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4-25 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Apr 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

While bill kind of bears say hello my little friend. And there's several jokes which are not appropriate right now by the way the the secret word was book. If you're looking for that word attacks there and as boom trial when that thousand dollar. And I know for years now and congressional life. -- like to consider myself. About -- Version hug that was Alpa chino. In in scarface. It is -- birthday today if you want to drop malign little card he is 74 years old. -- still has a thick. It head of hair on them. I don't know it's his or not but he still has that thick shock of hair our -- people sacred chain -- basic in Euro was the director. While. I we. -- -- personally as far as somebody who's. Emotionally. You know can't tell you. Which you know makes me feel more. Admired the Nero but when I think of the -- in glengarry Glen all men or. The or Dog Day Afternoon or the godfather god father to now. I admired in the -- a lot but little nugget -- you have more visceral reaction to -- you know they considered our two best American actors. Probably I mean you've got do -- role model. And then Pauly Shore and airborne -- -- -- short for your talk and badger mountain Rushmore. Your -- more right there but -- though -- the frustrating thing. He's still making feature films. But all of his best roles and have been pretty much on HBO. You know the last ten years and his -- Kevorkian's filmed Phil -- movie angels in America. You know his last movie stand up guys was just. I'm fine. Fine gangster comedy about a Viagra abuse by. Might not be out there with his best work my guy up there with Serpico why don't we check the big box office and yes yes it is the summer season has started summer season starts. Big time next week but as the amazing Spider-Man two comes out and man we start -- The true summer season of one huge blockbuster every week. At number one this week for the third week in a row. Captain America the winter soldier. Still doing extraordinarily well. 26 million dollars it is done 201. Million in three weekends here in the US. The worldwide box office is nearly 600 million dollars so far so another tremendous success forum. The characters of the marbles avenger universe there. At number two whom. Another faith based film scores extraordinarily. Well heaven is for real. Did 23 million dollars over the weekend now opened last Wednesday -- wanted to take advantage of about kids being home for Easter break. It -- thirty million dollars. Since last Wednesday. Very good audience polling results were views were but the people who sought. Liked it a lot it'll probably had very good lies would you -- the case when Uga will be there is such good work -- there's only a twelve million dollar budget. For the pictures it's going to be extremely profitable as well. This gives you three. Religious themed films in the top ten and -- not dead no law and have a transfer outlet -- -- interesting. Interesting situation there at number three Rio two to number twenty million it is now at 75 million. Like the first real cartoon it's doing much better overseas than it did here it's doing fine here. It's done over 200. Overseas they're very popular overseas via the real cartoons. At number four. Another big flop for Johnny Depp he's been having a tough times it lately. The tourists the -- -- alone ranger well transcendence. Only eleven million dollars. And that that really sticks out as being displaying as it was I'm almost 3400. Screens that's a lot of empty theaters. This even had lower. Ticket sales and then such recent mega flops as after earth. Or RI PD Posey ended better than this. Unfortunately the audience polls. Word just as devastating as the reviews the people who sought did not care for either. And the hundred million dollar production budget is going to be awfully hard to try to cover. And that number five. The movie that. I was shocked and was chart of the years very shocked shocked and appalled. A haunted house -- -- Marlon Wayans is only did nine million dollars which is half of what the first haunted house did. With any -- We won't have haunted house three or middle at least just grow direct to video. All right how about a movie IQ test Don Johnson stars in the new comedy the other woman. Name the Alfred Hitchcock heroine who was his mother in law for several years was that day. Ava Marie -- beat Kim Novak or seem to be -- Call 6049875. Vapors correct answer when a movie -- -- should joining there's some that are valid through. May 26 money fourteenth when he five dollar certificate descent towards pizza pub and grill on Miller sport or on transit. -- expiration date total value 43 dollars general contest rules apply. I tell us about the buffalo Niagara international. Film festival yeah we've got two big film festivals happening right now in buffalo this is that eight. Annual. Buffalo Niagara international film -- -- it started last night and it's going to be running through Saturday. May third. 140. Films being featured in this year's festival. You've got a lot of feature films shorts. And it really it covers all Chalmers I mean it's ours drama comedy thrillers -- documentaries -- and animation. And tonight. We've got to showings of bomb hidden Iran. Which is there a drama. Drama about faith and resistance you've got to Brandon Wood which is a romantic thriller. Done by John. And one of the big showcases. A whole lot. Festival is the natural the best there ever was that documentary feature length documentary is showing at 7 o'clock tonight. A lot of these films the majority of my believe are being shown at market arcade. You can go on the -- in web site to look at the full schedule if you also go on the the film festival's web site which is jaw. B and after -- dot com you can see them. Full list of movies just just all sorts of stuff on it just gets bigger and bigger every year I was so watching a TV show -- -- new York and that was sports talk roundtable. And they said okay and they were throwing out ideas and questions. Best the best sports movie ever made and like three of the five people said the natural. I yeah I loved that all of that I just think and I tell you I mean -- always been a fan. Randy Newman's music. And I knew he would -- on the music for rent time you don't -- for that -- -- -- good I liked it a lot. But the score for the natural that I was. Sounds friendly glory where it just that at fanfare that fanfare the natural vendors -- us just. -- to -- when he will return with a movie show a cinema -- also army sandy beach it's the movie shows and Bob us those enemies and he beats the movie IQ question. Don Johnson stars in the new comedy the other woman in the Alfred Hitchcock heroine who was his mother in -- office several years and that would be. To -- header in the mother of Melanie Griffith very good they still married now and now they -- Like five or six years but they were it was a such a high profile couple other words but actually she's -- -- Antonio Banderas for all I'm not a bad day and on the -- band dad SRI earlier you've told us about the buffalo Niagara international film festival about the disability. Film festival yeah. Yes we discussed this it in a pretty good. There showing the film raising many Christians -- -- at 3 o'clock and 7 o'clock. That the Amherst leader they're gonna have a reception with speakers. Who people who worked on the film at 5 o'clock. If you're interested. I would just goal. If you're on the fence at all YouTube and check out the the trailer for the film raising many Christian very good trailer very very interesting -- -- -- all right we'll check in big movies hitting -- big -- and first up Congo Cameron Diaz in the other woman yes this is this movie is. The first wives club they wanna be a little bit. Rides remains. Cameron Diaz is an uptight mode in this one she's she's a workaholic lady who was all business. And she's she's dating this guy and then she decides to surprise them. At his house the guy is played by. -- collage -- One dollar something like that -- -- he's a guy plays Jenny -- -- on game of -- to tomorrow's game rooms. He's kind of looks like Aaron -- -- Aaron Eckhart was more of a pretty boy he would look like this guy. So she's dating him she decides to surprise them and -- house one night. And she shows up and the guy's wife answers that too. Wow. And that's Leslie Mann who. Is Judd Apatow housewife she shows up in just about all of his films. And. She. Pretty much. Comedy wise or comedies generally played on the verge of nervous breakdown she's generally in near hysteria -- through most of this film. That you have that kind of team up and that they've long been true. His other girlfriend played by Kate opted while. Dole who is the swimsuit illustrated model earlier who you know you know when when you think comedy. You think Kate Upton. And just to know that they fully. I understand why she has been cast. When you first see her in the -- yes. And she is running on the beach office in a bikini top in slow motion underway at -- Toronto. Yet she has to Wear helmets or she does not knock herself on -- There is knock the this this film. Wants to be a big wild comedy but it is really need a bit on the -- so -- side. It it kind of looks like it's gonna start getting a bit serious. And then it goes to win. Wiki Wiki slapstick. It's directed by of all people nick cast of cities. The son of John Hansen used. Who did the notebook. Sister's keeper he's got a very talented director with heavy dramas and nurture yours. He's really never done this sort of wild wacky comedy. And it kind of show is this movie that tone wise. To be just all over the place. And it's very very. Paint by numbers. The music cues. They've got a montage of the girls bonding. So they play girls just wanna have gone. Are driving into Manhattan at one point so they play. New York, New York they're doing a revenge thing they play lovers of battlefield. They're breaking into his office they play the Mission Impossible thing and -- not exactly known for subtle stuff -- Don Johnson is whereas Cameron theorizes. Playboy again. The first is getting actually the extra views of the movie is rapper -- and I -- as Cameron Diaz is finished and she movie. Very briefly which was probably extremely wise. The movie. Is PG thirteen that it tries to go as far as it can and chew. Than -- gross out type of humor. You've got charming scenes. Vomiting. And a -- -- pleasant you've got a great game. Peeing on -- hardwood floor. Huge huge laxative scene and hair remover. In in the shampoo lot of pubic hair gags. And they have a dose of the guy with estrogen. So they get to watch his chest slowly develop over time. Yes it's a classy. And Lansing it's not act and it's it's everywhere do pretty much is said. It is just not as funny as the trailers where -- Our Belmont brick mansion. Yeah this is a remake of district. Be nineteen beat -- beat. -- -- that day French. Our core. Action thriller part core part courtroom where they -- the people jump around in the lead on staircases and jump up on the wall and do that kind of really -- hardcore -- backed up. On when you get there but our -- yes all of so in this film it's this is a French American project -- Iran. Actually I was the guy behind -- and he's done the taken films transporter he's been doing a lot on these movies. An undercover Detroit cop. Is trying to bring down a crime ward. And he's teamed up -- -- David Bell this -- worst one man. And they do a lot of leaping around the film takes place. Four years in the future which I was think it's crazy. Really four years four years I write about my future file let's by the time they -- so quickly but. With all the jumping around it's kind of like a diehard. Meets certain to -- -- one thing that. And everybody has complained about in this film is that the editing is extraordinarily. Choppy they keep cutting. The all these quick. Cops in all the streams which really takes away from the impact of what the guy is doing I mean Fred -- -- check each and new. When you're doing some extraordinary physical stuff to move the camera. This is. Also the last film completed by Paul Walker before he died in a car crash last November. And there are cars everywhere in this movie. He's in Karachi's teasing car crashes. There's Seymour Paul Walker is hanging from speeding car there's a scene where Paul Walker connect are going eighty miles an hour and the brakes and the steering go all out. I can't imagine. That does not kind of shake you up that fact that he died in a car crash last November that just keep coming to mind over and over again. But it's -- crede. Pretty basic action film from everything I've read the French original. Actually much more exciting play -- come back we have more big bullies and everybody's trained as is the move would show us Bob so -- -- sandy beach. The home of Rush Limbaugh. Not weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WB ES. It is a -- show Senator Obama and listen to the movie show online anytime on demanded WBN dot com big movies hitting the big scream Bob's already told about the other woman. Amber mentioned how about the railway man. Yes this is a British film. Starring are Colin -- Nicole Kidman and Stalin scars guard. This is about a eight for a takes place -- in 1980 for the most part. Colin Firth is a former British army officer. Who was that tormented as a Prisoner of War and Japanese labor camp during World War II. He was working on the Burma railroad tracks this was documented in the move the bridge on the river why. And he doubts. Just a great deal of torture. And abuse. In those years before the war ended and he was able to get back to work on. England and it's it's pretty much a case -- him. In 1980 suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome and -- -- finds out that the man who did most of the torturing. I love him is still alive. And actually is. Living fairly close by to him so why's he sets out to confront the guy. A lot of takes place in flashbacks back to the 1940s. It's a true story and the story itself. They just pretty compelling to stars are pretty strong stuff. Unfortunately. And -- the majority of the review seemed to feel that it's just it's so underplayed. They stayed so much in the mind of Colin Firth who just not able to really feel or express themselves and all that. That the film himself. Feels. Pretty flat and pretty tedious but very interesting plot very interesting idea but most. Most people don't feel exactly follows through next a quiet ones. This is from hammer films. Hammer films made all those Christopher Lee Peter Cushing horror films in -- the sixties in the seventies. I remember I used to watch those on the late show with my older cousins. Hammer films of course. One of the big things about it separated them from Hollywood's. Or films just the brightest. Red blood in any movie -- red blood in horror films is just that practically looked every geek. Hammer films came back. About two years ago they made the movie the woman in black with Daniel Radcliffe. Did very well received was hit all over the world. And this is there follow up film it is inspired by true events that. You know in the old days yes of classic horror films the universal monsters and all that. They didn't bother with data now okay the wolf man has inspired by and they're willing to say this is a story and that has made it up yes. This -- -- in 1974 Jared Harris. From madman. He's a professor. Who's working with a team of students. -- day it can happen are away in the woods. Who is trying to prove. That ghosts are just an invention of the mine that they don't really exist there -- something happens in -- -- issued -- -- George Noory that would change his mind. It's right there fake. All our. Aren't the rarely asks yes the film -- Wants to be very retro. But unfortunately a lot of people feel it's a little. To retro in that it's just not that scary not that suspenseful. And of all things this isn't a lot of those found footage. Horror movies. But because of 1970. War -- -- super eight film. And add more than one person in -- really sad when I really don't mention is how they get the film developed so quickly. They finished everything they don't have a little darkroom or anything's that but not not as not as good as the woman implied. I should be it'll put a pronunciation guide Bobble we have a film called -- overall skis -- -- and that I get a right that's sounds good I'm gonna go that yes. This is documentary. About a movie that that did not happen. Frank Herbert wrote the novel dune in 1965. And in 1975. Alejandro Joseph Borowski who would on -- -- He's -- filmmaker from Chile who -- just just wild and visionary films he planned on making a movie version of doom. He was gonna have its star is twelve year old son. And Orson -- And David Carradine. And -- too -- And Salvador Dolly well apparently those guys have been looking for projects -- -- quite some time. Few people know they were also the original cast for the Monkees and then it changed at the last minute for the soundtrack. You're gonna have Pink Floyd do this counter. The they're creatures. Were going to be designed. By HR Geiger. And they were going to be built the special effects were going to be handled by Dan open. The to -- -- is about three years later teamed up. And did all of the creatures and special effects for Ridley Scott's -- thought I had just extraordinarily talented guy. The Hollywood funding fell through I don't know why. And he spent two years on it. Over 3000 story boards. Were made up. He imagine the film Alejandro generosity is 85 years old now and he. He imagined a film as a filmed LSD trip. That would last. Between twelve to twenty hours -- -- war I don't know why the funding fell through it and -- that. And of course all the people they talk to like any unmade film. All parties involved do agree. That the greatest movie you ever time. I'm gonna what -- -- -- this twelve hours this is my entire documentary this is this is my bro in law of this sort of documentary here. He eventually did sell the rights to -- dealer ran tests. About centenary years later and David Lynch. Made June in 1984 which was just one of most notorious flops of all time. It was so confusing. That actually gave you pamphlets. At the yeah on to what you bought your tickets you could read up on it before and I'll never forget. The time magazine review the headline was. The first movie you after. -- for. -- -- -- -- -- Or come back we have more big movies hitting habits trainer and stuff on the new release shelf on the movie show it's the movie shows that Obama may -- be reached the next. Moving hitting the big -- will be the Jewish cardinals. Yup this is interesting. Here this is based on a true story this is not a a person I was familiar with for this Jeanne Marie. -- DA -- -- I'm not sure the son of polish Jewish immigrants. He was born Jew and converted to catholicism. At age thirteen. And eventually joined the priesthood. But what he did was he kept his identity as a Jews who. Even as he he was a priest he felt it was his duty to explain christianity to choose. And Judy -- Two to the Catholics. And Pope John Paul the second. Actually. Appointed him archbishop. Of Paris he was actually Jewish. Cardinals. He would often say -- Like Jesus. I was born Jewish but became a Christian and which is an interesting point there. Often we have movies like it is that ours in one language. And our subtitled. This picture is subtitled. And the dialogue is in French polish English German and Latin and Hebrew -- Anybody who watches film is gonna. And out of the subtitles was hoping I'd watch the Latin version well that's I that's the one I would I would recommend this this is not exactly. A film that you might one described as an action packed with this upcoming. Definitely one of those pictures that we'll give everybody a lot to discuss on about -- films over very very intriguing picture perhaps so different than this one walking with the enemy yes this is any out World War II Phil. By mark Schmidt this is his first. First movie it's it's based on the true story about a young man who are separated from his family. During World War II he'd disguises himself as media assets officer. And tries to track down his family. Through the course of it. He's actually able to save hundreds of Jews from the camps and things of that sort. Most. Reviews for this have have just felt that it just has way too much plot point. The film has an extraordinarily. Limited budget. The dialogue is fairly cliche. And there's there's a good deal of excitement and tension. In in the films and Ollie but to it seems to take quite awhile to actually get there. If you see the commercials the trailer. And look at the poster you will have the impression that Ben Kingsley. Plays. A big role in this movie doesn't he he really does that he has a small role. Many reviewers have said is the best thing in the movie but this is not a Ben Kingsley movie which. The film might might want you to believe if this next one a golf movie it's from a rough. Yeah yeah there's not a lot of information about this film there's only like one never viewed -- this is one of your. Inspirational sports flicks and it it's tough to keep finding new topics that they. They haven't done with the sort of movie. This is about a true story about doctor Thomas Starks. Tennessee State University. Who was the first woman and the first. African American woman to coach a men's college golf team. I know most people are sitting there thinking boy. I can't imagine there was a time when African American women didn't coach men's college all retailers -- come out well -- this follows that she's she gathers today very diverse team of Koreans algerians and and Australia and Michael Clarke Duncan is also on hand in this in and won his last. He's good. -- I -- again I've seen exceptionally eight times on Two and a Half Men is fabulous yeah immigrant -- -- Mary Berry counted as -- worked as a bodyguard. He was. He still -- I did I did I believe he worked with if I remember properly. He was a driver and bodyguard for Bruce Willis. And worse and Bruce Willis was so impressed by him he said he he can't help him out and got -- got started. Are right -- finding Vivian Mayer is that correct. This is the documentary. Out of documentaries on the back a lot of small interest in little pictures here this week. This takes place in Chicago. It's about a nanny Vivian -- very private woman very eccentric woman. Who always had her. Little camera. Hanging around her -- And when she would take the kids out on the street taken outings things like that she would take all sorts of photos. This documentaries done by Gene Siskel nephew term leases. Now law and she kept her belongings. In a year storage locker because she always for years would stay at home -- -- -- shoes and before. And over the years she just dues collected. Or stop their -- -- which you couldn't pay the the rent anymore couldn't afford it this year and older. The contents were auctioned off its worst. So the guy. John -- who. Bought the locker noticed how a lot of undeveloped negatives in general under today unveiled rules films in negatives and all -- and you're getting paid that much attention to. And he started looking at photos. And getting kind of in treatment while these might be really -- put some Amman line. And they develop this immediate follow people who were just like it went viral law went my world. He tried to contact her but she had already passed away she really hadn't shown anybody her work. She did over a 100000 photos she is recognized as a major major street photographer. There -- -- a couple books under stock their exhibitions over for working on all the time. This film talks to some some. Of the people who were her kids when she was -- nanny that that she was raising. They all knew she took photos and not himself on any of the phone as one of her old bosses is filled you. Who -- idea. That she took these photos. Everybody pretty much agreed yet she was kind of and really kept to ourselves al-Qaeda and Emily Dickinson situation here. Yeah Bill Donohue we see that picture Marleau Thomas in the bedroom -- and then I didn't -- Fabulous now I made from bad girls and now and she looks like that a first the most she's had it worked on the Shia as the best work I've ever seen her she looks great. She well her biggest piece of work of course was -- in the early sixties. Because. If you've seen any photos of her as a very young girl. She was born with daddy's knows -- 00 my gosh Don Imus and Danny thomas' should not as an out. She's she's bill Brett academy -- when I was a kid I had such a crush him if you've -- Tom pocket he's the as the same reaction it's early some morning and image -- Tom market today Tom Locke asks looks fabulous only we at all. Like NASA from what I understand used to be government we hooked up with Ted castle yeah and he used to look a lot like -- Thomas well yes as -- way everything comes. Now he's got a flippant and yankees that -- -- yes I started out with you Monday at nine as the course management -- -- of this today. I'm we'll -- event under Israeli and I voted every via. The local much they never -- to music these.