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4-24 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Beijing coming out and engage us in Georgia on the house voted 112 to 58. The senate voted 37 -- eighteen and the bill went to the governor who signed it. It was a via a broadened a gun -- a real with some relaxed regulations. Let's program before we get some FaceBook there among the provisions of the safe carry protection act. Signed into law which goes into effect July 1. Allows licensed gun owners to carry weapons and government buildings where in grass was not restricted. Or secured by security personnel. Establishes an absolute defense for the legal use of deadly force. In the face of -- violent action allows gun owners though they can't licensed to carry to carry a weapon and airports in non secure areas. Before of the TSA checkpoints. Let's bar owners decide whether to allow licensed gun owners to carry and bars. I don't think that's agreed. A lesser let's religious leaders decide whether to carry a licensed gun. In a house of worship allows for the use of votes out of answers while hunting. I'm not really sure about that though because I'm not a hotter allows certain school employees to carry weapons in schools owns. I think that's a good idea if they want to and they -- qualified and body of their license. I think ago I think that's a decent idea Chris on FaceBook we have several entries when did you -- a couple on me this one comes. Frankie says I'd love to see a law like -- here given proper training and certification this is going to reduce the amount of illegal gun crime. And it's our constitutional right. Yeah -- you know it's amazing mistake -- they don't focus on the bad guy. They focus they focus on the good guys which is us of the license a people and while while they're trying to crack down on our Second Amendment Rights are trying to make things as difficult as possible for us. On the national level Eric Holder muscle more. People who have been convicted of drug crimes out of jail. Asserted that there is the year to -- thinking right there. Sympathy for them sympathy for the illegal immigrants all kinds of gifts and and up a wonderful warming owe -- money all kinds of a warm a Fuzzy -- swear you in coming and -- legally but if you're legal -- -- gun. You're -- face them some some problems. What -- this is from Amy she says I'm not a gun owner but I have no problem with people having guns in my experience most gun owners are very responsible people and as long as they're properly certified what's the problem. Well that's true. -- comedy is part of my life I'd I'd do it all the time. And I have the ability I think to make people laugh under an almost all circumstances. But the one time I do not inject comedy into it is when I'm sure. When I'm shooting that's a whole different ballgame I'm focused on the gun and focus on safety I'm focusing on what's down range who's a -- -- what's behind the target. All of those things that was drummed and in my head. When I first learned to shoot that without that you shouldn't have gone either. Your refers first. Thought should be safe. And if you do that you're going to be OK another one was. Chris this is from Pauly says New York State has the stop punishing the law abiding gun owners and focus more on criminals with a legal guns. Then there'll be less crime and less mass shootings. Similarly the people who are happy with the New York as funny as the New York it's called the New York say effects. And it's a joke there really is a joke. -- since January 1 six states have eased restrictions on guns six states have strengthened them because one of whom has the government wants to be president. Four states have both eased and strengthened firearm laws depending on on what part of the law there looking at. The National Rifle Association called the law in Georgia the most comprehensive probe on reform legislation introduced in recent history. The gun rights group at Georgia carry. Believes that the bill will restore our right to carry and be allowed to protect ourselves anywhere we go according to the executive director. Opponents including Americans for responsible solutions and now say. -- here's. This little tip from professor beach any time the group has the the name responsible and it tells you that they're trying to set you blow up. Because god knows if there -- in favor of something responsible. And you disagree with them no matter what it is you are by nature -- by definition. Irresponsible. It's the same as one politicians say what they say I don't vomit. It's good common cents. By whose standard I would pass by your standard maybe certainly not by mine so when they say. These citizens for responsible. Solutions. That's that it's you know what it is they're right there it's a set up. The group was founded by -- Deborah. -- obviously. And so is that gets a lot of press because of her. The new law removes a restriction that prevented those convicted of certain misdemeanors from getting via a gun permit. So it's a lose all around and looking at different areas and we'll see how it plays its in Georgia. We'll keep our eyes open in Georgia but one would assume it's a summit that you have to opt in to. You have to opt into being it would carry in church. And the pastor would have to opt him. And also -- bars. And I hope they do opt in Syria in most bars saying now because the last thing we need is some drunken allow -- -- a gun. And and causing a problem and a and and -- yeah a dim picture of all rest of us who wouldn't be doing that but I says I said before there are bars they're bars. There -- barge you would walk into and turnaround walk out of because it looks just too scary. There are bars that are very upscale. Usually in hotels and things like that were businesspeople and and the city fathers meet all kinds of stuff probably okay. There are gay bars there are lesbian bars is the bars are cowboy bars depending on what you want. But I'm thinking that you -- use some common sense and there's no point in carrying a gun if you're afraid of going to the bar. Without your gun. Then you shouldn't go into the bar all I mean rarely what's the point I don't get that so if that if that are -- take effect here in New York. Tomorrow. I wouldn't wouldn't carry in a bar is on going to a -- often but if I -- I wouldn't carry. And I probably wouldn't -- in church but I probably not -- church where it might be necessary kerik because in my below if you want to get out of church and its. And it's 1 o'clock in the morning in this is where a lot of crime happens think about like that. Keep in mind many pastors -- Is most judges I'd guess in most but some judges Carrie just so you'll know. That a lot of people are very responsible who carry and they certainly have a right. To defend themselves and that's what this -- is about a black Georgia took the lead. On that and let's hope we don't play the double and down in Georgia the test this law will take a break we wanna hear from Leo. Is -- something that you applaud is is something you decried you say this is gonna turn out badly or it's about time do you want New York State to do something like this. And there weren't as -- as we're getting reports on various things. That the crime the police. Don't have any more right to break the law of the new do. That's the that's the deal. But they do have some authority that you don't have that can make it very inconvenient for you at best. All right so you have to be alert to that and though oftentimes -- new laws especially controversial laws. I have a feeling that they don't wanna make a mistake. And -- is so there there acting with caution but sometimes they do things that just don't make any common sense either. And we'll get to that point comeback on news -- on I thirty WB yeah it is the law in the state of Georgia right now. It will take effect July 1 it is call -- -- protection act signed by the Georgia governor. And now the difference between the thought process in Georgia and the thought process here. In New York State are are in Georgia apparently -- figures citizens. Have rights and we should Obey and honor those rights. And especially Second Amendment and that's what they're doing. And the New York State it's moreover Gestapo type Novo outlook. That everybody with a gun is dangerous notice there is no effort at all to go after the illegal guns. Just is no there's no -- to -- after the illegal. Aliens. In the immigrants that are here illegally no we welcome we give them discounts we give them goodies we get my card to get their benefits faster. And if you're illegally are welcome here. If you're if you're a resident here and a taxpayer here -- we're gonna -- an issue out of your constitutional right. Of -- overload of firearms and also use your fundamental right to protect yourself that's the way they think here. And that's where Andrew Cuomo thanks so if you're ever Donna dark Alley by mistake and your approach by what looks like trouble just calling Andrew Paul he'll come and help. -- convince you why the person that's about to knock you over the head at a bad childhood and you got to understand we have to do more for them. And while that's happening in New York in -- Washington Eric Holder and that the laughing stock probably ever in the Justice Department. Have decided that we would like to have a more wrote that people convicted of drug crimes on the streets while a lot of mile. So I mean this is the way it is just it's the only ones that are looking at. At punishment. Are the legal gun -- you figure out -- about the people who are doing it right. The people -- jump to the hopes and have answered the questions and have made themselves and their homes available. And the ability to for you to examine their credentials that any time. They're the ones getting punished the other is free ride. So Charlie show Ian williams' old Charlie Iran WB yeah. It would make a couple of quick point so I'm not a gun owner only ordered got a couple in my -- But I don't think that com. That it's it's. It's misguided. To lock it down and I've gotten older. When something -- that the workers. There and recorder on there. And I am so quiet picked. That Georgia is still people through our current approach and that we absolutely you know whatever or they kind of make it they can edit all. What happened. Yeah it's it's shows that it can be done. When the legislature and the -- of the governing body is responsible to the citizens need -- -- they don't care they just jam it down our throats. Well a bomb -- -- -- like cry it appears that conjured up by spot eye opener. That's better or. A question about the content in -- Situation. If you carry guns in our. Column. Are there limits -- -- I guess I'm saying that I -- there should be like. He would. What you're called probably. In my mind should be able. -- -- The Myers my assumption and it's just an assumption because I don't know it to be true. Is that the same rules would apply serving people alcohol for us -- like at a bar. The bartender doesn't know that your carrier. But the bar owner had approved. The ability for somebody with a license to carry so the bartender serving you drinks but the bartender doesn't know you have a gun. You're not displaying yet but you're carrying so I don't know how the bartender could kinda keep track of -- drinking. Anymore than he would driving home. As opposed to carry a gun I don't know how that would work but depends on the kind of bars a while ago while the first -- I don't think it's great idea. That your thank you very much Georgia on my my game. It's it's different it's just a different mindset is that. Georgia officials saying now we we -- our room. Our residents are taxpayers are voters should should enjoy their rights -- New York State now forget it. Doesn't thanks. -- -- an idiot we have. And everywhere living candidates so long that you almost get used to it but it's if you pay attention to what goes on. In the other states it's not like this everywhere it's like this and a few statesman like is everywhere. And and it perpetuates its its the same year after year after year hell do they think that -- oh. That the other states don't know. Regarding gun ownership are they saying that because New York City is part of this and we can have done that kind of -- Hello lax by their standards rules concerning guns. Where Georgia is a different mines that we better than Georgia a -- more at least in Georgia we Smart and Georgia. I think every arsenal while we take an elitist position because we think where that like Enron the smartest guys in the -- oftentimes -- -- I don't. -- did it's any true conviction one way or another. As as we know what strictly political Andrew Cuomo wants to further his career he wanted to beat down Obama. My one day one day -- by one day strictly political move it was just get it down as fast as you can because Obama to announce something. Two days from now so we gotta get this done so I can announce that tomorrow so it shows you that a state. With all residents in this state -- being manipulated by one clown who wants to be president who's going to be president by the way. If Hillary Clinton run decides to run Cuomo won't even get in that I can tell you that he's not going to get a primary fight -- Hillary Clinton. That's the way it is he's just while like his father except his father at least. I think had a more pleasant demeanor was a better speaker. I don't like candy. And I never out okay. -- -- like his father but not his politics I just liked him. Much like Jimmy Griffin love Jimmy Griffin not necessarily is politics but I love -- but he has a real man did it for the right reasons. But Cuomo. You know -- joke political -- does that political weasels. As so next time he shows up in your church based -- little rubber check little cardboard -- telling -- what great things he's doing. You keep in mind when he really truly is and in my considerations wiesel will be back after this. Your hearing the voice of -- WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Oh getting ready for the big Disco party -- left over from shares got a concert last night -- -- a good day from my -- -- -- is a 64 dollars and to advocate for two rounds of golf. Eight holes with cart at a rose brook golf course. It sounded like a dying mule what was that in a silver creek for just forty dollars. Just a forty minute drive from buffalo go to WBM dot com and click com -- buffalo perks no -- We're talking about the out of the state. Of Georgia -- has passed legislation and and when they tested by the way. 112 to 58 in the house 37 to eighteen in the senate and now the governor has signed it. It allows gun owners to carry firearms to more places. And it did it opens that up. There are. Provisions and yes you can carry in a bar. But the owner of the bar has to approve the fact that you can -- he says no she says no it's no. And -- the same thing with church you can you can carry in church. But the pass or whoever's in charge of that church. Also has a right to saying no. So there's this checks and balances here. If people aren't gonna just as the assembly overrun places they previously couldn't carry. The I'm not crazy about the thought of caring -- a bar but as I said before there's more than one kind of Barney Google into. A bar where there's a lot of hard asses than there could be problems he's also going to a very genteel bar or business -- meet. And discuss the days that progress on the latest account. Could be in a hotel very upscale whatever so there are different things a thank you Tony. And last time. We talked about guns though or or maybe wasn't the exact last night we talked about. Other states getting involved in loosening their gun laws so this one is very very much slows -- of that was. New York State meanwhile going the other way and -- what I said. The police are no more entitled to break the law. Then the bad guys. And if the police are just trying to enforce the law. That's one thing and that's what they should do they should enforce the law not saying they shouldn't. But if they're there -- hassle you because they don't like the law that protection to that's not right. That's simply is right we will always -- budget to cooperate as best you can. And and don't get out the and whatever but that isn't right we're seeing examples around here now. Where guns are being confiscated and then you gotta go through a hassle to get him back. There -- -- bird days it seems more like a hassle process than a legal process and that's wrong and here is if the cops are doing that here is where they're making a huge mistake. All right at least around here. Cops are considered our friends these are people we need and what we need them they're there for us. If you just -- hassling citizens who are obeying the rules who are doing what they're supposed to be doing when you just don't like the law. If you start that you're not gonna be the good guys anymore. -- gonna be the guys that they go across the streets of it up of the next the the ones that don't wanna sit next you know bills and stuff like that -- do that we are pretty good relationship with the police here. And as far as the police enforce the laws and that's that that's fine. But when they start interpreting it individually and hassle you and make things a delayed and costly to retrieve and that kind of crap. Then suddenly you know are gonna have the people on his side. And I think it's important for the safety of the people on the safety of the officers that we work in harmony here so what do you like the law or not. Mr. policeman norm this policeman or mrs. policeman. Doesn't really matter just enforce the law as it's written and that'll be fine we don't need anybody else try to make it tougher. For us to enjoy our Second Amendment Rights. Let's go to a Bob in Boston it's Boston Bob bureau on WBN. Greetings salutation hello all when I heard your faith clause about the military church. I've monitored quite where distraught man common start ranting and raving against guy. Fortunately it was one time I was in the sixties to wonder what in the seventies before people sort of are restoring to a mass shootings. As good as the pollution. The first time it happened portly illegal Apollo was -- part of the congregation. Who he stood up my old man and a marine -- I don't think you need my. Leo is quite a man I'll tell you that we optimism throughout the. All got great fell but I what you appears down Albert also a history of law all of bombing should. And argued against minority churches and synagogues but he just had what about a week ago. There that while it figures who said down help while libertarian. They -- to carry guns in hours -- enough. And the church synagogue notable yet because -- that histories against minorities. Yeah and it's no disrespect to guard your dared to look Friday and and respect him worship god but the the fact is when you leave. Or sometimes you know why you're there you certainly have a right to protect juror you're safe. Kapalua and as you know who have gone they can have right to carry laws. Have a -- primary. Yeah -- -- many times though a lot of crimes go down a lot of mean in Texas home burglaries. I assume are a much lower they were when I was there and I assume it's still -- case. Because a lot of people had guns. And everybody knew you break in this house is not going to be gun free zone. No I I defy anybody who's -- firearm. And you think it's so evil just put a sign on Milan say we are gun free home and good luck to you thanks Bob thank you remarks. Guys like. About like this the people that don't Obey laws don't Obey laws so it doesn't matter if you put a new law at the think any if any gang -- gonna go way out -- home. I noted they catch us it will be first degree armed robbery Michael slammer but this other room -- we might be very accurate. I'm -- really can't. Think like that given to about the laws and that's the point and and the frustrating part to me is. The people. -- do it right you and me. The people that obeying the law yeah asks where are the ones that the focus of the government the bad guys. The bad guys that's a that's a different story it's us. There was some anecdotal information about people if they're stopped for traffic goes stops. Where -- policeman would ask them read this the paper within the last two days. When asked them is there anything in the car. There could hurt. And the person answered -- I have a permit but there I'm carrying a pistol okay. And that guy -- in handcuffs them all the whole thing. So we want to make sure that your rights are are given to you and not taken away if if I could stop on a traffic stop. And they asked me that I would the first thing I would do is a man show you something in my wall and I would take out -- pistol -- and handed to. -- a permit holder and I am carrying a pistol right now right in the open. I don't make any sudden moves put your hands -- vacancy. And if they pass you after that. They're breaking the law. And the cops don't have anymore right to break a lot of facts should be held to a higher standard because they enforce the laws. So keep in mind that sort of thing don't get nervous they'll say anything stupid. I don't you know I'll call your lawyer in front of him. Just what he's been albeit Roberts -- all of it but what I'm saying is be respectful. Of them and they should be respectful view. You are a guy. That took the courses you're the guy that they're fingerprinted. You -- the guy that the cops came to your house to check out your house. You're the guy that's got every gun that you have is registered. They know these serial number then all of a caliber OK you have a guy do it all -- so why aloe based around what you floor. That's the question. They should entry. -- it is sometimes you know -- cop doesn't have to agree with every law that's on the books -- the he has to enforce them uniformly. And make sure they're doing but be polite polite polite polite. Take a break we'll be back -- more -- -- -- and company talking about guns especially the Georgia law. The detractors says it's the carry anywhere law that's what they yeah that's what they call it. It is the called the safe carry protection act. Among the provisions of that signed by the governor. Governor Nathan Deal. It allows licensed gun owners to carry weapons and government buildings were in grass. It and not restricted by by security personnel so -- and allows that. It establishes an absolute defense of the legal use of deadly force in the face of a violent attack it allows gun owners will they carry a license to carry a weapon in airports in non secure areas. Including. Before you begin to the TSA checkpoints. It was bar owners decide whether to allow licensed gun owners to carry in bars he reminders more along at a bar. Less let it let's religious though leaders decide whether to allow licensed gun ownership in there -- houses of worship. It allows for the use of the silence -- in hunting it allows a certain city if an just -- New York State if they had that. I don't know much about the use of silences and -- but if they had that. You do know how much scrutiny you'd get for having silence -- in New York State okay but it's allowed for hunting. In. In Georgia. It and it allows certain school employees to carry weapons in school -- so they have a lot more who leeway a lot more flexibility in Georgia. Apparently the Second Amendment means something down there doesn't mean his margin in the Gestapo State of New York. -- with governor Andrew them. Cuomo let's go to. Whose next dale I think is an excellent de -- you're on W via. That the -- and have a number of quick points -- -- thought about it certainly does go to a University of Nevada Reno in the sixties. And I could give it legally and -- Best you get a big battles. Who prime rate -- crime rate was negligible. Military NC is. That guy from California get loses a lot of tables single -- route that's seven allow them. Yes so bad that it has done a good thing so big generals are more lax in or or just more more more leeway in a state of Nevada. Not everybody carried. But you -- guess who who has little doubt who doesn't. Yeah that's a guy you don't want you don't spend that we -- -- get get it wrong I'll tell -- that yeah I lived in states where it's easier to purchase a weapon or whatever than others but. Wherever license was required I've had one. I always get the bill sales from my guns I I I follow the law and I I expect that most people do so we shouldn't be the focus of the police. The focus of police should be the bad guys who have illegal weapons. The fight -- is that I've looked at what I've got back Colvin might carry on bag that I -- -- as far as churches. Many churches -- and AN NA meetings in their basements. And that unit is given mixed routed their journey won't. And also if you look back period there I believe it or is that shot the policeman -- church and other badly iChat up and investment you'll so. We've met with that nuns raped again and -- -- I mean that was a fairly. Our current case and less than a year ago we had that we've had -- beat up and and and robbed we've always had counselors we have a very famous non murdered. Who did a lot of good work for wrote for the four in western new York and so there's there's no accounting just because you're gonna charge that -- going to be safe and when you leave the church Europe more dangers so okay thank you. Persia. UNLV with you probably weren't aware of firearms issues then or worried. Actually I was because -- friends of mine who lives you know hung out with regularly he had went out one date kind of handgun. Destroy her daughter and then they would go out to the desert. -- you out there are some states where it's a much easier to get those to show you some idea and whatever some states are a lot harder to get this waiting periods. You've got to come back you know they. I have I don't mind I don't mind -- stringent procedure to get a gun I really don't because I think -- says there's some time should be involved. Yeah another origin just -- your wife in the arms of your best friend you -- to run off. The the gun store and grab a gun and go back into some mixed open. So I think that that cooling down period of yeah I wanna go on but I'm not gonna get it before five days or whatever the number might be in your state. I I don't think that's the worst thing. A because if you have that short. An attention span maybe you should never got to the first place the -- is certainly worth waiting for if you auto enjoy the shooting sports hunting. Self defense all those things and do not willing to wait -- chances are maybe not a good Janet Africa. Like it's got a little patients are at let's go to. Okay -- a friend John's on the line in Lancaster -- on W via. Pay any idea what I'm fine let's -- I don't know what you what I advocate to clear about point five years. And nobody told me I couldn't take it into a bar. -- New York State Buchanan on the you can't take into -- no I don't think. They never thought they that we recommend that you know still it but there's -- -- -- is what people look at army couldn't adequately this year in your over some basic ground world war. Yeah I went when they say we don't recommend that I usually follow their advice. I I I thought when I got the New York. And I applied for my -- and I also bought the New York State gun laws in the ads and battery every area here and now you would think. That that would be a fairly thin block it's very thick. But I'd advise anybody who has gone -- to review those laws and no but alcohol and guns as the Mets in -- ago. In an -- in the RP is an eye on the better side that once they got into the permits. You know they keep it in -- people repeatedly -- to -- can't get -- -- catalyst that kind of look a thing to keep your life. You know that this is a little bit more of -- -- this because I never want to lose yet you know privilege of having firearms or having a pistol. The issuing officer from my firearm. In non Niagara county said just so you on the stand. We can take these guns away for any reason he said your guns could be locked up at home on the safe. And you're out at a chicken dinner at the church and you get into a fist fight with a guy who tried to grab your last piece of chicken. Wouldn't come your house and take ago so I know that for any reason they I guess -- defied an out of court but basically the way it works as. For any reason with any kind of behavior of its questionable making common pitcher -- deal why would certainly be one problem. Sure. Thing it's. -- Oh which governor of one and the one in Georgia yet. Well they might I mean I think you have a lot of friends on his side I'm not really sure of as a his political ambitions but he's doing a good job out there and -- as far as I'm concerned with this issue thank you we'll be back more. Beach and company we do know our round. Our governors. -- he wants he wants he wants the big spotlight in Washington will be back after this.

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