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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Looking Back At Erie County 25 Years Ago - Dennis Gorski

Looking Back At Erie County 25 Years Ago - Dennis Gorski

Apr 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Former Erie county executive Dennis -- is on the WBM lifeline to channel those. Mr. Gore's view of county executive on the mall opened the stores on May first -- 1989 is that right dumbest. That's right -- and I think all of us agree that it's probably the epicenter of that retail activity. In all of Western New York. Yes Dennis good morning you know it was a great nice to hear from you again. I mean it was a retail Goliath at the time but it's his change is no more like of that. Entertainment destination than just a shopping mall. And become a village to itself with activities involving at restaurants and of course retail activity. As well as other community based. Events that take place there are so. It is in -- but the most important thing is it's attracted people from out west -- from rather than Western New York. And it's that certainly has driven sales tax revenue until the county and other municipalities that are otherwise. Would be met but I probably real property taxes so that's good. Dennis let's talk about other progress here in buffalo and Western New York since then you always been on top of everything. What do you like as far as the progress of concern around here. Well I like not only is the it's better than I just mentioned but also the work waterfront activity. Had seemed to have great promise going forward and there's here's the general rejuvenation. Confidence -- less -- -- dark. And I think that it's good that -- twelfth floor and I only -- -- -- art but. For us as individuals. What about things may be that hasn't been accomplished in 25 years to you know we were talking about a new peace bridge 25 years ago and we're still talking about it today. Yes -- we were talking about convention center if you remember -- We were talking about but. Generally speaking I think we're doing well. Having all of these. It's. Projects. Paula the one time -- maybe asking a little bit too much but you do have medical center that's growing and moving. In the right direction -- they do have waterfront development that's moving in the right direction. And I think you have interest in buffalo western you are formed from all from other parts of the country and valid and true years ago. Tennis what about the drive recently toward local government downsizing. -- things that is progress to write home about. Well I think it is. We have a lot of levels of government we have school district fire district special improvement districts and so forth. And I just think that the consolidation of them is will work while. And that I think will take place is that they'll -- dynamic is changing. I can remember the Bethlehem steel base and I think he can to get those days are long gone dependence on manufacturing are long gone. And it is based service economy is the technological. Economy and we're just taken advantage of it. Does what I deal would have you been doing since you left as they county executive. Well I work at Blue Cross and Blue Shield for a number of years of the senior vice president overseeing Medicare and Medicaid. Had about 400 employees. And that a Coke. Pennsylvania. At Binghamton buffalo. And then and I went to work for the McCullough coffee company announced the director of -- operations principally in Britain and importing copy of the southeast Asia. So. I'd bet that have been busy. And I are gonna be taking a little -- to go back in the local government. And Jan nine -- candidate for the office. Justice. In the current Cheektowaga. And -- -- part country -- -- very busy -- so you know they do there. Or did those good luck nice talking with you thank you for joining us this morning thank you can't think -- former Erie county executive Dennis score ski.

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