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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>The Dow 25 Years Ago - Jill Schlesinger

The Dow 25 Years Ago - Jill Schlesinger

Apr 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- lesson jurors with us this morning CBS news senior business analyst. And host of -- on money Saturday's four until six on WB and boarding tell good morning so you busy eating your Wheaties. I add especially when I heard about -- -- 25 anniversary you know I was I I can't wait to play the progress we've made but I like -- I'm meeting my Wheaties because of all the economic data's being released spoke. You know that's having nothing fueling this big anniversary there right. -- Two to 25 years ago it tell me you were born tell me you're how -- got -- -- -- one of our reporters wasn't as it is that's just on yeah. That's -- that's actually OK here's what was going I'm. Dow Jones Industrial Average on Friday to the 28 of April. 1989. Closing price. 2418. So in 2000. Yeah and you know it's funny because 1989. Later in the year we had actually subsequent week almost a mini crash. 1980s it was a big bad crash right. And ended in 198090 years later there was a big selloff at the end of the year -- got freaked out but don't worry everything was justified in you know the nineties payment was all good stuff so. You know generally speaking the eighties despite those two crashes that occurred. Really were a good decade started -- the biggest bull market in history 1982. -- in 1999 so. A good to be an investor. Although in 20072008. That's one of these doldrums began that has led up to now. Well yeah -- you know remember we had a stock market bounce that began. They'd sort of it's march of 2002. And then date and we saw that right up to about the end it 2007. And in 20082009. Horrible -- that's all these years to climb back. Now we we have certainly made a lot of progress -- he did a lot of people were really went back to look at how they're investments had done there would be spivey. Performance depending on what you would diversify and act as if you're just owning stocks that whole time. You might have done something slightly like sold in panic and -- bad things you're -- generally speaking if you're long term investor and -- diversifying. -- probably -- -- which is this it's nice today indeed he had the main thing blowing out what do you chilling and this week. Are huge week this week so we'll start up with some housing data. Pending home sales today house prices tomorrow and then Wednesday morning we're gonna get the release of the first estimate of growth. For the US -- -- let's say grow by may be just one point 11 point 2% that's really. Paltry growth but. You know it wasn't rotten winter as we all know and I think that's going to be the explanation port. We're also going to get -- fed meeting and a big jobs report out Friday so that's what world are Wheaties over here. -- or her last week that FaceBook has started to make money hand over fist yeah is that a good thing for these people who really took a bath. Well I think you're FaceBook if you just look at Facebook's stock it's a great lesson in it's not buying into the -- on either side. Because when he first came at differences -- it's gonna go to the moon and then it fell back as you said it very rough IPO. Stocks came at a 38 trades as high as 45 then comes down to earth and goes on to any. Mean I mean what a fall but has climbed back up and shows the dip buyers who say you know all the stock was dead. You know nothing is as good or as bad as you'd think it is and that's the -- FaceBook. OK Jill had a good week we'll talk to next month daycare that's just passenger CBS news senior business analysts.

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