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Cuomo's Left Flank & The WFP- Mike Caputo

Apr 27, 2014|

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Hey Todd why not news radio 930 WB -- and the state Devo. What do we could just talk politics earlier this week there was up hole from Siena College that had some interesting stuff and it would like to kick that around a little bit right now. The poll says head to head Andrew Cuomo leads rob asked -- the Republican. By thirty points but. That lead cuts down to half that fifteen points if you throw in a liberal working family party candidate. The thought here is it's one that we've raised on this issue this program before the thought here is that as Governor Cuomo. Faces some particular vulnerability. From his left flank. You've got to battle he's got going on with the working families party Unionists felt parts of the Democratic Party that are certainly -- left the camp. You also have a challenge in there from Howie Hawkins in the Green Party. Let's kick it around a little bit with. Mike the Pluto political analyst former. Campaign manager for the Carl Paladino campaign against Governor Cuomo. WBN contributor usual guest host here force and -- Tom from time to time. Andy's the kind of guy that while we're sitting here with 43 degrees is on the radio and on the ball Michael thank you for being here. -- do not bad Tony go way beyond what it's like there. Are down here in South Florida it's 84 degrees and not apartments guy. It's no wonder people leaving the working -- Half and -- here I tell you say it was Texas and other reasons. Let's cut let's talk about this poll here here's the summary from Siena. And head to head match up governor Andrew Cuomo continues to hold a better than two to one lead over west just Grammy executive rap master Reno. 58 to 28 however if the race includes a working families party candidate. Perceived to be more liberal -- for -- progressive and Cuomo his lead falls to fifteen points. 39% for Cuomo 24% each for -- to Reno. Do those numbers speak to enough of a vulnerability. That you can foresee a scenario. With the liberal stealing enough away from Cuomo to maybe give the breaks festering. I know not even close in fact I don't think they're the champs and in and and I haven't developed. I think a lot of your listeners know this is typical pre election -- appearance could. And Cuomo dose of working families party you know basically it -- that's a look at the work they're retarded and thank you eager to -- number one. To their nomination and carry it to victory in the all. And keep them on the ballot but -- interest every party have to get 50000 both on line during the governor's race to Savard took -- or your -- cycle. Forward and -- -- can destroy the party. In this smithereens. It will never be heard over -- Kind of like we kind of like he would have done with the liberals. Right unfortunately like. -- for the rookie -- started go to their choices do they can give clear. Nomination to Cuomo will be destroyed and never heard from again. Do you agree with CNN saying that. That there's a significant amount of votes that could be stripped off by another candidate they brought -- forward. Obama or -- I guess I don't believe she ever call will ever -- are part of I considered an arm of the formal communication cooperation they. They open polls are whenever whenever they're asked by the court -- team and this one. What designed to to give the numbers were needed in order a moment in -- parts working families party. Our curriculum is. Is a nomination. I believe that there's a bit on what would have a problem from the after there were working at least candidate. But it it's. It's been doing -- but apparently it's not going to happen. You know and work and the only party you have to understand that it's based on -- action of the left of the progress. The hard core progressives. Who are the people who truly believe in the in the open progressive values and -- out collecting signatures. Every week and even when they don't need to. And -- the other part of their work it and we party which should be doing in art and they're -- from the working our party values. It's more transactional. They advocate for their contracts that's what they're supposed to do. And it if you look at what's happened the last five days you've seen Governor Cuomo gives some stops to unions. And he peeling away he's -- given up erased an employee. He's eliminated some are regulatory reform. But the union didn't like it was in his budget suddenly that corporate budget these unions are getting what they want. Keep peeling them away from the activists and you'll see the bad here people should. So you're not buying the idea of a vulnerability on his left -- Well I -- -- I think you know like a candidate like former who's trying to -- -- -- for every one. And and and they're running nurse the kind of -- to the right but he runs risks are a left vulnerability of course all the but Andrew Cuomo is too shrewd to let this go on too long he's been negotiating this -- are. And the -- you know what -- said it's a couple -- -- he also kind of like this found themselves. Challenging the left wing -- me think that bad break more moderate state is it is kind of parade. And you know it's adult under. False drama for the. Without attribution I had a legislator state legislator tell me once that the idea of Andrew Cuomo as a centrist really is. A misplaced idea. That he's an extremist in two camps simultaneously. He'll throw an extreme left position out there to appease them he'll throw an extreme right position out there to appease them. And ends -- doing this back and forth and back and forth you -- I agree in any obese diabetic are apology or at least we'll see that -- read correctly about volley Andrew Cuomo is a lot of bullets. And -- -- survive and rise in every political environment is there is nothing he won't do to win. I in the meantime we watch just to dance and I'm -- know what we're. We've been talking about this in terms of votes talk to it in terms of support beyond that money beyond that. If he loses the left and and I hear you saying that he -- do that. But if he loses a left is that a lack of support that could hurt him. Not necessarily in terms of numbers and the election but nonetheless in his ability to do stuff. Well east you know that the Bard himself we'd all of record on or about how -- expect to get about 6%. In this election in the general election because it back up and take a national level able. I -- quite a run for president in their kick in if Hillary doesn't run at what he will be. Set that bar insult I think it's probably a Smart numbered duplicate dipped under sixty if you -- with just 55% of the vote against directory now. Army -- -- -- pretty carried the state responded with a mandate from leadership. So I I think -- if -- third party candidate give them that split it up like on the spanner in it and and it screwed up people who are looking for that's why won't she. All right the you've just as a my next question you'll see it working out that way that. Not at all out of all the -- -- Google will get exactly what he wants from the working families party activists who. Are disappointed I -- what I have to put people over the amount and the unions will get their contracts and their concessions. And we all live happily ever. All right back to the boat with you but. Yes I am jealous thanks for joining us Mike. All right that's Mike Capuano political strategist.