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4-24 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh how does -- governor I'm sandy beaches and I would want to talk about today including some that we take for granted. And we kind of accept without really thinking about it. And then after we thought about it we wonder why we accepted in the first place OK one other thing -- That is seen usually as a positive is making you aware of things. I'm gonna talk about them. -- times when you see something on radio or television or in the newspaper or wherever. It's an attempt to make you aware of something somebody might not be aware of but I've come to the conclusion after bidding on this earth for more than a couple of days I'm sick of being aware because that I'm aware is so much easier. You're just vote for Obama and get on with -- -- when you're unaware when you first when you're aware. You get cranky. 'cause there are things that are totally not not right and now you're aware of them before he didn't know about and so you didn't complain and complain about them. It didn't -- -- any money in and lose any sleep but once you become aware of them. That's the problem also legally. If you're not aware of some thing you're probably not going to be held liable for it but if you -- aware of that. I you didn't do anything to stop argued in public -- you didn't do any. You're in trouble so even though the issue maybe a good issue. And they're all awareness factors. Like we -- in the Koran and here talking about of the workplace and then go and work rule violations. If you didn't know if you are unaware it because -- would be great. To go through life unaware and you can work -- 97 rock and -- and just play stairway to heaven and enjoy yourself instead we have to take on Supreme Court rulings. It up blob blob blob school board meeting. -- Does she get her pension doesn't. On awareness now in order Tony and and a crest in order for this to work. We have to make other people aware. So we should start an awareness campaign isn't quite right now assigned to launch event. We should have an awareness campaign to be unaware. You like that do you like that -- -- got something yet to get a DO I don't know amid the ribbon thing is -- we prevalent to think outside -- Wagner something out and and if you're around people that are unaware. They're happier than you are. Does that then they're not aware that's it's not stress they're not stressed that own and not aware. I had and so the good part is major life easier if you're unaware so the next time I think that they should have. And alert when the media is about to make you aware of something. And then you can opt out you can -- right out they were going to make you aware some I don't know. I'm having a nice weekend planned I don't wanna know about anything. That that would stress me out so keep me out of the awareness program. Something that's that's worth a worth thinking about also IndyCar and was here lending is a lawyer. -- -- and I'm not on television in a theater a lot because. She runs a trailer that runs in the previews before the movie so it's an -- Workplace though workplace inequities is what she handles basically. And I just got the thing. Why I'll never know but if candy or should I don't know who works for a us you know if she married -- the -- which is highly unlikely. She be candy corn what do you think. And it -- And what if wonderfully in the car wasn't born in this time but she was -- at the turn of the last century and she fell in love with Ty -- mentioned below in the corn cob. -- I was at a -- that that that joke was funny so thank you think of it. Where. Does awareness thing on a serious note which is probably what the hole for seven minutes has been about -- on a serious note. I see people all the time that are told. We unaware of any. And they don't know what's going -- and they don't know what's going -- politically they don't know what's going on militarily they don't know what's going on with the pipeline. They don't know about what's going on in Georgia. Which is with a gun laws that they don't know what's going on New York with New York say if they don't know what's going on -- this this scam that is pre K. So they're happy people because they don't know if you don't know I can't worry about a right. So that's -- -- my mirrors -- my house too so I can be unaware signals of oil so that's that that's my first in my first down. Went to a movie yesterday and got a Saab. Don't make fun of me now guys did you guys -- -- team -- guys you know what I mean. Just remember farms. OK Alexy the bear the movie the bear because I used to love when I was kid I go to Disney. Nature films they were narrated by Rex Allen was cobbler but great narrative voice that a lot of them. And they're very well done so let's see the bear and -- this Hillary. Is breath taking it's the last. It is absolutely breathtaking how they got those shots is beyond me. And that they did to a cubs are just adorable do you wish you could adopt them and they would say that size and you have -- your home. But that the movie itself was okay. It was okay it wasn't bad it was in grade it was okay. John C. Reilly who was in Chicago it was in the remembrance. Singing mister cellophane. He narrated it pretty good job. There were four people in the theater. At that opens at. Of course it was an after note but it just opened a week ago zone and and if you're like nature thanks I will say this if you have a really young kid. You might wanna give a second thought because nature is nature. And the big bad thousand pound bear. Comes sniffing around mama bear and that's not a good thing because he's not there to adopt the children he's their true. Eat the children so and -- them that's something you perhaps rather not be aware you know like Teddy bears. And little cuddly bears and stuff like that. And if you like Yogi Bear. Or your game very even even Yogi Berra -- -- vote. -- got you it would be a little scary for a little right but I think -- and the accused NATO allies 89 we'll be fine even younger. You think nick would be this move by now he would now like to recognize them because I didn't like it because -- it well first of all I know. That that big thousand pound bear was not going to cause any major troubles saying that the two little baby bears. Are in the mama bear really via the star of the show. And I don't think that they would have a Disney film where one of -- suddenly became launch now I don't think that would work. So I -- they -- going to be there till we hand but the scenery if you ever seen. The scenery in Alaska it is. This will. How why it made me think of a -- Alaska trip even more you can go wrestle bears I doubt I'll kill him about our when I was only three I'm Davey Davey Crockett. Thank you very much about tea one thing when they stand up on their hind feet. And rule are. Yeah takes yeah I've seen him do. And I Jackson absolutely I might say something gets him angry stands up and his hind feet. Puts his paws up like to the roof and bellow like you would not believe because remember he's the biggest thing right used to be in a spirit of youth that's right and so anybody they used to -- can still saying and that's where was -- -- -- This and many may be divisional test yesterday them. As you know vigils were complaining in the lawsuit that they had to do a jiggle test and we didn't know how you failed to jiggle test there has to be standards. The only stand as we could figure out is. If you got up and a gentle. I mean venue would fail to jiggle test because jiggling is required. Maybe you got too much to jiggle. And part of it is artificial let's put it that way it's store bought I don't think that want that now that would general much when I'm thinking about it. If it were solid that would be like trying to -- Manville. I don't think you do now so we should've asked that we had we had some former the jails in a group of those we should've asked them what digital that's laws. So that we would know I mean better standards. You have to have standards you've got to know I mean when I get all of my diabetes tests in the numbers come and I got a note the benchmarks are. I don't know what the benchmarks aren't jiggle test you just wanna be a winner there they have the flap over your shoulder what happens to me it rarely do you have to do a somersault about leaping up but I mean does it is a sense river gulf. For -- Do you like the bear the Russian. Circus going backwards like this ever have children. Or if you go and audio world around would be required to get dizzy. I'm not sure but I find out because that's important inquiring minds well and you guys don't you guys -- no help -- the original test no I can't vote tonight as Jeannie for jiggle test -- -- but -- -- -- up from Pendleton sneak into. Greg -- I don't know your wife but if you have a good sense of humor asked her. If she'll do original source and open a table are right there -- -- dollar she wants to go to the games. Will meet -- -- all right. We'll take a break it will be back with more with beach company and -- it -- thirty we are WBI. She doesn't sound as sheriff share share of here's the picture her this is a vehicle -- yes it is. We're gonna at a look at that outfit a lot on how about that I'd like to -- Like to borrow that -- -- -- Marcello whether it's a looks very nice -- be very popular where he's got the Medusa head headdress on. Though a lot of this I assume. Likes speed skaters -- or row of figures here it is when you see -- it's not released in Islam it's a leotard. Skin colored. I assume that that's what this it is. Although it would have -- so can you tell. He -- now. You know it's like a lot of plastic it looks like yup well got to recognize about share for those of you say wow she looks pretty good -- And she does but remember share is like a helicopter. Her parts get replaced on a regular basis for safety reasons and so even -- shares -- maybe 67 years older horse -- ride around there. -- very few over parts of that -- which is great. I mean who wants 67 year old parts you can take that as a basic brain into the brain is 67. -- on other things that are more up today you know what I'm talking about parts Wear out and they sometimes break. And then sometimes seize up so I'm sure don't want that I'm sure she had them replaced before this tour started exactly so I'm sure she's a had a -- up put up on Iraq. Put Iraq on the Iraq -- and and getter joined up but I'm guessing there's so much and showing there that I'm guessing. That's released via I'm guessing that that is not a leotard yes probably skin knowing if so this area here if this were traffic or get -- Harris here. The -- trafford report. On share OK as if you work. Hovering over her body and it's in a helicopter -- looks down to seize this I'm thinking right down here. Near where the 19 the in the 290 joined right right here. That that that might be a dangerous intersection I would on Iran over here this part where the 190s south along the water. If there's not a lot Trevor that's fine right when he -- -- -- up near the blue water tower. It can be it can be problematic I'm just saying their can be a volume should not a lot of volume problems. And now Cindy opera wouldn't wanna be left out she's her pictures and their two I've seen announcing share but I have seen Cindy Lauper. -- like the boat anchor good but Cindy's got the the which looks like Wendy and they -- commercials that company bright red hair. And there's a local dour and sad. But there it is it was a great concert apparently. Some pictures online check that out but that this year and in the upper. For those that -- -- did not go to the concert. Meanwhile on the emirates police blotter -- -- -- comical things I thought you'd like to know. Motorists driving on interstate 99 the reported that a man and you know Lexus sedan. Was operating his car recklessly. The driver of the Lexus reportedly threw a hand. At the complains vehicle. And the reason they know it came from Alexis it was a camp of great upon that's not a -- tell it was not Hans. Or anything like that was great appliances that well -- vehicle -- high class the good stuff via. And on campus drive I still I still live on campus drug that was my first house campus drive west. On campus drive west. A man with curly black hair wearing a blue button down shirt was knocking on the window of a house. According to the man who reported the accident. The individual who was knocking on the door was trying to look into the bedroom window -- female President Bush showering him. About that. -- know she was showering in policy could already see you there. Unless she showers at the same time every day and formerly a short so I always want to make sure it doesn't happen. I spray paint the windows of the show our media and then -- light industry and do the opposite eye -- everything but usually an outdoor -- On their policies I've seen her aunt and -- and house outside additional I actually saw a house for Shelvin had -- it was in Hawaii. It has true. Parallels. Bathtubs all I could I governs this is where they -- the C Dallas commercial and I've never seen that before -- of running back Lamar. You have what the car and buried -- -- should be in the corn -- I don't like that put that in the hall of infamy we'll Rebecca Jarvis. Home of Rush Limbaugh. Weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WD EA and. The Beijing company they used to be an old joke wasn't particularly that funny but so apropos here. Where -- you the definition of mixed emotions mixed emotions as when you see your mother analogue drive your Cadillac over. And now I'm asking a amassing Chris if he had mixed emotions because last night. If overtime. Pat -- on a breakaway. Took a shot against Ryan Miller that would win the game estimated. Where you're rooting for that shot to go or what that decades from here Ryan Miller is beloved -- Yeah I'm more on -- Miller side in this and I was trying to figure it out this morning and as I'm watching the game I 'cause I'm I seem to find myself rooting for Saint Louis. I think is because pat Kane already has his championship -- Miller played here for a lot of years now and not. Got to the average miles to -- times but never made it over the -- I know is when you're watching the playoffs all of the players we used to have a scoring Briere scored the other day and and you know there's still productive still going well but they're not here writes -- the way it productive for someone else see exactly. Started to have a giveaway for dancing weighing yes yes -- call 6449875. Right now. It's Saturday may tenth at the 3 o'clock. At falls new casino resort must believe. Must be nineteen plus I still don't know what that means. I guess if you're in nineteen. It should be good enough because you're never exactly in nineteen except for that 12 at midnight -- and okay which must in nineteen blessed to win and to go to the casino the prize is valued at fifty bucks let's have a valid passport or enhanced license. Across borders general content rules applies celebrate the seventies Disco era. We have they dance extravaganza that brings that time Melissa it's of -- the VGAs the village people and more. Buy your tickets at the -- -- casino resort box office at all Ticketmaster locations. Or online at Ticketmaster dot C days so there you have -- so much Disco music. Which is still big around here I mean the world's largest fiscal sells out every year has really -- yeah people. People just like to go back to that era -- ago. Did you have a Disco outfit. Not really didn't have like platform shoes of three piece white suit. Actually the last time I went -- and was anti Disco I went in. Kissed T shirt stand accused jacket on you until the world's largest Disco as any rock and roll as anti Disco yeah. That ought to be funny troublemaker. While did any of the this people. As a pick you out and caught you. Not a -- into what they do was people just called retro and then the -- and basically anything from the seventies though wasn't a gentleman right reviewed recognized on a summer moment oh yes she's dead. Well. You know you party had a chance and that buses left and -- like that music you. -- -- -- done when I was young for liking it but yeah. We played some Disco we put -- -- as -- actually announce a -- -- O'Toole used the protest. And so one day they said. -- playing that much discos those that don't protests so what I that is. After my choke as the Studio One on two. Were right to Marshall was only from my show and nobody shoes so I had some Disco people coming and set up. Lights. And sound and a Disco ball. And it well all worked on one switch. And when hang Evans who was the program director of 1020 when I was there. When -- Evans will come and he have to walk by our studio that's the way he got to his office. I would always turn on the Disco ball as I get a heads up Hanks -- and end the -- we just come anchor. To rhyme with a tanker. About it like you throw the Disco ball and then everybody has started dancing just the probe how much Cisco and some guys are total elaborate means to show management something. Are -- we got here Georgia. On my mind. Remember I think it was last week made it may have been the week before last when we told you about something that is so Lauren. To New York State and so welcome breath of fresh air as far as we're concerned. And that is down in Georgia the state legislature had passed a -- bill which went and had passed the convincingly. And it went to the the governor's -- now the governor. As a Republican but the governor did not signal yes I'm going to sign it no I'm not -- side. What it was it was a very. -- what's the -- I'm looking for. It was a bill that really opened up a lot of opportunities for people. To enjoy the Second Amendment. Governor. Nathan Deal sign of that bill. And now it is in its it's the law but it takes effect July 1 but it is signed and it is the law it's house bill sixty. Or the safe carry protection act of Tony fourteen. -- -- people who. Who didn't like the bill called that the guns everywhere bill. It's a specifies that residents who can who I have the information and a permit to carry a weapon. Are allowed to go to tech -- it places they couldn't before some with permission some and permission not needed. Among -- provisions of these they've -- protection act signed into law Wednesday. It allows licensed go bowlers to carry weapons in government buildings where prior -- where -- -- Is not restricted or secured by safety personnel so if it's a normal walking and wacko building those safety of personnel. And you have a carry permit you can carry there. Establishes an absolute defense for the legal use of deadly force in the face of a violent attack. You got it's -- -- I think of the -- of the basic rule are the basic right we have as citizens as human beings is the right to exist. The right to continue breathing and it allows. A Vietnam. A defense. -- vote of of your actions -- native and that's in the it's in the law which is good there's no need to retreat. Allows gun owners with a carry licensed to carry a weapon in airports in non secure areas. Before -- TSA checkpoints so. If you were dropping somebody often just going in the front door you know helping them -- bag or getting out of a card up at the bag out of the back. Truck or whatever and and you're carrying. It allows that. It lets bar owners decide whether to allow licensed gun owners to carry him bars. Now I'm not a big believer. That it's a good idea. And it's a -- and bars that alcohol and firearms definitely do not mix under any circumstances that doesn't make you. A more responsible. Gun. Older big -- perhaps them. Little foggy and what how you're supposed to reacted so I don't have a problem that I think if if if of the bar allows and you're responsible owner and I think have a -- should happen but there's always things that happened in bars. And if you happen to be armed or the person that you are dealing with happens to be armed it's probably not have a good. Ending it -- religious leaders decide whether to allow licensed gun owners to carry and houses of worship. And this I don't know he would that you and I -- probably saying well why would you have to carry and a in a church. Well depends where the churches and what time of day it is it could be a late night those special church service in the church can be in my heart of a crime area. And believe me you may have higher standards and a personal loss and knock you over the head and -- what you got so. I cannot concede that if they wanna do it it allows the use of so I'll answer is while hunting. I know I'm not a hunter and never have been I've never gone hunting. And I've never heard of anybody asking for that silences during hunting and if you heard that that's -- I -- -- I -- -- units like it might be dangerous to other hunters -- I'm not -- -- or maybe. Yeah the only advantage I couldn't think of and and this is off the top of my head and believe me -- -- argument defending so allied -- But is if you fired a shot. And missed the target. Maybe the target wouldn't have heard the shot would still be available as a target instead of running off as the only thing I don't think of as to why that would be there and I'm not hotter and of there is hotter out there listening and wanna. And lightning will be happy to listen -- allows certain school employees to carry weapons in schools zones today that's a good idea. You know you don't people bid to have the don't wanna carry shouldn't be forced to carry but -- say you're -- ex military -- -- you're a teacher. And your perfectly comfortable and you have a carry permit and you want it because you think in my particular might protect your kids. In the classroom. So those are things that are that are now law in the state of Georgia. And it will become effective July 1. So I'm asking Ville Georgia relaxed gun laws are you OK with that does that sound OK there's -- some nuts -- -- crazy. You wish New York had something like that New Yorkers going the other way. I mean we're going the absolute other way we're going to I would have draconian methods now we're hearing anecdotally that. Police are taking a weapons where's there's not strong legal ground to take them. And then you got to go through the hassle of getting it back there was a story. In our news this morning which Jolo a kind of go over -- comeback that sounded troubling and there was also some reports about. But what what's happening to motorists on the road if they happen to have. A -- area legally carried pistol with them. It Austria Montreal 106 on 69236 start I'm thirty. Are you OK with the Georgia relaxed gun laws they take effect July 1 okay -- that and you -- New York was going in the same direction let us know. This bill which became a law passed by a wide margin in Georgia. 112 to 58 in the house and 37 to eighteen in the senate. And and that was signed by the governor was Republican he did not immediately say he would sign it and so we did that show like last week Italy before saying I should -- whatever what he did. Yeah and now there rogue that that will take effect and July 1. And we're asking the Georgia relax gun laws are you okay -- that do you think they -- -- the right decision. You wish New York had them I'm thinking out of all of what we just told you of the new -- rights or gun owners there are. I would think that the part that would make me the most nervous was -- carrying. A gun in a bar I don't think that's ago I don't think that's a great idea. I'm not saying you can't do -- or shouldn't do it I'm just saying I don't think it's a good idea. The governor of when he signed. The of the bill into law I wish she'd send a copy of what he said to Andrew Cuomo the weasel we have as a governor here in New York State. The governor says our state has some of the best protections for gun owners in the United States. And today we strengthen those rights protected by our nation's most revered. Founding document. The law which goes into effect July 1 allows the gun owners. More freedom but here is here's the governor who recognizes the importance of the second commandment -- Second Amendment. The commandments a different one. But Second Amendment and and he's proud of it and his legislature is proud of it MD people down there are proud of -- meanwhile we act like. Everybody here. Is a bit not eligible for guns because were partially jump off the deep dug deep and that I think. The fact that we don't we hired Andrew Cuomo. As a governor shows that he could be right about that let's go to was stand -- Rochester stander on WB AM. There's no question the governor is and not GAAP. I would not want to be in a bar with a drunk always English script and western around forget it we got enough people injured. Stand killed in -- rooms now driving -- -- okay now we're gonna have people waving guns -- -- drunk are. Wheldon and nothing here says waving guns and keep in mind of the bar owner has to approve -- another words it's not an automatic right to bar owner has to opt in. And their -- mine now. When I say the word bar BAR. Maybe a neighborhood bar with local gang bangers and there might be -- in my. But -- -- could also be an upscale business location where people go for a gentle cocktail after. After their long day's work so not all bars of the same I don't I I would never -- in a bar and I don't think it's a great idea but I don't think there are people going to be waving their guns around. To -- some guys five foot 430. Pounds. Would have thought I want to lead all of a sudden becomes six foot 4240. -- Yeah I don't think liquor and guns -- that's beyoncé and we've talked many times about beer muscles people get a lot more courage. When they had a few under their belt that's the last thing you should have is a few under your belt undergone under bill thank you. And so I'm not in favor of that -- consider right now but as I said we have to remember that there are different kind of bars they might be classified as a bar could be a bar hotel. Could be -- bar at a hotel and if you had a carry permit at a business meeting there or you're staying overnight in the hotel. And you arrive -- and your your your residence in -- you have a permit to carry. And you go down into the bar to meet somebody to be allowed to carry that's not a problem. But it's different from the wild west of some bars where -- They used to in Texas when them musicians used to perform. Is that the -- chicken wire up to protect the band ever see that there really did -- was in the both Brothers you know exactly maestro. They used to throw beer bottles and all kinds of stuff but the action. Perhaps that's not the place where you wanna be carrying a gun. But no -- as somebody getting getting beat up. Who was a packing a gun is decided. Well IQ can I can't win this fight this ways off the pull a gun that's absolutely -- will see how that plays. Simply because the law takes effect July 1 we do know that. And what else we know that the bar owner has to opt in. So if the borrower says no we're not going to allow guns here there and organs there at -- -- Stewart but the borrower says yes. Then. Then that's fine. So that's that's where that is some of these other things that Emeka makes sense some economic sense the -- might make sense of somebody else -- says that the pastor of church and say yes and you're thinking who needs the carry guns and church. Member Byron brown a submitted a build it never became law no no guns in church Byron brown. When he was state senator. But it depends. Where the church's well -- the church is right in the middle of high crime area and it's a midnight so yes. And you get out of there at 1 o'clock in the morning. I'll make it an hour I don't know long service actually was. And you get out of 1 o'clock in the morning you might be very very pleased to to have enjoyed the service. -- your good friends Smith & Wesson. Or -- Sam -- -- depends 00 what your life. Mr. Remington would you like sit next to me thank you very much. But you mr. block. We'll be back tomorrow would be in companies.

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