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4-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. I walked down upon you with great. If you go to the whole -- -- that -- this month -- And welcome to the New York City. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. Until then. -- -- -- -- -- hourly. Column in the road when the now let everybody know Lindsay and I've got covered up right -- welcome mud it's live its local capital. Wouldn't. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. And -- WW. -- ask and you shall receive one of my listeners. Tyler. Has sent me three pictures of mount -- in Hamburg so good -- FaceBook page. Tom not buy hourly BA UERLE. -- and do yourself a favorite educate yourself which is more offensive. The sign on the fence that says repeal and -- safe. Or a mountain of Haider's. And folks as I said earlier. I would rather see a Cuomo for governor signs. Then this mountain of -- it's not about the political message it's about sure aesthetics. But you've got a brand. Check it out. And thanks to let Tyler for the pictures and I hope those that is the mountains of tires in question. If not I'll hear about it I'm going on faith that those are in fact the tires in question. Oh my -- -- I think guys are shaking their heads in the next room. But they usually do whatever -- say anything because they don't know what's coming next our gang now I know it's tough to be the summer frame of mind. That what are the things I don't know how many if you listened back during the time when I was doing the nine to noon show. It was a lot more normal but. -- -- Every year have done shows on vacation. Destinations. Because I know that a lot of you'll like to get away but I also know that you not made of money. Look somebody get away you know eighty times a year let's but it weakened Turks and let's but it weakened Antigua. -- less than a -- and Aruba. I mean some people had those people well. Most people out. And whether or not you have money is really immaterial. Because it doesn't take a fortune to get away. To go far enough where you feel like you have taken a bit of a trip. Now. I am blessed in that if by. -- -- spending my vacation in Cleveland. I I at least have found the place I liked ago. You know the my place that is paradise on earth and I don't even need to -- words. Artist -- I just feel totally home totally free totally it's just where electing. I go there and I'm just so relaxed yet -- Certain place and -- And it's just like it. The people watching is phenomenal the conversation. Is amazing. And believe it or not. Probably 75% of the folks there maybe 80% are conservatives slash. Oh apps. You find it hard to believe what what what the conservatives value freedom. Liberty. The ability to make grown up choices as real colts. That's what we value. -- believe. 7580%. Of the people I've met at that certain place I need name. Have been. Conservative. I I try not to talk politics on vacation. But there -- little code words. Well no hit he error code words for that -- but Texas is a great. Conversation starter at -- where -- from Texas. I love your state I love the freedom attitude your state where you for a New York. Ole then then you got to feel free nobody wants to be the first to say yeah I think Obama's Sox. Because you know you like to keep that out of your vacation because there are still some people even there that. -- or do ups but anyway it. Do you have a spot. You can recommend for vacation not just gonna presume that we're talking about five to seven days it could be longer. But. New York means. And I'm gonna guess that most of my audience because this area this is an economically disadvantaged area. We don't have a kind of money that they have and other places because the money that you could be spending and your vacation. Remember about 10% of your income is going to New York State right off the top. And then you've got the money go to the federal government not to mention the sales taxes the property taxes and all the other taxes we have to pay that are unavoidable. But. I'm gonna presume most of you have. You know you don't exactly have ten grand to throw random vacation let's respect. So. There are folks. I kid you not this is not radio BS I don't -- and that who. There are people. Who actually. Listen to this show. Who make notes on the show and follow your suggestions I -- one young lady in particular who heard the show three or four years ago. And I was so impressed by one of our callers said about a certain place in central New York. That she packed up her own kids and that's where she took them on vacation they had a blast but don't remember where it wants but -- a blessed. So what would you recommend as a great place to go. For couples. For families. And you know throw -- something that I have withdrawn and report for singles. Because if you are single. I don't know about you. I don't like sharing rooms with people I don't know. I would just assume paid the single supplement. Because I travel. More often than not. I just as soon pay the extra to have the privacy. I don't feel like sharing the -- with somebody I don't know how to why don't they didn't just go to prison for you know. So horrible bets that I'm -- to be rudely awakened in the middle of the night by unwanted physical attention. I go on compliment myself all right so what would you suggest is a great place for couples. Or families or singles. It's up to you you can make a show work you can help other people out with your -- years. 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start at thirty is free on the in this set of bone. And told free. Maybe you're one of these places that come up today it is. 180616. WB at 180616. WB the end. Now I know I'm going to be the contrary in here. And a lot of people love to go to Myrtle Beach. I was there once. IA have zero desire ever go back to Myrtle Beach again just wasn't for. Good at sand. In -- son. And it had. All of the night life that one would expect -- beach resort a place. But it was kind of trashy to me. Myrtle Beach was the place I kid you not within five minutes -- getting off the plane checking into the hotel some dude won the -- cracked. Like really. And why are we short. So it has looked out of and I said you know what I do back home. It is that you you 50. Yeah I get out of here. -- folks street Smart vs book Smart always a good thing to be. Maybe it wasn't so Smart though would -- to pull out Iraq. Anyway it 030930. Start at 3180616. WBS I couldn't stand Myrtle Beach wouldn't go back. I'll take place that is always fun for me in its family friendly. -- -- If you can't find a favorite spot on Cape Cod you have not tried. I took the kids there -- absolutely. Loved. Now their writing me to take them that Hilton -- December. That's where they want ago dad but can we get us leader rooms at a plays and help the -- Because of course they wanna bring -- France. Via. I'm thinking to myself just get this straight what exactly is in this for me. All right I think get the idea do you like cruises by the way. Now with all respect to certain advertiser we're doing here in the radio station I'm not a big fan of cruises. I go someplace to go someplace and stay. I feel like getting on and off the ball on and off the ball on and off the -- been there done. All right let's get right to the call us on a WB and first up is Charlie in Hamburg where he had better not have a sign attached to his -- Charlie you're -- WB -- welcome to the show. Thank you. Quarter. You go to the island of Jamaica. And you go to a certain spot and they grow old. This year we are we -- -- -- before I haven't heard. I'd say. And what is there to you about. Jamaica. Bet is different than any other island because I will tell you what it is for me but first you gotta tell me what it is for you. It's a people afford it's CA this year. Don't relaxation. The -- To me it's the people the Jamaican people are sold incredibly. Awesome -- seriously are you -- white guy Charlie. Have you ever felt like a minority in a mostly black island. Never I always feel like a brother in Jamaica -- the first time they. There I felt like my gosh I'd I've been here before it was it's such a whole -- and I don't mean that is a double and opera it's such a hole only place to be. That's what turned me on first about Jamaica. Now when you go. I don't know if you go to exactly the same place I ago because -- -- very light if you catch my drift. But. When you when you go do you do the all inclusive thing. It. -- out now when you're safe food I'll always -- -- a big seafood fan I live on cheese and crackers and protein bars for the week no problem. What what does it for you. It's stitcher or check in that your report. -- it is able to hit the -- -- I never had a bit bit -- -- area. I'm showing admirable self restraint yes I have never known anyone. Where I go to get sick from the food in Jamaica. Unlike my very unfortunate situation in the Dominican Republic which took a lot out of me for a long time so. Go ahead. We went to mitigate launch it will -- -- period. -- you took the words right out of my mouth I will -- you know what Dominican Republic. Is just not ready for prime time they wanna pretend they are they're not don't go to the Dominican Republic you're wasting your money is gonna -- Right so Jim did Charlie and if I see you down there you don't know me or -- All right thank you very much. You know three on I thirty started 3180616. WB -- same rules -- -- supply. Now let's find out about traffic here is Allan Harris. And AccuWeather report today cloudy breezy for what's left the today a little rain especially this evening so let's see. All it's raining yet see you know we have new -- here at the radio station in there so new and so pristine I don't even wanna touch human mess them up and Joseph you go through the same thing don't you. I don't wanna touch of IQ is it took us ten years to do -- I don't -- For tomorrow cloudy breezy and cooler 49 in the high. SNH. Sunday Exxon and some clouds 52. We're still at 62 degrees at news radio 930 WB EMR again it's the ultimate hourly vacation show and a lot of people live for the show and really appreciate your insight. And I got as far as Caribbean islands I've been to most of them. Jamaica is my favorite Antigua is also nice would never go back to Turks and caicos. Would love to go back to -- or Curacao but good luck. From buffalo it's almost impossible and cost prohibitive -- trying to go to -- Bora Bora. Let's go to gave in that Williams on WB Ian -- -- of ideas for a family or couples. -- -- -- The allure -- always has screwed up Royal Caribbean the Nassau group's. And is that you'll have to forgive me because I'm just not a cruise got a guy is that -- couples cruise line. It's every everybody's. It's there it's that big Mac this year. Just oh so much to explore said you don't like eating out sitting up he would never have do. They ship itself fabulous it's like great anger and hope at all. And it's the only other place where you are. Being -- has noticed -- the -- Are you at all and I -- now I think you're stretching the truth just a little bit. I better signal than they've ever think -- Central Park area. That is like in new York stock they'll belly. And it actually Serb -- finally gets its lineup hundred debut album. Okay well a lot of people gain weight on cruise ships. While they -- I mean the forties is usually delicious at least at the beginning of the trip and then kind of goes downhill from there I mean I can't speak I've never done Royal Caribbean I've done. You know HMS Titanic like -- Now -- You've you've gone with 88 female friend or your wife I presume. -- -- -- how long. Seven days early and are actually. That's great word history of -- your valuables what is your security code -- home things I just need to know. Just -- I'm getting I'm totally getting. Think -- -- and and and and and and about where we are we looking at as far as cost if people are interested in the cruise idea. Cost. Two people Royal Caribbean when you look at it. Leo oasis and allure almost every room balcony. And that starts like 890 dollars. 890 per person per week. But then -- your taxes. And -- taxes there like 150 bucks. -- at around 11100 dollars. And mom get an eighteen are getting 2000 or 2000. Still he's my -- is about 2000 dollars which. Out to accrue from Fort Lauderdale sold wherever your airfares or Lauderdale. So work and it is just this is beautiful well. -- you talk about a trip like that and if you get away you know 42500. Or less for a week you know when you get down into the Caribbean bad air that that area are eager to locate yourself. It's it's it's it's it's slower that the -- to -- -- -- mean everything here earlier vote. Like like for instance they have a restaurant called shops it's better than he'd eat greens. And then -- error. Like wish they have a Broadway Show you type a lot of so if you were go to buffalo go to EP greens attaches to these Chicago. But look at that question and right. Well but you know what if I'm gonna be on a boat and it's eighty degrees or seventy degrees at night. I'm probably not gonna wanna sit and watch entertainment I'm probably gonna be try to -- That's just me. You are right. Breaks it looked a great suggestion thank you very much. As some people look some people love -- as some people just aren't that big on -- I just don't happen to be that big on the the -- for -- -- city Royal Caribbean the Bahamas -- Nassau Bahamas leaving Fort Lauderdale comes highly recommended for a couple so what your vacation suggestions for my guests -- my -- my listeners. I'm not gonna go through my Gettysburg thing develop Gettysburg. Now I can have fun at Gettysburg if I lived there 8030930. Start 93180616. WB Ian. I don't think we could possibly end on a complete now without some -- -- Just putting it out there. It's -- -- is ready at 930 WBM thanks lot for being with us always a pleasure for you -- to make me a part of your life -- the pleasures on my -- We are asking you this 100 shows that I do and people actually requested every years have become a tradition and this is just a sample will do a much longer version when I'm. Terribly desperate on 8030930. As the foam -- start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB. Best vacations for couples for families and why not for singles and keep in mind. Most people in this area are not exactly rolling in money so as a consideration. Then again maybe you have some suggestions to automate repeat with the deal. Jamaica does set me back all that much. And plus I can earn money went on the air so there's -- let's go to. Little humor there and it was sophisticated enough that. Here's our Wanda on a WB and Sarah you've got a vacation destination suggestion. How many do I have -- clear quickly that my first unless. And he -- like the perfect man if you're saying well we need to go on vacation. Well. I'm not as perfect as you might think I have to live with myself 24/7 so trust me. -- I'd mastered everything you can make -- see most perfect place on earth for vacation. Okay how many times have you been -- about three or four forget. Six times obviously were ever it is you go you like it. Did you know. The moment you arrived in Jamaica that it was a place with which you had an instant bond. Because I will play the minute I stepped off the plane and into the airport there's that ever walked you go through to get to. To get to immigration. But I just felt like my gosh. It's the weirdest feeling of being so connected to a place you've never been. And then by the second time you're there it's like old home days and by the third time you're there you know people. Absolutely. The second plane. There's so completely eighties that I prefer Hillary is summer camps for adult you just feel like you're coming home to old friend and I feel completely safe there. It's affordable and if I don't retirement he band. But yeah that at this and completely eighty checking out there talking about it. Now -- UA Montego Bay girl or do you go elsewhere on the island. We I magnate -- In the grill bloody day girl same same little resort. Right and bloody day in -- It indeed and it is a that it it that the best people watching in the entire universe and what people don't understand about it is they think it's only one thing and it's isn't it's -- it the conversation. About the nicest people bear. It in the whole world at that particular. Place. I agree I agree Enders and wait staff that I rent it. And we never got green instead it is usually school supplies as the times -- hard to get. Now they're asked you know that it hit me Albert and I'm notebook and and and toy. Yet it's like second and there. Well I always try to leave the house did. I would try to lead them a nice gratuities which I always also consider insurance. That is well I agree. All right -- look I have a great time the next time you go and it is gonna Whittier couple or single or whatever you're gonna have a great time anywhere you go I think in Jamaica. I did the people. I don't think or just really into Montego Bay to that's all they want in the Jamaica that's cool. And that's probably call fiery. You you read. How are now I -- -- -- -- to make an epidemic actually doesn't do that. The you know lot dungeon -- senate are at -- thank you very much up and by the way you know for those of you were going to Jamaica. -- -- this into the -- our guys so let's get some other ideas here please I don't wanna be all Jamaica all our because unless the Jamaican tourist board wants to pay me money -- like that there -- other places in the world of Germany for example there's Italy. There's the Adirondacks there's lake George there is you know you name it we -- talk about it is Michigan. Lot of people loved Michigan. -- Mac and act where we screwed it up and economic and -- I always -- about. We're looking for great. Vacation destinations where the or a couple whether you are a family or whether you are a single all and by the way. Some of you are huge fans. Of going to Disney. I and the anti Disney guy. Lived in Florida. I went there once as a tourist I went there once when I lived there. If I'd never seen Disney again. It will matter not. 803 all right 38. Battle -- -- of people because people there are grown ups on my FaceBook page worked but an article about this that. You know I -- the judge. Like being judged by a judge somebody else it'll thrilled at thirty started 3180616. WB yet. Up before we get back to the calls I'd also want to point out. That. My gosh total brain freeze brain freeze brain freeze. -- all Hawaii this is this is important. Hawaii for many view is a dream vacation. I needed to caution you if you go to life. Do not do what I do it. Do not do seven days in Hawaii don't do it if you're gonna fly. Twelve hours and by the way that was back -- airline travel was -- Stay at least ten days and if you can afford it spent two weeks in Hawaii. Because. You're gonna need a couple of days just act when. Of course jet -- on the way back is what really get you. But just be advised. You don't three all right thirty start I'm 3180616. WBE and Barbados anybody go to Barbados the Bahamas. -- again these are gonna we're talking about dollar signs here we're not talking about budget some electric. Here is -- dated in the bunker otherwise known as Dunkirk Dave. You were on WB and hello. I I was gonna say here in irons in the last stand without question global legal literature in society. There's also the Delmarva peninsula early. None of these places are ringing a bell you'll have to forgive my geographic ignorance. While the western didn't agree at all. Pryor loose in my yard yard as the -- -- -- and are still. Whole. I don't eat weird things. -- well yeah. Double our league it's weird but I don't know what it is -- eagle on either. -- -- -- should he should try it on. Now I'll tell -- like David vacations to me. I can't get away from where you for your from your usual routines are getting away from with that from which you're you're most familiar. Is so important to me I don't even wanna take the remotest chance. Food poisoning. Only had a -- on my travels. -- commit well one was in Acapulco I would never go to soccer Paltrow again. And by the way that's before people started leaving other people's heads in the street and then. The Dominican Republic. Honest to god. I would like get my head examined for what possessed me to think that was a good idea. For all people woods these mutineers at them they're all those are only the people who know me best. Well Welsh. And David that that you would suggest I mean I'm we're got a lot of Jamaican calls a lot of people are big in Jamaica which is fine by me but. Where else have you been that you would recommend -- -- mean I've I've been a lot of places I'd be recommending but I also don't want to monopolize a call -- I will -- that -- -- on the Delmarva peninsula with his Delaware Maryland Virginia. On the other side of the trip to be very where she beat Ireland is in the oil -- awesome. The wild horses like you tortured look straight. That is here. That is Sokol now when you traveled you do it as as a couple do you do with your family do you do as a single because that kind of determines where you're gonna go because if you travel as a single guy you're probably not gonna wanna end up in saint Petersburg Florida unless little ladies play shuffle board is your thing baby. -- Well yeah I bet there also could be a consideration. Well I would in the Delmarva peninsula I was oh lead teenager which or environmental. Well there are still great. That was my brother was down there and I went in 1976. To the upper peninsula. And slovo fireworks on top of the world users. On top of a very big hill. And we figured out where the emperor who worked -- -- of the world was the next morning who went up to develop and build up your bottle and so every. In order -- there's -- -- in there and Lake Superior. Even in the summertime. -- goes over like it was last year is very doable. You know these Saint Mary's river. I don't know if you're familiar with that area. In news on -- believable. If that connects. If you're on with superior it's before you. It it is. It is a paradise. On earth I mean in a Great Lakes way at the Saint Mary's river area is it is it's beyond description. Because it is wild. In many respects it is uncivilized. However there are enough amenities that you're not gonna feel as though. Hey where's the out house. There that would be your record on record here. Actually. Yeah. Not really not really any close enough for a drive but you would wanna walker. Well now -- And north and app and actually have to look at a map. I took -- trip on steam ship that's why I -- of my narrow view of it was just the Saint Mary's river. And then the valley was just incredible. I insert them their Google what Erik and -- there -- beautiful. I went up there might there aren't true gentlemen in one death caught him in the -- -- small child. -- -- man -- good good call thank you elaborate much. Give me some vacation destination suggestions because our people who. Really appreciate your insight you know what places by the way this come up but in in preview show is the Henry Ford museum in Michigan. That is still up never -- have not been here. The that we have done here on the vacations you've been there Sherman. Given that report museum and you've been in the sport. No kind of sport okay. And I'll take another place is you're gonna hit the Adirondacks. You go to little further in a city beach was talking about this this morning but Vermont. Vermont can be such an incredibly. Beautiful state. And that too has a special feeling to it that is all Vermont and it's impossible to put into words but there is a distinct difference between. New York State right across -- in right across the lake from Burlington Vermont. And Vermont. There's a difference between Vermont and New Hampshire and I can't put it into words. But it's a difference there's a difference between Vermont and Massachusetts I cannot verbalize. You'll have to experience. To understand. What I -- all Montreal. A lot of people at least twenty years ago a lot of people would say -- wanna go to Montreal they don't like Americans and our cars are gonna get scratched. That was my concern -- I went to Montreal few years back at a great time on the people would be very friendly. Did not -- into any problems. Use a little bit of French -- like goes to -- to pick up as much of language as is possible in the short time and there are no problem whatsoever in Montreal so. Those were some of the places that I know come up previously but I did wanna mention -- Can you is your life complete without seeing the Grand Canyon. But if you're gonna see the Grand Canyon take agreed to -- tombstone Arizona why her Doc Holliday. She got the okay Correll yeah detour can figure to drive. 8030930. Start I 3180616. WB EN. Why don't even have a chance to get to Cape Cod yet. I mean to talk about Cape -- All that. Lot of things at the target if you're gonna go to Cape Cod you have to do yourself a favor and I want to think of me when you do their stop at Plymouth Massachusetts and see Plymouth rock and let me know which affect. Those that you've been there. You know what I speak out. Plymouth Rock. -- -- two words that's it. Here is paddy in Amherst on WB Andrew has another idea for us and I hope people are taking notes patty on WB and you've got a vacation for family is a couple or a single. Well basically -- -- -- and won't until I hit the crap that I gave several. I didn't -- In this car that we want to -- your. It's a problem. State. -- -- -- -- It's all -- warm -- rock climb I -- and you could just it it it. Opera literally stopped. It's on our our gorgeous I mean. It's just incredible. But it could have. After you're through watching the kids crawl on the rocks at the goblins park in you to all what else is around there that might be of interest to families. Are rather small lot. You can go to you know it's basically -- those -- foreign coaches they see everywhere. I don't know like. I was gonna say cool arches I see everywhere you talking about Mickey d.'s but that I realized the yellow arches. I have not -- you to know I know. Okay you I swear I've been out in states like that I can't -- basically what I don't want -- kids. I'll order but yet it is so -- -- -- -- go to certain different spots where I had. Well. Well right. -- coaches in our chief national park it sure is incredible but it got eight. -- but. I'd -- huge rock formations. Which crime and I'm -- -- daily. Edition. Most picture I am about I talk a lot of great Britain and yeah I mean that you. Played just it start to crumble. -- Heidi generally get to -- -- a drive didn't trend. I'd I'd been. Robert if you don't ask paparazzi probably what air conditioning and across the United States is true that bad. For a -- I can't -- That almost sounds like the cruel and unusual punishment that is civic leaves prohibited by our constitution. You think it's -- -- I can. I -- And me. Everywhere. I went. Well. Acting and we. If it would in the -- -- -- -- And it was. Telling -- time is incredibly beautiful. It's it's just it's really well. Well -- It's pretty. OK you have actually awakened me to that state known is that as you targets is more to do -- Utah in Salt Lake and the genealogy library by the church of -- Jesus Christ of latter day saints AKA the hornets. Thank you I. I appreciate the call up all of the time I can talk to you for hours about this guys we'll bring the show back and extended form what I do have the opportunity thanks to Joseph Lieber for another great week. Thanks to John Sherman for another week. I will leave you with two words. You can -- these words to pretty much everything you know yourself.

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