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4-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I -- down -- the U with great benefit and yeah. India the whole look. Mark the end this month -- They keep going for it and it's. It's easy to clean right. At the same thing. We've -- and now this -- Tom hourly barreling back in lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly you may well I would do that. -- news radio 930 WVU. There's those pictures out of that -- laughter. It is at ten minutes after Clavet Israel at thirty WBM. Joseph I'd I'd go to -- in the hours traffic. To the point where I should do a ten minute after update would you let me know would you check it -- mr. Harris at that buys. We've had some issues this afternoon which rapid by the way. Our WB in traffic command hotline. Is 80303218030321. -- is the WB yen. Traffic out on hotline and now let's go to the always -- always cooking always circling with the latest traffic information Alan Harris. Now -- is your big part of our ratings success here I just want to let you know that anything you want from the golden arches tomorrow. Is on me. Just -- pondered that let me know. To give back to me aren't here is the WBM AccuWeather forecast that's me always to hear people winning friends influence. -- clear and the winds were gradually died down it'll be colder tonight all right true story first thing I thought when I walked outside this morning. I used a bad word call. Yeah pretty much -- back that's exactly does that overnight low thirty. Because you know despite the vast repository. Of vocabulary that is hidden in my brain sometimes the old Anglo Saxon F bomb is just the best possible words you can whip out. I'm sorry it has a place. And a warm place in my heart warmer tomorrow with some clouds and -- the -- fifty former. Friday cloudy and breezy a passing shower or twos 62 worked 42 degrees we just go down again in his forties and -- 42. And who's ready at 930 WB EN up to some other things but. I want York holes and major issues where you flip flopped I have to what I've flip flopped on abortion I used to be. I'm embarrassed to say this but I can't run from it. When I was in my twenties I referred to fetuses as meaningless blobs of proto play. Now I believe the human life begins at the moment of consent of conception. And for those who view just wanna try to pigeon -- me and say well you must be one of them born again -- and you that people. From now on I'm not I'm just looking at a rationally and logically not that the two by the we're mutually exclusive. I can't think of any other time during gestation were I would say life begets. I'm just say. What I imprison people now I think education is a great -- ago. I think that with a number of ethics. Smoking for example there's a time over 50% of Americans smoked now maybe 20%. And the rest lie about it on the health forms of work let's get back to Walt on WBE. Walt in the falls. You know Walt I left to believe with the thought about you know I think you realize and maybe changed about to have been about which you've changed over the years one of them for me is abortion that would be a big one. And the other was this naive assumption. That when I was somebody would say freedom isn't free that somehow they were old and out of touch and it was just a handy cliche. But I believe that freedom truly is something that every generation must zealously guard so that we pass something on to our children. And a future -- Other than a totalitarian. State. I couldn't agree with you more and some of the things that you know you alluded to. You know when Lyndon B Johnson in 1964. Players 65. You know society of the great society. And even in 73 will make this the abortion law. Symbol for those. That was a Supreme Court decision I just heard about -- small point but Supreme Court decision. Thank you. In in both cases you know I was young back -- Like most my age are you working. You're losing your fairway. You wanna put a roof over your heads feed your kids get a good education. Is that -- a lot of these things because you really don't pay attention. And if had the prize. Now I guess I would. Wolf an opportunity to key you know move the shoot and share my short. And my dissatisfaction because I always agree with what you read battle. From the moment of conception it is child. You know and well I tradition -- because the younger. Person just called them. -- society has taken. The -- at all afraid that the government didn't. I sent this email to you once before. Several months ago or resent it before I close my computer. But his -- minute arm. I'll talk radio. Conversation infections. About a woman who. It on welfare and basically she -- herself and doing this because one of the -- -- she makes his. Would you turn to -- a million dollars. Over a lifetime if somebody just here could have done. She uses their. Before that she believes -- okay -- -- the right no not in many people who you know helped her political life every day. I must say that and again people are gonna hate me for this and I've said this last week. Poverty should suck. If you are able bodied man or woman. Poverty should sucked it should be a great incentive by user you know what. I mean I'm not gonna go into the -- I walked miles to school global plays up he'll root team. But at all I would not enjoy the life I enjoy now if I wasn't deathly afraid of being poor. Because -- I don't wanna beef pork. -- like my lifestyle. Well you know we -- and I said that without a list to humanist. The X we reference. About the you know the lifestyle of relief ship pulled us through what happens to cities states and countries. What do when they Goodell on the -- social. We have to look no further -- -- Look at all the factories I would say it was your your factories and gone. The population has receded below 50000. And now they're looking to be grandfathered them. I mean Niagara Falls is so poor the mayor appalled by Stewart can't even afford an iron. Or dry cleaning and obviously it. All right thank you I'm sorry since I become the fashion police. All right thank you it -- I'm glad you called Walt I'm so happy you held -- because Orwell worth a person you're a great person with whom to speak bank. Let me another big one. We're I've changed my views and again I'd say this at the risk of alienating some review I used to be exceedingly. Pro death penalty. Very pro death panel. And I have modified my views. I do believe. I do believe. -- in certain cases we the people through the state. Should have the legal option. To euthanize. Human beings who have proven themselves. Worthy of not being amongst us anymore and not breathing. However. And I realize that this is a legal thing and I'm not a lawyer but. If you were going to mete out and irrevocable punishment and the death penalty gets. -- during know bring somebody back from the debt because I haven't heard of a modern day Lazarus. Did awhile or Jesus. What you take somebody's life there's no saying oops my bad. For certain cases. Which I'm not going to enumerate now. I believe when the now when the evidence is clear beyond the shadow of any doubts. That. Is when it we should consider execution and only for the most heinous crimes. Now. There is reasonable doubt okay. I would I need to go one step further. Beyond the shadow of any doubt think for example Jack Ruby killing Lee Harvey Oswald. No doubt about it Jack we fired the shot Lee Harvey Oswald was that. Beyond the shadow of any doubt. Now how to ride -- ride back conclusion it was gradual. I hear read some. Cases online. And more often than I would like to admit. As somebody who used to support. A lot more. That I do now the definitely. I realize it over the years our country in the name of justice has committed gross injustices on hundreds of people who were executed wrong. They were innocent yet there were execute. The public demanded. The screeching at justice crowd out of that it. And basically what they want it was a sacrifice in the name of justice. And that's wrong it was emotional it wasn't back to. And if you want two cases locally that cemented my views on this. And by the way these are the cases that made an -- know -- personal hero to me I'll get into that just a moment but. Let me go to traffic right now is going to be clearing up and Alan -- hopefully played a role -- making your commute a little bit easier -- And don't let me just say this much if you're approaching a scene of an accident and got the troop cars with a cop cars the EMT is the tow trucks. Please. Please do it safely get by them safely remembered the move over law means. You must move over if you can safely do it. That's a little vague to me. But if you can't move over at least slow down significantly. To give those people a break all right it's a tough gig on the -- way it really is or -- a big highway. You wouldn't most people would not want that job so please cut him some slack they get families to get home. AccuWeather. Well winds will subside it'll be colder tonight overnight low thirty by Friday we should be up to 62 degrees. And I should also get a haircut but I won't. Now it is at 22 minutes after five news radio I'm thirty WB yet so talk about things where you have changed your mind. You that frankly were you flip flopped and I. And I have to be with you guys about it. And that's the -- Tuesday up -- police detective. I don't know if it is possible for me to properly. Summarize. My respect for Dennis in so many ways. Because. In the history. -- trying to be mellow dramatic about this but in history there are certain individuals. Who chose not to take the easy way out not to go with the flow in fact I'm gonna watch a dvd. Called a man for all seasons about sir Thomas More. A staunch Roman Catholic who for a long time it was king Henry the gates you'd call them a chief of staff. When Henry the eight decided that. He didn't want any part of the Catholic Church anymore and ordered sir Thomas More to do things against his conscience sir Thomas -- said up yours. Sir Thomas More was be -- By his onetime friend. He had every chance to recant his views and say all battery you're correct you're the man. But he didn't do he did what he thought was right. And I'm not trying to overly dramatized in a spoleto. But Dennis is a hero to me because despite. So much pressure from the suits and the brass Dennis had a genuine desire. To see justice done. In the cases of -- Posey and indeed Jack. Knowing all of your calls from people saying well -- Jack was a lousy mother well there's a lot of -- mothers they don't go to prison. Anthony -- he was absolutely innocent. It was it was a ultimately Sanchez who did the crime. Now. You. Wanna talk about the wheels of justice grinding slowly. And moving slowly. Do you remember the reticence. Do you remember the BS Dennis Toledo went through. In the quest for justice. From fellow officers and the DA's office who basically wanted him to back off. They would rather see two innocent people incarcerated. Than do the right thing. That was an eye opening experience to me in so many ways. And ladies and gentlemen if you think. It is easy to stand up against that tide of pressure from people with whom you work for decades. And people who have power over you. If you think that you can do that and have not take a poll on you emotionally. And physically and personally. You have never been under the microscope could -- -- -- -- -- them. When you're in that position and I've been in that position. Not to the extent merit or whatever. I've been in that position I'm at a place up it takes at all. Everything has a price in standing up the right thing. Sometimes. Takes eight hole on the people who do it and -- -- the Leino is a hero to me you'll always be -- And I don't have the words to properly tell you. How much of a hero years. But when you consider the Lackey took. When you consider all the forces arrayed against them. And in favor of injustice. For Anthony to Posey and indeed Jack. It is a real eye opening experience for those of you -- may be naive about such things. And Dennis you'll always Peter Odom and I do put two and leave -- sir Thomas More. He also paid a heavy price. For doing the right. It's 526 news radio 930 WBE. Yeah yeah. Mac and you know you sell a -- I'm Matt Powell the. Well. I don't mean to sound like musically out of touch or anything but just bear with me. You have to admit shared -- an amazing freaking talent. Sorry but. OK let latest -- it out OK for those of you always hate hate that Tom loses -- -- -- just hop along. -- -- -- -- -- Like what Tennessee went to see all shoot me when I saw Rick Springfield. At Paul's view -- with -- I wanted to see Rick Springfield because of Jesse's girl. End because we had hurt. We have heard Rick Springfield show you be months before we didn't see that but we -- taking a walk. And let him. Why Powell no cover band does I've done everything for you -- Sammy Hagar that it wants but. We realized. A minute what's really Rick Springfield. And just listening to Rick Springfield without even seeing him blew me away blow away. So when it was announced it was given a full -- It was a -- were so long story short. Don't laugh. Laugh. Rick Springfield put on one of the best freaking rock concerts. I've ever seen. I never in a million years would have imagined that Rick Springfield. Have the kind of talent. Betty that's because what Jesse's girl first came out. I'm thinking to myself. Boy you know periods because that was at the time when Patrick Swayze. I have this song she's like the wind. And I think in the Rick Springfield just another guy who's trying to perform outside the area of his expertise. But seeing him in concert blew me away. Totally blew me away. And I noticed is gonna make me sound you forget. And I don't say that -- any disrespect to my homosexual listeners I love you guys. But when I had a chance to meet Rick Springfield. After the Chicago. First of all I didn't play I just -- I mean there I am with my long here. Look and like -- there myself I must say. Going up to him and say hey from a fellow fifty something rocker that was one hell the show Rick thank you done. -- that's he wants to relax after a gig just like everybody else there's. I really enjoyed just haven't shifted just checked his candidacy quick wow. To Rick Springfield so where's this going hey it was a chance for me to remind you that these hands of -- Rick Springfield beat. Just because somebody's going to the share shell. Does not make them a bad person. Look I think shares amid an amazing talent I'm sorry if that let somebody down there's mortal life than Pink Floyd. There's more -- than zapped. Bob Dylan although and the only person ever to actually liked Bob Dylan. How we became a superstar I'll never know because I'm the only person who actually likes music it can recite most of assaults. At least the earlier stuff but word for work highway 61 a particular. What you can see -- queen -- But have a good time at -- sure showed tonight I'm sure she's gonna blow you away. Blow you away. I don't know of -- wells will be either. They get a thing way back in the day when Korea was touring along with that Three Dog Night and you know the funny thing is guys. As they -- about this -- it sure is 67 years old. You know also 67 sir Elton John is 67 years old. -- did Johnny quickly look up John -- -- hold his Billy Joel's I'm guessing he's probably about 64. Ish. 64. Right on the nose began all right 64 your result. Paul McCartney sir Paul is 71. There are some performers. Who despite their advanced years. Are simply. Amazing granted that I believe Paul it's probably time for him to retire but that's not for me to say that's up. Paul Paul McCartney the need them. He performs I'm quite sure I've never talked to him ever met him that result in concert he performs because that's what gets them off. Performing is addictive. I couldn't do anything else and be happy. To do this to mobile. Why I always say they say they think is the same way said he beat. I can't see the ever retire I can't see me ever retiring. -- Bible of I African microphone before a retired because this is my -- it well. And I I know that's so stupid. But I hope that you have a job like that I hope that if you're seeing sure that I have a great time and I'm sure you. And that was a long way of my saying. If you have good pictures you take a night of sheer. Make sure you send them to newsroom at WB EN dot com newsroom at WB EN dot com will have a -- photo album. Are coming up ASAP as soon as a week there were very big on photo albums here acted WB yet. I keep trying to convince that a player to have a an adult by hourly photo album to really increase the numbers he's not buying it though and that makes beset. Anyway -- A lot of change topics. As I have not given you a happy ending a couple of days now. Joseph your subtly reacting to something I said that and not augur well. I want to give you a happy. Ending. In summer I'll go ahead Joseph. Year. That's sort of kind of talking about Joseph one more time it is after. By the way you know well I it. Believe that drugs are not a criminal issue and our medical issue. Why anybody would want to arrest this woman. -- She's doing a public service. There are some guys who just don't do well with women for whatever reason. And it ought to be legal. It's none of anybody's business how she makes her money. What it's two consenting adults making a business arrangement behind closed doors what difference does -- Seriously. All come to exploiting the women. -- news for. Those. Performers at places like the son daughter. Probably make more than you do. Doctor so and so or attorney so and so they're probably driving better cars than you. Now we can argue -- agents all immoral or moral immoral. Well it was left for you decide either. Sell. That's my libertarian side coming out. Now. How many of you are allergic raise your hand. Gamer I know you've got allergies. Or I think you got allergies yeah you've got to allergies. John Sherman you've got allergies are right I have to raise my hand. I have allergies. They're not debilitating. I live with that. I used to go for allergy shots. Frankly they were a giant pain in the book. But. A the expense. Even look at the co pays for allergy shots I realize -- -- costing me a thousand dollars a year just a race. Really. I don't I'm allergic to permit. So I stopped. Now let the -- that means do their thing to me which sometimes means I want. Opt -- But a question for. Two watts are you allergic and how. And when did it start because here's the interesting thing about allergies gang and I don't claim to be a doctor or an allergist. But. You can have an entire childhood. Where you don't see these wants because of tree pollen. Were you don't sneezed once because of mold. And then you get in your 20s30s. Something that's. Your body's chemical make up changes. And voila you go from somebody with no allergies. As somebody who may actually have debilitating. Allergies. And frankly no pun intended some of the were nothing to sneeze that now we're all familiar with the great. Peanut butter controversies that seem to rise every year at the public schools. Where one kid in school is allergic so nobody in the school gets the peanut butter. In theory. I know that schools have adopted different policies on that so as to. Safeguard better the safety of the children who do have peanut allergies but shellfish allergies. Fish allergies in general. There are people who can't get anywhere close to finish or no break. I will go to specifics here but I'm very familiar with somebody who would not all that long ago. It's something that had been in contact with -- cooking device upon which fish have been corrupt it was not properly plans. It was not fish. It was in contact with something in which fish which are you know this person actually at a whip out the epi pen. You know that this person had to whip up the up Benadryl. Now. Wanna -- this company when you have a bad reaction like that. It can kill you know that this is not news breaking Canadiens. But. Apple -- shocked or some people call and the Alexis I had an apple wants. And you wanna talk about scary. Because I don't -- exactly what happened. And I'm only gonna tell you this because maybe it will help some. When I was getting allergy shots you know part of how -- you shop part of the reason is you get a little bit of that too which were allergic. To stimulate your body's immune reaction to lessen or mitigate the effect of the average. In my case grass. Here's. But in an expert in any event. I get my allergy shot. I go to my mom and dad's house. I am mowing their lawn -- in my thirty's my kids are -- I'm always there water and ice suddenly realize I am developing itching. All over my hands my feet I looked out on seeing these welts what a dermatologist and allergist what called -- And I said holy crap. -- I used to different work. I immediately called the allergist they said get in here because they knew I was a very short drive away. So get into the allergy office they just opened the door with eight seconds. -- -- seconds. They're given the intravenous Bennett. Intravenous. Adrenaline. And some other stuff to make sure that my throat didn't close. Now it makes sense don't let us of the Joseph Pesci and casino. Makes cents down. I figured. If you -- -- got a steal. It -- take care real real well he's got -- still a little bit more for himself stats don't. -- that movies and Cinemax on demand and every time it's Europe and watch it it's like and it's the duty and obligation but think about it I already had the allergy and introduced in my system then I'm mowing the grass. So the body said. We're going into grass overload. I wanna note to what you are allergic and win and get started. Some of you have nasty pollen allergies nasty allergies to tree. -- To grass to mole. It over the weekend. It you know part by the way. Part of dealing where that is having the knowledge of that -- which you are allergic. So what I was out over the weekend -- -- bush. I was very careful not to overdo. Because I didn't wanna have up bad reaction I've got an FB and just in case. Which -- things about three years expired but it that the security blanket. So to what are you allergic and how badly and went -- the start. It seems like our generation is so allergic to so much. Let me give an example pillars of the carpets. How many have you. Now this does nothing to do with -- obviously being outside and are cutting a bush but. How many of you have new carpet. -- -- how many of you. Have new wall to wall carpet and within a day of that carpet being installed. You started feeling like crap. Maybe not sneezing. But it just didn't feel you got headaches. You didn't feel like yourself you were off your game. I hate to break the news to you but a lot of the carpets. Have synthetics in them. To which many people have a great sensitivity. There are people in my family. Who had new carpeting put in an open at play is something within -- -- -- two. Bay were in pretty rough shape they didn't come close to dying but they realized that. And I am trying to dissuade anybody from buying carpet. I happen to prefer. Wool rugs. You know that hand -- oriental rugs over hardwood floors I just like the look. And plus every time I hear. Oriental carpeting I think of what Joseph played just a few minutes ago to introduce our. Happy endings and -- I do get to say that if your new listener because in part Asia right I have the Asian shield. I can just find -- gorgeous black by a woman I will have every base covered there will be no basis on which to attack. -- right to what are you allergic and how bad and what did you notice. Everybody is allergic to something I'm convinced of about theory on -- about. 03 -- at third start at thirty. And 180616. WBM. Might email Thomas WBN dot com it your buddy Tom. On WB. And those are actually about a forecasts. Clear wins. Now the clear skies will give us colder temperatures tonight thirty degrees yes there will be a breeze. My tomatoes will die oh wait I didn't put him in the more now about the memorial bay tomorrow it'll be warmer some clouds some sun 54. All the allegedly Friday it's gonna get up to 62 I'll believe when I see probably the damn thing. -- sick and it's 42 right now at news radio 930 WB. The end all right -- to what are you allergic how badly and when did it start is it a food is it something that grows. There I have a theory about it but I don't wanna waste your time now talking about -- talking a lot here's Jennifer in Lancaster at WB and Jennifer I'm assured that you were already stricken what's going out. Album title and I am allergic to -- act but trees that Powell -- -- directly. And animals and a might. A good heavens are right. Now we're a long way from ragweed season that is that's an August September. Now which Holland and that's only just beginning and you're already get mailed. -- I got. I would finally -- in -- lecture. Probably six years now. On a scale of one to ten how much do you think the shots that helped. It. All -- -- good but you sound like somebody who really. Has nasty allergies mine were a nuisance. The ad now unfortunately I get my expert status shots from the time I was eight years old -- went -- college. It died I have -- a lot. I didn't actually add water and land -- when the clinic he would be outside anymore right back up to the call we're gonna we're all in the taxi Oliver patent. Oh good heavens okay what do you do about the dust -- do have those special pillows on the special mattress -- -- And bad it's going out well in the summer and -- and you know I can't be around. It's outside let me my neighbors are cutting their -- certain number of my but it lasts. Now that's got to be a killer for -- Lancaster has some pretty big lots. They do look at that. That's one of my listeners. Our -- -- got more decidedly Japanese talked after the news if you don't I understand that I won't be offended coming up on 6 o'clock at news radio 930 WB EN talking about you and your allergies and I. Your kids. I did did they inherit your allergies or was this new for them. Now under is ready I had thirty WB -- are.

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