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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Looking Back At Erie County 25 Years Ago - Joel Giambra

Looking Back At Erie County 25 Years Ago - Joel Giambra

Apr 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's 25 years since the Walden galleria opened in Cheektowaga we're talking about that. This morning and joining us on the WB a lifeline former Erie county executive -- -- for a Joseph good morning. -- -- -- the -- yeah nice to hear from you again let's see it's quite different years ago you weren't county executive yet. I was not like I was on the -- council before that city controller. Yeah you -- and stuff Lehman public positions. The keynote talk about that time. One. You know we're with the gallery it was opening and -- a lot of controversy going on with that Mollison there at the time. A tremendous moment I'm on its its armed burglar Christian celts in that group we -- interchange. Eight a proportional. Are -- marina marketplace which were -- then. Specialty retail market. Are down by the year edition marina there's a huge conflict between whether or not. It was good -- -- to afford to do that Roger since I beat Hillary at all. Was being counted that in. They're the big debate between city and suburbs big box retail verses urban -- Unchartered arbitrage receivers go to. Okay since the Walden galleria opened -- -- to be 25 years may first who's coming Thursday. In the 25 years since then progress so that we can Harold what's what's the very top of your list. I think recent Q -- that. Don't always have in a somewhat humorous shots as such as buffalo -- see this early in the working age where that should hopefully cyclical where. -- art recovered let the urban war -- years from suburban malls and they repeat our experience. I sat -- all -- since Lebanon's around the country where the tail is really. Ensuring that such a business pictures of some urban centers so that's very good side. And I think it sounds on the news to try it. And we seen the he harsh recorder another quarter we see people. You know revisiting a living downtown. I believe that -- -- -- issue with cars being introduced in May shrink the relationship reached out reappear in such visits to church. You know if you think about it -- 25 years ago. Nobody was living downtown. No Pacific coast remember when they for a street -- exposed street to build rapid transit there's huge controversy about that whether or not even need it. Of mass transit there aren't. The federal government was giving money out. Where he tried to projects and well we'll just stick. And -- somewhere safe harbor concerns. That that was probably the end of retail adults -- Bob won't wouldn't -- -- -- dugout and that is flourishing of rapid transit system that we think it's -- -- -- them -- in downtown and general. But. I mean where do you start. Once traffic goes on main street to get his businesses to come back and occupy all these they can -- Well I got an issue it's happening on at this very impressive which again not just -- residential. Can put some tunnel but. Our own issues and new businesses coming here yesterday we saw that. You know there's an announced its duo Rory and central business district. Aren't people are becoming more attracted to don't challenge in which is really great. Are condemned -- distractions here in the Western New York receiving their pursuit around the state which in their room in the RC -- You know that we're really got shorter shots -- leaders are starting to be reinvigorated. Its creator slash Yahoo! groups. Professionals who. Our pitchers didn't -- kind of urban living. And and the -- was happening in -- that this happened in the west side of buffalo. On the seriousness is working very strong right now it's it's from the actual order and that will be it took -- central business district. Let me ask your web -- then that we're running at WB and outcomes compared to 25 years ago do you think things around here. Are better worse or about the same. Yeah I think they're better I regret to say good cutter he had not finished cricket some -- like. The Renaissance of of the central business district -- the city in general. But I think most people will tell you know that you structured whole world conclude that most people say could better suited at worst or partners. Now while the poll is now at its most people are saying worse. But no real there's a lot of it is a lot of critics so much all right now there's so there's a lot of critics around here I think you know. Is it possible for -- Western New York but received a B or worsens. And you know I remember once -- Williams interviews I did. Where it was -- you know -- that your people in this community understand were the only real opportunities are riven with no benefits are. Essentially we are so critical of ourselves makes it difficult to overcome. So many economic challenges that we have. Yeah hey Joseph nice talking with you this morning thanks for joining us being -- guest ever. Rhetoric YouTube -- -- for a former Erie county executive.

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