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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo Police Brutality Alleged - David Rivera

Buffalo Police Brutality Alleged - David Rivera

Apr 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Much of our focus this morning our top local story Osama a YouTube video that was released in the past 24 hours. Allegedly showing buffalo police attacking a man under arrest kicking him while he was on the ground. Handcuffed. Let's talk about those further our guest on the WB in live -- -- buffalo common council member David Rivera. Mr. Rivera is a representative of the Niagara district this did not happen in his district. And -- just to the north in the north district the Riverside area not too far from mister Rivera's district. David good morning thank you for joining us from appreciation time. It is our understanding that you have seen the video you read transcripts of what allegedly was said. On this that he what are you thinking. While that correct I have not seen the video but I didn't put it -- newspaper. Mentions. But I do it and I don't -- artwork reading your article. Want. -- didn't the police are considered. It won't -- not a person. With -- what is. Most of certain instability. -- -- -- knows what happened good. Or couldn't hold Coke -- -- Once Christians would do well because -- he is known news and it supports. And so that does concern me and well it greens when the frequency where a person has been arrested -- -- uncle Coke. Well it was important in this new small local vocal -- but this. What we wanted to know I don't know what actions -- eventually it. -- -- The bulk of the vocal -- apartment. -- women who have grown but sometimes in the course do people inside this when there -- more important. David how posting after posting on her FaceBook page people are saying he was already handcuffed this was totally unnecessary. Having a gun and a badge should not excuse this. -- woman or -- point spots it's been because as we look forward. Or what has a lot of there -- a bit but I don't. I know that it all comes to -- and should not good news authorities didn't get it. In this particular Christians. In. The whole. But the person was subdued in the car. When the clintons. Or humans are there. I couldn't it is in its opponent. It's a sudden one. One should look vocal -- it is OK okay accordance Merkel this when we discovered it. I -- the quarterly reports on all the good work that ultimately what. The world but in this group is it is considered. It approves it and just needed. Medical support that you. David will show -- your office handles a lot of calls from people within your district. Among the issues of the call to talk about to do the police figure in any of them. -- really really. Normally learn how to -- opponents -- -- -- police particular why don't police surveillance. When the Pope. -- couldn't get calls its. Whose group out there. -- -- -- -- -- capital and other cases edited but -- -- -- out of the place is crap success these forums. I am not critical part of people that this is equal but it would have been blocked opens -- limited vocal leaders. -- Believe it but we opened -- have -- global economy. Police have already indicated an internal affairs is investigating message. But is there anything that council can do. Oh we didn't of course. On what it would mean of course. More on those critically involved -- -- -- possible. And queens apartment. I mean there are recorded. For the -- -- for the couple weeks ago. What -- -- -- the -- we know the number question do what he didn't and correct. I don't know whether what what are we want to know when you don't want to go you. We've been the sort of it happened before so it was recorded call to make sure the vocal whose department includes among. Earthquake reported. But it didn't. Since it was and whatever question they provide but shouldn't we equipment and -- is aware. Of vulnerabilities. Think it should and shouldn't do it. Mr. Rivera we appreciate your time this morning thank you said. As buffalo common council member David Rivera we've been talking about the YouTube video that is alleging buffalo police brutality.

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