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4-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the he would rate -- I think. If you go to the hole looked up more than ten. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- I protest it was a because the guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put. -- -- People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. -- -- white women that good news radio. My goodness. -- -- No I'm glad that you didn't have been on my FaceBook page the last five minutes is this -- Only -- is ragged on me about. Nine men escaping question like sprint car. Why do you. My cage first of all you have to worry about the ever asking out okay really. I mean we're talking desert island if you and I were on a desert island. Our as long as my arms were working at. You don't have a chance worry about it it doesn't concern you. So I have center into the land of the bandit from the FaceBook page useless. I mean what I put -- all public controversy we bring up. And she decides that the day she's gonna PMS all over my may have gaping question she got an issue. So I sent her packing up Bob I don't let the order to on the way out. But thank you for the adrenaline Burris before one on the year there's I haven't dated debt thank you thank you very much. Joseph it is rather presumptuous some are gonna tell you who lives but. You know my -- Right you know -- and there's not really a tight tight but it's just decent women who are always very. Perhaps a little bit on the wild side who are highly intelligent and preferably wealthy I mean that's that's my cell. I don't think she's got anything to worry about so really it doesn't concern you my dear really gogel playing with the -- them boards or something because I'm just not interest. Anyway we have many things to get into today there's a -- and the George Carlin uses but I can't user on the radio station. But. But every all -- long it's not that she insulted me this operation doesn't like me I couldn't care less. But what motivated her on the question today of all days to go to my FaceBook page and put the PMS all over the place -- So a lot of bub -- -- let's just make sure she's gone and gone for good. I wonder if this could be like may be an acts. You're using like a different pictures circling. But. You won't see her -- then. Now she's like got to make sure she's all gone. Gotta make sure she's all gone wide do you get to speak on the radio. Out of -- we are probably because they pay me money to do it and to aggravate you. They'll probably be -- Anyway. She still. She's still where she's -- That's still there. Shouldn't really. I try to get her she should not be able FaceBook page on the man's gaping question. She's doing a great package he's gone now OK -- aren't good. They just wanted to be identified I -- maybe she's just having a bad day. I don't know really. -- not -- this -- if John Sherman. And me and her on the same desert island Sherman -- you'd be looking better and better every day that's all I got to say yeah you better believe it may -- anyway. I don't know what. It's about hourly and is ready at 930 WB Ian my mom likes me anyway we have a lot of things -- on the program. Absolutely not ever serious because you guys are not a serious -- this week after that out yesterday. There's like a big quick on the optic that's a police say there's nothing like realizing at 5 o'clock on Thursday. That you are at a serious mood which it once the show this week it was. Very compelling but it was compelling and released -- way. And I don't feel like going down that road heading into the weekend because you know heading into the weekend we should be lifted like that by those comments a game that. Adrenaline burst. Anyway. Are here it is if you let your life to live. All over again. What would you have done differently. Now this might sound. Like a dumb question. Everybody has regrets. Everybody out of -- who you are -- Barack Obama has regrets. Well some of them might involve limos in Chicago I don't know. But I'm sure that Barack Obama has regrets I'm sure Michelle Obama has regrets. It's just like -- released theory. Everybody has spent in security. Folks I've told you this again and again and again and eventually somebody will see the light. And guys pay special attention and ladies pay special attention as well. I don't care how hot. The firefighter is in the haul down the street in the firehouse down the street for you I don't care about a six -- tabs his six foot two height or the fact that he can go to Hollywood and be a movie star. Deep inside of him he's got some insecurity. He's got something about which is not happy sad thing goes for women. Every beautiful woman I've ever been -- has had at least some. World war on the insecurity. There is nobody who -- 100%. Happy with themselves I don't care who you are what you do for a living how much you make what you drive where you live. Or whatever can we establish that OK it. Now. This is actually proven to be a fine question. And I'm FaceBook if you had it to do all over again what would you have done or not done differently. -- start off by equip -- kidding -- I'd do that all right I really quick it. Because out very recently a kind of realized that I needed. I have a hobby -- going -- we're just sitting by our first down and going on the Internet and watching old videos. News videos did you really -- -- -- Lowell Thomas remembers. Yeah. I was fourteen years old taping all the shows and -- seventy well Thomas remembers 1950. Well it'll tell -- a lot of history honestly. But. I recently have really taken up the guitar. Much I'm sure to my neighbors harbor although I do try to keep the volume very very down. Because frankly if they -- be embarrassed at this point if anybody heard it like it myself. Now I'm sad that I put it down and I regret putting it down and I wished I hadn't put it down for so long because now thirty years later. I think I'd be really really good. Bottles of my brother not as good as the guys -- hit rather than strangers or groups like that. But I would at least feel comfortable. In front of people. I hate. Regret putting it down because the time that I would have spent picking up was spent doing other things that were shall we say more review -- And more shall we say educational. You know there was college to get through there was a job to do there was work to be done so that's kind of they split all the little things. As far as things I wish I had done it differently that would be one of the but it depends on what day of the week asked. If asked at a Friday I wish that I stayed play in the guitar if you ask me in a Monday I'm glad that I didn't. But I'm sure that you got things in your life that you wish you had done or not done -- gadget life to live all over a game. What would you have done differently what would you do differently would you stay in school. Would you go off on the longer in school would you got a master's degree would you go to medical school all. How about those of you went to medical school your doctors and you regret that -- the grass always looks greener on the other side of the that's the only thing. If you wanna talk education the only thing that I regret. And it really didn't have a choice. The only thing I regret is not going to law school because I was accepted at both places to which I applied. But I did not go and the reason I did not go is because this line of work. Back men believe it or not actually. Had a more promising future in the immediate in the here and now in terms of salary. Then did the law. Do I regret it sometimes yeah I do what I wanna be a lawyer I don't know. I I can't see myself. Do we wheels all day I can't see myself setting up -- estates and trusts all day I can't see that I think criminal law would be cool now that it's up and I'd like to do. Criminal law. I'd like to be a honest to god I'd like to be Defense Secretary. But only after first earning millions as a personal injury attorneys and only after first getting 562000. Dollars out of the Buffalo Bills percent he too many text messages. The guy who brought the suit gets five grand the lawyers got 562000. Dollars that's my idea of a great line of work talk about a racquet. So as far as my regret I guess I do regret not going to law school. Even if I wasn't a lawyer it would have come in very handy -- making a lot of topics that we do but then again you know what. For as many legal opinions as there are. You can use the law ought to debate one way or the other so it's really not a prerequisite. To being a talk show host. But I think it would have all at all I think -- have been better had I gone to law school. But it would have entailed a sacrifice along the way remember this guys for every thing you do there's something that you can't do. For every type -- out our do you spend doing acts there is why -- not able to -- And at that point in my life. When I was in my twenties I was more concerned with that making money and advancing my radio career but I was taken a chance -- three years in law school. And you know who knows what would happen. You know maybe it would be hourly and Barnes. That again may yet be liked I'll leave that anchor now that would be an interesting offer right now do you got him. We tell each other. With with kindness of course that's where I was going with bet you know three on -- thirty is via phone number anybody regret buying a boat. Is that something you would have done differently. Anybody regret not traveling when you were younger I'm thinking about the regrets people come up with. And oftentimes people don't think about these things until it's too light. Like under death bet. Nobody ever has said other death bed you know what I really wish I'd spent more time in my cubicle at work. I really wish to give that project for eight ceramics. I hope there isn't a ceramics. I really wish -- -- that project more my time I really wish I'd spent less time with my kids all the maybe perhaps not but there is some people think I don't know. All right. Look at your life. What would you have done differently or not done. I think it's an awesome question. Because it forces you to think. My biggest regret is education. But then again. Rush Limbaugh ought to -- and have a bachelor's degree. Don't seem to hurt at all he's -- what a day at college somewhat. Does have an idea of the great I don't I don't call he might have a bachelor's degree I don't know. And -- or she's got her -- JD right she's a -- There are people who have advanced education in this field and there are people who don't their people who were just good natural oils. Some people went to radio school said he did what the radio school. I don't think he has to go to radio school at that he was a natural. Seriously. You know three all right thirty is the phone number. Know the lady on FaceBook. Joseph. But the lady on FaceBook she needs to go to. Like an attitude adjustment school or something seriously. But that's just not you know what I'm sorry but that's just a little bit. I'm putting my head that I'm putting my little my my index finger to my temple and and putting -- in the circle. Of all things to get upset about she gets to go to the man's gaping question I'm guessing that somebody of her life made a complaint. Pessimist for is that you go. Here's mark on that WB and mark welcomed Michelle what would you have done differently. They played or I have ever. Yeah -- They're probably a couple things but yeah like you know the education would've been something that actually would Obama. I definitely regret but -- umbilical K you know we're a little extra demand and we put. But -- and -- -- -- whatever it is you do for a living did you need the extra education I didn't that I'm a perfectionist I wanna be the ultimate I want to be the ultimate I want to be the best. No I really didn't need it no not at all. But think about it let's put this where there's education and there's a trade. But look at it if you if you're good with electronics if you're gonna be a good electrician I've never know report electrician I've never -- report plumber in my life. You're right you're right but I got a thing I got a question I got something that's you talked about guitar net that's great you really keep opponents -- -- are you put because. A look at one dollar fifty -- -- all I'm now 56. I decided tonight that says Billy I wanna ever wanted to play a musical instrument it would be -- Sloan and 52 years though it started taking lessons and I'm still don't know I'm having so much on and on love and it and I wish I would -- that your article because like you say I could have been really good -- -- -- about playing -- albino but. You couldn't get. One of the hit -- Warren's. We don't know what next -- I hope to retire and I hope to be an band which has -- or something or anything out to play a brother musicians and and that's one of my other regrets -- was so that -- not -- anybody out there don't you say you're gonna do it just do you know I'll do it. We don't know as a teenager I always thought that it was a lot more fun playing with other guys and I always felt I played get a better when I was playing with other guys instead of just being by myself. 'cause it almost like forced him to rise to a level that you didn't know you could reach because you didn't want -- solid snuck. Absolutely right because bright future so you know all the time is market -- believe once you start playing what other musicians you're going to be taking it to the next level of -- -- realize that it's just gonna happen. Actually the guy who played drums and I will not name him because he's a private citizen he's actually a big shot with the buffalo PD swat believe it or not. -- -- was that he was the drummer and there was one other guitar player and that we at bass player. And I don't know that any of them went on to a musical career but that I know we kind of fun. He had and -- -- about went -- and it's just something called the bill and something else alert put your mind -- your mind but here. You're psyche sort of you know let's just guidelines. -- LO left heavier than mine -- but I. I wish you -- can be -- -- -- motivational speaker that's what I outlook and they can hear from people all the time. Boy I was saying it would Atlanta public event you know he's just felt just -- to -- do so bill. You wait for now -- Great way to start off -- or -- you wish you had taken up saxophone before the age of 52 what a great way to start this great show like authorities here. Up thank you very much all right looking back on your life what should you have done and what should do not have done what do you regret. Doing what you are -- elect. The guitar thing is 5050 for me. All right the education thing I have to admit I do wish it would go on and I'd gotten AGB but I don't need it I didn't need it. But it's kind of an ego that help thank you for court along with the program -- it's not really appreciate that thank you as actually gonna give you some information -- I've ever today. It's at 333 actually -- all -- said the same Mike cobol. From whom I grew -- across the street his name actually came up. In a very famous case back in the 1980s in Florida with a Western New York connection. In Florida there was a serial killer named Christopher wilder. And he was the only suspect in the kidnapping and murder. A believer name was Elizabeth canyon from locked -- They never found Elizabeth's body Christopher wilder eventually was in a cross country chase with the cops ended in New Hampshire with wilder killing himself. Michael mobile actually worked. Not note please look at the idea he was connected in any way shape or form to the bad stuff. But apparently he was connected with the -- connected he worked it in the landscaping field. With that this -- guy at one point during his career. In Florida and I bring that up because believe it or not at one point when wilder was on the loose if if this Hussein guy that click up we actually have the FBI -- -- straight I didn't even know. The FBI was was thinking that this -- guy but actually -- -- is is a guy that he knew in buffalo to call them friends would be a misnomer. But. I thought that was an interest in little bit of trivia if it's the Michael -- I'm thinking oven -- a -- -- Scott I think a story about Mike I was running late for school. Ben Franklin junior high school true story. -- I had to be there 815 it was 805 there was no way I was going to be able walk. In ten minutes to school. He gave me a lift got there 814. Says he saved my bacon for me tardiness I was not not one that. You would you like it's in music they're former George elected to the mechanics of it. Do you mind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that's the. Has donated. They're really small -- that's all cute that I gotta be the same Michael. Probably the same -- Nice people on the very nice people across the street neighbors. -- that went way back what. I'm looking at the images right now I can't tell whether that would be the plane. I mean it could -- But I'm not the expert at the deciphering satellite pictures. So I don't know but Mike's a Smart guy. In fact Mike Mike is one of those like genius guys are really do have always thought that. So nice -- stop -- if this debate the missing Malaysian airline it would surprise me at Mike would be the guy that would find it seriously. If it's the same guy of all I'm thinking and I believe it it's. Anyway. It is at 336. Albany how could there be this world right. 80330. Is the phone number if you have to do all over again if you had a that you all over again. What would you done differently. What would you would you have done the -- Because the Italian -- I don't have a whole lot of regrets. Now a lot of regrets. I'm pretty happy with -- most of my decisions and what I know that might sound wacky to some people. Which -- itself as a regret but. I'm pretty pleased. Couple minor things I wish I had adjusted. But all at all. When you look back at your life and you say well you know what maybe I should go to law school and maybe -- shouldn't put down the guitar if that's the best you can -- I think you've done OK. Let's go to show on these numbers next up on that WB EM hello. -- well I'm doing fine it's good to have somebody would like to engage -- conversation with me I'm glad you called them thank you. There. Program. Where things. Or their earlier. I wish I would win and don't regret it. Do you really think. You know I think it would opened a lot of doors for me you know -- Let's say you're more specific trade analyst traditions so. -- do something a little bit differently or that need for night school you know. Serve my country I have a lot of people around me because. A lot of them have served their country don't groups use. A lot of ideas. Wasn't able to ever do it. You could you'd never -- not even after -- high schooler or or well after you got out of high school you were never able to serve. Oh. Well but you did other things are let's put it this way you made money that paid taxes which helped the guys who served. It. That's that's like I did not serve I don't it sometimes account -- credit let I know that I -- about a lousy soldier. Well I I just I know that I would have been a terrible soldier. Most -- what I presented the idea to use use. All those sort of but anyways. That was -- -- -- idea I don't know yeah kind of talked me out of it except you know they called you know isolate you. In when I was on our board is about six foot Bible -- so. It is that was excellent doubles you serve. I I would never actually knew my dad's real father but. My grandfather -- -- consider -- my grandfather was actually my pit stop there he also served in the wounded on Okinawa. So you know -- of Prague -- -- Italy especially around. I thought was your word that sentence because it seemed to have stopped suddenly. Now I have a lot of I don't know it's just certain things are a little bit of this question don't really work. Just weren't. Or witness. I won't let -- with Stewart center but. Well you know what -- I think that it is if you've gone through your life and your biggest regret is that you did not join the armed forces. I I think that you. You've you've had a pretty good -- I don't guys or. I don't guys and ladies who tell me it's the best thing they ever did idol guys and ladies who say they wished they had never talked to were to be recruiter. I gotta be honest with you. My father hated the -- Couldn't standard that is two years in Korea -- went. Like you know why -- -- he's he's stubborn like iron. Yeah I thought it was very -- actually lost some. That in December it was very unexpected he wasn't -- it all he called me 1 morning. He a wolf besides it's not an expert or some like that -- want to optional as I was now working at the time. From the find out you know hostile manager whoever came in there waiting -- certain age you come back here down here real nervous and all of a sudden. Early yet and eradicate terrorism. -- -- Well I'm I'm sorry to hear that. I had I. It can't who had and -- what those very conditions and the poor thing I mean if she only made it to -- the are -- just goes to show -- the sometimes. For what it's like the luck of the draw where the on luck of the draw. You know sometimes that people. Get bit unlucky spin and I'm sorry that happened -- dead in December on the holidays of all time my sympathies my deepest sympathies. Yeah actually. He was -- guys you know lawyers said he was very conservative. He. Old and I think 100 term and it just so happens he bought all of our Christmas -- Forward. Just two days before he as steep as on December and so Christmas morning my brother opened up an Xbox or on my sister opened up. Brand new big kitchen aid mixer I opened up a brand new. Laptop with a brand new printers. He law of the Christmas. You really instilled in all of us you know guys are true reform. You know my brother didn't take too it's so much in say the Democrat a liberal but. All I'm sorry. I have a few of those in my family to -- I know the pain I feel the Bronx. Remember -- one thing though you select your friends in life you do not choose your family. Could've been worse you can have been born a Kennedy. Charlie -- thanks very much. But eventually got to -- a little more about that came out actually funnier than I thought it would better -- my conversation or attempted conversation we're pocket. It's 343 a news radio 930 WB EN let's go to out. A -- favor would you just poll. The dude and just make sure that we're talking about the same guy who's gonna bother -- all show and I'd like to talk to if it is the guy. In -- Wanda that I dropper you know what street north Calvin court. Did you get that. Okay if if that's the guy that's the guy with whom I'd like to speak on here. Albany on -- WB EN hello Randy. I can list cannot slow operation and had absolutely no regrets no changes. And the reason -- -- -- is because at this point in the fifty plus our -- we are. The wisdom the life experiences. With that. That's where we are because we reflected with the knowledge we have currently but we would never. Involved. -- who hadn't gone to goes pumps throughout our lifetime. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you did you at a hookah bar before you called it another document says this morning -- buffalo early. A little bit too profound for me before like the sun goes down. I I think I understand what you're saying but in all your life you can't look back and say gosh. I wish I would have -- so and so I felt. I wish I it would have been in -- relationship with somebody no no regrets at all. And it would -- changed the outcome which -- earned media like experience that I have I have. Been fortunate to have and that wisdom and for me at this point in time to reflect -- in the current knowledge and wisdom. Because they make adjustments here or there. I think we have changed and it could have gone to radically differently for example I wanted to pursue my. PL playing career as a child which my mind and need to do. You know I'm able -- Women to be a musician and am item met another lady MI they got married and had different children as it turned out -- -- I wanna -- a wonderful wife wonderful. Family and it's all because these steps that needle goes -- belly throughout life. Those those life experiences gained it was and so the reflection. Of what I currently no. It doesn't just the prime he's saying I'd change anything because there wouldn't be your Randolph. If anything changed. I I definitely understand what you're saying and basically what you're getting to is the old time travelers question if you went back in time has stepped on a blade of grass would it change history. -- very good analogy. Very good let's. Overused question and one that if you spent too much time thinking about it you're just gonna drive yourself nuts and don't think about it it's like trying to -- it's like trying to -- the end of the universe you know a bit where where's the end of the universe and if there is what's there you know I think. I think what's at the end of the universe you know Bed, Bath & Beyond the beyond part is there. And that's a very good point and America think it's true I mean. I think that would have changed would've changed the outcome ultimately the slightest deviation. From how our life evolved. And progressed and had knowledge and wisdom that we've gained. Could have been dramatically. You don't change the -- one little slip in the road there you know -- -- -- right. Could have changed the whole outcome for rat so you have to take the president's state of mind and appear in a good place. Then all those bad things and good things that occurred. Evolved and developed she'd be the person you are so. I'd say not let -- too late it was because it made me what I am today and -- I'm -- -- -- match. Hillary doesn't do a little bit. -- can -- different respect. I appreciate the different perspective it would suck if everybody felt that way because that have to change topics into a different -- and I don't feel like any heavy lifting today I tried it yesterday and it didn't work. I'm glad I'm glad your call thank you. I shell all right well an again how many times have we heard that expounded upon in various time travel movies you go back in time you meet your own mother. The possibilities are analysts both for -- and -- comedy and tragedy. It will three on 930 starlet thirty and 180616. WB Ian. So if you look back at life as you look back at your life what you are in your 20s30s 40s50s whatever. What would you have done differently how do you think you would have had a better or happier life or more fulfilling life in some way. And as I say I equivocation on the guitar issue I consciously put down the guitar. I consciously put it down. And didn't pick it up again until very recently because. I just had the desire and I realize that now with all these online guitar lessons on YouTube kind of easy to learn stuff. And plus they needed a hobby. Needed something to do. All right you know 30 and I'm 32 of some would say yes you needed to waste another thousand dollars no I did not buy the guitar -- that's gonna wait. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB Ian it is hourly out of Friday. Any regrets any finger -- -- as you look back the best decision whoever made the worst decision any regrets. I think you know -- this is going. And act you where others senators forward to today I have buried it under my other pieces of paper but I found it cloudy and breezy. A little rain. Don't rain especially toward the evening. The overnight low forty. For tomorrow will be a cloudy most of the time breezy cooler a shot or in spots 49. And -- last Sunday sun and some clouds and 52 degrees. Right now it's 63. At that news radio 930 W. BE. End and I welcomed the show it is hourly with you on the radio. And I am sorry I'm just I'm sitting here and I'm standing yet Google let. I think it's got to be the same guys it has the asked the what we left that message for. We've left a message for Michael Bull because if it's that Michael -- proper process. -- -- right next to well he he was older than we work but he grew up next to a and a fellow buffalo broadcaster. So we're all I'm sorry sometimes gang. It's it's these little. Things. That I find so. We year beat these little you know. Degrees of separation people happier it just leaves me shaking my head. So anyway for just joining us we've got one guy who wishes it would have taken up the saxophone. Sooner he did pick up the saxophone until he was what. 52. Years old another guy who wishes he had joined the military. And another guy who offered the interest increases that if he -- change everything about his -- earlier that he really wouldn't be the person he is today which is the old time travel question about if you went back and -- met your mother. I don't even like to think about that one because it's far -- at a -- for me. It is back coming up on 355. My phone number 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBBM.

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