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4-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And the. And you would. Think it. Yeah hold -- The end. The few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threats facing Americans -- Russia. And al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling that's for the foreign policy that wherever. And whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened -- it. Gary -- Destroy all silent. That was an amendment. Tom hourly. Even -- this. I think it right back -- its live yeah local girl is. It's Tom hourly and -- throws -- -- yeah honestly -- news -- 930. You have got some other. Their ideas were more in droves. But it they can away. Its hourly thanks very much by the way four bacon me party life from a statement we have a wonderful symbiotic relationship most days ago. I couldn't do this without you hopefully I had some laughs hopefully every down against some information some insight maybe a different way of looking at things that to your life. And what you had in my life is immeasurable you have no idea. You have absolutely. No idea when I think back to the show we did a couple of days ago. About JJ. And a family members and I had no idea that they we've been listening when they called -- And they basically spilled their hearts out to its I raid. Folks the way bet kind of trust and relationship is built. If only built and it's only based on being genuine. And it can never solved or can ever be contrived. Because of a genuine guy. If I'm acting I'll play an actor but you can tell by my reflection. When right you are you can it's. Anyway it. Thank you were allowing -- and that's what I'm trying to say here it is at ten minutes after -- news radio 930 WB EM that day my question to you news. Do you believe in income. Equality. Now I don't know exactly what people whom identify themselves as up progressives mean by income equality. Because. Life isn't failure -- life isn't equal ladies and -- you go to the health club. You work up a sweat you're in the showers afterwards. You know. Mother nature is not equal and not to try to be gratuitously gross here. But well men we have certain things that we notice about other guys. And some of us and Asian background feel somewhat inferior and ladies. You know. You know that you have busted your rear ends on the -- You're busted your rear ends doing every possible lower body exercise there is until the cows come home. And you still have that -- but that is a problem for you meanwhile. The lady in the shower cross your view. You've you've never seen her do any of those exercises. And yet she's got the perfect but. A -- life isn't fair I would never have six back caps ever. No I I don't let it just ain't gonna happen life is on the equals. And compensation. Is always going to be on equal I do not earn as much money I'm quite sure as our vice president general manager. I'm sure he doesn't earn as much money as our corporate. Officers do. That's the way the system is set up it's a hierarchy it's a pecking order it is -- tears as NTIA ER. Okay. And it. And look. How -- I try to take care of the people with whom I work most closely like Joseph and John to the best of my ability. And -- compensation. Is not my business. What I can't do. Is provide an environment to which they enjoy coming everyday. They do that for May god notes. I've got many years of -- stressful situations. And I look at Joseph and John. And suddenly my wife feels complaint and I don't care to think that's BS because I think it's the same thing. Arm we will never however. Have equal abilities equal skills. And I'm not talking here about the three of us are talking about society and in general look I'm never gonna be able to dunk a basketball. I will never be able to design an atomic bomb. That's not my thing baby. So. Do you think that our society the United States of America should strive for income equality because I guarantee. There's two things you're going to be here -- about in the run up to the presidential election one of them were already being introduced to it is the idiotic idea that the Republicans are at war with women. First of all guys I hate to tell Davis. The Republicans don't have the testicular fortitude to be at war with anybody -- they can't even wage war against Obama or the left wing administration he operates. They certainly can't have a war against women and by the way there are actually women who are Republicans. Go figure. And I could go back to the abortion argument but I know we it made a -- a lot of roughly 50% of the babies conceived today will be female. Democrats are known for supporting basically abortion on demand whenever and wherever however. Even if the kids survives the abortion people like the president think it's okay to drive -- nail through Ted Kelly. Half those babies will be female who who is at war with -- I'm sorry who who exactly is -- with women. Because. I don't think it's the Republicans. Republic if this got some awful -- the Republicans camped at war with anybody. They just don't have the stomach for fighting about street fighters the Democrats are street fighters and and I hit through. I know that this came up earlier this week and I know I've mentioned this several times over the past year. But anybody is listen to this -- knows that I have a healthy respect. For the Democrats the liberals and the progressives you know why. They're not ashamed they're not afraid to tell you exactly where they are and to fight dirty. They recognize that politics is blood sport and they will do what ever they have to do to win and push their agenda forward. Meanwhile they have stated their opposition as the most hit field -- fear mongering. Racist homophobic misogynist that people. Ever to walk the face of the Europe opera. And the Republicans. Don't fight back. Now they don't. I thought it would take a question of taking the high road I just think it's a question of -- cowardice and be not knowing who they are. And seed. It's a dead party it's that they might as will be the wigs. And I know that Mike makes a review more Republicans very uncomfortable but do you honestly think the Republicans are ever to win another presidential election in your lifetime. As things stand right now I don't see it happening. How could it happen demographically. It's not going to happen. I'll tell me tell me now. When the Republicans put forth another all the dark. When the Republicans put forth the other establishment candidate. And the people who would be most likely to -- replace the current -- process in Washington State home. Because the Republican who's being offered is very little separated from the Democrat being offered. What's the point. Folks does anybody else remember in 2012. One of the big problems with the Romney campaign was the fact that how in the hell could you have to obamacare. When he put into effect much the same thing in Massachusetts. You wanna talk about a no win issue for Romney which could've been a winning issue for somebody else. But getting back to pay in equality ladies. I have to ask you. Do you feel especially victimized. Might -- in the equality. I've worked -- work and underneath female CEO outs. I don't give you -- Mindy rich. -- was my boss for about I don't know seven years. I guarantee you she earned more -- good. And frankly she was also a joy it. For whom to work to this day. I have very very fond memories and very very fond thoughts. About -- rich. Not because she's loaded. Not because I liked Bob -- but because I saw how she treated people. On a daily basis. And guess what there was pay inequality even with a female. CEO. Not everybody made the same amount of money. And guess what even under a female CEO. There were women in the workplace who probably did not make as much money as their male counterparts doing -- similar job. Now granted we're talking about twenty years ago when there are a lot of other variables that go into that but I. I have had the experience a working under a female CEO and it was a good experience. 8030930. Is the phone -- do you believe. In income equality do you spend a lot of time worrying about what other people earn. Because I don't I think it's very self destructive you can't control nor should you try to control what other people bring home. Rush Limbaugh makes a fortune shortly Hannity makes a fortune I'm sure Michael Savage makes a pretty darn good penny for what he does. Why go home at night lamenting the fact that I don't have an estate on Long Island to the Hamptons no. Do I go home at night. Presenting Rush Limbaugh because he's got a place in Florida on the ocean no. I'm happy for the success of legitimately happy for their success. Because when rush thrives and -- thrives I think those are good things. I -- that their ideas are solid it shows that there is a market for the way they think. And let let's just give you another example here are the buffalo jails. I have nothing against the buffalo jewels I had dated a couple of buffalo -- Yeah I know I I don't understand it either guys. I really don't. Other books and very how short ugly men can hook up with awesome -- Probably -- bigs big seller. -- -- but but still. -- -- -- The point is. Does anybody really think buffalo jail. Is what will put seventy odd thousand Andy's -- stadium. Well. Now EJ Manuel will put those -- in seats. All right Mario Williams will put those -- in seats. The guys were on the field -- in the place. Are what puts the people in the seats and draws the money the sponsors the TV revenue. Not the buffalo jails or any other cheerleaders. And I have nothing against the jails I certainly don't have anything against women but that's just silly. But I also recognize that we are a market driven society. Now hold that thought. Would ever thought -- having right now some of you may hate me right now some of you may be shaking your head -- in agreement and maybe for some people this is a revelation -- and really think about it like this before. But right now -- -- -- if there's any traffic revelations and we needn't even go to the island of -- here's. I don't even know what the -- that meant here's -- mr. Allen Harris Allen. All right thanks -- -- if you see any major traffic issues happening you can always -- critical WB and traffic command hotline Allen always likes to talk to appreciate your help as we all do. 8030321. 8030321. Talking about equality. -- you have to drive twenty miles Holmes -- drive five miles home. I'm sorry there's probably about the point or analogous at all but it just struck me as being funny when I thought about it and in execution proved to be an absolute -- AccuWeather it will be cloudy tonight the overnight low 37 degrees shut -- beamer. For tomorrow it'll be cloudy and breezy maybe some -- in the afternoon in the high 62 and then last Saturday when I was gonna get some gardening that I was actually continue to trim my Bush's I was gonna chop up the parts of the bush that I've been waiting to chop up for a nice day. But -- gonna happen it'll be breezy and cooler with a shower in spots and fifty degrees right now it's fifty at news radio 930 WB EM. I actually did give some thought last night after I got home from work. To making the big branches smaller to put them in the garbage bags for garbage day once they felt a -- it was one I got home. Basically there were two words that escape -- eight mile. The second of them was this the first one you can fill in the blank and -- right now at the map and what -- gonna happen they're just little branches that rocketed to any thing. Are right it is up for Tony -- And by the way if you're having an issue with my FaceBook page not downloading right. Or acting squirrelly on -- send -- email and let me know. And no I don't think that it's. Anything other than a glitch of some time. But if I know that a lot of you're going through it then I'll bring it to work corporate IT people. To see if they can contact the FaceBook people to work it out periodically folks this has happened with -- Where you know for whatever reason. We just slowdown. Or just doesn't refresh it doesn't load for -- properly. I do there's a lot of talk to a public FaceBook page there's a lot there. And I add to it every single day. But I've never seen it do what it's doing today which is just being -- over an ultra slow you can check it out for yourself Tom dot hourly. BA EU ER power it's like here Jack Bauer from the show 24 -- just that L eat at the end and it is the picture of me with the tuxedo -- long haired blonde with a goatee it would be your humble host. I'm wearing a tuxedo that's the page to which you would like -- ago. The other one is my former personal page which is -- inactive I don't do anything on personal FaceBook at this point. It is not coming up on 424. -- news radio 930 WB EN. Is there -- time. Is there a time when you realized. That life wasn't fair. And that life wasn't equal. Bill. Will always be people were better looking than. There will always be people who were stronger than you. There will always be people who can shoot more accurately than -- Come -- really good shot. But I know there are guys decked out shoot -- -- women who can out shoot me any day of the week. I might be good their super talented they're super gift at what they do are recognized that I applaud that. Now in terms of income. Folks here -- words that. Win and and folks I don't care you're talking about the mob or you're talking about the legit world. There will always be people who make money. The people who make the money are the people who put the -- -- in the seats. The people who make the sales to bring in revenue. And the people who have all the responsibilities. Of organizing and dare I use the word branding an organization. The pay will never be -- Nor should it -- Because what's the point of anybody even going to elementary school. If you know you're gonna make X number of dollars whether you spend two seconds in school or twenty years in school. It's a real. Fallacious idea. And it's just plain stupid. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB the end. Human beings yeah. It's not good. -- an important points and meet people and. All right like us nobody disagrees with me on income inequality. But mark my words mark my words ladies and gentlemen in addition to the alleged war on women. -- -- I'm sorry to laugh I'm just I'm laughing at the idea that the Republicans have. Much less women. I you're gonna be hearing about -- economic. Equality more and more and you're gonna hear about let's see the rising gap between rich and poor. And how we need an 80% tax rate so that the money from the uber rich can be taken and given to the people who you know copy you're homework when you work go to school. Wonder and it it never quite made sense to me. Putting a lot of things don't make sense to -- logically. I always wonder why the people. For example in Hollywood. And I I heard Michael Savage I think it was last night the night before and sometimes what's really freaky. Is I mean if -- -- Michael savages program director I would give him some advice but. There are times I turned him on and I think I'm listening to myself because word for word. It's it's just bizarre last night. I think it was he was talking about. Making sure your kids do not pursue a career in acting. In Hollywood Michael lives in San Francisco. Ahead basically what he said applies if money was the be all and end all why. Why are personally psychiatrists. Why is there's always drug abuse why there's so many suicides and self destructive behavior in Hollywood. I'm thinking about it I've heard those words before. No I'm not saying that he listened and he used them -- god somebody's gonna misconstrue that but it is kind of funny. Because I have long said the same thing that money isn't everything but. It actually this. You're here you are you probably driving home from work. You know try to put it behind you for today. But. Do you have a job or do you have a career. About temperament. To have a job -- Or eight career. And -- did choose you or did you choose it. You know the famous quote I didn't choose thug life. It shows me. Which I always that was a budget crap. But. There are jobs. Which you work to make money. You go hole and they really are a part of your life and then there are careers. Which basically become a huge part of your identity. Lawyer doctor landscaper. Boat builder. Manicurist. -- person. Cosmic colleges would be the proper word I believe beautician. I have to tell -- Now I wanna hear from you on this because. I wanna know how many of you believe. That you were doing what you were intended. To do. And you talk about equality out of talking about equality. In the idea that income equality. Is impossible just as height equality is impossible. IQ equality is impossible looks equality impossible. Mean there is no such thing as equality. On this planet. Other than to say that every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Except the ones -- -- to disagree with me but other and that people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Just because somebody might have an IQ of 75 does not mean you -- to treat him like crap. That's wrong that's not -- that's not human. You'll rot in hell if you start judging people that way and treating people that way. But. Did you shoes. Your line of work. Or did choose EU. Are you doing. What you always thought you'd be doing. The difference between a job and your application. Regardless of what she met. Now. Here's something that I think is very important. You might be in high school right now and it's almost -- might be a senior. And you're thinking about going up the collagen or maybe trade school board a skill. No matter what it issues. Where you have been given gifts. You are going to be happier. You are going to earn more money. And you're going to be more fulfilled. Doing something. You are meant to do doing something you enjoy. Doing. Then if you try to be a square peg going into a round hole. Because life has taught me that is a recipe for disaster. You know it's interesting when you read about some of the sons of famous families of the nineteenth or twentieth century. You know you you hear about the Kennedy dynasty and you know politics it's what they do. Well what you don't hear our about are the people who came from families that were very upper middle class sport you might even call the wealthy. And there was a family business but the family business that don't -- think pork they didn't wanna go in Tibet. And they would just say the -- a -- on off the pedal why don't you know I'm gonna do this my way. Frank Sinatra even before Frank Sinatra people that things they -- away. Because that's what made them happiness. That's where they found their fulfillment as human beings. It's like at the end of every show I do. Almost every show I do. Unless it's wildly inappropriate. I say know yourself. Do you believe. That you chose your. Career if you have a career or did it choose you. Do you have a career or job. And you ever think you're gonna see equality. On this planet in terms of income. You're not. Following through with what I said earlier there's a reason Mario Williams Sunday it was at 100 million dollar contract. And buffalo jails gonna have to borrow gas money. There's a reason why. Patrick -- commands -- kind of money he can command. And -- staff who better example. Billy laid up all bad example there's a difference between superstars. And mediocrity. And the superstars. Are going to command the kind of money. Superstars command why did they do that it just lets think about this logic. Why does a guy like Patrick Kane where Sidney Crosby. They're famous hockey players those who don't know or Mario Williams of the Buffalo Bills. Why -- they earn so much money is because the owners of the teams -- they were great guys. Well. Because they. Valued the skills they perceived those guys bringing to the team. And those skills resulting in victories and resulting in revenues. Revenue -- Jersey sales revenue by advancing into the playoffs. Revenue buying you know you name it anything for pennants to mugs. That's why. It's the guys like Mario Williams in Sidney Crosby and Patrick -- these are the people that make money for other people. They're not earning the money because the person signing the check things are awfully cute. Term rake in the money because it's an investment. They are again folks -- thing. Those -- you think that -- go to Harvard Business School I want to save you some money. Because there are three shows you need to watch. Just get the box sets of these three shows. And you don't have to go to business school. -- -- Know what live it learn it love it. There is so much more valuable information in that show which was on HBO many moons ago. Then you'll find in most exports. This -- products. Probably a much better known show. There is more information in The Sopranos. That you can apply to your daily life. That you're gonna find in a textbook at UB or at Harvard. But you an example. About real world and equality. And this is really how it goes in that organized crime. When Christopher was first made. In other words when he became an official member of the mafia. And they went through that ceremony and Christopher looked up and saw the -- the -- Of course a metaphor for depth and impending doom. He was very furious because every single time. They went out to dinner. Christopher as low man on the totem pole. As the last guy to have been made or accepted into the family he always got stuck in the up. Any complaint about it. Tony Soprano said hey it's the way goats. Your low man on the totem pole yet you're a -- guy but this comes with the territory. Folks there are lessons like that that a ball in your own life if only you'll open your eyes to see that. There are lessons like that even in radio. And we don't morale breaking people's legs as a rule but. There are lessons like that in every single field I'm -- doctors have -- all in the pecking order. I'm sure that you guys who are the residents. Are you basically -- the peanuts. I know you're not even listening to the show because if you're not working your sleeping may be our day you're sleep. Which doesn't make a lot of sense to me but that's neither here -- there. So I mentioned -- deadwood on The Sopranos as being -- shows that will teach you more about the real world. And the fundamental absence of equality in the real world. Then any book you ever read one more show wanna mention that is boardwalk empire. Which also is an HBO miniseries. And please don't go -- G Tom bases his entire theories on life on fictional TV shows no. What I see are metaphors. And what I see are examples of how things work. And if you are Smart enough you can take those examples and you can apply them to your own life. That is the point and tried to make. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention you should also check out godfather one godfather too if you have not done so already. Are right. Bottom line is that is a more realistic portrayal. Of the way the world works and what makes the world's -- -- And anything you're gonna learn a book. Anything you're gonna find out about and some lecture at an Ivy League school. I have just saved you countless thousands of dollars if you don't need that Harvard Business School degree. To get. Your job if you wanna start your own business lives are saved a fortune. Please I'm fifty years old. I have a little bit of experience under my belt and I just realized how that came out. We won't go there some day we will we show on that but not now. -- It is so pointless. So pointless. It is such a waste of energy. And it can be so depressing. And so demeaning to yourself. To worry to be concerned to be envious or jealous. About what other people current. Now as far as a career vs a job. And whether it shows you or you chose it. I don't mention this before. And you might think -- crap I'm not least on this issue when I was a little boy to win three years old. I kid you not I knew. That I would be doing something very close to what I'm doing now. I always knew I was going to be in the media in some way shape or for that that was my destiny. I used to envision myself as a war correspondent. In World War II. Wearing a Fedora and a trench coat ducking into some dark Alley and going into a vacant office late at night to write my latest dispatch and said that out over the wider. When I was three years old I'm not folks look I say I'm a little -- always been a little warped. But what I do now for a living. It it's it's what I do. It's your career. There are people doing the same thing in some of them haven't even been doing it as long as -- Whom they can help a lot more money than. God bless them unhappy for their success. You'll find that that comes with maturity. -- an acceptance of the way things really are in the world. When you stop being jealous and envious of other people. You start recognizing. Their success and being happy for them. And stop being jealous about what they make. It's a tremendous relief. You can only control what you can control. It if you're not happy. With the gig. You know for example a buffalo -- and god bless you buffalo channels but if if what. You do is not something that is fulfilling to you where you feel like some value being taken advantage of nobody held a gun to your head and said the buffalo channel. Nobody else would -- the mice my head and said hey sign a long term contract without Erica. I do what I do because I like to do what I wanna behavior. I guess I don't know any other clear way to put it not about you. And if -- I've got a got tons of other material thought this was going to be a big. Then again. I thought Mitt Romney and chipped -- 030930. Start I had thirty. That's like 180616. WB -- hourly for 48 out of Thursday drive home glad that you are witness. And AccuWeather. Strike up the band AccuWeather says I think there might have been Eric senior AccuWeather bad is acting like my FaceBook and acting all day long. First it was a conspiracy. I excuse me while I -- make my tin foil hat. Turning cloudy tonight 37 tomorrow it will be cloudy and breezy some rain in the afternoon 62. And Saturday rather cloudy breezy and cooler was -- spots. And fifty degrees which is where we are now fifty degrees at news -- 930 WBE and that. Did you choose your career did you choose you. I always knew I would end up doing something like there's something like yours are right. This particularly now. But I always knew I'd be performing at somewhere cheaper work in the media let's go to does that make -- bad person probably. I want you would hold the answers Woodson. I wonder if every girl and almost a -- said to help. The older I think I'm moving to one Beasley here's Dorothy in fort Erie WB and Dorothea powdery. Tell. -- what you're. Are you -- could be better. And I noticed well did it change your Jabber that the job -- -- this and and the list of well let me back up and saying I was born in 1930. So if there's a few generations. Gap there. How -- Second authorities. We were educated to be his secretary our receptionist. And that was the thing for all. Been a lot of course you have a lot of money and went academic. Into the professions -- which most people didn't do. Yeah. -- what I say is. I made sure who might but it's awful -- me. That you know what we have had women doctors and women attorneys. And women that elected officeholders even before 1930 when you entered this world and said Hello World terrific. That's right there has to do with money. No this early. This issue the average person couldn't afford to go to university. Graduated from high school well. I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree with you because my great grandfather was a doctor and he came from very very pork circumstances. Well maybe you were -- professional with a little bit of help. -- no he pretty much busted his tail. All of that I figured that would. Only going by you you know and in years. Is that the family was poor our please understand there were it was a very poor family. And to the two episodes of that and we went on to some prominence despite buried or circumstances to every haven't talked about this more after the news. -- you think you're gonna have to occurs I'm I'm not that I assure you my great grandfather was born into poverty and frankly I think that his fear of remaining in poverty. Is what motivated him to become a doctor and his brother also became the president of the buffalo common council in 1911. Meters there was something psychologically going on there where they felt they had over achieve to compensate for their families poverty are really believe that. Not that I jury of.

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