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4-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. It's. I walked down -- beat you with right. If you go to the hole looked at Oakmont that it ends this month -- And welcome to the New York City. If they are -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York. No one -- with an assault rifle. No. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom hourly. Column in the went to. Now with everybody not making enough. You have been around. Coming up making welcome mud and it's live it's local take a look at started. Walton. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. The American WW. Think to a voice I don't need one with 609 -- his radio and I thirty WBZ and it is that about hourly with you Joseph barriers that master control. Anything you find offensive about my program it's Joseph beavers fall. These -- they Austrian. I can't tell us they Austrians. -- I. Now he's giving you -- arms crossed look I've seen that before. -- -- anyway at any time. And commitment that it it's called ruby. John Sharp is your calls. GO. It's your workers your -- -- -- all right I have actually two things here for Europe happy ending. Number one. Happy. But allergies. Is it my imagination. Or. Are more and more of you and more and more of your children. -- allergic. Allergic to something. Because. OPEC in the dark ages. But we used to pick our Q and if form tablets to elementary school and Mesopotamia. I don't remember many or any of my classmates having any kind of serious allergy issues. I don't think that's the case anymore. In today's modern elementary schools if -- teachers out there are gonna have to help answer educators you're gonna have to help because. Is hurt your a lot of kids in your class for cool and certain things are big triggers and you've got to avoid them. What you put enough people together somebody's gonna be alert keep this up. And I know right now pollen is killing a lot of people and we have yet to even come close to peaking with -- So that's number 12. What are you allergic when did it start and how badly do you get stricken. Now fortunately my allergies were always pretty minimal. So I was able to walk away from my allergy shots and basically. Have no ill effects but. That surely help chemicals affect different people in different way. There are of allergy medications that are advertised as being non drowsy. -- what are the big hits on Benadryl is that Benadryl make you drowsy. Well Benadryl does make me -- Sometimes I'll take a Benadryl for my allergies and within five minutes of sound asleep. Doesn't happen all the time it's like Benadryl Valium Benadryl Valium let's go to Benadryl that way I get allergy relief or go to sleep. So there's an -- 803 all right thirty start at thirty and 180616. WB -- Now I have one other subject and I want to introduce and perhaps a happy ending is that not exactly. The proper terminology here. It it's kind of tragic I think. Our reliance on technology and I got this the other day. And have you noticed. Let me ask you questions. At the -- Percent of the food court. Maybe it's somewhere else it is that your favorite frozen yogurt place. They seem to be popping up like weeds all over western new York. And I don't mean that in a bad way I like frozen yogurt. But you can see a table filled with six teenagers. They're together physically. Yet they're not engaged in conversation with -- each. They're taking pictures. And -- other kids or other people who our president. Maybe I'm wrong. But if you have six people together. Should you actually be engaged in conversation. With those people. Instead of simply close physical proximity. And everybody's just to whether -- old thing with their thumbs texting away. That strikes me as being. Look I know I'm old school. But it just strikes me as being pointless. Why would you get half a dozen your friends together. You're sitting there. Should be the best times of your freaking life. -- teenagers can be tough. But you know what. Chances are you're gonna have a lot -- friends when your teenager than you are what you've been you're gonna have when you're an adult. When you're an adult. Have a lot of time for France at least idol. -- you select pick and choose a few people. With whom you associate and after that between work. Your children taking care of the various and manifold responsibilities of adulthood. Have a lot of time for socializing. You know I think about -- did softball team. Way back when. Dad was a softball pitcher Andy. After every game they used to gather at this joint on. I was at Somerville road I'm gonna screw that a called Montrose in the town it's not one. That was their players to go after each and every softball game. The whole team more or less was there every single Tuesday every single Thursday after softball. And they would actually talk to each other. That was actually conversation. They talk about the good old days. -- had jokes about what happened during the game that was meant to three hours they're having fun and socializing with each other. I wonder and so you guys and your teams are gonna have to help me on this one. I wonder if today. After the softball game yours there with the guys at your team where the ladies on your team. You're not talking each other. Each viewer sitting there having a drink in your wings your burgers and you sit there texting somebody else. Chat socialize and I don't know what that is. I think we're losing something. We're losing. Well the art of conversation. President come a time when as a radio talk show or -- -- even bother taking phone calls because nobody's gonna call it. Because now because they're they're they're -- a lot of talk. They will not know how to engage in conversational discourse. Seriously. They'll have no. I think. I'll pick this one step further. That we have raised a generation. It's your personal communication a mystery it's you wanna tell me that it's right. You wanna tell me that it's helping. 46. Teenagers to be together. During the peak and prime of their lives. Where they should be having fun. With each other in the moment. And what do they do. Tex Tex -- that text expecting expecting everybody else except the people with whom -- -- What's the point why even go -- would anybody. Why not just go by yourself and sit there attacks the people you are -- I don't understand that can somebody please tell you understand there's. Because I'd like to text as much as the next person. Texting -- has its advantages. Don't you ever feel sometimes what you call somebody on the ball and by the way sixty minutes after six WB yet like. You're interrupting whatever they might be doing. Because that's always my big fear a I don't like talking on the -- what I do for a living at least for now. Because it will come a time when nobody will call in to radio shows disease how to talk. Back to the human -- we'll probably roll over and human -- will probably just get bigger and bigger as an evolutionary change. I enjoy texting where the phone call because with phone calls -- never know if you're calling edit in opportune moment. -- the -- -- -- usually the first words out of my mouth what I call somebody hey is this a good time to talk do you have a few minutes to talk. Could I try to be respectful of other people's lives and what to do and in the moment. With texting. It's so much easier on my conscience. Because I sometimes I will say hey. Are you busy right now can we talked -- Yes called 808. Mission accomplished. And there are times when frankly. I don't. -- talking anybody. I just got one question for somebody and that's. We all know people and I want you think back to the old days of landline telephones. Don't we although people who you'd call them to say hey it was the party at 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock Saturday. And two hours later they're still yet in your ear off right texting is a great way to avoid that at the same time. All there are people like that I would name them but that would be wrong. And they're really wonders. About technology and I know we got to -- this the other day. I really wonder whether. It is in general any benefit to us. Or if it is something it is a road we are going down to work all in all of it. Deep mice. As communicative beatings. Made that might come a time when all we do his grunt in each other. When you call your mom had to say hey guess what. Junior didn't say his first word George -- had his first acts. Pick up that. I can see that happening with a world. Lot of times. And frankly little rule. My kids know what this rule does not explain this before. If I take kids out to breakfast and this goes for the ex wife when she comes -- and usually that's. Whenever we go to breakfast because I think that's I like doing that -- Republicans and the ex wife to breakfast because it's -- exits into -- a lot of family moment. -- were divorced doesn't mean we can't be a big happy dysfunctional public but we ever rule. If you text during breakfast. Dad will insert the cell phone sideways. In a very uncomfortable place. Because I am not going to spend forty dollars on a breakfast for four. So I can watch my kids acts. No. I don't do that. I just think it's route and they know and I have modified their behavior by that. I literally. I gotta tell you what it literally did one today at one today. I said our guys you know what I know we just ordered relieving. I. You don't wanna talk to me you're just texting away so we're out of here. Boy that stopped that a real bigger that's called tough love. That's called hey this is how the world works I paid for breakfast to watch you text. I'm such a mean dad all right gang I put a lot out there are beard my soul to you. My soul. I mean the part I didn't sell -- -- 803 old I'm thirty. Is the -- landline number. Or the phone number you could use your cell phone if you really wanted to I suppose 8030930. Start 930 is the free cellphone number. And 180616. WBBM. Two issues now for -- happy ending segment number one allergies. I'll bet. And win and to what number two social misfits. Because you've seen what I've seen maybe you've seen worse all at one more you go to the Cher show. And why. Not. Uneasy tonight it's nice that it's the you know cold outside and almost -- 803 on -- thirty start -- 3180616. WBM traffic here's -- And AccuWeather. Four today is calling for the overnight load of B thirty degrees you heard me right thirty degrees and yes things -- forties. I'm sure you've been planted tomatoes yet. War tomorrow some clouds some sun 54 and Friday cloudy and breezy passing shower and allegedly 62 it's 42 at that news radio 930 WB -- All right I have hit pay dirt now with -- at least that tour by topics. Shall repeat them I will before the break. Let's go to Josh in Hamburg Josh -- WB unwelcome. -- out of college so I -- -- quick to comment I'm on the tax thing. You know one of the problems attracting is that it real -- some current real beauty misinterpret. Attitude -- emotional attack. You can that you're concerned attacked me one way and to be totally the opposite of what you take what you meant for us. Same thing with FaceBook. I mean on FaceBook on EE if I call somebody -- bag they get angry but if I called the -- back with a smiley face they know I like them. Absolutely exactly. My other comment is is gonna come to the social aspect of what you're talking about when you're keeping your kids to correct in the -- factional politics Oprah. -- I remember too quick story I remember well the kid might get it went out to copy you know always -- it was always people older guys talk about you know politics talking about worked -- a popular topic. And I never got ago in the and a couple of times that you have a -- -- -- -- I had to learn to listen you know out. And in and then I just listen to these men talking haven't adult conversation were to develop spots. -- It's like everybody thinks it's ten year old or opinion really really matters I mean I've got kids Obama listens and am I talked to them and I respect. That side of the what's it also need to learn solution people learn you know to have an adult conversation you don't alert -- The -- electoral -- and peace on all the other and think it's just aren't due out. And you do not sound particularly. Venerable in years. It's not like -- some by the source say in this you're younger son and got. Yeah well I'm I'm thirty if you are -- good idea I've got an eight year old picture old and an almost a year old and you know I was and am I mean my my boys -- karate and it and you know I love -- underscore and stop it. If we're sitting around the dinner table in or four at a party -- that they are out eat or something. -- honestly you know I don't need to hear my 89 year old or eight year old topic urgent look at you know politics she has learned that yet and yet. All -- election year due to get the issue of these kids with Padgett and the pins in and -- -- honestly you really think you haven't. Life experience that have a bad or cap or not the fact that have -- realistic opinion. And so you know I just. You know it's yeah I'd like to feel I'm gonna encourage everybody and I hurt my kids. To listen you know listen to your parents essentially told congress and before you start. Sort all your opinion and -- slam and not about people are like my oldest artist and these you know these games -- and while -- -- -- -- brown come. I I don't necessarily agree with you but interesting observations will see what other people have to say. 8030 my thirtieth news radio 930 WBE and it's our. That come to mind. That kind of bespoke. The active. Self love some were as subtle as Cyndi Lauper. -- The vapor is right the vapors. Turning Japanese. I never got that. Both of the preceding pieces of music were about a certain thing that people sometimes do. When there by themselves. This one -- was a lot less -- I gave me really there was nothing left to be imagination there she opt. You know that was kind of like a shot lead. Dark as it were the vapor is. But I made the finals. The last one hello. Let's get back to the calls on Ned WV ML tell you what we're talking about after wells and become self evident. Here's -- in the Alden Honda WB and Karl I hope you'll -- decided -- a trip down 1980s memory lane. Normally although it. The day and I'm sure there on your phone sir where they always are what's -- reminded. I thought I'll go to the -- well we had a Easter dinner at the -- Sunday and five adult children and eight grandchildren. Nobody -- started doing a couple of years ago was biting me little gift certificate from a local coffee shop and when people show up they have to deposit their -- With her at the end ultimately got a little dry and the winner gets the your certificate not that much at twelve hour shift key whoever you put that and they it's fun to watch him be their troubled by six hours it's amazing to withdraw the. I can't believe took the words right out of my mouth people go into cell phone withdrawal I'm surprised that they actually would deposit the phone. And be without it all for the cause of a fifteen dollar gift certificate you know how many ring tones they could've downloaded that time. Yeah a couple of harassment for a matter you know Brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and -- what they'll do -- got to deliver its final adult -- I immigrant children so they're telling them there and then not. This is a little crying -- I -- -- -- wallets we're -- -- an open but it didn't join mixture of over the palace to look you know forget mr. Mcguirk. We know it's funny because Karl I don't know if you can relate to distribute it but you know my kids they give a crap like that you got yourself on which view I -- -- yeah because I have a job where. You know sometimes I need to be on call in the event of an emergency so that I can pay for our breakfasts out any other further questions. The conversation absolutely I would have I drivable -- available on course summit and I can get a call where they need me an hour to an. I haven't checked it sent -- saying for the feast on Sunday so. -- a business channel. All right Josh I love it. Did you get a 100%. Compliance rate with people turning in their cellphones. Yes we did -- older -- ironic story -- my granddaughter outlook which is sixteen. You Wear a watch because she liked the way to look tablet you can see we're trying to figure out what time it is who looking at hand and a lot. It was comical -- sent -- by serious. I swear it's. But that's the true sixteen year old and she had this body that logical they would -- it'll. This is this is stunning to me because as far as I know and schools they still use paid a big weekend is here the little hand -- they -- that's what I evidence at 638 almost. In Cuba. You know that -- old school which is something that she just doesn't Purdue but they never look at that 11 o'clock. And -- federal you're weird chemical that looks a are like that any. Am I have gee that's all I can say. Now as far as the as far as allergies not an issue for you at all. In all when we're very very calm and you're not you're not doing -- tonight. I'd actually it's probably took with the people out there drop out for dinner and a book about him that epic concerts. At all. Our -- good for you course you -- up. Question for him and I should know the answer this but I don't so you're you're the little -- right now there's gonna be it's not a traffic at the -- show along with Cyndi Lauper. And what do you do for the two and a half hours three hours of the show the you don't partnered you drive around what do you know. A lot of room to grant Perry street a lot of little -- Parker could be as many is between twenty and forty levels. What what I wanna do it a secret I'm playing what I do like I go over is so not strapped street -- Coughlin knew where there's no traffic. And when might people come out some of them you'll look for me a final where rights are amongst before you -- -- all the other people. They call me uncle -- a quarter of Scott in Washington they begin but -- recorder or no way out and this happening more often -- Well Perry street -- during your break your back streets of my youth because my dad worked at that Higgins directors down there for over forty years. Yeah I got to look here at Michigan when I leave here because Washington is cold in front of the ramp from the destruction -- itself. It's not going to be for the guidance and anybody who saw that I'll get serious effort here I go -- he -- there that I can't already get from here in Michigan to the arena which is still 500 yards. So occupy your time -- you know the show is gonna do you bring a book you talk on the cell phone what do you know. I do so on and attacks and I was self employed for twenty years and it worked literally worked. More 100 hour weeks and anybody you know so I just didn't do nothing with the best of them at this point in my life. Good for you. Good for you I've yet to develop its deal liberalism on vacation while I'm on vacation there are no rules. Yeah -- violent as this yup she's. And we didn't him. The easier go to Iran via commercial she'd -- might -- -- -- to read a book or something between commercial likens it to Lebanon with a possible. Okay obviously see you still have the verbal communicative skills -- that today's -- will never ever develop. And I do wanna thank you for China yen great call enjoy sitting in the limo -- your people go -- -- guess I'm doing psychic and feeling psychic and -- -- chop house. Iraq no let surprise -- you really want -- anywhere -- everywhere they went. Know if I'm wrong I don't wanna know how wrong. Well but you're wrong and it's a place like that revenge or heard of but I think I know just about every place yeah. I'll be dipped thanks I'm glad you called. Our -- there's Karl limo drivers all limo confessions maybe I don't taxi conventions that still limos are -- better. Are at 641 news radio 930 WB EM I love the idea if you're just joining us that. -- -- try to talk about allergies nobody wants to Barbara allergies. I thought allergies Google -- -- I thought I was -- -- in this. And a recall it and talk about -- what they are allergic and when they started developing allergies and what they do about them and how debilitating they can be because I literally no people who have almost died from an electric shock because of allergies in particular that -- fresh seafood it's. Dubbed tiger won it has been. What came up on Monday late. During the program as we started off the week and we raised a generation. Of young people. Who absolutely have no clue as to the art of brutal communication and frankly just hang him out. Just hang him out at the example. Have you ever been to the food court have you ever been to the ice cream place in the frozen yogurt place all right. By the -- speaking of allergies. Since when did all of America become lactose intolerant. I had no idea how many people were lactose intolerant until the past couple weeks. I have met about half a dozen people I had 00. Where lactose intolerant until recently. Joseph on -- ask about you. John I'm certainly not gonna ask you about you but it seems to me as though lactose intolerance is on the rise just like allergies are on the rise. -- well and you know it it's interesting because. I don't know what you call list I'm good for one Greek yogurt today. If I have more than one Greek yogurt today. For some strange reason nobody wants to sit in the same room with I can't understand why but they just felt. But in terms of watching teenagers indirect. -- at the -- like teenagers they're our future. But the problem is you guys. Who get together you are missing out on what should be -- wonder years. Because I've got news. When you're grown up. You've got duels that you've got kids to raise you've got a mobile. You've got to -- the war. You have to please your employer you have to please your spouse you have laundry to do. You have to scrub staying in sometimes what -- they don't come out after the first load of laundry that you got a whole bunch of stuff you've got to do when you're an adult. You should be enjoying. Your teenage years all the stress and -- yeah you know what I know it's stressful being a teenager -- used to be one. But also. Some of my fondest memories are from land I was eight teenagers because you've got four -- hopefully you've got -- -- -- hundred friends. But if you got 34. Six friends you should revel in that. I just think that you guys are missing out on so much great. And glorious human interaction when I see you sitting shoulder to shoulder. All right you're together you're in the prime of your lives. You're not -- to each other you're not looking at each other you are not conversing or communicating in anyway shape report with anybody who's in your immediate presence all your -- is that you can click click that -- that with the bombs that's all you do. I don't understand why even bother getting together how do you know you enjoy somebody's company if you don't talk. Seriously you could put prison inmates together form has errors. And you'd never know they did that -- each others company until they started each -- off of the itself owns. Maybe an extreme example which made very little cents. 8030930. Is people number 803 all right thirty start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBE. And do you do stop and I loved what our previous callers that you do things around your house. To minimize. The cell phone intrusion. In your family functions. And I mentioned this earlier that. I take the kids to breakfast. Those -- they've worked and they learned the hard don't wanna say no cellphones I'd meet those hopefuls. Because I wanna see that. I wanna talk win them. I don't wanna watch them texting people I've ever met. Or texting people I've met who weren't where it should be quality time with dad and the kids in my wrong. -- Well I've made it very clear in no uncertain terms that he who brings up a cellphone. Will be key who will have an issue sitting down for awhile. That's -- and does my feeling on the importance of human interaction eye to eye contact instead of texting. And there are certain conversational nuances which don't get lost were texting and they certainly get lost on FaceBook. Thank god for the smiley face thank god for the week keep -- -- got little winking and otherwise we probably a world war three now. I wonder that Obama. Give each other like smiley faces I'm going to destroy your country I'm going to put Boller is over you I'm reduce that by spy -- -- at a space wink wink. A what are offense that reverted to war wonder about these things 8030 lead thirty via phone ever starlet thirty himself ball. 180616. WB Ian don't text me call me. 180616. WBN. -- wanna hear your voice -- -- -- your passion. I wanna get to know you intimately. I also now wanna kill the computers that are in. Flooding were -- about screw it. Don't three on a thirty starlet 3180616. WBE. In I think I'm just -- not even bother using the computers here anymore. Right now -- and I'm serious are you get -- using computers be active relatively similar work -- it novel idea right. Here's let me in and that's not a lot that you are on WBM Lenny you notice something about kids -- Yes I know my grandkids -- -- against -- talk about tax thing work look older or whatever but did you notice -- behavior gives. Well you -- -- were a composition or anything. That handwriting as a prepare. Any relief at. You're you're sure I'm mad at me and they can't spell -- great. Well this was such a rousing success I do I have to do that now. It as far as that handwriting there have always been people who have written like -- evil describes. In his beautiful floral and writing and people like myself who were you know frankly my taxes look like why days' Ortiz and maybe a W. Yeah I used to sit down and he used to Emeka. It'll product -- your name and how you are not limited by how you look now how nice it looked. And the -- keep until we need. Get it right -- it up to you could. Reader no one what you're saying today. I don't know what they -- you know -- weekly -- to. Like something out is. As nicely and -- do it again you know. But here's my question are right in the competitive world in which we live and everything is high tech. Isn't had a writing basically kind of like learning how to use a spinning wheel. Yeah it probably has about. And there's probably a long gone just like. Getting opponent Colin. Not -- entry machine there are saying hello I'd love. And to this particular quality in our country we don't match. -- calling a -- person and not getting in your voice recorder and they actually human beings are long gone to push. But you know see I'm fighting I'm fighting your call -- interest in because that's something that we discussed here at the station and I don't remember doing a show -- Whether it is a waste of time to teach what we used to call penmanship your -- that penmanship. -- billion dollars 61 rhetoric categories so I guess I would know what our. What penmanship was -- -- -- out. Got -- goes up my it my way my father and the very readable hand ready very distinct handwriting my mom wrote a beautiful hand many people in -- -- we wrote a beautiful man. I on the other hand you. You know what if you saw my handwriting you would say how does this man function as an adult. He gets the beer and -- and now you only in America right again. About it I handwriting is just not an integral part of my job unless I wanna draw a substantial draw like a middle finger in the and show the piece of patronage all. But other that there's not a real big demand for handwriting or for what I do and I am frankly a bait for car mechanic. -- just -- subject I'm gonna put that up I'm on my FaceBook when I get home so I have computers at work and see if I get the see if there's an interest in that. Thank you very much money. Out. All right that boy you know that is interest. I haven't seen you're generating beamer I don't know of your do you write a good hand so so John Sherman you're giving good hands. Yeah -- I just wonder if idol IAE. My handwriting is embarrassed. You know it's really bad is when you write yourself a note in your back an hour later and he can't read with the leaders wrote to yourself. Yeah beavers are gouging that's happening and maybe you don't -- and Joseph. Well guys it's been real and I hope by those -- -- at the pressure show the Cyndi -- show. Will remember to us -- -- pictures because the computers in the -- into work okay. Newsroom at WB EN dot com pictures of both Cindy Lauper and sheer you know worked for us. So anyway it leave you with a two words. Or not she -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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