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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>A Glowing Review for Cher

A Glowing Review for Cher

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chase is our next to WBM live line -- reduce -- -- call him -- as he was a first Niagara center last night to see share. And her dressed to kill concert. Okay others share I've got you base -- is how did -- due to us. -- -- -- Says the show was -- -- amazing both Indian share. Jumping right in this year. She would actually do in several. Duets with sunny via video footage from. Classic performances that they had over the years. So he was on a screen a big screen. Yet and actually they did a great job a lot of the angles of him and video they chose he was looking at her from the screen so it was just you all. Amazing performance on the duets. -- -- in general would you think. It has beyond belief it was probably what I would consider an epiphany of a courier. Moment. You know -- to continue -- connection here. -- sixty years old -- 67. -- distant from the moment it started with Cyndi -- coming from the opposite and first Niagara. -- the crowd. Is that the whole tone of being very personal concerts for both of them. -- -- several times standing on chairs and the middle of the audience. Share in our act the whip. And talking to them from the stage pointing our -- your your necklace and so forth. And -- introducing herself. To come to stage. So -- I mean she was backstage news reports she's like you know what did. Everybody -- -- wouldn't she grade and of course sure sure there were few. Choice Fort Worth talking about you have been here. But I basically just get ready for -- on the B adapter and about two minutes and just have a lot of profit from. From the onset she made it personal. You could tell that -- was personal. Lot of -- due to -- You know there's like you know I'm a hundred years old this is my final final final farewell to work. And she -- dumb I'm gonna died due to that effect -- most my fans so we're you. -- classic custom changes. Unbelievable -- she opens. Concert. This. The stages so look very Barack get it wasn't. A huge margin overstate what I want to changing as far as they're moving and so forth. But in the center there was some opportunities but with video and everything else it constantly evolved. But you never -- -- church I've seen her before where she relied heavily armed dancer and seek support. She was always your focus in this concert. Every song you knew it didn't matter it was her first songs are wanna for the latest songs. She came out this beautiful. At the mine in looking outfit to start. From there of course would have briefed him on. Head to toe head dress. And an amazing body. No I mean any. Man that were reluctant to go to the show with their wife or girlfriend. Would have -- -- she turned sideways. They forgot about being reluctant. -- 67. Just -- -- side you would never have guessed. It sounded like no one had anything to complain about those who was one of those I got my money's worth. Here. If anybody would complain mean it's a typical complain if -- encounters like or wish they would send a wish they would send import swisher if you -- everything. We still be here. -- -- -- But it was just unbelievable. You know from -- her old self interacting with the crowd. And her voice. I don't think I've ever heard anybody in line as well as she didn't. It -- to take any pictures. Oh yes we would hit a ton of them we had amazing seats. You know particularly one point at the very and she came out kind of armed. -- Mother Mary kinda Modano helped. Not Madonna singer but the police. Madonna and then she gets in has. And its contraptions. That was attached also -- walls of the events of first Niagara. Then lifted her up which the floated out over the crowd from one end all the way to the other end of the arena so with fewer. Cleared the ups it and you'll with a far exceed current one point. And it is just unbelievable. If you can send us. A couple pictures we'd love it and sent him text or email newsroom at WB EN dot -- You got okay there you go folks from glowing review of shares dressed to kill concert last night. At first Niagara center opened. Cindy -- our guest on the live line was chased our guest reviewer.

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