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4-24 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backlit stage and dominated got caught up by Brian Higgins when asked he thought that that Donald Trump was it's as it really combine the bills he said. The only Donald company noses and CEO of Roswell park which is stroke as I know him through but I don't Tony if you heard these rumors. These rumors are that some very influential people from Western New York. Are flying down out of state. Talked to -- very well known guy a -- line Buffalo Bills you know the group includes those that Michael -- who. You know they're you know they're going to talk to who's that the Dali Lama of -- they they think that they are close to. He says he can make a decision until after the activity. Religious season but when he does he loves football tuna -- he does he really does you've seen him in the stands wearing a -- I have a -- on cold winter days he tries to -- -- -- -- -- I think a couple thinks that he deal here right I don't want to I know -- bag it's just a rumor I can't confirm it. Wouldn't that be in them that's how they do especially since the NFL would be very hard pressed not to agree to the sale. When you show up with the Dali Lama and a blank check they say OK. In on talking about there is no background check -- year. And so on and the pluralism Asia program. Maybe he'll take Mary Collins Coleman well. That would be a double whammy that French bridal line I'm Leo and -- got a -- on a bicycle. OK. Well. Let's go to CK in Bennington CK here on WB yeah. In the -- I couldn't Carlyle Bennington a drive through there all the time what's going on. They I totally at Greenwood is there. I hit my pistol permit since 1960. I cannot competition all those years. And you know you get kind of tired. Listening to all the pros and cons and everything. On the shooting sports and things of that sort apparently. Those who -- love it. Those who don't shoot. Have no conception. These. That oh lead the excitement they have what have you. Yeah I'll tell you what the greatest enemy of -- shooters. Is ignorance of the ignorance of somebody who has never shot. And they're afraid of guns and they think the Duncan heard him by itself. And in and they they prey on -- people like that they don't want people like that to be educated so you're right about Betsy said. That another thing noted that kind of bothered me. Is that phonetic. Who blocked the deep end about it. I don't I don't see anything wrong and background checks. I think that kind of protection committee that. I don't wanna be singled out simply because. I I enjoy mighty mighty. Fire and. I don't want anybody to have a gun. That shouldn't have gone inferior legal I've non intrusive and that I want somebody to go through the same. Procedures that you go through that I go through and and have the background checks done and then they should have a gun if they want one but anybody else now. In nineteen 49. IE I was shooting. Indoor rifle with the boy scout. And I was going -- Was attending school in the can only vocational than on normal -- -- -- going to -- -- orphanage and stop. But I used to take my partner rightful. Kook who witness a standard in the corner. And then come -- about -- -- -- -- central riding look at my full complaint by. Never never words that nobody ever paid you know look at true cost side of me. Thanks or some schools had shooting teams. And and that's those -- similar times and and now we've got people who are afraid of guns they don't know really why but they've been told they should be afraid of them. And they're the ones that -- again involved with these. These anti gun movements with the gun itself is not a danger a bad -- Oregon is a danger. You and I understand it and everything I myself have a daughter in law. Cooler is that it and I would just love to have my grandson and he showed an interest in shooting and things of that sort. But he's not allowed in the country gunman cookies he's up in age. Simply because her -- blip -- could without. Is quite good bad pit bull. It's quite bid for the dog shot himself looks like. All that's not good do that that'll put a damper on the day I can tell you that -- is certainly adds that he's eight on your door on. For important sport. Lyzard enthusiasm. Is associated with that keep up the good lord I really appreciate your. Thank you seek I appreciate your call 20 yeah my first the first time I ever -- a gun. My uncle Bruno was the navy veteran. Took out into the woods and some landing on. Brought some -- hands. And he got a 22 single shot rifle okay. And that's where I first learned in the first time I hit one of those hands. Who -- with a rifle -- was the greatest love at first sight and for those for those people who'll. Just are afraid of guns. I say you know -- inhibitions know a little bit get a little education. Talk to somebody that they can tell you how invigorating the shooting sports -- Whether -- hunter which I'm not a target shooter which I am. It's it's great great enjoyment. When your on the range. And none of the are other concerns come into your mind on how high the gas bill was there. Where the had a mobile auto whatever it it really allows you to relax. And as if you're target shooter as you get better. It encourages you to be even shoot more because you can see the progress your making. If you learn safety right from the very first things -- you'll always be an issue. And you have a good save shooting experience and that it's your job as an ambassador. To anybody that wants to listen to you to insure them that this is this to be there -- experienced true. Unfortunately where do we see guns -- it was similar movies where these -- such dumb -- things with -- guns on numbers you can believe in all my life. And we see human gangster films and whatever but the majority of guns are owned by legitimate and. Law abiding people not criminals. When -- gang bangers we Obey the law. Most of us probably have not had any any kind of run in with the law. And this is the way we conduct our lives but lumped in with everybody else infected they they -- a single us out because they know. Who we are aware we are what guns we have. I had all of that as oppose the gang bangers who they don't know -- everybody they don't know everybody where they are what are what they have or where it's stored. So they come after us instead of that but it doesn't make sense them. Eight Austria on and 30106. On six magic -- six hour 930 also besides there's so law that it will take effect July 1. In George job remember we told you about what was going on in Kansas. Where the Kansas state legislature. Passed the bill which was signed into law. That said that only state -- gun laws would be allowed a within the state of Kansas of most gun laws are state laws. But it within the state municipalities. Hamlets. A little towns villages. Oftentimes have the ability to make their own regulations. Kansas tied -- all that up. Bill that would bar local gov. My instrument forcing local gun ordinances and -- gun laws uniform across the state has been signed by the governor of Kansas. That's HV 2570. It will prevent local government from restricting open carry. Kansas hands hands and I never is that from Canon's -- have long believed the right to bear arms -- the constitutional rights of governor Sam Brownback. And a short statement announcing the signing on Wednesday the bill passed a bipartisan support -- both the house and the senate. The legislation supports responsible gun ownership. It includes a provision that prohibits someone from carrying a gun while intoxicated. Similar to laws against drunken driving. He said the bill insures that concealed carry an open carry are treated equally. If a college campus for example has a policy against concealed weapons it would also apply to open carry. According to the governor so -- or are there again the states that aren't afraid to make their own way. Absolutely Kansas there. And Georgia there on and on the other side we've got the nanny State of New York. Let's go to word Joseph and Hamburg Joseph you're on WB yen. You know Kelly okay I'm 55 rounds under the 66 implement what that it's okay. -- I -- Did you look at police subsequently settled in Indonesia about what I graduated if you started. -- to -- deliberations are -- okay an early 68 and went up up up front with -- And implement -- -- throughout. They've got to -- -- -- The equivalent of fourteen the candidates. Are located I would bet be just a -- As desirable and don't just just be good glad to -- appears -- be -- if they're talking about fertility problems he's come out they're just bureaucratic. Over the course. -- -- Before your credibility interpreted -- and -- and yeah economy and I -- a record -- about it at my front probably already. But it over to promote Hillary. -- top secret intelligence I did step by qualified. And it stayed upside is that I didn't have anything. And it got a lot of -- on top secret intelligence estimate that there are but I had to take four or use. Not you know I'm doing God's warriors -- to or otherwise okay. I want to. Fort -- Basic training and -- -- -- full -- But this vote advanced training. Taylor -- expected and -- and apparently miles north of Fort Dix. It -- New -- for a top secret intelligence for your prize. -- -- OK I did that and then I had I got voted for the I want to -- and I did my tour that -- -- balance top secret intelligence okay. I put it on -- -- denied this but probably not that I don't know that we had to -- between the candidates but it was. I came -- to Vietnam period candidate -- Most cynical on the probability before the second. -- I -- 69. And then and says. I'd love to prosecute this week I've gotten details are important to the -- body airport project -- basically what my uniform on it okay -- probably that. Okay it was like OK and then I went to the but I -- to speed up at the -- out of the little speed that they attempted to exit mileage. At the about not to just one driver side we. And I talked about in -- Rebecca portable -- part time -- the money sort of weapon that -- been put on the weekend have to put it could be days. Okay what does this there were guns there. I'm not -- being candy OK -- -- Vietnam I had -- -- full must. Okay the twelve months cool parent serving for the -- So. -- -- made this from the separately governor December 11 it's okay. Nine days later and he -- left remained. And popular rap star I was promoted automatically to captive of the -- slaps. A particular to go to Portland Maine right. I have to unprecedented intelligence. I don't -- supervisors don't it's it right and I don't strictly with -- Virginia. And department out okay but other than this. It was so great you know when you're when you're a particular about post so I rented an apartment total. With sandy okay. And I've decided. About my friend heard about it and actually I'm told there are. It doesn't go unanswered discovers -- -- Yeah. Okay there without having what is. Okay we'll be appointed -- -- company okay. Well acted pennies right. Program -- and I didn't -- reported an affordable about it so I went to a bronze star. But what about the deal. It is dependent children. And it will report to promote some sort of permanent. Six and stuff. I don't wanna rush statement stood -- not didn't -- -- could bloom should the difference from the bridge to claim anyway. -- -- Up at the Burbank. Terrorist okay devoted to -- Well. Well okay two I don't know that this government you know it is a testament democracy -- -- a public. And and and entities rather than I probably pennies and throughout and look back and close to crap -- -- Participate in a way that would say. Okay two hours this -- we talked about it yeah. Drove it back and he had argument that the lesson for diplomatic. There are. Person -- but. Great mr. mayor and then you're allowed to carry. Sammy anywhere in Fairbanks Alaska I would go to -- 1988. Because I took another four years. Okay and I can probably. So you got a gun the all time -- -- them. But if we're -- going to be -- this particular road below break even have -- because I had been at forty per megabyte what parent. But everybody turned up just. Policy you commentary. And restrictions weapon isn't alone. In particular -- was in part drinking too much that we decide. And he would much -- last statement given the number and give it to about ten. And it and that is an editor intoxicated. You know look at. Sounds like the wild west where you have to turn your guns and when he came into town and yeah. Still it's still that great distance that I got to understand what they're so -- I decided I took out there are four more years. And I'll bet he's lord of the captain. And 1972. Still maybe it -- purposely because the president and as. I got a little of course from those toxic at target. Did you do much. Shooting up there at arranger outdoors or. You don't -- -- everybody carries an adult children prepare the -- hopefully by. But aside. It would be to eskimos. And that killed. That night. Most of those removing the department that. I got into homestead act. Means we applaud our estimate of four years. 48 years that I decided to stay upsurge in 1980. You're sitting. -- forty acres three from the state. You broke. The united but it's a different kind gentlemen friends. I'd go to beautiful objects while you stood up and it was opinions. And we got also got from. And so that you guys about it this year so he struggled. You guys a thousand so everybody has. We don't you have slow these yeah he would receive the 2000. Sarah Palin mentioned that during the campaign that that was available I gotta run but thanks for your story about Alaska and marriage of the way they do guns -- thank you very much to our -- A bed to lower I think there should be I don't think you should -- is going to a store. Give me a charge card they give the gunman walked out I do think some kind of delay is appropriate and its state to state these are state. Laws. By and large and keep reminding Kansas. The Kansas State government said that from now on. All gun laws will be state laws and not local and so they pass the bill it is the law. And so Kansas will speak -- one voice New York it's just we're so backwards incredible. On newsletter at thirty -- over backward region company. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine journey and our toll free line is 1806169236. -- ribbons -- about our state laws. And they vary greatly from state to state I guess it depends on the history of the state population of the state the political mindset of the state. Bought on a state -- of Georgia. Where they just signed into law a bill that would allow the -- -- protection act. Would allow them to or Kerry and other places where they normally would not carry. Idea I have no problem IE IMO little skeptical about bars. I do think that having the owner opt in. Is a good idea of VO owners senses that this is not the place where a farm should be -- they say no then it's not -- -- -- And I like that our churches because it's a church. Just remember a priest give via nuns get robbed. All kinds of bad things happen. Outside the yeah outside the church in. I don't think you can feel which appropriately comfortable because your inside. A church especially of -- high crime neighborhood and they it's it's 00 late night service or maybe a midnight service. I have no problem that but then again the pastor would have to okay that. So this is is some good and I'll use the other -- expression some good common cents. Suggestions. And all of all they want us to keep our rights. Keep in mind. The Republican governor. Nathan Deal who signed it says our state has some of the best protections for gun owners. In the United States that's different it is. Do you think that Andrew Cuomo is looking for any protection for gun owners now. It doesn't want to have protection for gun owners and so that's that's a huge difference in back to the governor of Georgia. Today we strengthen those rights protected by our nation's most revered founding document. It's called a constitution. Do you think Andrew Cuomo wants to preserve that if he had his way he would change part of it -- So there's a difference in the mindset between the governor wants to protect the people. Who'd do at the right way and a governor who doesn't care at all about that. He just has his own a single mindset about no guns and that's that he's the governor when he was secretary of Hud. And soon the gun manufacturers because people in -- Housing. We're shooting each other so that is like a blaming a General Motors because somebody robbed a bank and they go away in a Buick. Is silly. It's just plain silly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This one comes from David he says I have no problem with guns in bars we shouldn't assume that everybody in a bar has been drinking. And there are many places that are ranked higher for the need of a gun at a bar. Well I I think that there are different kinds of -- still there are bars where you know this is a dangerous place to be. And maybe you see fist fights and that kind of stuff maybe you don't wanna be caring and there but there are other bars there -- family bars little neighborhood bars when nothing everybody knows your name it's cheers okay. And there are bars and hotels in upscale hotels were people do business. So I mean you have to you have to know the Rome after pick and -- but I don't think and in general not a great idea. Because if you start duking it out. For some reason and you've got a gun or he's got a gun and you're losing or he's losing the temptation is -- ago. And that is not a good idea it should only be taken on and certainly use if your life is in danger. I'm not alone please. This one is from Doug says the law's fine but I don't like the idea of guns in -- even in the old last. Guns had to be checked at the door and IBO king in a restaurant and have a straight -- bar like the old west I like because I watch a lot of westerns. And I mean if you look at that tombstone in places like that many. Have very stricter regulations against airing on. In fact while bill -- friend in the local sheriff. Got a shot and killed camping it was name up it's not my idea ahead. Because ago one of the you know one of the gang who was carrying a gun and told him -- they had determined. And he went hand in the gun and flip it over and charm right then and there so -- out those in the old days where you needed -- -- -- All the time to protect yourself and it didn't do while bill what's gonna get shot back at what point -- another one please. This is dramatic says I'm in favor of open carry Bob and I think people should have to carry insurance policies just like you what does he drove a car unharmed and is -- to be compensated. Well OK -- liability policy is what he's talking about. I do they have a liability policy forum for four. Something like that where you might be injured by somebody shooting a farm I would think that would go straight to the court system. Either be charged with a criminal act. And then yeah civil cases well I don't know if there's any insurance companies that would insure you against either accidentally shooting them. -- purposely shooting somebody. What do you think of Europe to our hearts -- I I doubt if they would issue and I'm united. I'm not saying it's not possible -- and and it's highly unlikely. I could see. Accidental discharge. Of you know -- that your claiming they're gone and there's an accident militias which to me there is no excuse. Ever for that but it happens all the time. So I -- maybe there might be some compensation there because that might be covered on homeowner's I'm not really sure. But it certainly if there was them. If you got locked horns there and into about a got to shoot somebody I don't know if their insurance companies for over ago while they get damaged up or buried. I'd -- I doubt it I about it. I assured them I should call my insurance companies Nancy in case I shoot somebody accidentally Eric Kim a Ryder being put on what my idea. -- homeowners please thank you very much. I don't I. Don't go to 301806. On six it was six -- -- thirty do you light. The -- like the law in Georgia the I think they've got a right. And I think -- and ever right in Kansas there are some states have a right unfortunately we always get lumped in with -- California. Massachusetts. All of a pointy headed liberal states who have pointy headed liberal laws. But I'd like to be elected via. -- him with some some common sense people who believe in the US constitution and the rights that it provides -- will be back. After this we're talking about Georgia. And the state of Georgia and how the governor has signed the safe carry protection act that we wish we were as progressive is that in New York. Where the exact opposite. Let's go to John in -- but hazardous and ties in Georgia John thanks for calling. -- hello hello how. I -- recently up on a hole in Georgia. And I I a -- no firsthand about the out. Oprah met our application -- also -- their they had -- about ten days because some major dollars. If you lot of retired -- or -- they chargers seven dollars per year the proper met our application. -- saw him. Unique but you don't need to -- out a Georgia driver's license to get out. Call Georgia that ultimate. Purpose of permits AMD has good and and recognized. And what our -- Alabama. Louisiana Mississippi. -- West Virginia Virginia com. -- Carolina Pennsylvania. A total operating states alone you're. You know how many how many of reciprocal states that New York recognizes. None. Zero note now. And and that are. At their jobs so -- That -- Atlanta -- that they cannot and they also have probable. But all that they have all your -- a lot also turned. And sparked. I accuse me. Some issues with bad is that -- I don't all read in the paper that somebody that had alzheimer's. Banging on the -- about 2 o'clock in the morning. And apparently what happened is a all. From the man went outside the garage door component com. He had and because it was dark out right. And that came out to be a little flashlight he ended up shorting him. And it came out to be that it wasn't that -- political team but issued another shot him because of the manner that the -- -- on the at all farmers. The guy you have to always be careful of the target make sure it's a legitimate target and poses a danger to your. I like the fact is that it takes ten days in New York State the -- I guess or collier and could take up to a year and a -- so what I like is the governor's statement. That this bill protects gun owners. We have no such language in New York State there's nothing. Our governor here has ever said about protecting us. He just wants to. Bad medicine and a titan and tightness rose as much as he can to discourage us from enjoying the Second Amendment here. Hit that terrorists are comparatively -- state. Are you give -- many more people carrying weapons are then and you worked out thanks. Are you you know you can't. Obviously -- -- but he can't really elderly you know here in -- but they they have like. What I would say it's maybe two to three times the amount of people in charge are carrying a weapon. Well I hear a lot of nice things about Georgia what my manager norm sure went down there to managers radio station he lights I think he still lives there. And so we and you read about it so it's it's good enough for him my guess is good enough for all of us -- a when he moving there. Off I'll be a permanent Georgia resident I have all of them are now my out quite as living down there are already at the moment. And I'm in the process so our you know just doing the last. Finishing touches before I get home on the market. Well we hate to lose you hear about send us and Georgia peaches and I we hope your enjoy your experience down there thank you for calling John. While Governor -- -- I'm not all -- commitment -- -- political affiliations and my job probably been knocked out in countries so our. That's just -- believes he's not losing -- area you know friend he's losing at taxpayer. Are right thank you couldn't abide. Yuppies at ten days he says that takes. And it should really take more of them but. My wasn't too long my it was in Niagara county as I was about four months. But keep in mind. Elway wouldn't get the references. I'm thinking well this should be easy let's see I know judges and the district attorney are no real -- -- a put them all now. As reference it's not only are they have to be in your account. So all of the all of the references that I was gonna use and we put on hold a vote tonight references in Niagara county. But it took me about I'm I'm thinking. About four months. As I recall I think it was about four months he says it's it's 1010 days and we've heard there are instances of a year. Depending on who the judges how long it takes what kind of a permits there issuing. Yes to meet the biggest requirement. Has to be mental testing. I don't want anyone who was unstable and the brain covered have have gone under any circumstance. And I think that's where we really need delay. The law down. Oh absolutely. I will never stand up for somebody who was mentally unstable for having a gun. I don't care what it is because your ability to think clearly your ability to think rationally. And and here's the problem. We have a problem with the people who are ours who stand up for road mental health. At that medal while -- that's fine but in some instances. It's just not the right thing to do and that is due to push to have. Anybody who is mentally unstable have a gun that is not that does not work and someday in Islam would come back and bite you big time. Is this something they can't be done and -- I don't know how old mental evaluation works where they can talk to neighbors and in. Maybe look for strange behavior. -- behavioral pattern. Absolutely OAA. It's up to -- -- talked to doctor strangers talk to people original talk to people that you work with -- whatever. And -- there is specially if you see metal while worsened things. Very very difficult you do not want somebody -- they flash temper. Who is irrational. Having gone now in some work places you're not allowed to carry -- even if you have a -- okay. That's the way it is. End -- there have been court cases where. Some companies say that in their parking lot is say you have a truck there and they did this during hunting season one year. In in a state in the south. They said you can't have any kind of fire arms on our property and our property includes the parking lot. And they went out and they found that some people who had rifles because they were going hunting. A locked in their truck now most of its time firearms are allowed to be locked in your -- I never ever ever burn you a firearm in the car I just don't. If you're looking for a firearm in my -- gonna keep welcome because I don't have one. Never never have -- -- But in most states it's legal to do that as long as they're locked up and in the truck but the of the company ruled that because we on the parking lot that is our property. And that he had a gun and there and they fired these people. Now the of the people's food and I don't know if they prevailed or not but as a vote the last -- -- read about that that's when it happened. The bottom line is a lot of a lot of companies just on -- farms on the promises. So what you do is if you're about to be mugged by are really nasty looking guy just called to see -- And he'll get on the executive jet Kumble and help that's the way it would work got it okay good. Analysts that he went in doubts. Let's see my life or my job. Old bat would be a tough choice. I have to bring in a panel of experts the figure that one connected that Arnold somebody's about to put a hole in my head or chop off my head. And of -- season I give myself I'm really hard. Who could outlet that oh so many choices. And time so much pressure but a user user common sense. And a my understanding is that you bring of firearm on the promises its grounds for termination. That's that way with a lot of companies -- -- to that Soviet attack and -- Saturday -- company. Determination to be prepared to lose your room. -- job and probably -- -- -- -- that's the way it works. However like the Georgia law and I like the factor kansas' unified there -- laws and I like the fact that there are more progressive than in states announced. This is the and this is the worst as far as this stuff is concerned -- wraps it up. Will see you tomorrow morning at nine my administrative on Thursday that Libya. -- Was he never has to these these.

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