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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

4-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And the. And he would -- the benefit. Yeah hold to put. An end. For a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's use of Russia. The al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling ask for the foreign policy that wherever. And whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that -- yeah. -- -- Destroy all silent. That was -- -- Tom hourly about it even though this. I think it right back bathing in -- if it's local girl is there. It's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip who lived here. On news radio 930. It always strikes me as being funny. But yeah it's funny is the comments from the lady at the band from my FaceBook great it's fun. It is hourly ten minutes after four -- -- -- thirty WBM. Hey guys what they know I know that we have some situations with traffic so any time we need to update he wants to update. I will -- break at whatever I'm doing to make sure that people get the latest traffic information they need by the way if you're driving home and there is an amazing. Not amazing -- -- well I mean amazing and a bad way traffic situation about which we need to know and you're not hearing just disgusting yet. Make sure you call the WB in traffic and then. Line at 80303218030321. Of those would be that would be the phone number to call. Now all I'm talking about. Your biggest regret in life. -- -- -- What I should look at. Famous words. The thing did you ponder after you've got about four bruise on our. Understanding of the backyard evidence Siegel are. The thing did you ponder when your putter around the garden. The thing you should ponder when you're practicing your TT. Your -- We're tee off whatever the case may be ladies sure exactly when you ponder things. I always imagine you secretly scheming behind our backs but that's just me. The biggest regrets. Anybody regret having kids. Anybody regret not having gets. Anybody regret not having a larger family a smaller family. Anybody regret not buying that awesome car. That you're should ahead at one point in your life. You know I really feel badly for people who their entire lives like let's they wanted to Cadillac. And there they are there seven years old and they were never able to get the Cadillac. Now folks it's a thing it's an object it's an item it trusts. -- all cars to. And there's the biblical stuff about treasures on getting rusty and dusty musty and falling apart and that's true. But in this world bill collectors generally -- except that as an excuse for not paying generally. -- 030930. Start 930 here's Georgia in buffalo on WB in Georgia. As you look back on things what would you have done differently. I wouldn't I would hope welcome surprise to sympathize first the lake is calm like that on. That I just had to call and say I ambled up always wanted to go to college but my husband died I started college at 52. I've been to Europe seven different trend which has never expect -- well and just taking like this sense -- me. You make the best of the situation and I say I. A lot of that upset when I hear people say oh I can't do what you can do what if you make up your mind -- -- -- so to say it again say that again. If you make up your mind -- something you'll be able to do it. But there is okay but but you know what as much as I wanna believe that as much as the optimist -- sides inside of me says George is -- something. There's no way I ever could have been HL player when 99.9. 999%. Of the hockey players out there could ever make DNA -- Well maybe you could and water byte for all we know. But does not to -- all the that he hit to the NHL. Piece of -- Bihac. Well let -- and I within considerations but I mean I never expected to go to Europe and never expected to go to college to start college in doubt throw it. Done and -- -- -- things and I enjoyed my I have a son that's the states. He played guitar and like he did it in a band when he that the teenager. I'm await some mud throughout the year he is back now playing guitar. Well there where there is no other way. Did he I don't you just talked to him but did he pick up pretty much were left off or that he just. -- was it because if -- player. My experiences when you pick it up after so many years not playing it. A lot of stuff will come back -- very easily a lot of the beginning -- do you just know. -- that in the history of backing them up that had an electric car and of course. Here it was sold at the end of that -- and another one now and Vienna. Friend. Also played together and they play but -- in music that I wanna put my fingers in my ears but they're they're having fun doing it that's what's important. All right well you got a chance to is there any thing looking back. I know that I'm gonna hammer this question -- one more time. Is there absolutely nothing Georgia that you would not have done differently. No because I took advantage of opportunities. And I went through with some. And that's what part of that if I I didn't give my life except that I couldn't change. And I think that's very important. The travel thing is huge how many people do you know in your circle of friends Georgia who'll say all I wish I would -- -- Italy when I was younger I wish I would have gone to Poland well excuse me what's keeping -- now. Well it probably language. Lie ironically enough -- technique and had been determined that worked out there you know I -- dictionary and you can get by and pantomime works beautifully. Yeah yeah and I I've hit that fun. Traveling in Europe not necessarily on. -- tried by others it was. -- on our own and I really enjoyed it you know they'd let people in the country. And found that everybody. Everybody is -- likely -- your time me and and you got I adapted their way of living not -- you -- Oakland. And I still like these people unfortunately -- I do not speak German. I don't along beautifully. -- -- -- 99% of the Germans speak German better than 99% of -- -- speak English better than 99% of Americans so it's not really an issue the last in the language barrier. Good balance hair out literacy volunteers and I got to meet its. It's people that way. Yeah but I got through the language barrier no longer exist you'll find -- and especially in places that cater to the tourist industry. There will always be somebody who speaks English and probably better than most of the students in the United States. I was in Turkey Turkey of all places and our tour guide spoke flawless English thank you very much. -- it was like a 110 degrees. Isn't -- amazing that -- that is something like that people people locked themselves into what they think they should do instead of all I think I'll try it. Well people make their own prisons I think that's a great point -- and -- get along famously. -- I'm glad I -- your very first call. -- most. -- georgians now you can say. You use it when you're on your death that many many many years and I you can say you know what at least I had a chance to talk to buy hourly so in that sense Milo it was a success. Something that's something again but I never thought I would do but I'm glad I didn't -- it's fun. Well alleged killers -- great call thank you very very much and I'm glad you mentioned travel because they got news for you folks and I'm not telling tales out of school here. I hit my dad. He retired early. And it was the death of him I'm telling you know my father declined rapidly after his retirement he was always gonna travel. All holder this will be that will do this well I think the farthest ever went after his retirement was late shoot -- one. May be -- -- ones that's about it. My mom. That god bless their prime problem with the England which users sixties. Just went to Italy a short time ago if she'd be going to Israel. If the church she goes to bed and schedule that for the middle of July in Israel. And as much as I like heat pumps are pretty 8586. Degree average. Is what -- wanna -- Israel and the holy land. Don't know that I would do that. Let's get them back to the calls on ought to ul policy is are you kidding me I'd love to see Israel I'd let this Egypt. -- thing is I think that they should give all able bodied men who worked tourists in Egypt. I think we should all be issued our own AK forty sevens. Okay so if the terrorist attack us at least we can fight back. That's all I want I just wanna -- the fight back by die I -- See that's a nice thing to by giving a little older. Is your fear I don't know I found that might might mortal fear doesn't really exist anymore -- presence there. Now death is not something of which I have any fears at all I'm not something I'm gonna go on -- now but you know it will come -- it broke up. The cowards die many times before their death the -- by that wants. Somebody said that once. It wasn't Ralph Wilson piers in buffalo WB -- hot. Trillion oh for the -- -- about -- he mentioned the guitar or another caller about the sanctions. -- speak a lot of times it's a midlife crisis thing bill okay oh yeah because. I thought I want my midlife crisis to elaborate. -- well it's not a dictator before they you're in the ballpark of fifteen or something like that. I am fifty years old -- Okay great. So. This in the quite like eat you don't -- double -- -- ever wanted to play when you're younger you're -- -- cool and everything. And thank you get to a point later. Where you're trying to recapture. Beautiful moments in that you love. You know you're trying to. It's it's says it's a bit like crisis. Oh Joseph I talk to you because part of me feels consultant. To be honest with -- but part of it also wants to have a discussion with you about this because see the thing is I kind of live like a rock star but I don't play anything. So -- we would you be so kindest hold until after Traficant and and show we engage in some further discourse my friend. Error all right excellent. Midlife crisis maybe there's a great show right there that I think we need to add in but first let's go to -- Harris to see if you're having getting hold crisis -- All right it's a 63 degrees right now the overnight low tonight forty were gonna get some rain tomorrow. I gotta tell you something gang it would reported tomorrow for all week and I'm not going to be able to get some guard. She's made -- guardian and Libya. -- excuse me I'm sorry that's -- cloudy most of the time tomorrow. You can have always know so not rude right. Cloudy most of the time breezy cooler a shower in spots tomorrow 49 degrees really are you serious it's almost may freaking first. I am not please 63 degrees at WB -- are gonna get back to jolt in the buffalo. On WB yen and Joseph. Now that the midlife crisis show now that. -- is almost a different Schobel weak hand connected to this one I have to ask you. Have you bid in the through you or mid life crisis. Willow. -- I'm 61. Verse sixteen years they've played in Western New York with some and in after daughter. Stage one. Well -- today they might be a little bit you're angry 0230. Okay so. Is it was very popular time in my life. OK and then right straight away from it and I went out at the I went and customs. The W -- and -- from one of the were cheers while forty by owner just for the kit itself without her -- -- and such and I do enjoy doing now. And reflect Annika and the memories and it's like it did and it is really. If it was really such a good one. And it I want to. Heated sane person again and actually meet in a better musician now an analyst. Joey you know what's funny is I don't wanna be the person I was in my thirty's I don't wanna be the person I was in my early forties. I went through my midlife crisis like it about 45. And I emerged from that generally a much better person. Will -- there worked out freeze some very happy. And I mean as far as like you know that the rock star elements I I play guitar now because I think I'm going to be in a band. But just it's it's a hobby it's just something I enjoy doing you know why I just one -- I guess I just wanna see if I can do stuff I couldn't do before and I'm. I'm actually proving to myself like plan which is awkward. Well I think you're on the right we're now because of which was torture doing because you're like they AM. Howard Stern's. -- the radio broadcasting business. Well except I don't use all the words I'd like to use and frankly by arsenal is filled with words I can't use. Well then you got to stick station a year our girls need to go onto -- -- -- I guess what. Nonetheless. -- straight and it worked out for you man manner but you know. I just wanted to pull it. Okay just looking back looking back out on you. Do you have any -- mean if you could live your life all over again anything you would significantly change. Yes I would stop with the music. And I studied with very well treatments. Drummer in Oslo will Marino it's it's and now you're familiar with them. In. There was a lot of that a lot of promises me and -- they might you know I guess it other things in a goal and a life so. You know I got out of it and you know maybe in the future you know what did -- -- into it but. It older people than myself they were very good musicians in. Actually it grants for music school they would actually teaching career. You -- Childers. Sure. In Indy it told me. What I had purchased this -- It's just by. Well the dollar drum kit in bowling really -- out grabbing yourself about -- again. It was electoral crisis so it's kinda just you know when -- when he came up you know on your show like reflected back and it. Well that and that's exactly that is exactly what we're talking about I'm glad you well I'm glad to call them and that's what music folks they're really that's what. If you let your life to live all over again what would you have done differently that is my question 8030930. In fact content aria before it begins and it -- -- who -- Democrats who have -- just well the show. And right now. Hezbollah and its trying to publish a -- You can't there was no ordinary time. -- -- -- it pulls away. He's written by the guys from -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other one place I have absolutely no desire to go friend of mine went there with his family is talking about going up the river in Thailand. I was gonna go. I was gonna go there but I it's no no I can't go there I can't go there there's a there's a problems in Thailand which is very much like an American swear word and the joke is just obvious. Actually it's pronounced who kept. Those who don't know but. As I was saying a friend of mine just got back from Thailand. Man. He was in a boat they were going -- forever. And they were in the jungles of Thailand. And right in the river where people paid and from which people. Fish. You see the raw sewage. Shall we say dropping down. I'm so glad. Back in the USA. Now -- no desire to go to Thailand is you've got guys if you. An honest in my audience because that is a regret people have I wish I would have traveled. You can't go wrong with London. You can't go wrong with England. Germany I hear is outstanding I what's really bizarre I don't really have too much of -- desire to go to Germany even though I'm reasonably. I'm not claiming complete -- -- the end of the year in Germany to be completely fluent in German but at this point. I know enough to translate in most situations that have risen. On other vacations. Stuff all the details yet on that one. All right you know three or 930 start right there at the end 180616. WB the end. The summer of -- and Cleveland yeah. All right let's go to -- all all my life crisis. Throw midlife crisis that has the good part of the issue of life crisis if you think about it. A midlife crisis -- were you assess where you are where you've been verses were you wanna pretty. And I went through and probably a 4546. Years old I did show about it. And actually -- suggested to me at one point you said you know Tom is a possibility that somebody could have more than one midlife crisis. I would say that I suppose there it is but mine was -- It was so profound it was so depressing I would never wanna go back there again. But but I will tell you if you're in your midlife crisis right now if you learn the lessons from your midlife crisis you should emerge from it a better person. I think I did it. I also emerged from it. A lot less concerned about what people felt. -- felt about me in terms of the critics. However we soaked up the -- that's always been great. But as far as the people who are billion us and who seemed to spend their entire lives trying to tear the people now they just don't. They just don't bother me that they just don't. It's like in one ear out the other water up the ducks back and some of you may be aware that up pretty pretty badly savaged. No pun intended. Over the course of the past few months. And a weaker man would have -- Me L I thrive on that strong stuff. And I've told you my inspirations right. Wrote real quickly you've got a -- calls her up while -- but. Doctor Martin Luther carrying. Huge. Inspiration I -- more but I can possibly tell you. Because of his dignity under fire his intellect and his spirituality. All those things together I always like to say just like anybody else was he perfect no he had a thing for women. If they for a lot of women. He was a full Lander he's not us he wasn't a saint. Coretta Scott she put up put it. Dr. Martin Luther King was a great man not a perfect. Dennis Toledo. I he is a hero to me because I know what he went through. I know what he went through in order to achieve justice for. Ethnic Posey and Lindy Jackie went through hell. And I can click of a few other people in my life and you've heard of them to know who have been very very inspirational along the way. I'm sorry I I don't wanna get emotional today because this I wanna have some fun today -- really do but if you wanna talk midlife crisis and what it did for you or how nurture. I'm all ears because I've been there I've done that and I think I don't think I'm going back year. And they'd be regressing to my team is but other net. Here's Leon WBM. Tony. Really what's up. It was a time. -- that start really quickly because I like. Is not usual pressure from everyday so not threatening -- about the notion that our. Published story especially. But -- out -- an -- out there and start. Basically. All my parents. -- from Texas sent out our great. Taxes and Elin article text you a salute to. -- -- -- -- -- -- An article it is nice young black girl. Beautiful girl and a relationship directory they're warriors. And stupidly Antarctic college. Actually. Broke up -- that are. And you know that this city is -- most of them. No kidding you you dated Jessica Simpson and -- dumped Jessica Simpson she was born in 1980. How old -- she's 33 how old are you. 36. You -- did you break her heart. It a little bit because actually. I know no one knows it's and it's hard to explain upper states but actually got a partner. And C and. And we're going somewhere that I don't wanna -- -- settlement business. Now. I -- you know what -- -- -- -- put that. If he's going there I got to get a discount the story I'm sorry. I get a discount that story. I wasn't gonna ask. I have some decor and show. Not much but some. Let's go to use it in the defaults on WB Ian hi. All. I want stated Steve by the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well up fourteen years ago I was playing in a band with with some guys and we lost our drummer of my son was always very talented -- a month. Classical -- and she was -- results and was always loved music but he goes attitude toward -- it was. Quite talented so you can't and so and for a send -- -- leader like so much that made -- a regular. But he was playing with some sort of that is in his high school agent he -- wanted to stay there I advised them since. You know silence and you know what you wanted to establish you know -- probably have a lot more problems you under the music it's just stick with us but. He wanted to be with a friend you know you -- -- -- advise him to stay with us she started playing with the president. Is -- went on to become law moderately successful his music career took -- and he's still what is the end of the -- the world and what now you also get hired by. -- big name artists city's smoke played pretty much everywhere on all the -- action also had a blue since encrypted voice at probably would've gone that -- So when he's just Davies a studio musician. You're -- studio working he also. It's hired by other out musicians he's been downloaded many such Palin on the worst -- I was. He had two Libyan -- right now and they started their so. Is music to it took off because he pretty much did not -- might what. Wow well you know what he knew what was it his heart. And he he followed the dream and I guess the question is always in the music industry. That did he have sustainability. And is he making enough money to have more than a studio apartment in you know the the one hundreds in New York City. Well he's -- he's living -- -- -- he's there he's living off music it's Easter and the with a because when you've got twelve with. With young artist said that -- and he doesn't make it decent spot in her wonder whenever there's a -- easily and has bought it himself what you know he's. He put the trees still twelve in the world and you know he gets an opportunity that he takes full advantage of and that is making money. We don't I'm sure you know this better than -- but it buffalo we actually are holes to a guy who did much the same thing a very television guitar player who went out to California became very sought after by groups like the beach boys and too many others to mention his name is on -- investor. Tom he's no longer whether -- but he was part of that group of studio musicians known as the wrecking crew. And it sounds like your body is almost like today's equivalent of the drummers in the wrecking crew. Does that ring any bells within. It's actually not that they're not you know like it's I'm just glad my son didn't take my advice because like -- it is music career to take off. And -- he still making a living I would be so successful. All right so this is your your son that's that's outstanding. Well how old is -- well. Yeah. All right I'm I'm glad you called thank you thank you very much. It's I'm trying to think you're about advice. That my parents gave me and I think -- basically learn through assimilation and osmosis -- I wanted a job that I didn't hate. I did not -- be a guy who came hole every night and bitch and moan about his job. The people for whom he worked what are you had a dual. You know I wanted the comfortable and feel real good about whatever was I and the up -- And I I have to tell you that with very few exceptions. I mean we're talking it over the length of my career so far I can't think of whole Lotta times of trouble instead. -- -- Well I it's when I was supposed to do it. How about you what regrets do you have it -- you're just joining us I think overall. My single biggest regret if I had the -- that way would be. That I did not go to law school. But. When I was accepted to law school. I was accepted at the same time as a -- radio job offer in Florida that was paying more money than what started lawyers were making. So I was really a quandary. So why did what any red blooded American boy would do I would for the money. Now as it turned out it turned out. But. I often wonder. If I'd be better what I do. Or maybe -- what I do and I go on to law school. And it's not like TV. Every Joseph could you see me working on a out of trust all day living will. No way in hell criminal law turns via personal injury law that turns via. And and just the idea about hourly in the days ago attorney at laws I'm sorry there's some funny there's some funny material there. The head of the office that noticeable every there. So Ariel I can't help myself sometimes it's done in good fun and with respect him. 8030930. Start I've been pretty fair and what they've done. I'm public about the possibilities here that would be kind of fun. They don't 30930 start at 3180616. WB and so I'd bet my only in biggest regret is that I didn't go to law school. Actually wanted to go to law school and earned a Ph.D. at the same time. I used to think I wanted to work -- a network. I wouldn't go to a network now. No not when I syndicate of -- myself. I work everybody else. Candidate they were -- and you make sure you give us all on the WB and traffic hotline 8030321. We always appreciate that AccuWeather cloudy and breezy tonight a little rain especially in the evening like where all the time we get out of your guys are gonna get all wet. The temperature will be 44. Tomorrow little cloudy don't look at me like that cloudy most of the time breezy and cooler shower in spots. 49 hi Joseph I hate you. I Sunday's sun and some clouds in 52. Right now it's 63 at news radio 930 WB EM I'll say this much about the -- gang how many of you woke up. And you stepped outside this morning -- pleased about eighty times to raise my hand I did. I had two doctors appointments ahead I had to get to before -- came into work today and the first one no not the allergist I don't do that anymore but all my gosh. Seriously. I step outside it was it instantaneous. Like it was Arab multiple sneezes. I couldn't do that again if I tried. I don't know how badly the pollen is affecting you were even close to peaking yet do you realize lack. Now the good news is hopefully. Your -- his immediate response. Hopefully as we are gradually exposed to the allergens your body and my body will fight off the sneezing and all the other allergic symptoms. You know -- walloped with the peak right away you know hopefully will build up to Axl won't be as bad as I think it's going to be -- Holy cow -- of the user. But today. Back you know what the young lady at the doctor's office come to think of it. She looked like she was struggling today about 9:30 in the morning I set this is not my business but. Do you have allergies and did you sneeze a lot today she looked at is that how did you know. It's like I can tell because I did the same thing I can see it in your eyes yes thank you. So up for those of you with a sensitivity to tree pollen by my sympathies are far worse things. The one get in do work at plus apps are just these feels good. Anybody out there who actually likes this these. Mind. It's almost cathartic. Is not. Don't go there don't know I'm not going our. But anyway again it's your -- hourly on a Friday. And bed this week you guys did not want serious we did one serious show that was mind blowing. And men and not a good way and then the other ones I try edges that you guys you guys just wanted. Other human interest up this week that's fine. That's fine I think you're my audience I wanna be I wanna be what you want I wanna offer what you want during any given week or -- audience. I'm willing to pay and make it worth your while I don't know. Really willing to you but. A couple of things number one looking back on your life. Would you have done anything differently if so. I told your mind pretty basic. And it. Let's get -- midlife crisis because there is a nexus I think between the two questions do you believe in midlife crises I'd. -- -- -- Not the first time on WB.

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