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Vaping & Hookahs and Health - Dr Andrew Hyland

Apr 25, 2014|

Part I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The federal government has taken a big step toward regulating electronic cigarettes. Doctor -- -- is in studio with us chair of the department of health behavior at Roswell Park Cancer Institute doctor highland thanks for coming in sir thank you. Is this a good thing this regulation in your opinions to. I think it's outstanding. Advancement however it is just a very first foundational step there's a lot more work to do at the federal level. Pursuant to this initial guidance. Okay government critics say the only reason the government wants to get involved. The FDA is so the government can just make more money with fee is Iran and other charges surcharges. Can we do. Without all this regulation or do we really need it in what will regulation accomplish really. Yes those specific do this regulation assists set up by the FDA which congress. Mandated created the senator for tobacco products within the FDA in 2009 so. They they have no taxation authority. Or anything like that it's really a mandate that set out by congress so they're following. That. That initiative about with this initial ruling and the draft rules that here as in this month 2009 congress only gave. The FDA authority to regulate cigarettes and smokeless tobacco and this is just really folding and that these other products. She says tobacco. And other products to have really fall under most of why that. Provisions are that are covered for cigarettes. Processes a minimum age to purchase -- that it went on to pick up on this the band for miners. It then that's another big piece of this is and it is that it is a big piece but here in New York. New York State is already initiated. Not allowing sales to minors on New York there won't be. Huge change the when he initial. Federal law they gave the FDA authority came in there and there was not this miners provision. Some states have adopted and others have not so this will create a uniform standard that is similar to stay -- state laws supersede federal hands. State laws don't supersede federal laws been in the absence of a federal provision states do have the opportunity to try to fill in the gaps. Roswell Park Cancer Institute jury. On these cigarettes which way is leaning. Well that that's a good question and I think this is probably one of the things that keeps me up at night aside from my kids and there's a reason to think that they could be significantly beneficial to public health thing you know and they're they're not burning on the the emissions and darkening as much of that toxic -- However there are harmful. Chemicals that do come off the vapor however there's also reason to be concerned and that. Are we see a doubling in -- used uptake of these cigarettes over the last couple years we do seated there are toxic chemicals that come off of the vapor. I'm more concerned about the marketing in the way it's being promoted herself kinds of flavors it's maintenance it did seem hip and cool. If there if but we just don't know let's -- we see the marketing for these products. I don't see a whole lot of that that's there. And this is in fact day -- real world experiment that's unfolding as we play out and we're doing research to try to understand just exactly. What that impact is so we can have a a science based guidance on how we should move forward. The of this regulation the proposed regulations would cover the the marketing to wouldn't that aspect. Eight -- -- draft regulations actually did is that the marketing aspect is one of the things that's absent from. This up proposed rule so I. Now the FDA and a the conference call yesterday indicated. That this rule is if is an initial rules right now they don't have authority -- cigarettes so with this they're saying okay we're gonna -- authority ovaries cigarettes. And -- It's it was in their purview and in subsequent rules today and go after the marketing and flavors some of the other aspects so this is gonna be a long process could. Warning label that it contains nicotine and that's an addictive substance.