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4-25 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Beijing company's about I am I going through the periodicals and newspapers and I've I find. Booklet on -- on death. So I'd -- throw it because I'm always looking for material for the show and information and and it goes things like that. And in this is an article on green funerals and it's from the National Funeral Directors Association. As I said before I believe that as inhabitants of the earth which -- respected. We should not deliberately doing anything to harm it but we should we should also enjoy it we should use it. We shouldn't abuse about we should use it the great days of the people who think like that that think we shouldn't be either hall or that we should float above the yeah. The surface of the earth it's it's just. Beyond my comprehension. And so I think we've made -- great deal of progress in our green efforts as a country but it's never enough is that it's never ever enough. And so here in this article I'll start at the beginning of the of listening exactly what's involved with. A green funeral. Our -- funeral this is from the National Funeral Directors Association. May include any or all of following a small gathering. In a natural setting we'll find out later that they want a small gathering because they don't want to take different vehicles. That's probably the reason because even though we've made great strides in vehicle pollution whatever. Don't -- as much as a small -- -- -- matter what you accomplish annualized for the size or your family or friends. Or your position in the community or anything like that they would prefer small gathering and natural setting. Usable only recycled paper products now on trying to make aware the paper products are. Are they in the tissue is India India. Funeral home. Are they in any kind of a member you know a memory book or a -- maybe maybe -- maybe instead of the the book where you sign when your visiting on and a you don't know wake you sign as a show of respect and that you were there to pay your face maybe they'll make that into an Etch A Sketch. When you get through -- and clear written an extreme right down there. Locally grown organic flowers. What's wrong with flowers that aren't locally grown well they have to be transported don't -- and that would use some kind of fuel. And why organic what's wrong with -- any kind of vote normal procedure for growing flowers but that's that's. Mean now okay locally grown organic flowers carpooling. Now bet to me is ridiculous. I mean there really is ridiculous there might be some opportunities in a small very small setting. Where everybody -- say there might be six or seven people going. To have the burial site may be the aging organized it and -- two cars and that's try to no problem that however. The thought of organizing a carpool while you're going through -- held that is losing a loved one is the army. There's always vote to be serve they want organic food. So there again. It's usually go like after. After the burial usually go active through someone's house he to a house of the deceased. Or family member or whatever but if you're serving food. In order to evergreen funeral may want organic food OK I've this is. Now now it gets even better than that when you thought you. Couldn't understand this here's here's another reason -- equipment stand. No in bombing. -- No embalming now I'm not you know mortician. I don't know that much about what happens to a human body after you die. But I note to preservers for a few days they usually. Embalmed. If they don't involve I don't know what happens I don't know if you're gonna have an open art Kaufman I don't know what hash out what what's so when it's in regard to. But today. We've been embalming for years and years and years but they want to know and bombing or if you insist. In the -- says we must have been bombing well then I guess they'll take a little step where you -- say. You can involved with formaldehyde free products. Quote ranks and they're telling you how to him prepare the body -- the use of sustainable biodegradable. Cloak thing. Well while. -- call uncle Harry is dead. Uncle Harry didn't have any. Sustainable. Biodegradable. Clothing. He just -- regular things. He -- cotton because he thought it was the fabric of his life. And always got to die and only had in his closet was cotton maybe it was at a call climbing at -- Comes from a sheep OK so -- -- had gotten but he certainly didn't have any. Sustainable biodegradable. Clothing my suggestion bury him naked. All right without him bombing -- what how some of these people. Sleep have you lost a loved one recently you remember what kind of Pena go through about the being the pain that these people are with -- agreeing. -- ridiculous. Okay biodegradable clothing. Shroud or caskets. Mean. Now -- -- very natural. And and natural or green burial OK so you can't have an unnatural or non grain barrel I don't know what that would entail. But what I'm saying -- This is ridiculous there really is ridiculous it's still open is what it is. But because the word green is in there it's the it's a highlight of all a cocktail party conversation is meant are you green enough. Just like the preservationists they can never save enough they wanna save everything. And the green is the same thing. We we live on this earth as well they do if we do our best to be good stewards and not polluted I think that's all the can ask of us when we take our last breath. I I would like to leave on the air suggestions for my funeral. -- Tony want to take notes. I want to first of all I wanna Hummer hearse nice okay now they have vs. I mean to have bombers that are rom. The most bitterly the most I want that converted now I do not want. -- homered off -- three I want a Hummer to okay the military one probably wouldn't work the Hummer one. But I wanna Hummer joke and I want one it's a lot of Tony doesn't get good gas mileage you got it. And I also wanna be buried in several layers of clothing none of them biodegradable -- -- -- put me in a suit of armor sort of Ross. I don't wanna do what I can and -- -- I want match is tackle as hot dogs hamburgers I want the things that people actually -- That's what I want and as far as embalming I'm not you know I don't know much about that but give me what every guy okay what every guy gimme a couple of doses of it for sure. That's how this I mean this angers me to be honest would you. Traditionally people have been bearing people since the beginning of time. And there have been time -- ways to do it and for these clowns -- come in and in in in in order to save mother earth they want you to -- biodegradable clothing when you're dead. Is beyond me and not being embalmed. I don't understand what the after effects of that would be but they probably wouldn't be pleasant. And carpooling on the way to the funeral. Are you joking. Are you kidding me so that's -- I want to know if you favor a green. Burial -- should should be a green movement get back to reality show waiting and how green are you know. The only green suggestions I would have and it's a it's a serious suggestion I am not trying to be funny now all right I think I suggested this before. About because people have a second there had about a certain thing is probably not readily acceptable as I said I'm not trying to be funny. There are places. Where they are running out of cemetery space around here we got plenty -- -- but in some places in in some countries. And traditionally. People have been buried horizontal. And our business I hope you don't think this crackpot idea. I think that there will be nothing wrong it would be proper dignified burial to be buried vertically. Look at though a look at how much less space it would take. And if you -- an area that is really tight for space think of of somebody being it's not a matter of comfort for the deceased they're gone. I'm not a well would you wanna be standing -- -- bounce like that at all but what I'm saying is instead of a space. Of horizontally that are Kaufman would taken a grave site. Vertically. I think you could make better use of the land now as you know. Don't think traditionally on this one you gotta think if you were really tight for space and you just didn't have anymore which you know you think that's a decent idea. I don't Donna see anything wrong with -- in fact I am from not mistaken they're in cultures. And the duets that death order on it in the sitting position though. Okay. So what do you think -- you'd think that that's a wrong way that's certainly nontraditional not a that there's anything wrong with that it's kind of like cremation sort of doubt there's no way no basements. All right so we're asking should the green movement get back to reality. Now I would love to have our issue or I should have actually invited a funeral director on to see how many requests there are for the stuff. I have a feeling there's a lot more publicity about it then there are requests I can't imagine your heart just got torn out. You don't know if it's worth going on. Because you just love you just lost a child or husband or wife for a mother or father or somebody who has meant so much to -- life. And you are sitting down with a funeral directors say no and bombing carpooling only we've got to have local flowers. That are grown in a natural setting organically. You've got to be joking I bet there's I bet there's hardly any Google like this it 03 on and 301806169236. -- 930 X. 95% of the rest of the world essentially is doing the burials were talking about. I think arterial based embalming. As it's been defined here really is done about six or seven countries predominantly. Families or doing things a lot quieter they're doing a lot of things a lot smaller. There's certainly not choosing to Barry did not choosing to have graves and monuments and so on and so forth. So this guy doesn't quite get the concept of overt going -- against power's Donald doesn't quite understand how he says is the sale money cubic feet you're going to be -- -- basically kept telling -- while he's right that it is exactly the same amount but it's it doesn't take as much surface space. Think about it like this. If you bury somebody. Horizontally which is traditional OK you're taking up a lot more square footage. All of surface space as opposed to taking the exact same thing and putting it down into the ground. Vertically where your only -- base is ours is is the the circumference of the idea. Of the caskets I mean that's a pretty easy concept to grasp I don't that's hard to figure out but he it was a -- and on on Chris is the year. I mean he thought it was using -- arsenal. But it'll Treo not trio 106169. Through the -- -- 930. Today -- arbor day should the green movement get back to reality specially -- what his green fuel deal. Let's go to 10 -- on a cellphone might have a good insight on this course tenure on WB yen. I think any. I got to look at it that you know homes and the green movement been around for about ten years. And basically what it is more like -- traditional Indian area where they use a casket. That doesn't have any screws or medal and it. And it's very directly in the ground. Went out of a concrete all right and to be honest we get we've never had a call workers I don't want auto master New York this is a member of the -- council. And the only green cemetery. Is over by Ithaca. -- really it says. A biodegradable clothing shroud or casket. And Tony you saw one that. Looks like it's made out of -- yes and I grabbed so you you've never you've never heard of wanna even being sold. Well no -- at some the same way you like it Jewish that skit. -- -- all what construction. Grants but we we you can we have both -- it's so that they can be colts looked at all for that you. But they don't really there's not really -- or -- is still there. Open -- funeral home that just opened a new location. And they have a green aerial display. And they did it consists -- like. -- -- Aren't they can be put the seat and the whole thing disintegrates. It into the water or they -- they have a image about wicker casket they have not all wood casket and people want to know about it. But when you start looking at all across associate where you have to be very. It is exciting at more than the traditional you know -- cost. Yeah -- as I look at this via. A some of these requests are I just think so out of touch with what people expect when they're saying their final goodbyes. To carpool. To the to the funeral doesn't sound very realistic to me. And even dictate what kind of clothing to -- should be wearing. I think is an outrageous proposal so as far as it's as far as you can understand it's the traditional burial is still prevailing. Yes it's very much but I mean cremation is creeping into your view and then you know what they have the people may want to have. The green beer -- actions by. It's not that they'd like to -- same -- against the National -- Association by. If you local FEMA director about if somebody's gonna come and that's organic flowers -- our school and so forth. It's not happened. No I I I didn't think so at having -- threw us a few times I'm thinking I would be. -- rage if this was a request the -- thank you Tim thank you for your expertise we appreciate it. So he says there're there are available and sum for certain religious rights but. Basically doesn't Melanie that sold it just that they green funeral we'll take a break we'll be back what more would BJ coming under -- -- and I third we are WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free -- star 930 error toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Going green may even new trend the green burials -- an age old practice it's pretty much how burials were done up until the late eighteen hundreds. Green burials used -- know bombing flew its. Metal cascades -- concrete vaults and says they use more earth friendly materials -- wicker or willow casket. Bombing fluid. The middle caskets in the concrete vault. Those -- have negative effects on the environment. -- what -- perspective you're what that reporter just said -- your deputies said it may be the growing trend that pieces from 2009. The apiece that Tony was the last Sprague was from 2011. And we just had Tim on who sells caskets were living. He says that that they have available these sorts of things if you have a religious preference and you might need. Them but basically he doesn't recall any. Anybody asking for a green funeral some asking you why I think this is outrageous to be honest with you. -- truly is agreeing funeral may include any and all of the following. A small gathering in a natural setting you know civilly recycled paper products locally grown organic flowers. Carpooling. Organic food. No embalming. Or embalming with formaldehyde free products the use of sustainable biodegradable. Cold thing. Shroud or casket and that natural or green burial so that's that's what that he would like you to do and I'm saying it's fine that. Not only outrageous somewhat offensive. I mean that we have traditions as Americans and is as human beings that we hold the year one as the final goodbyes. Com and George Jones had a song so blogger April greatest country song ever written so good at one. Now song of the year tore into conservative leaders. But one of our minds is all dressed up to go away and that's the final that's the final memories you'll have and to think okay. Gram -- or uncle Harry does not have a biodegradable silt. Will have to go out and get them something like outrageous ridiculous as what it is let's go to word Gary Williams though Gary you're on WB Aaron. You know for any of the rule that you described. That's not really green. I mean you're only using a lot of pop. I mean let us know what a real green vehicle -- that are. The green you enroll at -- in that are actually -- -- -- One victory in spring green and there was. -- that there if we're going you know consider pro and wood chipper. Take there remains -- into the middle and in a row boat and the plane. I'll -- compost yeah. And it is even better it is they can. -- -- Commiserate with their animal rights ran. Tickner cart that they Allen wrote in a lion cage it is true. I am helping the in legally build -- life -- under and it. Well man I got exactly -- running because you are ones that poppy maybe shouldn't get too adopted. Thank you very thank you divide. I mean if you really think about it this is your last opportunity to visually. See your loved one. Whether Europe the funeral home for the wake. Or you know as saying goodbye your leader at the cemetery whatever it is difficult enough. To go through that without thinking. MIA environmentally conscious enough that is such a load as far as I'm concerned. Let's go let's go to. Maria would be next in Cheektowaga you're on WBM -- I'll hunt -- -- homer why don't get them. Lately and at that time I've been witnessed over the pipe they wasted. I -- -- get mileage and the that I know but it looks. And I don't know how much. They could buy it with. But -- them with and without. Well I think a lot of a paper is recyclable infect. It's made from recyclable paper but I'm thinking of things that are personal at the funeral or wake that. You you -- your have to be concerned whether there are recyclable and biodegradable or what kind of outfit your loved one is wearing I mean that's. That's ridiculous. I can't think of the -- that. Then with the not -- Ordinary it why not naked. Ever thank you very much and it does something to be said to a -- your final memories. When I was a WB AP and Dallas. But we had a guy that worked on our staff. And he was a former. Dick -- Oz was his name. He is a former. Policeman with a Fort Worth police department and he retired from the sport police department and went to work for WBA pity. And he is notable in history by the way because. -- Lee Harvey Oswald was buried in Fort Worth and Dick yards was in charge of the Fort Worth police contingent. It was his job to open the coffin before was lowered into the ground to confirm that Lee Harvey Oswald was -- -- So he has a historical low note there. Great guy he and I got a long fabulous. And and I left Dallas and I I came back. And his wife call me to tell me that he had passed. While I thought so much of him that I got on the plane and a floated Dallas for his funeral -- -- flew to Fort Worth for his funeral. At their you can imagine that the kind of lives he touched as they Fort Worth lifelong policeman. And as a member of the WBA for broadcasting which is a monster radio station. So we have a lot of people that did dearly loved him into them whatever. I wrote in the funeral procession. From the funeral home. To the cemetery and it was quite aways because the funeral home was in Fort Worth. And this cemetery was closer to Dallas and that's a long drive and I remember. I remember as a procession. The procession was on real. It was like the final goodbye to -- a president of the United States and I remember of her comfort I took of knowing that. All of these people cared about this man and this was their final. Their final goodbye to them. To be able to accompany him to his resting place. And now I don't know how that would have worked out I'd carpooling to be honest with you. But as I look back at it it's a memory I still have I still haven't. On how on how respected he was and how we all love them. And and that's at this the final goodbye and for some nit wit to suggest we should carpool. Or dress up the deceased stints in some clothing that might be more biodegradable. How -- them. That's the way -- look at it this not only is is objectionable to me it's repulsive. Will take a break. On newsreader at 930 this is W -- but is between governing and though we have some postings on FaceBook Chris Rongey meego. This one comes from James uses natural burial is what I want to know when I -- is based more on religion and an ecology as. Christ and it was to be wrapped in a natural cotton on bombing. No stone and no wait that's fine if it's it's a religious open should be it should be respected it's fine. But I don't buy the of their green format simply because they want me more grain for instance as far as I know. No religion never addresses carpooling. I mean think about like that car pool. Wise so we would say some gasoline. So we we might save some emissions. I mean we've gotten very effective and very efficiently our vehicles -- really. When you wanna be alone or when you want to just someone's special sitting next news -- you can. Say your final goodbyes we don't need just stopping on the way in the neighborhood to pick up so that you have all five people fitting in your Prius. It's another wondrous. This one comes from Brian says I don't really mind the idea of a dreamer I think we waste too much useful country would medal on the -- as it is. So agreeing burial in some ways seems like a sensible thing to do in -- room and always having on the dead -- who agree they can help us and -- -- the wheels filled out. Beyond that it's possible way though Wednesday is trash day not every other Wednesday is not only try to stay recyclable day and they have those big time outs now. I think if indeed you don't wanna waste anything on the dead. I asked us it's not whoever you like to Nvidia into the Ria Marie revealed told says big. It's big enough for most people disorder and there are recycled. What the hell and religious difference I can understand but as we waste too much on the dead -- public enemy. While I'm glad I'm that guy is not related to me what is his name Alaska Brian remind me guys from a right from Family Guy. Mr. Brian let's go to Bob. -- Bob and bus then it's Boston Bob you're on W via. Greeting card from the Asian countries rather prefer space you -- a grave about seven years he'll let -- -- and in the -- you back up. And that they -- what's left in the they have mausoleum just for burns. It's based thank you as a medical cause I didn't know anyway that one -- can -- my thunder but donating your body is -- I withheld it from being denied that had them convinced that you could donate body -- -- -- -- league -- -- To a -- reading all the annals of his life. And I think that -- they'd like because that's what I. Have you they called a fairly overrule on a -- the F -- they they found the line. -- That he wanted to go. Well I don't lockyer says they hear -- Bob bank do you have accurately -- -- -- it. A bomb -- I outlook a symbol as looking a little hungry. What effect. And no embalming neither president says there yup the list of things. Small gathering at a natural setting. Using only recycled -- paper products locally grown organic flowers. Carpooling. Organic food no embalming. Or in bombing live four of formaldehyde free products. The use of sustainable biodegradable clothing. Shroud or casket. So that's that you have a couple more for -- if you would. Yeah this is from Deborah season I'm sick and tired of the green movement in general country has a lot of open land than people realize we have a lot of animals a lot of open space and other countries like China. Are much worse shape in the US. Yeah I agree with -- week I'm tired of agrees to would be obviously because here's what happens if you start off with a singular purpose that is got. A really a lot of merit okay. Let's not pollute the earth I -- owes me absolutely everybody right in his start off with some common sense reasonable measures. And and then all of a sudden when you run out of a common -- stuff because people have been not throwing stuff out the window. A factories not polluting the rivers things like that. When you run out of that the problem is if you wanna keep the movement going got to keep up with more and no stuff you gotta keep feeding the strike. And now you get that this. I mean there are things in life worth preserving. And our final goodbyes to the people we love our among them. We shouldn't be overseen by a bunch of pointy headed people who blow seem to take a different priority list them than most of the rest of us. I saw I will say go by in my own way. And stay the hell out of my face I don't need them to tell me if I'm bearing my mother my father my. My wife -- my sister. By next door neighbor anybody and it means something to me it's none of your damn business that's the best way to do -- And I'll go my way and just I don't need any help from you and -- that person's -- caskets to the funeral home says. That there are religious caskets the things available but by and large just as a regular green funeral he doesn't call and that's what he does for a living. I should've. I sure contacted if you if you'll see if they've had a non -- not from a religious basis but just from a environmental. Basis. All right you have one more Chris yeah -- while more. This is from the -- she says I understand some environmental concerns but some people taken it to such an extreme that they've made things like insects and birds much more important in humans well that's exactly right now we find out. Is that there're there are natural resources in the earth. Then that we are I think to enjoy and to use if we can replenish we should. If we -- not pollute we should I understand all that. But they become political issues. And then maybe -- -- become specialized. Issues for a small group of dedicated people who see a vision nobody else -- right. And then again it grows bigger and in order for them to grow there. There row because. They need help from the government as -- becomes a anything that the government gets involved we're becomes a political issue. Instead of a realistic issue and so then then -- got people on both sides searching for your vote. Willing to give you some of the things you want in exchange for your vote. Has nothing to do with a mirror of what you want. So I'm thinking look if you feel like that. Have a green cemetery and Ewing are in your five friends that they show up for coffee or cocktails once every three must be buried there I don't care slide. But don't be pushing this other stuff on the rest of us because that is and it's I don't think. The kind of thing that we want and if we want it will do our. Are wrong way and by ourselves and we don't need you and it is way too much interference with how we leave our lives now wait too much. Everybody's got a better idea on how you should live and now everybody's got a better idea on how you should die. How your final goodbyes with your family and your loved ones should be conducted they don't know us. I don't care they if they feel fervently about the bare spots and their goals let him do it for themselves but leave me out of it. All right the movie show cinema Bob's still Olson that's coming up -- a few more laps that we did on the idea. Or shall I can argue that on -- as I did on Thursday it is next on WVU.

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