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Merits of Jills Lawsuit - Attorney Lindy Korn

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Since five cheerleaders came forward to suit the buffalo -- there's been a ground swell of support even some outrage coming from former generals who have a different story to tell. WB instate people. Talks with one of them. Good morning Susan. And the tension -- kills cheerleaders I don't know about you but when I signed up I did it for the love of the game right after you heard of the lawsuit Christina a former general jumped on FaceBook with this post my heart hurts if you agree please share this message in states and as you really -- support. And -- next in an interview Christine who didn't want us using her last name said that low pay intense standards on things like body weight and grooming. And the nature of the work is something they say any -- knows going and but they do it anyway eyes open she says. The last day of auditions the director Thad Allen left and gave us about ten -- twelve page manual. That outline every. Little thing that was required of path from the number of practices and Hamad -- where is -- -- -- appearances he had do you have there they're paid appearances a lot of charity appearances. Every detail description of what was required to view hair make -- physical appearances -- -- to see if it's something for you if it wasn't for you we didn't have to come back into the flat. Before you even found out they said here's what it's all about. Absolutely she says there were occasional cat calls she did have to appear in a bar in a bikini but says she had enough confidence that didn't bother. And any trouble with the job boards they bought her she says is foremost the jewels she knows. Far outweighed by things like the experiences the public appearances the troop visits and the perks everything from cosmetics to trips overseas -- Susan thank you Dave. Let's talk about this further we have an in studio -- she's -- -- On the corners and attorney specializing in the sexual harassment cases. -- thank you for coming in this morning let's get right to the top or bottom of this issue. You heard this former buffalo -- in the debut book reports saying you know I got into this for the love of the game. And now they're showing somebody what kind of -- this is this week is over minimum wage. Is it sexual harassment and of this sexual harassment also. The case that was brought has to deal with. New York labor laws and not being paid minimum wage and various other things having to do with tips except for a however. I'm not sure that period of time that the buffalo -- who just spoke. What -- she was in jail for certainly it is a dream for the people that participated as it is athletic. And it is part of what makes the Buffalo Bills. The spirit showed the public they may -- it's part of sponsorships there's there's an economic thread through every single piece of being in jail. And let some very disturbing. Is are the particulars. Of the degradation the lack of respect that the women who are in this lawsuit. I have demonstrated. Through the complaint that has been fire. Or how do you see this suit and as it boiled down to is are simple issue when you when you're talking about Dan in minimum wage or. Whether they're independent contractors in. Well there certainly are issues. Of did you follow the law. And are for the for the hours that are worked and for the money that is made off of being -- -- or that jails. You know what what benefit. It went back to do the women who performed. This hard work in these skills and certainly. You know there's there are many. Things that -- Jill would learn that are with them for life that are good however I would also tell you that if you are -- didn't degraded and touched an unwanted fashion. And told when to where attempt -- or told to pass to jiggle test I think that crosses the line. But you know these young women days. I guess agreed to. To work under the conditions of you're not complaining about I mean can they do that and they come back years later and say we were paid enough. If. The law is not followed. And it's it's not followed on several levels which which the complaint alleges. It's illegal of course. They can be they can have a lawsuit and they can be paid what they should have been if that's proven if the law was broken in their fine lawyers proved that. They will have to be paid an interesting thing is. The paid the economics. If indeed the law was broken and the chills were actually in the sense used by the bills. It's very interesting that the disrespect. And the demeaning of the women. In the roles that they played you know that where the lines were absolutely crossed. It seems that the disrespect and the of the law sort of follow the disrespect for the person and their job. Entity to eagle test that you mentioned -- -- -- manual that they each get before they sign on to becoming a jail. Where apparently everything spelled out that there required to jail including missed the street tests of this is in there and they agree to. It is really the case. You know everything goes back to the specifics of the case. And and so I don't know how that all plays out. If that indeed is the focus however. You can agree to a jiggle test. Without agreeing to being touched okay is like being hugged the -- okay. A woman knows when the line is crossed. And that is something that in -- court and through discovery. Those facts would be absolutely important. As to whether or not. The law has been violated. But in a myriad of fashions but I'm here to tell use that. The jails serve a purpose they're proud women they love the job they do with competitive. And I'm sure that they know what was expected of them. And I'm sure. You know the complaint that they made. Things happen to them that where absolutely not -- in print. One more quick question. -- a woman. Is uncomfortable above all this right now. Wouldn't they have been uncomfortable. With it when they were originally given their work responsibilities. That they agreed to. You know. It is very difficult to complain. First of all this complaint that's been brought his complaint about. Violations of of New York State labor law and other economic. Laws that that are allegedly happened violate OK so that it's it's when that happens every time they should have been paid. That law was violated. So you know you can say well why didn't some degree you know what these issues are just coming up in other leaks so number one there's that and an atmosphere of yes this is wrong and you can complain. It is very difficult because they are proud and they probably. Started loving the the whole everything to do with being in jail but at some point. Things changed and I think the other lawsuits with other lead in a national league's. Gave people the courage not to be scared and to be proud and also to say yeah -- this is gone too far. Lindy corn is with us in studio this morning and attorney specializing in sexual harassment cases in workplace issues. Lindy and going to act the -- suit they could've quit right they could have walked away. -- that football Pitt player could quit too and this is that this is a matter of an accomplishment is an accomplishment to have that -- -- selected. You know there's lots of people it's a very competitive process why should they have to quit. It's like saying to someone and going back to the questions about complaining why didn't they complain earlier. You know it took a lot and Rosa Parks who was a hero in in my world. It took her time she said and she she couldn't sit in the front of the bus and she accepted that but one day. It was too much and she said no more and and she didn't do it the same thing this issue is now. Come up not only in the buffalo lead but in other a National Football League. And it is if it is that that. That standing up takes a tremendous amount of courage especially if you love the job you do. Bottom line. Are these women looking for more. Than just being compensated for the lack of what they say was minimal wage. They're looking at they're looking to get some big money out of this you know I really cannot. Talk about. But I don't represent anybody here -- the allegations are that the labor laws the wage laws you know allegations are that they were violated. Under the law whatever the Rican parents would be and it they're they're can be sometimes additional. Punitive damages in certain cases for having broken the law I am not an expert in India. A New York labor -- on their lawyers are going to bring up the question is are you looking at being compensated. Minimum wage now. The minimum who knows how -- abilities the girls were performers are cheerleaders. The money that they are likely to get will be able to -- their lawyer. I think -- talking about first of all the laws were broken. It would it could apply to every single person that. Was affected by the violations and the violations is not just one violation there are several statutes that allegedly have been violated so. The point of the matter is. I think certainly the case would not have been brought if if. If there wasn't harmed that they thought they could be. That could be recovered but the issue was is in my mind is bigger than that he goes to the heart of you know is this is buffalo beat the buffalo being a buffalo -- a proud position to have or not are they respected or not. Are they hired to be. A sex object or not when does it cross the line. Where they demeaned. You know if the laws are broken in one area it's very possible. That there were other things going on that in in my mind would constitute sexual harassment. It is similar to let's -- Miss America pageant contestants or Victoria's Secret models and have you heard of cases you know where. Where they've where bring risk at this kind of thing -- -- did they know what they signed up. For well you know there was there -- there's lots of cases of one that comes to mind is a hooters restaurants it Annika had pursued and that things had to change so the point of the matter is you don't sign up. I don't believe -- as a Jill. To be. To not be paid fairly and to not be respected within the confines of your job there are lying. That there are you can be. A cheerleader and be be -- in the sense -- symbol for the team and get the crowd going and and do sponsorships. But if indeed that means that you also have to. To use your body in a way that you did not sign up for. You know with that makes you feel. Vulnerable fearful and actually you do get week. And and really most times are not able to complain because you don't think anybody will listen so I think that there's a whole spectrum. And I think that. The issues that have been brought. Will certainly. You know be be interesting to follow the economic issues. And -- the other issues. Certainly. In my mind are part of the context. And context matters. And that's where all of your questions would probably be answered through discovery and through. Finding out exactly what what happened to these. To these tales ms. gore thank you were for your expertise thank you for coming in discussions to thank you for having led to cortisone local attorney specializing in sexual. Harassment cases.

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