read the newspapers over the past few days around listening who's Donald Sterling. As I said what I heard it I had never heard of Donald Sterling was not aware of him. But he owns the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA. Team started out as the buffalo braves in and out there they're having their best season ever. Because they've been a doormat for a long time and Andy and my second fiddle all the time to the lakers now. As timing is is just right this year is the lakers are going on the tubes and and the clippers look pretty good. And there was a you know a suggestion that that and he's a little insensitive. Caught up. You thank. Well he was having a conversation. With his girlfriend now keep this in mind he was -- is saga is gonna come as usual is over and he's married. He's still married I mean they're going through a divorce but he still married and has a girlfriend. And his wife by the way went to the game even after this all broke this news broke and it turns out. He has an incredibly. Insensitive. Especially towards minorities and that would be mainly blacks. Can't figure out why somebody who doesn't like to be in the company of blacks. And it's so insensitive toward minorities. Why he would want to own an NBA team. The NBA or twelve of his fourteen players -- black is coaches black a lot of the MBAs black. And I I couldn't figure out why he would get involved with something like that if he was so uncomfortable. Being around blacks or or had such a negative vote the thought process about them but I can't figure this guy out. But here again he's worth nearly two billion dollars so that proves that you don't have to be. A rocket scientist or somebody who's really got it together in order to achieve wealth in this country sometimes it just works out that way. And they your show their real side. Well apparently. He was having a conversation with his girlfriend. And was not happy with some of the things that that she was going. For instance this came out of a DMZ DMZ post that it the audio. Are catching him talking to -- -- for now the claim is that it's him. And the girlfriend is there that are you know her voices is clear. And he has not commented on this but one would assume that it's him mobilize the wasn't we were already heard it's not -- you'll have not heard that okay. So the audio -- has him talking to his friend. Criticizing her for posting pictures of herself online. With black men including. Magic Johnson a Magic Johnson. Of course is a Laker of our favorite -- one of our best known celebrities in the world. And -- chick when he found out about this considered. Before this obviously Donald Sterling a friend. So sometimes you just don't know somebody can be so hypocritical as that you believe they were your friend and then as soon as they have an opportunity you find out they're not. He said that are heard don't put him on an instant Graham for the world's the city and they have to call me. And don't bring him to my games. Yeah it bothers me to keep remind his players. Our twelve out of fourteen black when he doesn't want her to bring a black person to the game. For gonna wanna. Yeah bothers me a lot that you want to pro ball broadcasts that your associating -- black people. Do you have to. Then he says that her I support them I give them floating clothes and cars and more and houses. Who gives that's of them does anybody else give it to them. July do I know. I don't know that I have who makes the game do I make the game part of it makes the game if are there thirty owners are created the league. So you can tell but from this obviously people are back on a deal well with that because because it shows a very disturbing side. Now the question is everybody is calling for some kinds of reactions. From the league in the league hasn't who commissioner. Stern retired and they have a new commissioner was supposed to be a pretty goods Richard in -- kind of guy. And they are looking for some kind of reaction can just sit back and let that happen. But the problem is. They have to go by the law and the by -- the NBA. As far as anybody knows do not allow him as a Buddha does not allow the league simply to yank the franchise from him. Odd that he can be suspended. Okay he can be find in the fines can be up to a million dollars but he's worth one. Point nine billion dollars. So no matter what that that amounts to it's not going to be all my goodness I shouldn't have said that now I have to. Again government -- that's not gonna best not to be that way. But they can't force -- to sell the team either and yet if you're an employee of it is especially if you're on the on the court. And -- you're in the playoffs and you're trying Julia tried to. To better yourself and maybe come up with -- an NBA championship. It is kind of like side tracks. Your thought process -- think that this is what your owner thinks about you. And yet most of the time we don't know what our owners think -- we have no idea. Unless it's a very small organization. Where the owners on premise it's a lot we generally don't have that much contact with the owner but the question is what to -- this guy. Certainly whatever they can do they should do. But they can't do anything that's news for Europe what I would column responsive. Because even if he's suspended and he's fine. It says they can do it and they do it and so what is he ever gonna change his stripes. And and are we gonna go through a PR campaign to find out that he's finding some minority brought programs and things like that in the community. Keep in mind keep in mind you always look at a track record. This is not new. In 2006. The US Department of Justice sued him. For housing discrimination. Claiming he made. He had made statements against ranting to Latino and black tenants. He settled a lawsuit in 2009. By two point 765. Million dollars. So when you are way pay that two point 76 -- means that essentially he's agreed that that's what he did. So here he doesn't like Latinos doesn't like blacks and it was a proven in the 2006. The 2009. A lawsuit. And now best. I don't know is this the kind of guy you want as on -- on the board of governors is kind of guy you want as an NBA owner probably not what a year ago so I'd like your opinion. What do you think should be done. The only thing because I don't know what the bylaws say I just know what's written about them. If they could disconnect him. Almost like an absentee owner disconnect them banned him from the arena. As so he can even have anything to do with the team except don't. Because I think that. People all professional sports franchises a lot even if they're rich and famous. For this closing of for the acclaim for the guy can get you seats right next to the bench kind of attitude right Donald Trump. Was interviewed today on fox and he said something definitely has to be done but. He doesn't know what can be done either none and nobody does 803093018061692. For six start I'm thirty what to do with Donald Sterling if you did not have a restrictions. What would you like to see and I'd like to see them make insults name get a model league because he's -- obviously with the I've kind of thought process this is in a free speech issue. This is -- via speech comes to life issue. And -- audio. Heidi keep the peace when everybody knows what you think it. How to how do you feel Annika is any kind of -- feeling between the employees in the employer and yet as I said. I bet most of you. If you -- know your owner unless it's a small organization. You don't know which are things you don't know what what what kind of thoughts are coming out of your percent. So what would you do would you just not work there were suggestions of the players shouldn't play but the players. I have been working hard all season to get in the playoffs so it would hurt them. More than it would hurt the owner. So it's it's not an easy it's not an easy question bit via but the speech is easy to define it's it's pathetic is what it is. But the problem isn't an easy problem to solve and we'd like to hear from you will be back after this. You can't. Understand. How hurt I was and also I was hurt for all African Americans on minorities speak. So the question I have what -- deal -- Donald Sterling of the NBA now here you have to do this I want you to do this -- to think about this. I think we can all agree. That this speech what he said assuming it turns out to be him and believe me it wasn't -- win and on -- by now. It's purported to be him that's with a girlfriend says that's what they -- that OK it's him. So I'd take that which I think we can all agree is. Bottom line is the easiest way to say it it's disgusting is is perhaps a better description of it. So nobody is endorsing what he said that I know of anyway. What about the issue that it was a it was said in private. And was said to his girlfriend not designed. To be put it in -- in the newspaper whatever doesn't make it any different probably doesn't in the mindset of a guy. However does this look like an entrapment kind of -- she kept pushing them for more more more. And we'll see where this goes -- When trump was talking about this he described the girlfriend has really being discussed thing and a terrible human being. For a -- like bush whacking this guy but she put the words in his mouth. She asked the questions. And she continued the conversation but he was saying it so it's not like she talked him into saying something you know as a -- and he probably very much believes and you know it's like it's like with somebody's drunk. And they see you the next and say you know -- and I was -- and those things I said the I really didn't mean them the -- don't believe that from minute. They usually don't. Mean them but they don't have the courage -- -- -- to say I am now this guy said it. But it was a private conversation it was not an interview it was not a and now on in Europe France. It was between him and his alleged girlfriend. So does that play into it at all is that it -- some kind of entrapment. So. There's a lot of angles to this but I think we can all agree that there's no debate over what he said as far as being. Wrong. Now okay Tony say the bylaws are torn up what we know now is they can find them up to a million bucks they can suspend number they can't make himself. What would you do if there were no restrictions. Off there was no restrictions are definitely pull mark shot on them. Boom you've got a solid you know the date -- yet so I'll buy you are not welcomed in the MBA. Yeah I don't Marge -- Chris Marge Schott was she had some. Off the cuff remarks to and they took away via. The daily ability for her to run the team for awhile yes she couldn't do anything has sold -- no -- an -- so essentially see only the team. -- couldn't do anything Gwinnett aside from own it. Yeah I think she was -- on the grounds Nelson wasn't she was not -- she had the shots in the -- Saint Bernard or whatever was the big drooling. A shot see it was always weather but yeah out then I think that would be -- ago a decent punishment if they could do. Yeah I would do that -- or -- If if the third or bylaws and you can do whatever I mean -- it's bad for business to have a guy like this in early. On the the thing is maybe the only thing I would do is just have the other owners vote. To seek to put it all out there make it completely transparent as opposed to acting unilaterally. That if it's shown and all the other owners in the league don't want a guy around it's probably a lot easier to to get rid of. -- up like this if this were any kind of a social group. And in a member of prominent member of the social group. Maybe it was made known that these were his thoughts and these were his feelings. What would happen as you would not want to be associated with him and if they didn't do something you probably wouldn't wanna be associated with a group. So it taints not only him it taints the whole group. And I think that there is there's some place there. For saying that it would be welcomed -- -- sell its name but I don't know that I I know they can't make them solid. And he probably won't let's must he just feels like he's got to get away from -- but he's a billionaire. I'm so he's a little leeway. I'd like OK since you can't force and a solid team like to see the players go to in the offseason -- the general manager I demand to be traded. I want out of here get out and nobody should sign with a team now we love about try to field -- team. Well yes I accept I don't know I know businesses can't do that is call -- antitrust act. They can't -- you know get together and decide to set prices and whatever. Other players unionized. I think OK the players that I have a union I don't know if legally they can do that maybe they can. But I don't know really don't know but the players keep in mind they worked their whole lives to play in the NBA. And some of them. Our might easily relocate within the -- -- maybe some of the marginal ones the ones that are warming the -- -- never get in the play who knows maybe a team on impediments to their career being over it wouldn't be fair to them. To put them at risk because of an idiot owner. So I mean it's not isn't as easy a question as you would think. The easiest knee jerk reaction is. Foursome to sell give them the hell out of there I do think if they if they kept him away from the operation of the team. To the point where he couldn't even come into the into the arena where they play. And couldn't go to practice and couldn't travel with the team. And all those things I think owners got a lot of schmooze time -- that. And then it would just be an investment like visa and -- shares in US steal something like that. Maybe that would help them make up his mind to sell. Thank you that might be a good way to do it no I have no had no connection with the team at all except being the owner. I I had that realization that no I had no. No conversation at all with the general manager except the contract that. Aren't making that up I only wish that. Will be back after this.

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