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Reporter Rich Kellman on Pope John Paul II

Apr 27, 2014|

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-- -- -- -- -- -- I. Assume. As you live -- View -- honors today in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican Pope John the 23 and John Paul the second world became sinks in the first ever canonization. Of two popes in the Roman Catholic Church today. Hundreds of thousands of people gathering for the unprecedented event there. A ceremony involving both the current car. And still living predecessors. Of course when he talked about Pope John Paul the second there are local stories to tell let's hear one of them now. Let's bring in rich element WG RZ reporter Americus I think as the title -- Frederick's. He retired but still contributing there. And someone who back in the days certainly covered Pope John Paul the second visits to buffalo you've also been with them over in the Vatican. Talk about the earliest time you met him probably back when he was still cardinal. Actually I'd I'd never met him back then -- I didn't Obama and most people -- known as extraordinary in 1970. Actually 1969. And 1976 and buffalo when he came accounts. He was I can't believe this from my Krakow Poland. And they just don't want I believe twenty. Bishops who came to town at that time for a visit for various reasons. As I really didn't they demand until 1987. -- can't talk and Volvo which is the papal palace in Emily. And that's because however brief conversation it was about solidarity. They polish a labor movement to pressure fully political and it led to the downfall of that's totally do without all Communist. And at that point he was no longer just a day. By polish cardinal at that point what. Not absolutely and -- but still all the way -- talk program. Maybe and a few other people who -- as a private. Audience that we attend that. I put this probably altered that it's as if he is talking to you alone he had this wonderful quality. Being able to connect with the people he was -- that was an extraordinary departure. -- -- don't have that personal touch. Talk more about his connections to solid enough. Being hit grew up under nazism. And then of course the Soviet -- And he would have a problem my impression everything about about and he understood. About totalitarianism. -- small club more events. After world war two and after. And as he was sensitized to that time in world history which is. Why he just continued. To emphasize freedom. Catholicism and a church. -- country rather that was heavily Catholic about 97%. And you know catholicism this happens that -- a different areas over the history that religion is the alternative. To totalitarianism. It's the way to express your opposition and John -- carriage that. In the years since much has been written about that particular part of his personality. And many of attributed his friendship with Ronald Reagan to just that same kind of philosophy. Israel like you thought he probably could relate to Reagan and that. They're both of them have that ability to do that. Talk more about. What he has meant on the world stage beyond Poland and. -- Has traveling into -- traveled Pope in history more than a hundred countries visited. He didn't want to Israel and that was an extremely important move for the Jewish community and it it did presaged. A better relations between. Christians tend years of extra importance to talk to cure -- authority is an leaders. As they admire -- Pope John Paul the second enormously. And that prior to his papers that you didn't hear that very much from the Jewish community. Some table with Gregory is. Did you cover -- his trip to Toronto and the world youth day in the area. Yeah and it was that it's amazing how our the Pope could bring young people. It into -- -- that was extremely important. And I think that's one of the reasons why the church. Understood that they had to have someone who was personable. Who reached out and who by the way Dave was conservative he really. It was not liberal is that a lot of his predecessors -- and they've meant to order -- jump the 23. While most liberal -- Vatican true. Which enraged a lot of traditionalists in the church and that's split has been that is still sustain today -- hasn't gone away. But nonetheless. Young people -- and they just identified with the beauty described by some at that time as they -- rock star. And you saw that tell me what you saw. When he visited Toronto what about nine years ago. I just heard a lot of -- -- was quite soft but it's also what I heard. I've heard a lot of chanting John Paul we -- view and that one point John Paul said. Pope blog you know. You know like -- party -- -- -- We love you you love me I'd argue back and I think a lot of that was communicated really well that you had a real knack for doing after all he was such an actor he was a player like it was a very outgoing man from the very beginning. And that's an area of his background I don't think people are aware of he started out exactly as a playwright and at some degree an actor. Yes edited out played dealer he was a mountain climber. Is an active Amanda was involved with -- world and throughout his life as Pope he was involved with the world. That began under. John the 23. That is John convened Vatican -- with the idea. Not turning maybe involving the church with the world. It was. A reaction to be reactionaries within the church or didn't want. The church Japan backed up be responsive to the world. And John that on -- third does that essentially do not be afraid embrace the world and how to change it for the better. And John Paul the second actually did that has traveled so far. And presidential many countries and -- somebody people my embraced him back. -- you aptly said that he politically John Paul two was a conservative. Odds on the 23 more of a liberal. Do you think and and we're just observers here I'm not Catholic I know you're not either. But do you think that's part of why these two men are being canonized at the same time for a sake of political balance. That's a good point yeah I didn't realize that for a couple of days ago I saw the similarity personable that is there -- -- nature's. And that a lot of people -- not being bureaucrats and isolating themselves in the Vatican. But. And I think that. Francis is that it happened -- -- this happen because he's got John that you the open deliberately wanted to to seek change. And they want strangers as a result of the Vatican two including which I don't have -- vernacular not in the -- And hello -- there today. I still am younger group. -- All right -- I spoke to I was still there it looks like we've lost rich Gelman. But clearly he is someone who has reported. On the Pope in the buffalo area throughout time obviously nine years ago a visit to the world youth day up in Toronto. And overseas as well he had talked to -- and castle Gandolfo. In the Vatican City Pope John Paul the second being made a saint today in the Roman Catholic Church -- interesting item about that. The rich at the start of the interview said that back in 1969. While he was still cardinal Karol -- -- He visited the buffalo area he actually stayed at saint Casimir his church here in buffalo. And -- because of his being made a saint now they have decided to I don't wanna say make -- -- because that's more a technical term. But they have decided now to actually preserve the room he stayed in so there is that particular connection here you are able to go there and visit. And see the area he's in. They are part of the people that are celebrating his elevation to sainthood in the Catholic Church today. That'll just about doing for the program this week Meet the Press comes your way next on news radio 930 WB and.