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Former Jill Kristine Unhappy With Lawsuit

Apr 24, 2014|

Part I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome our next in the studio cast her name is Christine Christine as a former member of the buffalo jails cheerleading squad. And we've been discussing this buffalo jewels pending lawsuit against the Buffalo Bills. There is zeroing in on. The lack of being paid minimum wage but according to the attorney we had in studio just a short while ago -- -- special license. In the sexual harassment cases there may be allowed more to this the natural we're going to talk about. Christine thank you for joining us this morning why do you suppose of these young ladies waited so long. If they were uncomfortable. -- what they see something at the onset. At the beginning I can't speak for them I don't know why they wouldn't do that. What are you with the squad 2002 to 2006. OK so Erica yeah but. Did you ever feel exploited while he origin -- and you know when I was until the same director Bannon uses now and commander standing it is the exact consider rules and. Headlines Ethan Allen tell us about this guide book and some of the former generals have been describing some of the reports that we've been having on our news. -- -- -- Very chip and restaurant that was was all that stuff and there's -- yes well first it was never called the jiggle test that is. And team and I don't believe the directorate put that in that part in the actual manual. It was a physique evaluation and you know that -- I brought onto the team to do very specific just like an actor model -- On you have to have a certain that a job skills you have to have a certain look -- and expect this there and look just like an actor model. On if you can't perform your job skills and you cannot continue with a certain luck -- physique -- you can no longer do this job. Com and that is how it is explained in the manual is not explained to digital theft. When you tried out for the channels did you know signed up for absolutely it was. The last day or one of the last days of auditions and I know this is still going man. Drug addition process you're given Emmanuel is about ten to twelve pages long. I don't know if it's still that -- But every detail from the amount of hours you put and the number of practices are required to -- appearances are required to do that -- in this manually physique. You agree I mean it's out there and net -- under. -- as outlined in there so you know exactly what you're saying for and it it's not for you and you don't have to do it. Besides performing. At buffalo bills' home games. Ralph Wilson Stadium how busy it was your schedule otherwise. Personal appearances. For me analysts. Every Tuesday and there -- it was practices for four hours each day did you get paid for it. But I knew I wasn't getting peeved at how I was compensated I mean and they still are compensated in the neither race. Through -- tickets -- the games you get free -- get free gym memberships which helps you with your physique. Com they girls received so I'm discounts. A laser eye surgery all of those things added up you know to a net in this compensation and and that's what we did four and also my contract I signed. As an independent contractors I understood that I was going to be paid for practices and game day. -- -- that schedule and it is is -- a busy schedule as it is in jail yes besides the two practices that week. That is if you're available to do an additional appearance. You -- for that appearance if you're not elderly don't -- -- you are required to do a certain number of a Kansas throughout the season and throughout the season I mean twelve month the year that. You know you have the ability to sign up for X number hours. So it's -- and you set up. At any time during any of -- or public appearances the personal appearances were you ever put. Into a situation that made you feel uncomfortable you know to do something about the director and never ever put us in the situation where we felt uncomfortable. If we were put in -- situation. Then. We were trained through our etiquette training in how to handle herself. We would go to a veteran -- are our captain or investor contact at that appearance today. Number uncomfortable that's how in and we are also trained and make it it's good suggestion of how I do it this way.