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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Celebrating/Hating 50 Years of "The Cube Farm"- Bob Thompson

Celebrating/Hating 50 Years of "The Cube Farm"- Bob Thompson

Apr 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next on the WB and live line is our go to guy at Syracuse University where he -- with the Bleier center for TV and pop culture doctor Robert Thompson. -- doctor Bob -- I'm doing. We're doing OK -- -- looking into these deliberate. Office cubicles there are fifty years old now. And they have you know inspire that Dilbert cartoon series to -- and one of these things here at our studio. Not to ever had this job in any -- cubicle however I did work in their predecessor. Which is called the -- desk at the big thing in. Light breeze that would desks that we're lined up but they had kind of bigger walls who you were couldn't -- they had no wall behind so I've worked in the -- cubicle furniture but never really cubicle. -- why do you suppose it is that on the fiftieth anniversary of the cubicle. 93%. Of Americans hate working in a cubicle. Well I think probably because 93% of Americans take cubicles and most are dirty work I mean and most of them working cubicles so exposed. Most people -- cubicles could be associated with work and so many Americans. Working cubicles. If we need to remember though that before cubicles but it but he handled Hollywood movie remembers the scenes where someone gets the job but you walked into one of those B to ever -- open office. Spaces and you've got all these people lined up on the in -- and beer right next to each other and there's absolutely no privacy. I've got a feeling that the cubicle hadn't come along fifty years ago in 1964. And and its current iteration about 1967. People would probably -- none cubicle working even more than -- working because it's not like you've got the choice between. It's award for cubicle you'd have a nice private office if it weren't for cubicles you have no walls at all. -- The everything has a life cycle you know -- shelf life. We know that you think their cubicles well last another fifty years. I think they probably will -- -- -- -- he bit -- and efficient way to deal with an architecture that. Put a lot of people in small spaces which you want to do with workplace especially in cities where. A real -- is expensive this is. He pretty efficient way of giving. Some degree of price of privacy and personal space. While the same time not going into the extreme expense and inefficiency of actual private offices which I don't think it's gonna happen. You've got to check out at news radio 930 on Twitter because we just posted producer Randy pushover city in his cubicle. Although it's -- -- backside I -- Point out -- isn't he once said to me is best site. I'll let you set it not me. Anyway. Do you know these cubicles I guess what is it that we want we want to be sitting us senator picnic table on a sunny day doing their work. Oh yeah I mean -- we prefer not to have to go into work at all we'd rather be able to do for a home in whatever environment week. Create -- and defensive cubicles. One of the guys who develop the cubicle long ago kind of -- Is involvement in its of these things are obviously. Despite the -- duke -- a certain sense of being in the -- I've been these terrible little. The little modules. But if you go into the workplace and I'm sure you can do it in your workplace once you go into -- cubicle. He does have -- and that it's -- personal space everybody's got different thing. Tacked on to their little modular walls and each cubicle would be able to really take on to tiny little space. But you're able to really make you bureau where is again in the days when desks were Justin Long rose. He didn't have any walls you all you had to make -- was the Serb -- debt. And because that show to everybody that came into the office you were very limited in what you were allowed. To put on that short. They doctor Bob I suppose the cubicle will also. Find its place at the Smithsonian sometime soon thank you for joining us thank you doctor Robert Thompson with the Bleier sort of a TV and pop culture at Syracuse University.

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