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4-25 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello all it is region governing and I'm sandy beach and I'm. Know England I I like to know what the hell is going now and John and Susan we're talking about what goes all morning. And I bet big government is going to start regulating pot go long Jones wants time. Those hookers that they got -- -- up like everybody else. They got to have a special plays I don't get -- these hookers. Yes so when I pray. That size was the big east side of a Chubby Checker record I'm sorry of I tell regenerate. Call look at Tucker remember I told -- that to him that we even played at one time -- took my soda cracker as your mama which ought to baca is one of the absolute. Great lyrics of all times. That was that's on the other side of of a chubby checkers on the other -- thing you know a different -- England. If you're from New England got to wonder I thought -- -- have been around since I thought I was the world's first job. Is that of a hookah and now they're going to regulate -- people. Go to a certain place like a lounge to enjoy -- What's new about that -- just learning about that that's been around a long time you can do that they can drive down the street. With a fifty on your forehead is about -- going rate Tony and a fifty. -- -- about the I don't know reassured I Ewing Chris I know I have have coupons. It's not. A not. The arrow is going on here. I guess I guess it's a place where you go and smoke water pipes something like that reminds me of the opening a once upon a time in America -- you have movie event. All the stars James Woodson -- a fabulous Hudson hero is that it. Everybody's in it but they open up in an opium -- and well here we go this is temperature. Hi so. She have their back. Jobs that back and say -- yeah. -- -- About the only talk show host of America went up. When the get back and they wanna advertise. It. Users and their commercials. Yeah extra government. As. Contact our sales department he's gotten. -- -- Put your life. -- now in -- And look at that I've got my eyes so Lewis Rattner. Guy -- -- -- Stay here and grew up drug government so. As -- -- thank you thank you very much are. I'm glad we didn't play a couple of days ago because the CEO -- corporation wasn't around in the field. They all the corporation and he -- imagine -- -- on the -- like what how is probably -- talks and explain book I talk. It's like -- and I played it as the beside. When does that start -- a lot because is great sing -- on doesn't make any sense at all. But it's fun it's a country feel to it really doesn't it's got a nice rhythm to. The words don't mean I have no idea what the words mean but often times. Of the B sides were interesting I as a disc jockey I would always open oversee what was there because many times that made mistakes in the wrong side as the primary side. Don't forget my friend I used to play with Chubby Checker who's got David deep ball he was a day we're talking about done and going I'm not. Tour and chubby to drive by the Boston. Well that's right it's coming down when I interviewed him what I was in Hartford W the RC. And I remember because he was married if I'm not mistaken to miss world. OK so that's a good job. And he arrived from Google's Evernote and arrive by himself. Driving his Rolls Royce a -- that. And so heroes governors in the future checker so before the interview started at -- time move chads off off Mike while commercials. On that. A man says I'm I'm with -- have been touring. Is you know you just get so tired. -- takes a lot of -- -- tour so it's not my favorite thing to go. Pretty innocuous statement right so I start the interview. Analyze it or a marriage a Republican Party you're tired. A touring take a lot of is that not a natural leader and -- Los Andes is -- love touring he says I really do they get a chance to meet people up close and personal -- he's -- he's going like this is Missouri and I ask how would you want me to say. But Perry denied the very thing he's just a moment. All right that was that was my first lesson in in interviewing expect anything. But it is an interview -- was -- and we're bringing in Memphis and show but now I and I'm a car guy and they're right on blue pills have a right outside our. Outside our window was his rolls nice nice really nice. All right Alessio blow a couple of things to talk about before the break. You know. People say when you go to Florida. And crisis -- -- licenses in Florida. The united 001. -- you know at 9 in the morning go to dinner at three in the afternoon. Everybody -- their pants up under their arms and -- that. -- -- -- -- -- challenge that because I have a story here about the kind of exciting life you can have a few retired Florida the thing you can do in Florida -- can even -- okay you ready. This is -- a -- okay. Florida the annual -- or a bomb bomb mullet toss. It's a fish throwing festival takes place today through Sunday at before Obama lounge and package door. -- bet that would be a great chick magnet I think if you're dating somebody in Florida hey -- Wanna vote toss them fish together what he would say. That's zipping it and this is not -- that they. Before Obama lounge and package store noticed that -- and they get this fifty state publicity. Was. And that -- Coca telecommute. Under is -- and W via. So let's see what houses that are going on here we have an essential Burnett thing. -- -- I'm from knowing and -- in the states are beautiful southern New England beautiful -- -- was beautiful state has its own. Its own a badge of which is say hey look at us we're special. In one of my favorite states is Vermont fact the last couple years I've. I've gone to a short vacation in Vermont each year even though I grew up not that far outside of Vermont. And when you think of Vermont what do you think of the rolling hell holes pride. The beautiful trees. Maybe Ben and Jerry's ice cream the columns. It's very -- store roll it's not it's not. It's very rural was not very urban. But I bet when you're thinking of Vermont in not thinking of this story. This is out of Burlington Vermont and all the people -- nice girl like on the Bob Newhart Show when he did that one was said and from my country and and your wife says let's go to Vermont will have a bed and breakfast that'll be nice in in the afternoon we'll have -- TOK does that -- paint a picture of Vermont. If this -- Out of Burlington the public library. In Burlington plans to -- walks on its public restrooms. To keep people from clogging the toilets with hypodermic needles. Does that sound like Vermont to yourself like needle park today and other drug material. They have library at a Fletcher free library said it hopes to have the locks in place by the end of the week. So I apparently what they'll do is you'll probably get fresh before you can go into a stall. I mean imagine that a match and putting enough. Hypodermic. The needles down a toilet to clog it. I can't imagine that that's amazing isn't it and this is Burlington Vermont this is not it's not the medal of you know Columbia. So incredible also sometimes it doesn't quite match up to -- which should be. -- tickets who wants to sing dancing playing and I dude I do that'll be Saturday may tenth at 3 o'clock of the falls -- a casino resort called now. 6449875. A random caller. Will indeed get the tickets you must be. We still don't know all the instances nineteen plots. So that means if you show up. And your in nineteen. Nineteen plus okay. Two win and and to the casino he must have valid passport or enhanced license to choose borders. General -- rules applied across the borders. Contests. Available right now at 644 and -- at 75 celebrate the 1970s Disco era. Who we have a dance extravaganza that brings timeless it's of ABBA the BJ's Village People -- anymore. Buy your tickets at horseshoe casino resort box office all Ticketmaster locations and online at Ticketmaster. C a gutsy so that's that. All right I wish we had known -- do that thing with a cubicles in the news room. Where their posting -- of photos online you have to guess who's -- is -- and Randy bush overs is out there. And a as a so is -- and so Susan Susan says she doesn't like the cubicle John loves his cubicle. Randy didn't give us an opinion either way or whether elected or not but had we known this and this is kind of like spontaneous it just rural. Out of out of a thought from earlier in the today had we known Tony. We could've put all kinds rude things on the desk absolutely -- put a lot of rude things under the desk. Like Johns inflatable woman. It's at home we gonna advocate program yes so that would have been nice especially some of its -- embarrasses them because she lights up the room. She went -- -- when she Russia's it's like one of those apps you put on your phone. For flashlight when she blushes -- in the room lights up. And it will be fun to do that and because it doesn't rose. Is as nice a human being as you'll ever meet. And so it's fun to play against type and in the road tour event -- -- -- in my sister's. Were planning a surprise. For me it seems like everybody know it but me and I guess that's why would be a surprise. I have a sister in Massachusetts and have a sister in Florida. They've never been here together they've been -- separately but never together and like my sister Sandra in Florida says she's looking forward. Coming up here and and meeting jokers she she's converse with you on La Republica you've never met my other sister Beverly no and so. Maybe I've ever come in together so maybe when -- come and I'll bring a man if it's that work day I'll bring amendment. -- fabulous broad area in east there's -- the Libyans and Santa does rave about you while that's their very good sisters. We have a very close family always have a -- as -- that's the good part about it. All right that you went to practice would have been net closes baseball practice. Yeah we had baseball practice started a few weeks ago I Uga nationals who is that's his game yes is a national he's an asset that he is an act in he's love and it's whatever hat. As and that is there and that hat we have received our uniforms are OK so they're going to evade a dual road schedule they travel like that -- ferraris and going and nobody's saying at one park is six years old writing yet -- -- -- -- not well I'll buy it doesn't have out my -- girls because he's getting better at throwing and much better stop now. At this age level that they -- stealing bases but now no known mental spikes and a glaring mental note you know -- it was like snow and know -- -- John. Our commitment -- Gumbel was that Yankee pitcher that car was. Obviously -- was an occupancy and you can see it from a ten rows up yeah that he thinks that the umpire I -- -- the expression as the umpire is blind the umpire would have to be blind not to see that. The and I saw this before -- the last time use artificial. Eddie they're the national hockey date. Major League Baseball. On National Football League when's the last time these artificial. Touch a player he rubbed the player's neck. To confirm that was pine -- on there right I've never seen an official Chris -- ever seen. No I can't figure edited it's like pro wrestling when they pretend -- -- -- for foreign objects reported in the in the ring to explain exactly. An official grabbed one of the sabres are at the it was in the playoffs a couple of years ago. And there's a lot of controversy about how he was I handled it was after a cheap shot -- rewards he runs on our. Yeah island -- when it was rough couple of heart. I remember that -- -- remember the specifics but there was talk about it was I think it was a situation where there is a score how many any kind of grabbed him a little roughly. See what would've been fun. Is or we saw what actually happened they suspected he had pines are. It hadn't usually go hide it somewhere else -- in the glow oversight of all this was obviously right on his neck what I have been funny. If instead it just putting his finger on his neck and and and holding up and looking at it's at yes this is part of our. Wouldn't it have been a lot -- a lot more fun if he rubbed his neck and then gave Malone kiss them. -- -- Yummy what are you doing after the game a lot or grab a quick shower will get a cap. I think is is he was in in the last outing against the Red Sox. There's pictures all over the Internet where you can see the pine tar on his he had this guy so I see that it was very obvious oppose it had no choice what to look for in it was their ridiculous. Of course I want a better mode now -- I was a few days ago few days ago I had those semis big chicken suit. Internal Revenue Service -- I hate writing that checkers you know going back for you really don't. But I've learned my lesson Tony I have learned my lesson that's not gonna happen to me again I've just hired the bookkeeper from vendor's he's gonna handle my books. I I'm going to stay out of jail and have free garlic mountains. -- is that like that. Yeah that's -- I'm sure it's gonna work. And then I'm getting the lawyers from Enron will be back after this. -- WB and wherever you go with a W. An iPhone app powered by the final out left the best in -- railings index. -- back who aired the -- evidence and the image. Well today I guess the Northwestern University football team will vote on whether they want to be unionized because they won their court case. Said that they are employees of the university. -- and their compensation would be their scholarships in order to look. To be on campus and so they have a right to unionize are we gonna show on this this is what we're going through -- we did one earlier about. I'm just wondering. If you guys that think you know how the votes gonna come up and not to announce it right away you think they'll vote through it's -- unionized or not. It's tough I'm gonna say no I think they won't. A much -- I think they well look I'm not -- or is that there are looking at it as deep as everybody else's I think they're just kind of very shortsighted -- might help us out I better not really digging into what do could possibly mean I think you're right because I have. My hands they preliminary request she if they do unionized -- what they're gonna ask for and I can tell you right now. Just from the first elements probably not gonna fly. They're asking for Saturdays off and I'm just thank him and I'll it's like a guy going in the priesthood once somebody's up and that way. Going when he got to work it work and that's dollars to it you're -- -- -- goes well we don't know if they're going to unionize and -- will be interesting but remember as we said. If you put traditional workplace rules. The workplace is the gridiron their workplaces the practice fielder workplaces the is traveling for one place or another is that will be very interesting to see how if they if they vote to unionize and they are union and how it will change the face -- vote college football and if they don't believe me this the ruling only applied to them. But if they do it others indeed will jump aboard we have guys that surprises I was that the we've got to show on the journals and would you miss some of -- Oregon. Where -- -- surprises idea of that first of all I heard that they had suspended operations I thought it was just you know hey it's only April. It's the off season. By the end of August Adobe blackened and and will be on the sidelines for the exhibition games whatever. And now we find out that Davis suspend operations for the season so they will not be. They will not be doing what the angels do for a whole season does that surprise you. Yeah it does I thought like you you know maybe take some time off re organized. Get things back together and start -- new but now 35 girls adjust our women had just been. Appointed to the team I've been there throw the now what do you think Chris. Yeah -- surprised at the had a full season has gone since were an April in the active going to throw a mean I'm sure their practices and such but the the games don't started pre season games don't start until August. This even more surprising is the five girls in the suit are stunned there's not a proper job. I notice though some quotes from Chris Toledo. No wind overtly or husband she's very nice and very nice person. And -- but it's not very happy I think she's a president of the alumni association. Of love the jails and she calls the malcontents which is probably what they are. I'll but the bottom line is I think. That the ones have filed a suit totally miss read the -- Thinking OK here's the big bad NFL team and everybody's talking about the fact that there may -- worth over a billion dollars in. And now here's a good chance and and we got a player that makes sixteen million dollars a year so we can say hey income distribution it's not a what do ball it's not fair. Our rich guy -- little worker person. And it just blew up their face now whether they prevail in court or not I have no idea I don't know the merits of their so. But what I'm saying is if they're looking to win in the court of public opinion at. They lost that one already. And I I don't think that they thought a week ago we would react this way no I don't think they even gave it much thought to. There's nobody really leads that have talked -- and support of them this doesn't seem it it seems like from what we've learned since we first heard about this. Is that everybody recognize what was expected of them. And they got what was expected of them so unless the bill's been fulfilled their part of the deal. Of that today they don't have vote and -- have a case unless there are specifics like in some states you cannot have. An unpaid intern you can't even if they're getting credit in some states you can. I know bids that when I worked for NBC. All of our interns were -- were paid they had to be. Because what it happened a couple of years before I joined NBC what it happened as a person had been an intern for a couple years. And did that after this was the guy after his internship was over. He soon MDC saying that the credit alone wasn't enough he should have been paid. And according to at least the state of -- California which is where the suit was brought. The courts agreed -- them and NBC had to pay a lot of money to have his guys because I think there was that besides the actual. Costs of what -- he should have been paid if the if you were paid employee there was some damages in their -- -- And so we all got the memo that if you have an intern we have an internship program where they were interviewed him and place than it was a very good program very valuable. And people laden there was a lot of people wanted to be in Iran but no longer could we accept the affected. If you were gonna get college credit -- it was college. That. There was no pay. Couldn't do it after they had to be paid so I don't know that laws in the state -- York but one would guess. That if they if they if they can prevail in any state it would be this state that's that's just my guess. By day as I said he bit I'd better hope it goes to a a judge in not a jury I don't think a jury between sympathetic to no not at all and they would have to -- well I think to be good to be a manager ego because so one of the things claim -- The lawsuit is that each of them had to pass -- jiggle test. They had that -- goal in order to get on the squad and I'm thinking if I would sure you know how jurors sometimes pull our. All over the evidence and each one -- would have all five of those ladies would have to jiggle me and say well I don't understand what did you go to Estes. Your honor could we have that are shown to us. Hourly guys out really. I'm now standing on her head just -- -- OK now I have to jiggle test. Sure -- feel about a code could it again I think -- sure. And we're judged against this. I'm just hoping it's a judge I don't know. It's that will be beautiful. I don't know how many judges but want this case to be honest with -- like this case. I don't know I wouldn't bother me like guests will be settled on law right but if if the convention is -- -- Demeaning having to -- would be. I don't know of demeaning has the legal definition. In all of our jobs are demeaning from time to time we hear the truth and perhaps we wouldn't do rarely. Exactly. It at its argument. Choir here -- -- very -- I'll take a break point comeback we're gonna talk while the green movement. OK because in case you didn't -- You probably do the first thing that happened in your mind today when you slit up the bed was I think today is per day. I'm going to do something to help trees okay and we're gonna talk about the green movement. But totally. And though where they should be and where they actually are under his radio I'm thirty we are WB yeah it is Beijing company's of their I was the other day in my office they're going through the newspapers in the periodicals and yeah I read at least two and sometimes through newspapers and -- day. Plus the other things the -- be in the -- a verdict because I'm always looking for some kind of an unusual subject to talk about. And on notice that come in one of my idea periodicals there. There was an entire section. On death. And I'm thinking OK I'd be something in here you never know I'll leaf through it. And a pretty soon I came across something that bingo immediately as soon as I saw that I knew this is something we should talk about. And it is about funerals. And it's about a specific kind of funeral. Called green fuel. Now as you can guess just from the word green funeral. You can understand that there are going to be some things here there -- they're going to want that are different than what we're used to and some may have some merit some non. What I'm thinking about as a whole grain movement I think is under control. And what better -- to talk about this the arbor day it's ever they would love trees trees are beneficial to us trees that keep our land helping keep -- healthy. They do a lot of good things I like. Trees I trees and we should always a continue to -- plan. -- good part about treason is even if we use wood for certain things. You can reply and they grow new trees that's a good thing right and I know that Entercom has a big -- deal. Palma hours we call him Johnny Apple seed when he goes he goes on the different places and worked for a split. He's planting trees we always we oversee that so that's good hear you while on trees -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of trees around the address drive anywhere this trays -- the trees after trees doesn't seem like there's any shortages trees we have daycare and I understand. However with a grain movement sometimes. It gets a little out of hand. Like for instance here's my attitude toward the earth. I think we should as inhabitants of the earth we should use it responsibly. I don't think we should purposely missed treat it. Or allow it to to be placed in any kind of danger we shouldn't pollute the there shouldn't pollute the water. I understand all those things but the trouble with a movement is once you get beyond the initial. Part of that then the it's it's like people going to congress and thinking up new laws because they ran out of bowl laws to a talk about and that's what it is with a grain movement I'd never heard of agreeing fuel before. But to think about look at the advances we've made it wasn't that long ago where the Cuyahoga River caught on fire. Where you couldn't swim in the East River. Where air pollution was though was a better water pollution as well and you drive along a highway and see all kinds of litter on the side of the world. Now you've hardly ever see any -- on the side of the roads people die in groups adopt sections of highways keep it clean. It it's it's it's so rare to see somebody opened a window when their car and throw throw litter out I almost never see that okay so that's good. In that we know they've been working though for -- watering cleaner air but. Green funerals I don't know let's say what this article says that we'll see if we're on the same page service. It's from the National Funeral Directors Association. I wish I belong to that arrived at the party's real fun bunch of bank imagine that. And being green and funeral service is a natural consequence of today's American eco consciousness. Consumer lifestyles and values whether environmental. Spiritual. Philosophical. Or conservation all. Are reflected in consumer attitudes toward products and the services in the market and affect. The decision making. This includes attitudes towards death and funerals. Green funeral choices are expected to grow in popularity. In the US as this eco consciousness grows well. We'll see if it does not now let me get in some amino what are greens funeral as. As the concept of grain in general grain and funeral services means practicing environmental. Cons consciousness and being eco friendly. It encompasses green's funeral homes Greenfield world. Natural burial. Natural -- OK will have to find out what that is to me. They dig a hole and they put Joanna I mean I don't know how much more naturally can be than that. But we'll find out today funeral directors have the opportunity to adopt green practices to meet the needs of the family's New. York. That way you are in the midst of preparing a funeral for your loved one. And you -- guts a torn out I'm sure the conversation gets through. Yes we insist on a green eco friendly funeral. Please. I mean that this is where they re going to leave me. A -- funeral incorporates environmentally friendly options in order to meet the needs of those who are reporting service on. -- here as there does write it down in case you want this. -- grange general may include any or all of the following. A small gathering. In a natural setting. OK I assume that they want a small gathering because a large gathering would include too many vehicles. And vehicles are sending -- -- of the tailpipe even though we've worked very hard that. But in a natural setting. As opposed to an artificial senate what is the or in a muzzle him without -- and natural setting. I don't think so while what is the natural setting out under a tree maybe. There's the there's the grave site I don't know what a natural setting would be I think the vikings had the natural setting foot on the hard and done exactly. A small gathering -- natural setting you'll still only re cycle paper products. -- There again. How many true I can tell you this many trees we have. All right. Paper is made out of -- Which is I which is gotten from trees are we short on trees do we have to re cycle but the programs shortly. Of for the fuel probe maybe via videos songs that are being sung. So they want recycled paper products locally grown organic flowers. Well heavens -- I was on your last trip on mother earth you wouldn't want a flower that wasn't locally owned and organic. What is this up flower from Texas. I don't want it I get rid of it I need something from the pew in -- as. It was. Crowd pulling. It's -- funeral procession and they want you to car pool to the burial site. -- Ray Allen married. Johnny Mac what -- backyard I can't -- I wouldn't know how much -- got. Your France holds five. -- -- And that's and that's echo friendly right now okay pick me up what time I don't know I just get there while we start we start the small gathering of natural setting. Carpooling. So they don't want a funeral procession there -- carpooling. Wait it gets better. Yes it gets better and carport why not have been hitchhike to -- to the burial site what the hell. What is rob where these people. We'll find out we come back. On those radio and -- certainly RWB.

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