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4-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Wolves down upon the he would rate benefit them. If you go to the hole looked. More than -- -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm glad I protest it was because -- guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put. -- People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet I'd women that good news radio yeah. Oh I cannot believe some of us are directed a chair on our web page at WB units and well we don't just look at our faith repaid at WB. And I'll I'll. I just got a charitable partner and make it on the arm of the chair it is not like. It went -- Pay juncture. When your time this taking this juror and putting in the hall and bringing me the coverage. This if that does a job. Now I'm feeling persecuted. First of the FaceBook page today that was actually kind of weird how would you rather than just got to let tomorrow. Like that all right -- Now -- -- -- the old is it can't or merely a custodian there and in our games and day. Edgar if it plays this year it's easier the National. -- arm. Well I'll -- up and put it in the hole in juniors and but I would -- as a custodian categories. Artists and WD-40 baby that was his answer for everything WD-40. You know let it worked to this day I keep that in my days that that I have -- -- is that for the strangest things. Networks and everything. -- infrastructure. You fix that share. How did you fix that -- -- You just screwed the finger -- him. Okay well you're younger than you think of these things are let's do the ol' switcheroo again and John folks that all of I apologize for getting off. Topic but I hope he can relate to the humor of the situation. Sitting down it will hurt bad and having the arm of -- kind of collapsed -- beat you you know this stuff -- happen to those 230 pounds right heavyweight to light slimmed down and suddenly everything falls apart. Up there we go. This suddenly feels so much better. All right it is about eleven minutes after the. -- your news radio about thirty WV and how big job to whom I refer is John Sherman or call screener and any -- I say -- referring to the biggest New York Mets -- in the Western New York. -- -- -- Jimmy Joseph beamer at the master control but there -- some comments about share. I think are unnecessarily mean and nasty. -- -- she has had a storied life a -- -- let's face it. Like anybody else in the public I watched go figure. -- -- -- -- -- -- Loans you know she's -- -- this is a tubes that would be fair few waves -- ups and downs but the place -- A 67 year old woman. I think she's held up at the -- well especially against the rigors of show business which is note today at the beach and out on the opposite here and not share a year for any in anyway shape or more for the way she looks. OK what is give you one example for many ladies if any guy gives you grief over share did you like share in Europe the show last night. Just look at them and say Bob Dylan and turn away. Look at them and say Tom Petty and turn away. Ended about ten years you can look at them and say Kid Rock in turn away. And the day will be yours I'm here got to feel like you're just the -- betrayed my gender on WB yeah. So -- we're doing this are really cool cash code contest I really shouldn't tell you this but if I were you. It's a text only contest a text only contest. And we talked about a thousand dollars on the line it is a company wide thing we're doing through Entercom. And -- Just say and that is definitely wanna -- listening until at least 5 o'clock OK I'm just put it up here. I don't say things I don't mean I'm just setting. Now while I -- articles today that have been sent to me by a very nice people. Men and women alike. And a lot of nice compliments on the announcement -- yesterday about the a listener shipped out to the program. And again you know that there's just no way I can ever make anybody eat enough. I thank you for putting up with -- mark. My wise comments. I thank you for being there in the good times the dark times in any other time Victor I can think I hope our viewers have as much fun listening is I do. Do the show. And it goes I think for 95% of people out -- 5% or waiting for me to say something. Really really bad -- it and put it out on Twitter or their FaceBook page percent of all over the Blogosphere. By that well good luck with that given -- for thirty years it just is not work. Point repairing. In New York trying to get this has decoded from New York to Texas he has an interest that they decide. And there also is a great piece which was sent to me. My doctor Ben Carson what was incidentally by doctor Ben Carson but he is the author of the piece which I'm about to share with you as soon as I can get my FaceBook page. Backed back on track ladies and gentlemen I don't office's -- aren't talking. OK you're on FaceBook and presumably most of you who are hearing my voice are on FaceBook. Today is one of those days my FaceBook page is just acting really goofy. Like I hit refresh and I don't get to see my own posts that I had a hit create post deceive my posts that I hit refresh again and it's just acting weird basically if it does that every now again. It's got to be a blogger glitch with FaceBook everybody else is experiencing this so -- sent me a line. Thomas WB Ian dot com with your FaceBook page is acting kind of goofy. Then again I'm not sure that many people have as much stuff other FaceBook pages I do -- a daily basis but it's -- part of the job. But I wanna tell you that let's see today is what's at -- what's a -- it is the 24. April 2014 like tomorrow is today. That our Gary bridges he's going to go to town of Hamburg court. I put information up on my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly and it's my professional page it's the one with a picture of me in the tuxedo. And he is one of the people Jerry bridges. Who has been cited by the town of Hamburg for a sign that is according to the town of Hamburg and illegal sign because it's attached to his fence while at the town's own ballpark last I heard. It had signs attached to its fences goose meat gander pot meet. Cattle so Gary bridges day in court is gonna be tomorrow. He is asking people were interested in the first and second amendments and in freedom to show up he wants quite a showing of support. So 9 o'clock tomorrow 8 am out of hampered. Up town hall and that's a 6100 South Park avenue in Hamburg. And all the details are on my FaceBook page. And in other subject to be said for putting a crowd together and I realized that 9 o'clock and Friday morning most of you are going to be working -- most of you will be otherwise occupied. I will be sleeping. Because if that's just. That's just the schedule on on which I -- pitchers today happens to be there. Now they're up a lot of talk rush was talking about this earlier. About income in equality. And I definitely want to get into that today because. -- I hope you did to at a very early age life is not. Fair life is not equal I learned very early I think you learn life very early that there were guys who were better looking than you. There were guys that were taller than you. There were guys. And that's probably about as far as I should go. Life is not equal. Right mother nature gives different things to different people not everybody's gonna be six foot two. Those of you were young ladies or older ladies middle aged ladies. You know that life isn't fair you know that you taking great curious yen for how long. You put the products up every night. And yet at the end of the day you wake up you look in the mirror and those goals are still are in your friend who goes down to Florida every other month she comes back. Not even Crowe put her entire. Life is -- then. It's not fair naturally and it's not fair economically. It's not -- would be the better way to put it is not equal. People are born with different I accused -- with different natural abilities are right. You can't throw a football like Jim Kelly you throw football otherwise we would have heard of you and you would have been in the NFL. You can't run as well was Thurman Thomas with a football. You can't score many goals is drew stepped. I'm maybe you could score many goals boosters -- -- take that back but that's beside the point. -- word gotta get into it just a little bit if that's okay with you. But before I go any further. I was sent this piece by. Doctor Ben Carson. And our I don't know what is going on with FaceBook today. Because I am really trying not to lose my temper and lose my cool but. I'm about bear out of that maybe it's palpable because I use FaceBook kind of -- my notes. For the show has my handwriting is pretty much not readable. So I'm gonna try this one work time and see if I meet with any success. Finally success yeah AA. Sorry about that guys I feel like I let you down when they don't have everything up for you at a moment's notice because we are the society of immediacy were a society where people start shooting if they're happy meal was about thirty minutes thirty seconds. So. It's -- 141 might ask the question and I think reasonably so. Do you view the United States government or government in general as a friend or enemy -- And I think this is a very important piece by a brilliant man doctor Ben Carson. Who because he is conservative. By the way it must not be authentically black. At no disrespect of course to buy black Brothers and sisters brought by conservative black friends feel marginalized. Just like my gay friends or conservative. They feel marginalized. By people in the in group with whatever. -- group they -- particularly identify where. But doctor Ben Carson rights when government looks more like well then friend. -- talks about the Bundy case not Ted Bundy the serial killer. But the club in -- case the ranch -- Nevada Bureau of Land Management. -- -- the videos ever hear about the snipers in the bottom of the government sent in the people being -- the complete over reaching an overreaction of the federal government to a guy who owes somebody whether it's the state or federal government a million dollars to pay for the grass is always eight and his adult game. Now I don't know what you folks -- a million dollars to the federal government -- -- represents that represents about five minutes and Obama vacation. A million dollars and I'm not even exaggerating. That's about five minutes of Obama. And all of his great -- off the Atrix okay pars on -- more tigers away from the White House and out of power the better that is for America but that's another story. But I put the entire piece up on my FaceBook page with the credit to the -- tech issues that but some up parts idea. I asterisk I think are very important to -- remind you. These senator we're talking -- Harry Reid who is as dirty as they come. The man is he's a typical politician. -- let's say not as I do the law is it for me the law is for you this surfs the peasants. And current rate. And this is from the piece by doctor Ben Carson. The senator read only referred to the bodies and their supporters as domestic terrorists. But the current administration. The Obama administration. Is reticent about applying the same term to major Nadal Malik Hasan who would -- slaughtering more than a dozen people in 2009 at Fort Hood Texas. What does this tell us about our government and its perceptions. And alignments. And folks. You do realize do you not. I thought -- be talking about something here that is now five years -- -- to -- set. You have this guy who is an extreme. Jihadist Muslim. And most are not by the way if if most Muslims ball like this guy. With a billion Muslims of the world. Do the math that we -- -- here a lot or every single day about this but. This guy was yelling a lot lock bar and shooting his fellow soldiers until it was finally brought down he is now awaiting a execution. And he should be frankly for what he did he's guilty beyond a shadow of any doubt. Our government the Obama administration. Despite the obvious terrorist nature of this attack. Never has admitted that it was a terrorist attack which by the way has an effect on the benefits. For which the victims are eligible. Instead of calling it a terrorist attack this administration has chosen to call it. An act of workplace violence. Is that what media. People with those companies in the World Trade Center would call my eleven and active workplace violence now it was terrorism as well as the attack at Fort Hood. Now moving on in the article. And here is where doctor Carson -- and of course now that because I feel the exact same way. These massive show. Up federal force in the Bundy case is frightening. Because it gives us a brief glimpse. Of the totalitarian. Regime. That awaits a sleeping populous. That does not take seriously its voting responsibility. And places in public office. And returns to public office. People who do not represent traditional American. Values now I'm not so sure exactly what traditional American values are but I do know this I do know totalitarianism. One dicier. And I do know the road to totalitarianism. When I know the country is on. I said yesterday. We talked -- great -- about the yesterday. And doctor Ben Carson and I did not know he had written this case feels the same way it's a strong word they used totalitarianism. I used the word fascism. And let's put it this way folks. I don't think -- an intellectual slouch -- Ben Carson is clearly a superior intellect committee. He -- totalitarianism. As what is happening Soto why. Now what does that tell here. Tells me doctor Carson she get a food tester and probably if somebody else start his car. But anyway. God brother one reference a little early in the day for that I recognized to get back to this and adjustable because we is -- we have a lot of things to get into today. -- -- -- Little. Lol okay yeah. It and and. -- -- Okay. Then it. -- -- it is our -- radio and I'm very WB the. Am. And that is a seven FaceBook issues today. Anybody else you know this is a topic -- has spent five minutes on those guys pilots. All right is anybody else having an issue with FaceBook. -- 8030. Victory make me feel better about myself make me feel like I'm not as stupid as appealing right now. 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB EM I resent more than Obama and Hillary with -- Seriously is like this I from all of it's been like this -- -- is bit like distance. O'clock this morning from you know go to my page. Am. Issues. Nothing is showing up but he got to hit create post. Reached -- restart -- do whatever. I guess I'm the only one. -- all. It doesn't make me feel relieved at all now I'm feeling persecuted. 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB and Eddie George your FaceBook Morgan okay. You John -- working okay. All -- -- so it's just it's just the right and the only person here with the issue yup I put my fed by the way. You'll be happy and well I fixed my I don't even know -- I did that a -- It's working flawlessly now. I think it's something to do and I noted I don't claim to be a high tech expert. But when I downloaded the upgrade the update rather to the iPad software something didn't go through right. That was the problem. So I plugged it back and I started to download again. And that time everything came through that was supposed to come through. So the iPad is now functioning properly so I guess I will get more than two years out of my iPad and that is good. Well yeah fingers crossed because a -- one of those outer cases the price goes. Like sixty bucks but hey no regrets over the -- cases that might bake it once or twice. It is -- having issues with her FaceBook as well. Is she is. Yes yes no may be all right let's go to lest it be in west -- -- And planet even bring in the -- a topic but talked to me why your FaceBook do. But what I mean I -- I was out how they act at home about -- -- -- and then I. Let it -- and your page get your page it is that it wouldn't doubt -- Every other page is downloading so I find. I was cab and seeing and I. Selling and other pages that and I went on have -- your public page it's that it wouldn't down mode. Where. Now. Yeah I wonder if somebody complained about my page and now everybody at FaceBook is watching everything I post. Because I play the offensive. I came back about fifteen minutes later and that it -- down mode and I was able to I think I posted to Pacman. The first time at that it wouldn't download. Let's hurt and it was just my age. -- Well obviously I have nothing to do that I don't know what it's doing it I don't believe it's some giant conspiracy. Now if -- well. If I'm driving home tonight in a bullet goes through my convertible. -- well it was all about FaceBook. And I'm not expecting -- that happen yet I don't think levees recruiter film of dealey plaza in effect does -- drive home tonight and. The only other problem I had with last night they tried to pull something out of my system not -- and that wouldn't post on her page. Okay this brings up an interesting question guys spent at all -- I don't mean to make this show about meek is that's boring. Believe me I wouldn't listen to show about me but it is anybody else evident issue a FaceBook page downloading the content. Commenting and see what's there because this is important forest and all because if there is an issue. And it isn't a FaceBook issue. Welker or maybe that's what is it an issue just with my age is the question. Because that's something we ought to know about never computer geeks take a look at it because that's gonna be well -- above my pay grade as a computer person believe -- He had it could be your page but bad things like is controlled by -- buck and that. WB. Yeah because I've been on WB and page evidence sandy beaches here and that -- -- to be working great my home page is the one that is actually kind of squarely. I guess like most like trades. All right well I'm glad you called city thank you for letting you know because economic changes things a bit. All right that's good information -- is anybody else having an issue with my FaceBook page. Because I've been having an issue with it and I'm the administrator. There are there's one other administrator. That's. Now I won't play usually when stuff happens with FaceBook it's a glitch that is corrected at least within a few hours and it's nothing an -- and it's -- bitter end. Now I don't think anybody complained to FaceBook. -- look anything's possible. But. I don't know -- wanna. So if you're having an issue with my FaceBook page drop me an email because that's working fine Tom at WB EN dot -- Tom at WB Ian dot com. If you're having an issue with my FaceBook page the Tom not hourly FaceBook page with me in the taxi. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I I should know if there's a problem. So I can bring this to the attention of our computer people with intercom so they can make the contact with -- to figure out what's going up because I've not received any notification from FaceBook. -- I in any way shape or form violated terms of service that I am guilty of any allegation of hate speech which is preposterous because Betty me. Maybe offended people but then again who doesn't. So Thomas WB and a cup hopefully it's resolved hopefully it will be resolved but that anyone. Let me get at the topic about which wanted to recalls which -- not about me all day believe me and folks out Rush -- hospital -- time today talking about income and equality. And you'll remember it started off the show talking about. The fact that life is not equal. Joseph beat her six -- two. -- close to John sure it is about 5859. 510. All cut line with skates maybe. What you're like the sabres program history to us about some of these guys were six feet all that I do in the locker room in -- eye to -- with the -- So up yeah -- not a compliment by the way. Writes I'm like 58. Or maybe ever say I'm 59 out of it but. Nature is not -- Life is not equal. Some people are tigers some people are pushing gets some people are zebras some people are cultures. Some people are mice other people are cats. Life is not people. Now I don't know what exactly it was that you figured this out I figured that out in elementary school. Life is equal. Now it may be a rough approximation to say that life isn't failure. Now fairness and equality are not going to be found on this earth. Life is not fair if life was fair you'd go to the casino. Are right and you would know if life was fair use and everybody else who went to the casino would come home with thousands of dollars after putting a twentieth. And then the casino would find it very unfair so why -- senator. The pinch it's not. Now. Income inequality. Is always going to be a fact of life I earned more money than Joseph and John combined. I mean it's just an NY is that. You guys get into the business how long ago. Five years ago. Five months ago. So I've got into the business about a week ago are. Was it always like that. It was not. There was a time. When I brought in to the idea. That somehow it was unfair when I worked in Saint Louis there were people or make them and I'm talking twenty years ago. Now people are making 200000 dollars a year. That's like almost half a million today you can do the inflation calculator there John 1990. -- -- 2013. Which would be the last year for which we have statistics 200000 dollars then would be equivalent to what now. That's the question there were people at that radio stations -- that kind of -- early in the morning. And their wives make and I -- a lot less working hour after hour after hour overnight. On this radio station. In Saint Louis. I was in my twenties. I had barely. Gotten my my IT I barely got my wisdom teeth out. I was always -- gonna make that kind of bread compared to the guys who builder who built the radio station from nothing but of course. I used to think look at him he's coming into work every day at a brand new -- So 2000 dollars that would be what now. 309000. Dollars okay. Now I was making about fifty. Backed -- you can look at a and I also want to keep in mind suspended 200 dollars a month. On. -- tells us -- what was fifty. 77000. Okay sorry I have to write these down otherwise I won't forget it okay so in. In today's terms in today's terms. We have people at the radio station at Saint Louis and a put this in terms that are relevant today. Who were earning over 300000 dollars a year in today's dollars. I was making 73000. Dollars in today's dollars working in Saint Louis. I was working to help a lot harder I thought of course. And any of those people to the morning show in Saint Louis. As I was leaving in my Ford -- station wagon they were pulling and then their brand new corvettes. Of course I was jealous of course I was -- and of course I thought it wasn't clear. Well you know what -- who Crimea river. I learned something from that. I learned something. And it is there's. A gun to the head of the general manager can say a lot. Are attending public -- that was a joke for god -- but folks. Life is not equal life is not clear. When you were a kid starting out in the business -- whip seven years experience in the business or whatever was. You were not get a command the kind of money that guys who'd been there are thirty and forty years were command. It just wasn't going to happen. David will bring an end of the money bay were bringing in our revenue. Day we're getting the sponsors who paid the bills for the station made more than paid for their own salary which with with what they brought him. By virtue of the ratings. I would point out that. The radio station in Saint Louis -- to rehire me. Several years ago and I I came very close to take the job my kids celebrated one believes -- that now. And I won't tell you what they offered me but it was. It was something with which -- would have been very happy but money isn't everything. Everything is -- well. In fact nothing is people. When it comes to human beings animals and nature nothing is equal every elm tree will not be 100 feet high. Every weeping cherry tree will not make it to 25 feet -- It doesn't work that -- Now let's talk about income inequality. Here's a simple question folks. -- -- it ponders. Are you ready OK Curtis. -- very simple question. Does the word or does the phrase in com in equality. Bother you. Could you ever have a society. Where incomes were equals. Would you want a society. Where incomes are equal because I have to ask you the logical question. Would you want to be operated on. By a Doctor Who was earning the same as the janitor in the parking lot. No disrespect to janitors they serve valuable services like garbage guys the trash collectors they serve a valuable service it just so happens though that. The laws of supply and demand economically. There're more people who can -- the -- it would track or are to do brain surgery. Why because of the fundamental inequality of human intelligence human skill and human ability it's not fair it's the way it's. -- Not been jealous of what other people make sense those days. Speak now I had -- come to Jesus moment. -- not literally religiously but figuratively and metaphorically when it came to income issues. And it's a it's a hard thing to realize it's a hard thing to accept but it's the only way to go well. -- a forgive me if I'm sounding preachy that. 8030930. Is that the ball number. Would you wanna be operated by a guy who's making the same as the janitor who's gonna sweep up the room afterwards because I sure as hell wouldn't want to -- 8030 lead thirty start I had 3180616. WB the end. And AccuWeather hope you enjoy this guy's now because it'll be -- later on tonight hear the overnight low 37. Mostly cloudy and breezy tomorrow some rain in the afternoon 62 CIA knew there was going to be a catch to that 62 degrees I just knew it. And then last Saturday it will be cloudy. Breezy and cooler with a shower in spots the high Saturday fifty I cannot tell you that spring is wrong in my special boyish yet I can't. It would be. Illogical and it would be not factual I simply cannot go down that road. Joseph the latest temperature is 550. At news -- 930 WB EN. So ladies and gentlemen did a lot of time in your life when your realize the first ball. People are not born. With equal abilities with equal talents. Now when I say equality. In no way should it perform does this mean that everybody. Should not be treated with -- Or as a human -- but that's not the issue. This specific issue that is big. Brought up over and over and over and over again right now oddly enough by people who are well into the six and seven sometimes eight figure range. Is income in equality. I wonder how Alec Baldwin would feel being paid the same as the dapper. On his next project. I wonder how Brad Pitt would -- being paid the same as the guy who sweeps up the set when he's done. That would be true income equality. Brad -- result would have to sell the Villa in for a fancy homes with Angelina. And we're probably have to live in a government eight by twelve apartment. With the eight kids may have adopted. Well folks think about it. It all sounds really really awesome does not until you think about the reality. Of the situation. Let's say your kid has a brain tumor. Okay here I am tugging at heart stretched. You really want the kid to be operated on by a guy. Relating. Who is not going to be compensated. In a way commensurate with the time they have put in to the skills. Requisite and performing that surgery. Know you want the best possible surgeon for you and your loved ones who wouldn't. So my question is if everybody made about the same amount of money what would be the point. I'm going on in education. Why even tell a kid to go to school. Why even have schools. Why Jeff but worth anything if you know you're gonna be guaranteed X number of dollars every year it doesn't make sense it's illogical. I don't care where you are in the food -- economically it does not makes cents. May be on smoking crack. One of crack dealers will have income equality. And just an idea just a thought 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB yet.

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