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4-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. -- the look he would be great benefit -- -- And the whole movie. -- -- -- -- -- -- Think he's going for it and it's. And then. It's easy to clean right. With a single. We've -- and now let's. Tom hourly barreling back in lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced. -- the fact that it's Tom hourly you may well I would get out. On news radio 930 WBE. A the topic -- -- popular topic. Like. -- movie what movie that will get you out of a funk no matter how deep thought a that is always fun. Like blazing saddles absolutely positively blazing saddles liar. No no not dumb and dumber. Although I hate to plug anything Jim Carey's done. Dumb and dumber however. I'm sorry absolutely hilarious always cracks me up. But the single funniest movie I think the guaranteed. Doldrums destroyer to me. Slap shot. All the slap shot. I hate I'm sorry. Juvenile absolutely. And so enjoyable. By the way. This is the fiftieth anniversary of the office cubicle. Cubicle culture. Had no idea. Cubicles were as old as alive. But seriously. But cubicle. Fortunately. I've worked in chemicals before. Fortunately. I have male officer. And it really doesn't matter a lot because I don't spend a lot of time here I mean the Thomas -- -- spent performing I used. Well then again I just spent about 23 hours in the office before the show zero. I'm glad I've got an office let's put -- that because. The privacy. Of things like coughing clear your throat blowing your nose. -- -- Recently this year. I don't know we felt we got cubicles if you look out they. Window I should take a picture this and put up on FaceBook. What we see we see the forest of cubicles outside of where we do this show. I don't know of anybody would really care -- might be invading somebody's personal space -- that wanna do that in baseball pitcher to be respectful of that. But that anyway. Here's where I'm at right now on that WB Ian here is where I -- -- a couple of things number one. And this bit of success if you're just getting into the car. We knew what if if you had the live your life over you would have blank. And of course the other way of looking at that is. If you read the lived if you read your life to live over EU would not have blank. 803. All 930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB EN. I heard some interesting responses that have come -- on FaceBook. Somebody said that they would not have been so hard. On themselves. -- Bin bored rich instead of good looking. Modesty of course taken nursing in both cities. Gone away to college and moved out of the state somebody else wishes he had studied astronomy. Well it's not too late this study astronomy. We study astronomy it's -- heavy lifting -- ball. One of the things about astronomy and we're not talking astrology. Like hey you're Virgo here are -- traits astronomy of course the study of planets stars the solar system the universe. You know a small area of study like the universe. It's never too late start you could still do it very heavily -- intensive. I was always fascinated by astronomy that I realized a mathematical was -- night. Quickly decided that. Probably wouldn't be good career choice for -- what -- we have here. Betsy. Made sure I had a job or I could take care. Myself who somebody wishes she had never gotten married. Wishes she'd moved from New York before having children. Somebody else travel travel travel. Somebody wishes that she had graduated from college. And this is interest in folks in his interest because I think there's something from which you can learn from what this poster has to say on FaceBook somebody wishes that they had taken eight trade. Instead of wasting time and money at college. And you know something ladies and gentlemen. The more shows I've done -- jobs and careers the more I realize the brilliance of that statement. Folks have you ever met in your entire life up for plumber there aren't -- People will always need plumbers. People will always need guarded plumbers. And by the way -- -- little plug here for one of our sponsors plumbing help now and a my body on. Now done. He. Is a master plumber it's not something that somebody achieves overnight. And basically. He has built his business. With his old you know watts and his word. You know -- like -- which you know all of god as my word in my blacks. And Don. His his whole philosophy. This is not a free -- -- just using him as an example. He has this skill okay. But his philosophy. Has always been you don't go into customer's house to make the fast easy big money. You know going to somebody's house to ball them thinking you'll never see them again now. -- -- somebody's house. And you do a great job and you charge a fair price. They in turn will use you as they work as their plumber is I have and they will recommend them to other people. And again the sounds like the commercial and it's not 98% of his business is either repeat customers like myself. Or people. Who've been referred by other happy customers so the bottom line for you is you might -- 1819 years old and maybe. History is just not your -- college just isn't your bag you just don't see a lot of practicality and getting a degree in sociology. Or history because you don't really wanna go to law school and that's why people get degrees in poly science and sociology if you wanna get a masters and teach or you wanna -- -- school some people a very few people use it as an entree into medical school. But once you get the medical school you damn well better know chemistry and by the way get ready to live on about a hour's sleep at night. But there something to be said for the traits. Whether your plumber and electrician. -- and maybe you don't think of this is being a trade but great landscape offers idol guy. His name is Ed gore he has a lot of work around the botanical gardens he is a very well blown. Local landscaper he's -- -- did my driveway I paid for he didn't give -- a freebie. But he is a guy who's always busy he has limited season in which to make his money. But he's always busy -- he always busy because he's great at what he does he has a vision he -- accused division. And people are happy with what he does. So I don't know how many of you out there are in -- quote unquote trades. You might be a welder. You might be a steel worker got last year because without welders and steelworkers I wouldn't be sitting here. You know we all have a role to play in our society. And at the lowest end of the continuum. As somebody once told me the world will always be ditch diggers and that's not an insult to anybody it's just there's a place for you you just have to find it. And I'm gonna type this up into nice neat little package for. You know what I say at the end of the show know yourself. It's not just about love and romance and knowing which you want out of a relationship. It's about everything about you including. What you would be happy is doing how you'd be happy is living your life. It's considering and pondering the U. And where you wanna be in this brief period of time were on this planet that's why I always say know yourself. So many people my friends. You might be one of them and and I hope that in some way shape or form I have changed the way some of you have bought about your life. But so many people go through life. Without ever really thinking about who they are. What they want out of life. What they want out of a job or career what they want out of a relationship. -- it's almost like they just go from day to day in a -- And then one day they die and the question is did they ever let. So that your pipe and smoke it and I mean that in a good way. Are right. And by the way that is not to be confused with narcissism. You don't wanna spend all of your time thinking about yourself to the exclusion of others. You know this should not be a 24 sevenths ask. But it should also. In in my opinion this is part of my philosophy in life you should not go through your life without giving real careful thought to who you are. And what makes you happy used. And as you get more experienced and as you gain wisdom you'll also understand the joy that comes from helping other people. And maybe helping other people up the latter. And assisting other people in finding out bear abilities and their talents and they -- steals and no I've not gone liberal on. To me as -- as either liberal or conservative it's just humanity. And it's something I think we can all share. So as you look back at your life would you travel war which you pursued different career. And if you're just joining us I think this will be last and -- mention this but. I have mixed emotions about the guitar. Those of you were regular listeners to the show know that in the past couple months I have started to play good target. And what I found very interesting is that all of the -- I ever knew came right back to me. Our -- and I've also discovered that. I learned from my past mistakes. A whole lot more gentle with the strings. That I used to be. You don't need to slam the strings. To -- power port. So. There is a reason I put on the guitar. Because I wanted to pursue this career. But sometimes I do wonder if I could have done ball. Not that I was ever going to be rock star or something like that. But that's my wobbly issue there there's my. Here's -- John Kerry able. There's my flip flops sometimes I think that the right thing putting it down sometimes I think boy -- be so good right now but I didn't play in the last 2530 years. And I do if if you had to say what your biggest regret I think it would probably be. Not going to law school or maybe getting a Ph.D. -- may be ball but I told you why didn't. And I probably wouldn't make a different decision given the same set of circumstances are confronted -- at the time now how about you. Sure about you know me. I have to live with -- 24/7. A lot of fun. 803 all right thirty especially after milk started -- the cell phone 180616. WB EM. Let's find out what's epic in traffic and mr. Allen Harris. They are right. AccuWeather forward today the rest of it anyway -- -- and will be breezy tonight a little rain especially in the evening overnight low forty for tomorrow cloudy most of the time breezy and cooler shower in spots 49 Sunday's sun and some clouds 52. And were holding a 63 degrees at news radio 930 WB yet somebody sent me an email. And wanted to know do you regret ever are going to massage school oh my gosh absolutely not. I say do not have a license I did not bother to renew my license. Because I just didn't see any point do it. Because. It's just something I will do for friends. And I don't charge is just you know it if I can help somebody like before they see chiropractor. Great a help somebody. So no no regrets about that I learned so much you wanna talk about it for aid. Now -- some of -- -- laughing you're thinking oh massage happy ending dignity dignity not a no no no no no I'm talking medical therapeutic massage. There is a real demand for. And I happen to think that it is highly effective. Healing modality. And use in. I don't do leave with chiropractic it's like the best of all worlds frankly but no I don't regret the money I don't regret the investment of time. I don't regret anything about it. There's not a lot of regret about my life. I don't know how you were with this as you drive home on Friday and what you've got planned but. I. Spent a lot of time -- decisions or lack of decisions. And if you're thinking about traveling in this got a big one on my FaceBook page. Don't just think about traveling. Travel. Do if you always wanted to see your ancestral home in Sicily. All. Now the wake up call is from what I hear Sicily -- all that great a place for a tourist dollars and I know people were very strongly Italians who did not have a good time and Italy at a better time in Germany but surprise surprise. It's must be the beer and pretzels. Right now if I bet they go to for your. I got something else for. Do you believe. In mid life crisis. I may -- everyone right now do you believe in midlife crisis. And did you go through yours and did you come out of it a better person. Now some people believe. That midlife crisis is used capriciously. And arbitrarily. As an excuse for bad behavior by grownups. It was some cases that may be true. But I do believe there will come if there has not come already a point in your life. When you will sit back and try to know yourself. And realize how far you are. From the person you wanted to be. And then my friend the choice. Is. How do you become the person you always want it to be or some great philosopher has said how'd he become the person your dog thank you Lar. 8030930. Like that -- to GO 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB EN hourly on a Friday mirth merriment. And no heavy lifting. -- I don't think -- go to the hookah bar. Afterward they talk about that in this morning and Buffalo's early news in the fiftieth anniversary of but she alt culture in America. I guess my idea regretting life question is kind of run its course so let's move on worked all I put up. Date on something I talked about earlier this week. And as you know do well even though there is a there is a ring of folks in Western New York. And we communicate with each other in particular on issues of freedom. The constitution. And specifically. The the Second Amendment and some that you are extremely. Involved in the issue. And others such as myself are more shall we say a mouthpiece or eight underwent to look the other people in Western New York know what's going on through your labors. Now we have done shows on this the town of Hamburg. Has issued recently to will. Two to residents. Notices that they are in violation of -- By posting. Repeal and -- safe signs on their France's. Despite the fact that in the town of ever -- dog park at least the last time I've seen pictures. The town itself as signs attached to -- town fence at the -- at the dog park. Which sounds to me like complete hypocrisy which is something I would expect from a government. Well today Jerry bridges and that we -- area Charlotte bank. Gary had his day in court today. First of all I -- thank the thirty or forty of you who showed up -- Harbour -- court basically and very short notice because I just told you about this yesterday. You showed up offers support to -- -- bridges and have an update from somebody very familiar with the case and publisher that. With few Jerry bridges appeared dead before judge Gerald Gorman in Harbour town court this morning with his attorney Jim Ostrosky. The case. The notorious -- signed case was postponed for further proceedings. Until June 6. Anybody happen understand the significance of June 6. That quickly quickly. -- All by the way this June 6 will be the seventieth anniversary. Of the beach scene as the beginning of -- moving -- seventy years ago this. June 6. Remarkable. Anyway that's the next date for Gary bridges case. My informant tells me the building inspector remained hidden in his basement office during today's court appearance. While Joseph -- he was meeting with the town prosecutor on Gary's case. Joseph was informed by him. That stop the rocket's case has been transferred to the village of Hamburg justice court. Because both tone justices recused themselves. That's new is to all of us. Writes a person familiar with the details of this case it is now will after the 45 day requirement for a speedy trial. For Scott. -- -- Jim Jim Ostrosky the attorney has not been notified of a hearing date in the village court nor was even notified of the change of venue. Okay that's weird. Call me silly call me naive and -- this is why I kind of wish I would go to law school. If the town of Hamburg justices recused themselves from this case and they sent -- to the village court. Wouldn't shifting the defense attorney. Would know. ASAP. The minute that decision was made it weird in new venue would be. Called me still. That kind of makes common sense. By the way emotion. Will be made for dismissal. Of the charge against Gary bridges. On First Amendment grounds. On June 6. Scott's case Scots -- -- he was the first guy about whom we spoke with the town of Hamburg. -- you have a speedy trial and First Amendment motions whenever his court appearance is schedule. They're gonna argue that. The -- and did not meet its obligation to him for a speedy trial. There -- -- the entire case against him is flawed because it. Runs absolutely counter to the First Amendment. And again I think we brought up on a number of occasions where the United States Supreme Court stood on this in the -- do V -- ago. Both of these guys are in the right. It's not even a debatable issue and by the way I said the same thing about the kilogram. And I proved to be accurate on the one. Soul. My head is more than just ahead -- -- A motion will be made by I told you bet Scott's case. Just to get back to it will have a speedy trial at First Amendment -- whenever the court appearance is scheduled. About thirty supporters turned up in court this morning. And the friends of mr. bridges thank you for your support. They thank me for the on ear plugs it is my honor in fact I think it's my duty and responsibility. Now I also have word. I'm gonna need your help on this one if you're in the town of Hamburg. Because I you know what I should really admit this on the year and I got to take it drinkable water I hope you forgive me and. -- I hate to admit this on the year but even if you lived here all your life. Do you sometimes find that you go -- black holes where you don't know the area real well for example the Nortel is a pretty good with the -- counts. I'm pretty good with the southern Tigger I'm pretty good with the east towns. For whatever reason Orchard Park in Hamburg are mysteries to -- And that's okay because I know people from Hamburg and Orchard Park who lived here in Western New York their entire lives they come in to Amherst. Williams bill and lost. So my blind spot is -- in Orchard Park I have to admit that. Gotta be honest with anyway I have photos of the crime scene at the hold of -- bridges. In the other part of town there is a long abandoned large pile of tires over 100. And a former junk yard. The pilot all hires is about ten feet tall right by Gary bridges is all it's on camp road. Near residential area about a mile from the Sion which got the solvents. This sign the repeal analyze -- that sign is what the political -- building inspector chooses to summoned to court. Now the political act -- his words not mine. So here's my favor I wanna -- of Ortiz sent them an email to the individual. I expect and that most. Readily do this. I want a picture of the tigers in the town of Hamburg. On camp road the former junk yard. That is an absolute eyesore to residents about which the town has apparently done nothing. But in the meantime they've cracked down on repeal and why it's safe signs in two cases Scots -- -- and Gary bridges. Now I don't know what you. I would rather see a repeal NY safe side hell I'd rather see a Cuomo for governor side. Then I would -- giant abandoned pile of old -- Help us expand aesthetics. So if you can take a picture of the big pile of tires and send it to me my email address Tom at WB EN dot com. That's Tom at WBE NN dot com and I already have made one request to an individual who's keeping me very well up to date. I know what is going on under bridges situation. And I certainly hope that that we will continue to be able to update you on that. And up folks I don't -- to keep going over old ground here but this is a First Amendment case. The Supreme Court already decided in a similar case. Would you be Julio. Vet this kind of persecution is just not. Acceptable. In the United States. And I expect fully both ministers -- Roca and mr. bridges to -- if there is any justice in this world. These cases need to be dropped. And I got to Tyler if I were mr. bridges are ministers are Roca I would want my legal fees paid for work by the time. Because I don't think the talented is due diligence before issuing summonses. Before riding the coat and issuing summonses. And I'm not sure exactly what you Strauss he's charging as his attorney but. I think that the defendants in the case. Ought to get their money back from the town and I know that means town taxpayers but. You taxpayers in the next election have got to be aware of what you're government officials have done and vote accordingly. Bad decisions have consequences. Always have always will. So wanted to get that in fill out there on the situation involving. Mr. bridges and mr. -- -- So consider yourself updated. By the way thanks also to -- -- Thompson for -- give me a heads up on on that case somebody else. I don't mean to be all over the place here folks but keep in mind. Every day I put about ten different things up on my FaceBook page I'm constantly getting email constantly having FaceBook post added the my to my site for you guys comments on my post. Some some why is guy. Name Paul. Actually he looks like a fine fellow he says if you don't know when you'll die how would you know when you're in mid life. That is a fair question and I think I can offer a logical response. I think that most of us. Are aware of an approximate. Expected lifespan. We could reasonably. Expect. Barring at the un anticipate. -- -- Look if your parents. -- have to go there I don't think I may first of all her life insurance tables if you were born in that 1950. You -- your life expectancy was about 6869. Years if you're born in that 1999. Your life expectancy about 7374. Years and a lot of it is dependent upon whether you're male or female. And then again to I think frankly a lot of your life a lot of your health. And I've mentioned this before I think it is out of your control I think so much of what is gonna happen you health wise is based on you or genetics. And some of us or get the unlucky spin. Of the genetic we deal. And that's just the way it goes and if you spend your time being bitter about it. You're just gonna end up every crabby individual. Believe me I don't think there is one person on this planet. Now I'm not I'm not talking severity here please understand. -- two year old with brain tumors -- Roswell where children's. McLaughlin severity at all. But you'd be hard pressed my friends. To find anybody on this planet. Who has a more statistically. Improbable. Constellation. Of medical. Abnormalities. Then your humble host. Three big ones that I. I would bet you anything I'm the only person on the planet they have three very rare conditions at the same time. Do I blame the planet now genetics. Genetics spin on the way -- It's like the people who say my grandmother smoked for seven years if she lived I mean -- Probably she had some very strong built in an immunity is against cancer. That would be my guess. That again what do I know I'm not. I'm not condone it or supporting. Smoking but look you know when your own family. You know if your family is are susceptible to heart disease you know your family is susceptible to mental illness you know your family is susceptible to. Dental decay. Or cancer. A certain things Ron in place. And the story. And it's just the way it goats. Can't be bitter about it. Plus Cleveland's not really a bad -- just -- and talk Cleveland clinic were about to Minnesota to the Mayo Clinic. Couldn't find some interesting people out that way. Anyway it is up 547 a news radio 930 WB EM show we did. What battle are you fighting with your health you know you or weird illness that was huge that was awesome and you know wireless. Because no matter how sick you think you are no matter how much -- you think you're him. There are a million people on the face of this planet who haven't held a lot worse than you do. So you always have to be circumspect you must always keep these things in perspective. Otherwise you'll find yourself chasing your own intellectual -- And being miserable. Now. I think that we are going to have happy ending soon. Would you like happy -- Now my Asian appearance by Eurasian appearance. Part of that is from my great grandmother of despite the fact that I was always told she was German is. Distinctly Asian looking in the picture I'm sure you've seen once or twice on my FaceBook page and it may very well be her voice in this recording. And we will -- that's coming up on news radio 938. WB EN. And AccuWeather in unfunded Rus Thompson might FaceBook page I -- -- by the -- as you have figured that out yet. AccuWeather mostly cloudy and breezy a little -- especially in the evening the overnight low forty. And tomorrow it'll be cloudy most of the time. Breezy and cooler shower in spots 49 and -- base -- -- clouds fifty through. And we're still. All we went down one degree -- 62. -- news radio 930 WB -- up by the way I wanna do a show on this on the air today but my FaceBook page is getting a big response on the men escaping question. And look. I gotta tell him. And apologetic about it -- Well. It is now. What what is this if you don't know what man escaping is I would offend you if I told. But all I can say is as a man I have certain expectations. Of dates. And I think women have a certain expectation of guys. And what they're interested in. That I try to hold my -- Apologetic. -- having a bit like the godfather at the end of the movie. -- apologize. To the in my life. Are -- -- thank you thank you very much not a bad Brando by the way I'm idea. Now. Ladies and gentlemen. She's -- I've got two questions -- can't get away from my brain I'm sorry when you look at my FaceBook page. Paul got -- hourly BA UERLC. Tom -- -- hourly BE AUERLB. It's the one where you weren't a tuxedo. The longer dude with a goatee. That one you're gonna see pictures. Of there. Now the criminal side. In the town of Hamburg. -- want to look at that and tell me whether that really deserves the attention of the -- But. Those of you who are and I know it's tough to be in this frame of mind has restarted -- they may and we really haven't had. A long stretch of great weather. Those of you were starting to think vacation plans do not miss the next hour every year I get requests for this show. And I'm gonna bring it to you six until seven have a notebook handy or remember to go to -- WB -- audio vault. Because. You always get good ideas on vacations from this and by the way if you ever mr. sandy beach show or -- show you wanna catch up on it. WB EN dot com the audio vault and just one copy out there are times when we do a technical issues and sometimes not every show where not every hour of every show is -- it's not a conspiracy it's not like we're trying to hide anything it's just technical. Happens. The -- us.

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