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4-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I wore us down upon the EU would be great benefit then yeah. India the whole movie. Is that you can -- this month. They can keep going for it. And had. It's easy to clean right but the central. We've -- and now this. Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced in the fact that it's Tom hourly you may well I wouldn't -- that. Our news radio 930 WBE. It it. It is hourly and is ready at 930 WBE. And I'll tell you make up as African mine which -- anyway. We're talking about great concerts you've been -- we are talking about dog concerts you've been through and was. -- concert that just disappointed you like maybe some of you who. I don't know maybe you were in Europe or something. And you had a chance to see one of Auburn's final shows. When they were clearly depressed and didn't wanna be around each other it was clearly a struggle. Like when he appeared on that was Michael Douglas. Kind of sad really. Right 8030930. Coming up Bob Moore from the guy was actually at Woodstock 69 the original one right now here's traffic and Alan Harris. Holy -- are while you're on the outbound 33 and you've got additional information. I have no issue putting on the air with bad -- 930 is free on the cell phones start 930. We are talking about concerts and best worst and most disappointing and Mike in -- Youngstown was that would stock at one point he had seventeen. People of his ancient Chrysler but at that point was an agent Chrysler. And up. Let you know you're going how hard work take its figure. Did you have any idea the legend and Woodstock was going to become. First -- something newspaper in April. And we saw this whole still being. In this state like which start in symbol. I call my body and it said. We gotta go to this. We gotta go to this. I told my parents of course try to talk you out of. Of course. But you make this pars white balls and there's a very famous scene in the movie where Arlo Guthrie says New -- it's always close man like I was rapid with the products. He by the -- is a Republican now I don't know how many people know that but. How close was white falls to where the actual show was in a -- I believe. There was more than ten miles away. And it was it was jam. We had to like just -- like Chrysler over the side of the road. And just follow everybody. And we we have the -- they actually -- Eric Schmidt. Stop to this. Jewish edict came. -- short there. -- Britain. Which is much. And we want to wrote. And we agree it's. Right. There or. Actually a little blocks and people were. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're used there early enough to see the actual beginning where you actually there I think Richie Havens was the first back the Dodgers to -- short time ago or in a short time ago did you see it from beginning to end. Some. People are sitting there and Richie Havens. Right away no we did not get any tickets at all. -- certainly got close inflationary replacing. Its precursors to reproach. That doesn't mean anything go lose it -- we'll put the music on stage but just remember -- go to the words the man next to you is your brother. Thank you thank you I -- and that once it was. Yeah he's also is he would order a word about the bad assets. Yeah is it that -- voice. As somebody was gonna get caught in the head with a crane men and it's really alert. So okay out of Woodstock the biggest -- the the best performer Woodstock your personal opinion was. It. Santana. You -- Were -- for history. Well he's come into -- western New Yorkers our park right. Is in our park -- First Irish setters are at the NC says Santana along with. Rod Stewart yes. Okay yesterday and came and they did their. World. Literature. -- -- I've got to start allusion there mica I got to let you go but that thank you wherever it might well he he went to Woodstock and he survived. 8030930. The outcome 33 is a mess around beggar outbound 33 is a -- -- there. And you've got information start 930 is free on the cell phone this sounds like it's a Mongolian clustered dance of the year's epic proportions. Live in west Seneca saw Scherer and Cyndi Lauper last night Lola and talk to us. Brought. It was unbelievable. Share looked great she sounded even better. You know -- Just an unbelievable show. The best show I've ever seen in my life. And -- 65 years old and I've seen a lot of shows. She was just great. So oh -- dubbed best show in your life tell me who else you've seen that would blow me away. Chuck Berry in the early to mid sixties. In a bar in north Philly. Neil Diamond. -- Well it went event where are you saying that chair put -- a better -- -- the on the Moochie. Wow that that since I've -- -- an amazing talent I'd love to see. We've seen behind twice once that -- fare. In fact Chuck Berry was supposed to be there are on net. Hard but he never showed. I don't know what happened it was supposed to be -- and Chuck Berry a reality fare. Well. I -- I'm getting a sensor for certain genre of music you definitely enjoy and share -- Cindy Lauper. I'm not a big into opera -- her way at three songs were very good. She -- The people out there I'm just not a big Cindy will offer fans. Just tell me one thing about Cyndi Lauper insurer did they play the hips or did they report they have a lot of view with new unreleased material. Non. Biggest plate they hit it. -- -- -- I'm not that familiar with Cindy the way -- three songs she's saying I knew very well. Chair saying Pollard hit except for Warner to. All what didn't she do. Our. This -- the theme from. All chances are. You're gonna have to help you with my my share knowledge is you know let's put it this way I think I watched sunny and share once or twice on TV. I don't recall the name of the song and then and then she did does she didn't do. Well her her and tell us if somebody else has I was at the show thank you. All right so there's a guy who loved chair. But that positive sum all that familiar with everything she did it. Which it says simply for shares -- undertaker. Is it blows away you don't even if you're not even all that familiar with somebody and use dope -- was a great show at the great testament to the performing ability of the individual in question. Again folks if you're just joining us out while 33 at tiger. Sucks there's an accident and it's really really slow so be advised. Back to the calls here is all -- in buffalo where the chance to see one of the all time great guitar players or who is no longer -- this bill. -- All right. He's gone. Done. It is eighteen minutes after a six at news radio 930 WBZ. And the and Joseph beavers -- master control and John German as you call screener. Now we're talking -- about the best concert -- ever went to the concert that was the biggest disappointment. And the worst shell. There are people actually went to a Neil Diamond jewels last five years and you can Google it if you want to annual violent booed off stage yeah people demand that refunded. Ups and also the traffic situation about the 33 pairs at -- and as our next trafford report in -- is coming up with Alan and I just about a minute and a five seconds. Let's go to. Do all in now Wilson on WB Ian -- I come I went to be Derrick Brooks and he did his sixth night stand here in buffalo and he was phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. My worst character. I linked to cedar Beach Boys get pilot field and they were awful. That was not one of those good July 4 events. I think we'll wait -- -- -- -- the big power game was great and then they did the Beach Boys after and they were just. -- -- Well that's when you send -- Beach Boys remember their order some real legal squabbles involving the beach boys and the ownership of the name the beach pores are one of the guys I was well -- toward the Beach Boys band and that they're basically it was he was the only Beach Boys in the band. Now like normal there. So there were to the Beach Boys. It was two ovals like on the air and Emma -- only. Was there any work awful. Boomers start -- -- it was it was horrible absolutely. Horrible and going to be in the -- All right -- adjustable hold on just a moment because I wanna hear about Neil Diamond and ever had a chance to see Neil Diamond but we have a traffic news today and here's of course we do now because everybody wants to talk to me here is Allan Harris. That basically chilly weather and Saturday Donnelly will surely but just to add insult to injury the only rainy through fifty degrees our high what you do it's fifty degrees right now at news radio 930 WB -- by the way. Not that this has anything to do with anything we've talked about to still make deputy do. It was a hair product -- deputy do was big in the seventies late sixties early seventies don't know if they still make it. Not that I use that I was just curious. Olive affected dawn in the Wilson best show is Garth Brooks -- show was the Beach Boys at them pilot field on a fourth of July. And going to rule on diamond. When I found I can't remember the year. He was phenomenal. He went to really connect he -- get our kids he did some news stuff. The whole IA I don't know what happened the other people that Condon. Said he was horrible I thought he was great. What that story was out in the last few years that wasn't anything it was ten years ago is relatively recent and I think he tried singing with laryngitis which generally doesn't work well publisher Bob Dylan. And that really who notices. So -- Garth Brooks you know amazes me about Garth Brooks is -- you watch the video of -- when he first hit the big time with. Friends in low places and it was almost like he was Hank Williams senior wannabe you know he had that thin as a rail looked to him. And by the time he made the video at Central Park safe to say he'd put on about forty pounds look more like a junior. Promote healthy. -- -- it looked healthy. And at that time he was touring with Tricia you're right and when he brought Patricia I mean really just. Amazing. That's truly amazing and I'm hoping. Now that he's back and sure that he comes to the. All right when it when anybody goes there with their phone I immediately need to hang up on you. We -- pretty beeping sound like a keypad being touched. Our great stuff great stuff. An excellent stuff. Is that the -- I will let you know what I will never know. I will know that's like a new phenomenon it only happened in the past seven or eight years -- -- Joseph in 1983 that never would have happened. But for whatever reason now. In the middle of phone calls when it at all. For some reason that's become more and more common. If you're on the -- 33. B winner. It's -- portion over to the right -- that was the final analysis they're pushing over to the right if you're stuck in traffic. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh do we have somebody who's gonna commit musical heresy I think we do. It's bill in west Seneca built the you've actually got the worse show you ever seeing. Your show I ever saw. I believe it was 1964. And a group of eight Clarke five's. It's so computer. Router -- are people who. Are out they're trying to girl looked at about. Dave Clark five are you getting there we go. Who catches it can use that one baby. Okay we're second only to The Beatles at one point in popular. Absolutely. They were here the good of The Beatles weren't here okay -- and I ultimately cause it's okay halfway up in -- -- believes. And the ever I want to know about growing their music. It was just let. Where whenever it was 151000 creeping its premier bank. All all all that then alcohol that then the oldest kind of goes off the DC five and onto the fans who wouldn't rather be quiet enough to let you hear the Dave Clark five. But it was still a bad experience. So the bad experience yes OK and of course there and those days. People would come on and they will play for maybe -- -- -- And it's got a funny and if you want you all I'll talk after the news break but. -- would you watch over the full Beatles concert footage from like Washington or I think Kansas City. They are 25 minutes of The Beatles to five that's why. Are right still bite you like to an injury to united thirty WB Ian. And. So yeah. You guys might not believe it's. But back in the sixties these guys were basically second only to The Beatles in terms of their ability to generate wild or gas -- enthusiasm. Seriously. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They were the Dave Clark five on news radio 930 WBE so west Seneca so other DC five he didn't hear them though. Because you know the sound equipment back then it was not like the sound equipment we have today. And then you could not overcome the constantly screaming. At. Shrieks of Ecstasy. Of teenage girls at -- news. You're absolutely right Tom. I -- it quickly turn to the best concert I ever I ever saw. I really believe it -- And gone about it. Very -- they're just a few years back. It -- that it went well. Often an outstanding. I can't even find words to describe what they were they were just absolutely great. -- Brooks Brooks and Dunn. Darien lake. And I'm -- guess that they put on a very long show and by the end of it they were dripping wet with perspiration. Absolutely -- -- show of course great sound you know they're very. Well. I just -- give you a little. I wanna move your emotions just a little bit if you just listen for two seconds or. No no I come -- wrong while they're here I've noticed -- -- rebates. They just kill that man named -- hit it out of the park I love I love that version. They're out there I don't -- -- we were close to that. -- Orders. Laundry and -- 69. FE Canadian national exhibition. I. Johnny Cash. Anywhere that has peaked. At that time. And our. Yeah it was a it was a great great to experience. I can only imagine and -- Johnny Cash is one of those guys who interestingly enough. Became a legend in his own lifetime. After his so called peak. Every few people can do that -- and then become a living legends. Are great calls her are you see some terrific acts and I am somewhat envious and jealous. Especially the Dave Clark five because they were the you know what way back when. Thank you. All right I -- were pleased to mediocre one or below average one. It is 636 and who's ready at 930 WBD and while no because I'm looking for eighty degrees and I've got fifty. Fifty it's almost for -- may. What's up needs a vacation soon. Here is. You know I get to go to the Cleveland clinic penalty on here is live in -- port on WB EM Lim hi. Hi Tom -- for about and I never went Q would that somewhere -- -- these dominant. It was Peter Frampton the year after he -- -- -- they don't feel it would support popular for his albums Peter Frampton comes alive. Everybody ahead of that record as Peter Griffin pointed out once and an episode of Family Guy is there anybody you know who did not have that record. Well I know our players familiar on what time. But any other -- it -- -- -- and Arafat as much as some are. And it would he would aren't from -- and with little league of popularity. But we black and we heard that fit well with what -- it's so quiet. At this stage was super club. And he she -- on average song he'd like he. He played every incident and what it was like people on stage like you were out there are playing the answer it would. I tell everybody that was my -- concert I ever watched. Number OK gonna have to help your -- because Peter Frampton. Every time he comes art park every time he's anywhere near buffalo. I really think that this area is one of Peter Frampton is favorite places to play I think this area has a special bond. With Peter Frampton. You get it sets as well and I don't get that from other performers -- A lot of people that when they grow. It here or yours you know in part in the in the summit. People -- That -- where -- you know. Where are. I don't know what you mean by jams in jams in jams on it somebody's 220 minute version of show me the way I don't want bet. Other next song I've got a limited attention span Jimmy sixth minute to show me the way they get to something else. All of the what Peter Frampton the regulatory. My first girlfriend. This -- for a I had to compete -- this. Zero chance of -- sale. You know right here I've forgiven you after all these years are. Our -- that two other quick keys. I'm one to supporting concert I'm sorry that they were last year or our park I went on top. And I he would say well. They hardly played at all everybody will be worked but it is -- -- people were so I'll probably no words or. And music we were visible public works. They look like we're with. And then come into play. Perfectly well lead and you know top and I do. -- -- -- -- The Granger also appear to go joked. You know me -- well you. And thing. I'm curious if that's part of Russia. Drained and probably scare them. -- Music ever here. Halladay who thought of that when they were recording so wrong who says stuff like Barack. Of all all well I mean real. So. Now our brother thanks for the call. There we gonna -- him every African concert you went to our right here there is stuck some. Charge can be DB now here is all Bob and a cell phone on WB and Bob hello. But -- it today. They let you know about it thank you rave act -- -- recover and I'll say probably seventy. Pounds in the summer press that the yeah. I'm at Barnett was -- -- the old fashioned -- And how Obama well and I know and believe in girl what is the our group -- Leonard Leonard. Call. Now let's just spend a moment talking about Crosby stills Nash and young. Did you ever heard the album for -- street. 33 might help poppy but I -- I -- find -- on them. It's a horrible record do not waste your time. Here's what I don't get. In the era of YouTube I have watched videos from that concert tumor that we're so much better -- the album they put out why do you think -- to themselves. At another time an unbelievable I opened Tuesday. Like the one. That like they aren't going to be. I actually had a chance to meet Graham Nash a couple of times Stephen Stills wants. Never had a chance to meet Neil Young. David Crosby walked by me in a Coke case. We wanted to say I can smell it -- and like kerosene. Why don't count there were about mother love Osama. That was the headliner. And I think it was during this drug yeah -- problems -- Because in any event Christmas. There was it was horrible word but typical white man. You that where are we talking in mid seventies. Are we talked. Are we talking before or after slowing hands. I'll wait before. The -- about the fact that he went through it like after midnight. And oh in the -- although they are today. That I can stop that without you -- eat that apple might not even there. I know he went through a period I'm not sure for how long. Of extreme. That drug abuse are actually you know what what's really cool is he actually has -- some of his own money. Two bonded -- but still going stronger not a drug rehab facility in Antigua. Are actually they have now aren't absolutely amazing here is the best part I think -- The freedom and Jimmy Page they're they're they are about. What is so funny watch some of the Jimmy Page videos from when he was fifteen and sixteen years all the British TV -- short hair and a suit funny as well. -- yeah I tactical -- -- you predict economic talk about. Well there -- I spent hours on YouTube watching shows that I was too young to appreciate when they were big -- All collect all of -- quality but he goes from. Told them that they are all black and white BBC version. Really really really cool. Well you know -- -- disappointed though that we hear from that other guy -- -- -- top was awful. Anybody wanna come to -- top defense. You know I like the Internet event -- back at Bagram I thought I saw them and you heard it was all right I've said. There's smoke it's just absolutely not all they played it and above -- -- on an eight sounded like that or not. Well anybody can have a bad night anybody can have a bad show anybody can put on a bad performance sometimes the vibe just isn't their babies sometimes you just don't connect with -- each other as reformers and sometimes you just don't connect with the audience and sometimes you know you're tired. And you gotta go through the motions and very seldom does that happen one would think it would happen more than it does but I think I've explained before. The fact that performing is in itself a natural endorphins released so. I'd like that Bob -- -- great arm might be all. I -- all the great program. Well you most certainly did and probably few mediocre ones thrown him. All right thank you see Steve Miller. Who else is gonna be there Steve Miller and I should -- -- journey of Steve Miller. I'd like -- Steve Miller. -- but he loves journey that Kristi Miller. You know well -- laugh Greg him. I loads in jeopardy it may be well we'll get -- -- that one and the break ups. He's a really nice guy -- for whatever anyway moving up here's somebody else it was it would stock that you can. You and I Hamburg what is your Woodstock story serve. I did and I just got our man on the -- to a non. And a little and I got human body -- McDonald's -- The perfect I didn't amount of time. I've been -- pretty well. Do you hear about it but was stopped -- the end -- the balance -- of the Russian radio. We know -- -- just so we'll -- terror. Evil yeah it was a -- detail about it. I think he'd -- located in now okay. And I have one possibility -- you don't brand new. 1968 GQ -- different -- -- on the right. Now let's not put a circle let's go to go to direct line here how you got from buffalo to the show. But but if you're about to britney's sixteen GT. Crisis just about fatigue etc. I'd actually close and it is -- I doubt that I doubt Iran probably. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know a little bit because the children there. So it is guys stepped into the GQ are sort of back to the countless people around back then. -- got embarrassed and we got this Saturday morning before the kind of started. Okay -- and you sort of can't retention problem and I -- the Pope Paul the driver and that's where the department. There's fifty dollars that it has been there and neglected his -- -- focused. Underdogs everybody -- -- -- and did the -- he's unbeatable in this put up front that did not only so we want to perhaps. -- -- -- Politics there are still not a recipe just sort of -- probably there about what sort of direction and OK there are going to be able America and now we're pretty protested it. And we put our own party nor -- I only spent the -- you know -- -- -- I was doing just. Performer I got to ask you this guy a lot of people wanna get on a very limited amount of time your favorite act. It. Oh and then about. I'm trying to think did the Springfield. Play a weird stuff. I I've. I'm gonna have to look that up to thank you I don't know which version of the Springfield -- -- played it would start and we still was there urban I don't remember. I gotta look I wanna. -- -- fury was there. Him now I have to do work operator dismissed analogue out of the computers to Joe's gonna happen. -- thrilled I'm thirty WBM best worst and most disappointing concert ever. And I do not take this is gospel but I do not believe Buffalo Springfield played at Woodstock. Now Neil young and -- still where there and I know they get a couple of Buffalo Springfield songs but I don't think at that point the ban was too late going at that the as the Buffalo Springfield at the you know for what it's worth. I could be correct double on that but the Hampshire by and my brother will let me know in the -- smirk. It's 651 news radio 930 WBE and the let's get back to the calls best worst and most disappointing concerts ever good grief dated in Lancaster you are on the radio. And you have seen legend sir legends. Yeah into an accident than. It was it was a wedding. It was like a wedding reception at how long were you alone -- -- -- -- accident Jamison are all. Not -- war -- -- report sort and it was an early eighties. It and -- -- Book -- part of the bargain at any point there and we walked in error and accident. And. OK but what here. It had to be involved in 1980. Four because the curriculum at that. OK so which could ever again the ball snapped a build the clock when I asked the time. Eric are we talk we're not talking -- black or Deep Purple. -- -- have to say yeah. I'm gonna say yeah. I thought I was involved in other projects -- like was that about the time he was involved in that rainbow. He might have been but it these guys on that that is I mean as well and probably am I mean absolutely -- the real deal. Thought it was this woman thing that we in the hold on inner -- people right here anyway. The guys like -- calls from people will be a lot of connections and off while. From what I heard yeah. And cynical and go on a wing and a prayer and I'm gonna go with that one -- and I will go to -- -- believing that I mean the -- that was like on stage. They're big guys. I don't think -- black with part of the band at that point. And to me he was the purple but I will have to Jack and I just don't have the opportunity to do it now. But it breaks every walking into a bar -- Deep Purple -- author's -- is a good happens via. You know don't think it definitely I bought my mom tickets on or are are very Hannawald at the art. And I went with her I was so accompanying her you know as a -- and I'd rather jump off their marquee -- so I would never do that again. Wasn't really great show don't. Oh my gosh it'll come -- -- really. You know that wasn't my thing that was my mom putting up water heater governing all of verdict used. You know sing a song -- might hear something not -- I'd just. -- so I'm not embarrassed to admit fists as a man who really loves women. That I really like Barry Manilow. And I'm not even ashamed to admit -- I think he's an amazing performer. He rarely years we just want them like saying I thought well that's because what I accord. Sure you did you can be in denial Chris you can be -- -- all you want but through the interview comes out. There -- Are accurate amount for at this ES Simon and Garfunkel last anger and thanks very much man I appreciate the call. Oh my gosh -- I wish I could take all these phone calls today but I dollars to start this topic earlier instead of trying to be serious. Secure learned a lesson here just lighten up keep it simple stupid are folks while some great. Unbelievable calls an unbelievable concerts you guys have actually seen I'm so jealous of some view we did not. Have a Buddy Holly called today. He actually did play buffalo you're -- Ladies and gentlemen tomorrow I don't know what we're going to be talking about Sean Hannity is are coming up at 7 o'clock tonight right here -- WB young followed by Michael Savage and Savage Nation and overnight it is that George Noory. And coast to coast AM. One -- Joseph -- for masterful work at master control and John Sherman met your call screener and speaking of show us if you've ever seen John Fogerty playing alive he's got more energy at. -- At most eighteen year old you'll see lounging in the neighborhood so. Only view with mr. Fogarty inference. And I will remind you even people who divide your example of greatness. No yourself. -- Yeah I.

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