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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Northwestern Football Union Vote - WBBM's Bernie Tafoya

Northwestern Football Union Vote - WBBM's Bernie Tafoya

Apr 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Football players at northwestern university in Evanston Illinois. Are voting today on unionizing. To become the first US student athletes ever to vote on whether to join a union. We open up the WP Ian lifeline to Bernie -- with WBBM. In Chicago Bernie good morning. According suited and job a great -- and what's the word is to talk -- -- this. Well we don't know and there are actually chill voting periods this morning. What runs for about another 35 minutes in the natural brunch from 10 o'clock in the morning until noon and then open will be over right now. Intersect -- really say anything worthy of the officials at the university. Can't actually -- is that National Labor Relations Board is actually running today's vote. And so I think it's terrible security silence until noon today that the university will speak again but in the past the university is not about. The fact that no union is needed that that. They're student athletes first and foremost have football players not employees as the regional director of the national labor relations portrait to -- What do the players ultimately hope to get out of this is that money. We don't know Obama we don't look it -- So how do we know if they're. Going to be trying to get something out of it I know -- can't pull through the former northwestern quarterback would actually start at the so unionization. Movement. Actually they've been eligible to vote today because his eligibility to play ended with the last season but he was key in getting this whole thing going. And he is insisting that it's not about money it's more about. The of the future well they didn't and guaranteeing health issues or the players themselves. -- they go down the line because most of these players are strictly factual put. -- all the activity every. In getting money in the long and they're playing abilities are going to be going -- do other things that I -- -- Tudor court college sports. They always do commercials for particularly universities. In these that telecast and lower that they that they tend to show is that. These student athletes they'll wind up in the profession in professional sports they wind up doing everyday things like you know mutiny -- and then everybody else. Bernie will they announce results of the vote later today. It will match and all other reasons is. The National Labor Relations Board regional decision is being appealed by northwestern university and the national National Labor Relations Board is an action this side. An appeal of the initial ruling that allowed today's -- take place in the first place. So the -- the ballots are going to be impounded and we won't actually know the results could be a weeks months we don't really know. But until the appeal is decided and what city is then it's likely we'll learn what happened. Do we know which union these players are looking to be affiliated with. I'm I don't particularly no -- that and I think just first. The issue is -- whether or not they actually want to form a union so. The other decisions to be made and I'm not sure they even know which what they were horrible it's always I mean could be something similar -- It's it's another union is on campus or other units ever since college sure workers and other campuses could be it'll we'll. And and it may be months before we even find out. Right and -- today. The vote and certainly six players are eligible -- And that the actual initiation of the -- the initial decision they're they're decision will be on a majority of the ballots cast shall. You know it's fifty -- it's a 260 what would -- Bernie good stuff thanks for joining us we appreciate the time. More YouTube Bernie -- With WBBM Chicago.

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