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4-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I wore -- down upon you with great. India the whole -- not much that it ends this month -- And welcome to the New York City. If they are big extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- And flu and -- gave up ground. Tom hourly. Column in the went up to. -- How much and -- I could have got covered up right and welcome. It's live it's locals have to take a look at -- story. Full -- Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. I'd like you you have bones. -- like owners. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You also have actually. With the F at the end. And that John -- these were calls greater and you can see what all of those handsome fellow as look like by going to my FaceBook page. My FaceBook page is an act and really screwy today. I wish I could blame the vast left wing conspiracy. But that would be illogical because the fact is that it page booklet is before. FaceBook will have glitches again and it's just the way it goes today it just seems could be -- rather on the -- -- idea. I have a couple things change a top excerpt. A change topics. Before I do. There's a music. There -- great piece. I predict weather was rush or Sean talking about the governor of Texas Rick Perry. Going to New York City he's challenged Andrew Cuomo out to a debate. Cuomo has said now. What's -- -- governor. Cat got your tong. Why wouldn't -- debate Rick Perry the governor of Texas -- You spend money on ads in New York City. Telling people in New York City why they should move their businesses to New York to get tax breaks. That's not an -- to get business for New York that's a global campaign ad. Now lol anybody else paying attention. Anyway. Rick Perry. I loved us. Has long made the case that high taxes. And tight regulations. Have stymied New York's growth and argued the empire state has a lot to learn from his taxes. I do not argue this is the governor of Texas -- speaking about New York. I do not argue the fact that New York has as vibrant cultural arts scene as there is in the country. Given that California has beautiful weather. Napa Valley is hard to compete with when it comes at a -- but the fact is you can't sustain all of life just on Broadway. We're just on Napa Valley or just on the weather. There are other things that are really important to people. Like being able to keep more of your money. -- that we have a letter. And up for many have you. I hate to say this about. It's at 10% more in your own pocket. Moving to a state like Texas or Florida -- has no state income tax. I can be a large chunk of change. Depending on obviously how much money -- -- -- the -- and everything in proportion. Now a couple of about things I want to introduce but. I wanna finish what I had to say about income in equality. And the fact that. I think it's rather self evident. And I know it's self evident because. There's nobody out there who called -- all year you're dead wrong. I know -- self evident because and it also by the way. It's not new. There's a great quote. I don't know -- But I developed Bat Masterson kick lately those who don't know the name Bat Masterson was an area bigger from the wild west. He only killed one or two guys yet he had this reputation. His gunslinger which really wasn't. Anybody who thinks income inequality is new. I would remind you there is nothing new under the son I read that somewhere once. Bat -- its final words. Sitting in his desk in New York's. Typing a word processors or as we used to call them a typewriter. Back in the 1920s Bat Masterson. Who -- all the wild west who sought New York City in the team in teens and twenties. Here's what he had to -- There are many of us in this old world of ours who -- things break about even for all of us. I have observed. For example. That we all get about the same amount of ice. The rich get it in the summer. And the poor get it in the winter. The last thing he wrote. Before suffering cardiac arrest and died at his desk in New York. Bottom line news income and equality is not. And I tell -- what. When Harvey Weinstein. Editor Weinstein. Decides he wants to be income equals with they. Hardly any time you wanna write a check. Made operate it. You know put your money where your about the news. With any of these sultans of Hollywood -- actually demonstrate their fidelity that are. Causes. They espouse. Feel free suddenly it shouldn't be more than happy to cash. Now it is up fifteen minutes after five news radio 930 WB ENN. Are what they should I don't wanna get into at this point on the program. Last night. At the first Niagara center. There's a lady a young lady -- sheer. Who put at least according to our listeners. And incredible. Concert. Now you start laughing at 67 year old sheer. May I remind those of you who've seen Steely Dan. Mayor remind those of you who. Enjoy Rick Springfield. May I enjoy those of fear of failure remind those who do enjoy Billy jolt and a Elton John that they weren't exactly born in the 1980s. Thank you very much. If you read the list. The top show notes you have ever seen. What would baby. Share while -- last night at first Niagara center. When you think back on your concert going life. The shows that blew you away. All and I think there's another aspect of -- that -- these to be addressed. Would. And should. The show you were going to see. And you did not. I believe one of my Brothers was all set -- Jimi Hendrix appeal ought. Mom and dad wouldn't let him. Once -- lifetime opportunity. Never had a chance to see mr. Hendricks. I'm just say. Now some people go to every single concert. You know people like that joke. You know people -- every single show the comes down the -- okay. German I don't you know every single person at every single show with people that you see every concert I think back to a junior high school and high school. There were the their kids. I swear they must live at the -- that we in place while the audit which would have been the equivalent of first Niagara center. And they got a lot of acts. One of the most memorable shows because of its closest to a tragedy in Cincinnati. Back in the 1970s the whole. The -- play in buffalo. That was their first show after the disaster. In Cincinnati. Now people don't remember that maybe but. Here's what happened there are a whole bunch of people waiting to get him to the venue at which The Who replied. They started hearing thus solve that check. And certain idiots in the crowd thought that that was the show and that somehow they were missing. So everybody tried to push against the doors. And a few people died basically crushed it. By eight teaming brew of in humanity. Because god forbid they miss a few notes. Substitute. The next show they did I think I was the next night the night after. The night after the next night was in buffalo the rule. So sure. Jobs. All the way last night if you're at the show I was not. Did she in fact put on an incredible performance or not Cindy Lauper. -- just put it up there. When you look back on every show you've attended. And some of you've seen what a two concerts some of you have seen one or 200 concerts. Is there one that you keep playing it back over and over and over again in your mind. Well I'll never forget Steely Dan. And I think they open up there in 1993 show at the -- With green earrings. Bring up tempo song. And I just remember sitting there with pregnancies -- great seats were pretty good seats. Just in law of the fact that these guys who I've been listening for years. And ever and a zillion years bought it ever have a chance to perform live -- perform life. I was just blown away. How good they work. When I think about. Or some other some other groups that played the right that I didn't see. I become percent. For example the -- How many opportunities. Did you have to see the hope. -- Yahoo! aided in ago. I am very interested in knowing about the all time greatest show you ever so. And the show you wish you did see. But. You did not. You know concerts are expensive and frankly they've gotten more and more expensive as time has gone by in fact you know The Rolling Stones. Where they played Toronto I forget exactly what they were charging I remember thinking it was just absurd. How much money would you possibly one up or a -- -- -- the boys do the same stuff they've been doing since the sixties. The stones absolute legends of rock and roll. But there's -- -- Saint Paul McCartney same thing with the beach ports. Those -- you listen to the show last summer I went through -- a couple of Summers ago I went through a great deal of dissidents. Because Ringo Starr was playing at the Paul's view casino the Beach Boys were playing apparently. And to get the really good seats each of them were like hundreds of dollars. And I had to try to figure out which one I would say you know -- as I decided. I was gonna spend the money not that kind of money this either. And I honestly don't regret it. I realize that up against the to -- traffic on WB -- is Alan Harris. And AccuWeather for tonight there will be cloudy 37 tomorrow it will be cloudy and breezy might see some rain in the afternoon 62 and I know you're looking ahead to Saturday right. As you heard it was going to be. All it's not it's gonna be fifty degrees on Saturday breezy and cooler with a shower or two spring has not -- on its fifty degrees at news radio 930 WB yeah. Share wowed -- last night absolutely destroyed. Them last night. At first Niagara center your all time best concert most memorable concert and the one that got away from -- 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB EN by the way any huge traffic jams. You make sure we know about the 8030321. If they're really bad call my show. Here's Eric in the tunnel Wanda on the WB and Erica you've got a concert tale for us. You know I certainly do. -- can't ruin me for a real attention maturity go to after that split. It was it was my first investor whenever. Making -- five win. Super trip. Meter first up immunities secured both low and that the all other -- the decline -- And I wound up. -- phone calls for an. Who gave up. Eight -- sitter seats. Right in front of -- and -- tell you would it was. Stone cold sober I've my left to right -- I hit it every -- in the world. Are we talking about contact high are we talking about the performance just being so incredible that you were in a state of natural musically induced euphoria. I'll go with the letter there -- -- if it. I kicked your Q wasn't tactic but it's certainly -- I don't believe woods it's. Now and I should point out to 1975. That would have been before. Breakfast in America that would have been the crime of the century album. Bloody well right was the big hit from that one. Okay. Now would you like your bit of super trip trivia that you never heard before and it involves buffalo 1975. Already and you can ask him Mike Driscoll the proprietor or a founding fathers -- Edward street buffalo about this after that show. Those guys from Supertramp. The guys and nobody had heard of at that time were very few people. A -- -- one big -- right back at you Heidi well right that one and Joseph like no you're right on that. They went to mother's bakery the old the original mother's bakery hundred G. Was -- Virginia place. The street behind frankly -- Virginia place in buffalo. And Mike Driscoll actually waited on those guys at his place and of course they weren't surrounded by fans and groupies or anything. -- they were amazing they were absolutely. Beyond amazing. The -- When they came out I never saw so many instruments on the stage before. In -- -- which -- to pull up situation but each and every one of those guys knew how to play each and every one of those instruments. Wow. Right now when they came back with -- breakfast in America which was a monumental epic album that everybody in that are all -- back when we have vinyl. Did you see him again. You -- to a tumor response and yeah I'll. It was into climate to get that. Even though everybody else place but it was a -- never saw. Anybody talked to that had been at the poignancy. Introduction from mr. Richardson didn't compare. -- Eric what -- called -- thank you very much that's awesome. Thank you pay anybody around this letter scattered anybody I've read the original letter scattered lot of Perez you will make me very jealous. 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB EN I mean I figured heavy stuff. Must be depressing use of in light them up. -- But it's. It's. It's. Yeah are sort of -- -- 1975. Via -- century to Becker has most memorable concert what we're yours share last night Cyndi Lauper. Yeah well what shows us -- blew me away and it wasn't expecting it to it was -- I ever bought a million years I have a chance to see blog but actually any station sponsored event at the Albright Knox. She put it she put on a show probably 77 years ago five years ago now. I still remember she sounded phenomenal the band was phenomenal and she looked like she hadn't aged a day. Since the 1970s. Seriously. Save your life -- an -- some people aged quickly some people hold on to use the long time. I haven't eaten since I was twelve let's go to love. In the buffalo was about to make me very jealous Hank you're on WB and you're all time favorite shows sure. Page you bill and today awesome. Well you know. The first let's it's. I said I'm not sure about that -- let it all. Whom we go way back. You don't -- -- -- guy but that opportunity away and I when did undergraduate work on in Memphis Tennessee. I want to Memphis state of play football now man and I got the see the original -- -- -- And my campus said that you sent here back in 77. Or OK wait -- whole -- IA I'm gonna get on my knees right now because I believe that that is the only appropriate position to assume when you are discussing the seminal days of littered scattered. That's correct. -- -- didn't come out yet they're very they're they're they're all original sit well there around my university and map. I had a wonderful experience -- Memphis -- music. And you know when we talk about is a game -- fall it takes me back to the days I believe that way is. I'm mistake to visit my concern career certainly -- when they first built the stadium out there -- Vigorous 74 was completed -- -- have to look at my old little very light weight artificial gold coin they gave out for the first game. Now but there where it is then they played football game there they have what they called -- twelve parts series -- summer. Are we remember. Like Josh I you know what's that I. I haven't thought -- heard about summer fest in years it's like vaguely dimly ringing a bell please can -- And -- believed. One of the shows that I saw a lot of it part series because they have many groups there that played at the beach -- -- but it was a much like can all. And -- that was when they had that special sound system that way and they play that song come and see the show and it went around in circles and it felt like the roof blew off the top but rich stadium. So I. There wasn't a roof. Just a technicality group. Metaphorically speaking. But yes sir but the fact of the matter is you know I was very fortunate as the young man. So when I was. I got there experience a lot of different types of music down there I haven't actually. Even had an opportunity to. Credit with the bodyguards and Elvis Presley book that I never got a chance to meet them. A party -- -- entourage but never got the medium and a lot of demand music on around -- village old Ahmed. Not an -- and where in Memphis. Speechless in the whole piano man sent them there so you know. -- -- Appreciate that -- put I'm just OK the one thing that is just going through my mind over and over. And when I go home tonight I'm gonna be cranking it up on the radio the fact that you had a chance to see Leonard scattered 1973. When they were still basically learning their chops. That's correct and I feel that it -- mr. Graham and and they speak up -- all government still going strong so. Well you know I don't know at this point -- got a lawyer with all due respect -- kind of -- executed at this point more to cover band. You can't live Leonard Skinner without. -- -- I'm sorry you can't be our turn -- have The Beatles without Georgian John. That's correct. In total agreement weren't that that's like. One -- they chimed in with the Allman Brothers which the -- up that's still not the same as they were at the beginning so. Well you had a chance to see it and I I have to tell you I I I don't get envious of a lot of people blitzer I'm envious of view and I I don't think I'm frankly worthy of being on the same -- my vision. Oh yes you. I feel honored my friend. If you already got Richard thought he later. Thank you -- wow OK Billy Joseph all hang out with the Memphis mafia Elvis -- bodyguards. Dan. She was here last night I didn't go. Everybody I know who I've I've read her account to the program -- the program the show everybody loved it. And I don't wanna hear anybody market share for being 67 dress the way she was you know what. We should -- as genetically blessed or maybe cosmetic -- blast as sheer. It is up 548 news radio 930 WBE end. You know Emerson lake and Palmer ELP I don't know why but I never got into those guys I didn't get in the Pink Floyd until. You don't wanna know it wasn't all that long ago. But I appreciated the guitar genius of Roger Waters. That meant to do more with the deep minor damage he just those two words than most people can do with a full wrap of -- Let's go to I don't know how to say this guy's name in the agenda CO New York is it Sorin. So are all right and WB and welcome to the show. -- I'd love your show thank you. Another way -- can. You go to C. And some other rich stadium kind of -- -- back to your last -- ability some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- letters scared. Johnny and Edgar -- says -- now to a close and scattered. They're just over the -- -- those. Stated they were so. Well this owns. You have to give The Rolling Stones props for long jeopardy. And for me to me anyway. For. -- away. It's difficult to quantify. The skulls vs -- Who. In terms of the biting and more cutting edge they brought to the British invasion as opposed to the pre need Beatles. And the kind of back and forth between America. I mean. Richard -- just keep them out there. Well absolutely and in effect -- -- mention this before but. It some of the TV appearances they did in the early days they've they thought knocked them -- go to Chicago. And -- bring in in the original black blues guitar players from whom they learned and give them their props. Absolutely. -- you see the documentary retreat. You know I did not. It's also. Going to be -- Actually believe at this point Keith may actually be a zombie but I can't say that unequivocally -- best be careful lest his attorneys got that right. This summer spoke with nineteen so 1970s. Say that the Serbs but it happening -- And I believe you were -- -- until. Well aren't great -- up I -- look up summer -- I hadn't thought about summer festival long time but here's here's my issue go. Do we actually consider that to be a single show a single concert it's like Woodstock. Comedy comedy and -- listeners -- Woodstock 1969. How many. Seven dollars. For those stones straighter and it delivered and that's. And I looked at royal Buffalo Sabres tickets from the 1970s. The best seats in the house the lower golds. And I think there were ten or twelve blocks. Thanks very much -- glad you called well OK you guys are awesome this this is. This is like so cool. You're all time favorite concert course I have to wonder too weak do we -- the multiple groups shows his concert I guess we have to deal. But there's usually one band that steals the show. When you have a a multiplicity of artist for example. Just depends on your favorite a lot of that is subjective but a lot of people think -- Who just blew everybody else off the stage at Woodstock. At some people they it was Alvin Lee and and years after an ongoing. By and -- call. Here's -- in the Youngstown on a WB Ian doc. -- -- -- -- set free bird is the Bane of some local guys in the band I can think they've hit around and every time they play it they look at me and they do later -- You know you're. On a great job you're dead at 867. And there -- me oh. The first -- -- with my mother to get a couple of Wichita could see Neil Diamond that few years ago all and I think he was older than share was. And product and has been so. We don't there -- some story about Neil Diamond and it was in the last three or four years where he went out onstage and he was so bad. Bad people actually walked out of the show and he was basically booed off the stage. Because he won't he try performing when he was sick and he just couldn't do. In 02. It looked terrible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shall because. Well I have to. Need some more information on the summer -- shows there's got to be if FaceBook page devoted to them because that apparently there was more than one summer past him and I would have been about -- let's seat ten years old 1112. And believe me my parents there's no way to hell they would let me see any concert anywhere at that -- It. Fleetwood Mac. Norton. Street. A moment. And. Well I'm glad you had a chance to experience it firsthand I am man I'm insanely jealous. Thank you very much. -- till three all -- 35 away worst concerts. You know I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that. Because are there have to be people out here you'll look forward to seeing. A certain performer right. Especially you know you're 1617. Years old right to publicity to the album over and over and over again -- totally psyched. That you go to the show. And not only did you end up as I used to end up with sake seats. But the performance absolutely so. You know I'm surprised hasn't come up yet and I've mentioned this yesterday. The three night stand by Bob Seger and the silver bullet band at the auditorium. I still have that my concerts -- Articles about that. Seriously folks you always posted a one night it's sold out about five minutes he did two more nights consecutively here in buffalo Nokia. And some of you listening actually saw Buddy Holly -- appeal on. It's a special place in my hell for you journalist 8030930. News radio 930 WB and best and worst show ever. Are gonna rock shows concerts you've been through on WB -- all my worst Gordon Lightfoot Melanie -- He didn't even do wreck of the Edmund FitzGerald let that he was in his -- stage. And AccuWeather tonight cloudy 37 tomorrow cloudy breezy some rain in the afternoon 62. Saturday cloudy breezy and cooler of course because you're off fifteen -- Right now it is fifty news radio 930 WB. -- and it is hourly and we're talking about the best and worst concerts. You've ever seen. Best and worst concert you've ever seen -- was in -- last by it was Cindy Lauper. Some review I -- self extremely. Envious of some of these phone calls. Like the people were Woodstock 1969. Now you might find it odd that somebody -- my political beliefs would enjoy the music of Woodstock but. I do always bet. There was one notorious day and the summer of 1972. Were whatever was the Woodstock album was released probably the summer seventy. Wind out. Somebody at -- pool in Taiwan. Was playing the Woodstock album over the PA system. And the entire fish sheer was heard it in all of its bid madness giving it -- giving Yahoo!. And you pretty much know the next two continents involved. Needless to say be moms overlooking their -- children were not particularly amused by the selection. Let's go to. Doing here. We're doing need to break -- get a break aren't here is. All like -- Youngstown was at Woodstock moderate -- on WBBM -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now you're big and everybody jealous or. It -- well or -- it would start its seventeen people in the -- holy ground. There. -- I -- You know we hear it -- can know what false. I need to put you -- hold because a I need to compose myself and not use bad language because I'm so jealous B I got to your mortgage story goes I go there it's got to be much more torture Deirdre when he were wearable personally track you down. And I'll play -- leave at 3 in the morning outside your house -- -- --

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