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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

4-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And the. It will be out of you with. That. Yeah hold to. The end. Of the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing Americans of Russia. The al-Qaeda. That rush. In the 1980s are now. Calling to ask for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do. These -- people who hold themselves out. The patriots. Are not nothing more than domestic cash. Tom hourly -- even though this. I think it -- back -- it's live these local -- It's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip who lived here and on news radio 930. Unfortunately I had opposed to -- to -- -- people say things and it's like I want to respond with that got this radio show up gotta do take car on FaceBook. Is it you're totally missed the point a totally misses the point well it's not safe act related. Dude the point there's if you really think the police are your friends. When it comes to guns you are wrong. Done. All I have to say about that. You know what I'm talking about. To my FaceBook page you can check out that the story from what is it. And -- fire arms dot com and -- firearms doctor up. Now moving up. I I ask -- is there the view is there an issue on which you have dramatically. Changed your reviews. From your you until -- time. You are presumably more or less grown up. And what was at issue -- what changed your mind -- told your mind now it's time for you to show me yours. 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start a thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN 8030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WB EM let's -- to. Let's see who's first up all. Of Ralph in west Seneca you were on the hello. -- I know what you recall. Bob returned. The president looked at and Margaret just before a little before -- after. He mentioned. He wanted to -- up. Police up public police force yes switched. It will be between him well fed in our civilian. We're learning that he's there. Think -- then Arizona. Where. -- there -- the federal. Well no theory. Weapon and I came here and could take care about -- williams' problems they could be handled in court. -- any any right thinking American should be outraged by bet because you basically had I mean did you realize were we've come to in this country. Where we send guys with. We sent trained snipers. Trained snipers and highly militarized. Federal agents to a ranch to essentially collect a one billion dollar tax bill which is about two seconds of Obama vacation. What. Exactly I mean that was just believe this group of where if there. Robert. Rob what you are percent. This is completely wrong there and that. Well I'd put the military term in. Romania and now I am worried about our country. I I'm not worried about our country literally terrified about -- direction this country's tricky because we're heading down the road to absolute despotism and tyranny. To wait totalitarian state and why it's sometimes they're -- -- -- -- -- the only person who sees it except for. While Michael Savage Savage Nation from ten until one. He's very outspoken about it I'm very outspoken about it. There are some local people or very outspoken about it but sometimes I'll play is up and it's really lonely -- no history to know how these things go down to note that no dictatorship. To know that no. Fascist state ever just happens overnight. It's eight it -- salami sliced technique and I seen this I've I've predicted this and nobody gives a rat's rear end. But. What a 100%. Well I like to hear those words. Would you let me have a thousand bucks an appropriate rate in America. From Germany. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You heard -- guests -- as shape of my grandmother came off the ball in Germany in 1923 -- told the story zillion times I'm sure you heard the stories from your relatives. About what happened after World War I in Germany with the hyper inflation because the German government basically made its money work -- the (%expletive) off the allies because of the bogus reparations Germany was forced to pay for causing World War I and that led to Hitler and Hitler didn't just take power immediately and become a Dick. -- Hitler gradually used the power. That was given to him to take even more power the most notorious decree the right stock fired decree. Hey let's panic the people make me the dictator and let's wash all descent and then the rest is tragic history especially for the Jews of Europe. Europe -- without a way out my parents came over. Here early. Very early -- You know -- if they knew what was going Aaron. -- you know. Here's here's the scariest thought of all your parents and my grandmother had the United States of America as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to which -- could quite frankly. -- retired there -- citizenship and become proud Americans the legal way I might net. Well why would we go will we tell our kids to go there is nowhere else to go we are. Our freedoms last stand at work the way. I don't -- time Mary EU fed at all. That those -- my. It correctly. Well great minds think alike Ralph and I just wish there was more to do about it but unfortunately. I can't and unfortunately what do you do. When that you've got certain segments of the population that think Barack Obama can do no wrong and that anything you say about him is racist when you have certain segments of the population who think that George W. Bush was like walking and he walked on water. And the clintons walked on water and bush walked on water -- what how do you fight that. Well. Yeah. I'm 75 years so. I don't -- -- -- My -- and there. In the -- network. Now look I hear I hear you I'm glad that but it first of all thank you very much for call. And that -- I also -- no point in my life where I'm more concerned about future generations but I am about the you know of the time in which I happen to be living which you know. I was ultimately how much time any of his -- You don't know what I don't know what. That really is in God's hands for all of us but. Our future. Generations of people for whom I am most concerned and I addressed this -- latest Supreme Court decision as an example. Of what is -- what is going on. 222 I have to up again I post a lot on my FaceBook page so I certainly hope you will let me find it. -- for which I was looking okay. First of all ladies and gentlemen. I wanna introduce you to our friend known as the Fourth Amendment to the constitution. It's our friend. The Fourth Amendment to the constitution. Now it's not the first does not the second is not the third is not the tenth it's the Fourth Amendment of the constitution. This was very very important to the founding fathers why was it important to the founding fathers. Because they knew what it was like to live under absolute despotism of the king of England they knew what it was like to have absolutely no sanctity. They have no shelter they have no protection from overreaching government into their old homes their own persons and their own affects. Okay they understood that government is an ever growing beast. Do we all understand it's all right so the Fourth Amendment is really clear. Clear about our rights vs the government's rights. And here's what it says about we the people. The right of the people that's people like you -- maybe the right of the people to be secure. In their persons. Houses. Papers. And effects greatest backtrack papers. Folks. I think in 2014. Papers could also mean FaceBook. Twitter. Your electronic communications. Your texts yourself ball and that's my interpretation of -- oddly enough back in the seventies and eighties and -- they didn't have Twitter people actually talk to each other. And they didn't limit themselves to X number of characters the right of the people to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects. Against unreasonable. Searches. And seizures shall all. Not. The violated. Shall. Not be violated. It doesn't get stronger than that there is no room for interpretation for that sentence shall not be violated. And no warrants. Shall issue. But upon probable. Departs. Supported by -- Or affirmation. And particularly. Describing the place to be searched. And let the persons or things to be seized. Now why it was that -- that way. Because they didn't want the authorities they didn't want the government to have the right to go in your house on a fishing expedition that's why. Now this Supreme Court decision yesterday which I don't know how much about it you've heard. Essentially give police carte Blanche. To use anonymous phone calls as probable cause and I think that is absolute BS and I'll tell you why. Tell me what oath or affirmation of any merit can come from an anonymous phone call I was -- -- -- How is it an affirmation. Of the last I checked -- -- -- have to be sworn. The last I know about an old enough to be sworn out. Affirmation. That it does an affirmation not have to meet certain criteria. You tell me how an anonymous phone call. In any way shape or form should give police the ability to stop somebody and then search. Because I think that is stretching. Freedom. To the breaking point. Now even if you wanna argue about the particulars here. I wanna ask you is this the spirit of our founding fathers. That somebody can just. Basically whisper something against you. And then the police come in search of researcher carriage and your horse. Especially America. That's Nazi Germany Stalin's Russia. That's what they did so we're supposed to do -- that were supposed to be about. That's not cricket -- Let's find out what's happening in traffic right now here is mr. -- Harris Allen and AccuWeather we are holding at about 45 -- 45. And the overnight low tonight is going to be -- thirty degrees yes that's below freezing. Please oh gallium of mine don't freeze to death I wish to see your Dr. Seuss like blooms exploding in mere weeks. Warmer tomorrow some clouds and sun behind 54 Friday cloudy and breezy a passing shower or twos 62. -- for 22 at WB EN. And I have a real issue. I I am outraged as a matter fact by this decision. And I got to play is something the change in attitude. Of police has been tectonic. It has been absolutely. Earth move it. Because most of my very best just friends closest confidant and the people who knew me the best 45 years ago were cops. And they were not -- -- they really respected the constitution. They grew up with Jack Webb as Joseph Friday in dragnet. And if you watch those episodes carefully. A lot of them still resonate today pretty strongly. But more and more and more we the people because we are letting them get away with -- them being our government. Are acquiescing. And rolling over being led like sheep to the slaughter. And our Supreme Court this is the disgusting -- Our Supreme Court which ought to be defending not just with words but with swords guns knives and nuclear bombs. The freedoms we have as American citizens. Had given the green light to this kind of tactic which I find -- stop polite. An anonymous phone call. Really. How easy is that. This at somebody. How easy is that to me. -- the movie seven. Where they break into the guy's apartment and the Brad Pitt character pays off the street or to say that she made the call member that. What you think that's not gonna happen more and more except they don't even have to pay off the street -- -- anymore. Unbelievable folks -- younger reset happily go into our share concerts and watch hockey playoffs in baseball and you know we pretend all is well with the world well it's not. I ever take freedom very seriously. It is up for 24. All the guys like big guys I knew the best. Back in those days. I think they'd be shaking their heads unfortunately many of them are no longer whether it's the guys they do best they pulled the pin and they retired two years later they were that. That's apparel a police work. Takes a lot out of people they're really does. I've said this -- million times. You know I do have a lot of sympathy because you see good people with a -- a real bad day and to see bad people just beyond the -- cell. Or or jobs or -- or wherever their name happens to be 425 news radio 930 WB -- All my mom used. She's talking about prostitution I could be wrong. It's up for 34 news radio 930 WB ENN net. Fresh -- is in town by the way players show that the first Niagara center and bad. Honestly I wouldn't mind seated but I'm sure all the good seeds of ordinance are up and I don't go to concerts and we'll say good seats unspoiled. That's why got a few concerts I'd rather see two great concert with great seats and a whole bunch of concerts with crappy seats. I'll never forget standing in line for hours for the Bob -- show at the ought. He was supposed to play this -- seventies possibly one show at the -- turned it with three night stand. Stood in line. Hour after hour after hour. One -- the first line. The seats I get absolutely so. Seriously. Then I discovered. What they got into the business the power of Jews candidate. No known that Jews. Leave. Gotta be careful how one pronounces things -- say that. Juice JUIC. Easy never will an anti Semitic comment cross my lips up through that march. It is 435 page if you hit enough of that from the president hole. Itself for 35 news radio 930 WBE and all right -- is there an opinion. Like a viewpoint a world view that you had that you changed over time and I plead guilty. On the human -- times I have tired in my assessment of situations my example abortion. The other example tragically. I used to believe that the United States was in fact the land of the free. I used to believe that we were in fact different than other countries. When I would hear stories as a young man about the Soviet Union and cracking down on dissent. And the police powers and east Germany and Poland and Communist Hungary and Soviet Union used to nauseated me the people at the live that way. Now I -- tragically the same thing happening and the United States. And I hate to say it but it's happening at a pace that is far more accelerated than I thought it would be. And that makes me very sad. Because I grew up loving my country and the values for which it's stood in the -- afraid I have to say that. The values. For which it allegedly stood. But my press against once again has shown itself. The same for the -- ever ever since then why say it. What do I sent. You after the Second Amendment that go after the First Amendment they go after those amendments that after the Fourth Amendment. By the way I've put a link up two -- part of justice scalia's dissenting opinion in yesterday's five to four vote. In the supreme Courter by the -- decision in the Supreme Court. On the issue of these anonymous tips. Which involve drunk driving case and don't have the time to get into every single detail but all I can tell your folks is that it's an anonymous phone call. It's worth. Every name it's given. I don't believe in dropping a dime anonymously. If you have a legitimate. Complaint you wanna make about somebody. At least put germane to. I did until I told the story -- but he urged mr. last fall I had no problem given the cops mind. -- -- Here's I did the right thing I thought I was doing the right thing. Because it wasn't just somebody weeding wants any thank god maybe they'd go drop a cigarette in her groin. -- this person I saw me you know the story I'm sure I was just all over the place for sixty miles. And the rest is history. All right let's get back to the calls on the WBM. What have you changed your views upon may I ask you -- you've matured Jason in Lancaster are welcome to the buy -- show your W via. -- -- -- I would say my wife and I you know our biggest change you you know as you become an adult from you know a young adult child. Is on social program. Bomb you blow what were we were race you know you take care your neighbors and -- maybe help you reach out hand. And we both its worst post you've got good school went to college got -- student loan debt let everybody else. Doctor elders and our job capital to be in our view in high poverty areas. Yeah and now according to the point what we'd like to start a family. Is what we actually care not yet those people those. That are taking advantage in most cases. Of those social programs are living better than we are. And just it's not fair. And I don't know how we wiped from welfare being. In helping me out and and hard time to be quite -- I mean we're seeing and both you know anger -- we work. You can thank president Lyndon Baines Johnson for that and a very famous quote he uttered after signing a legislation for the great society in the 1960 which decency forbids me from repeating here because that great savior. Use the and word. Just it's it's it's like this backwards. I don't mind helping people are not trying to be selfish but I can't afford to have a child. I'm doing a professional and calm. Because it might do well and you know so. You know it's the 23 of April. Hey you wanna get real pissed off. It's the 23 of April you have not yet worked a day this year where the money actually gets to you every day you work so far this year has been spoken for by taxes in New York State. I don't. And it's like it can't get it boggles my mind and when you ask about you know -- interviews so drastically on something. You know I'm a Democrat I'd done with a good Democrats supporting these things. And I don't have to couple older people. I'll watch a whole crowd because I. I -- you hold on because you're you're on to something and unfortunately somebody on the roads is on something because we've got traffic up a lot zoo here's Alan Harris. That's unfortunate by the way any photographs you have of what's going out of the -- -- just describes what you're safely taken send them to newsroom. At WB EN dot com newsroom at WB EN dot com. Or you can send them to. -- -- Allen's email address is too far away from read to Reid says. Just senator WBBM dot com okay. -- newsroom at WBBM dot com. Next I'm gonna get in my walker and I'll walk over there and I'll get to that damned email address. Felix such an absolute DB to help. -- -- let's get back to serious mode that is something that I thought was awesome. Because. So often. People who talk about social programs being a lifestyle choice are accused of being me and nasty and Scrooge like Nadal. And I'm sorry. But. I believe that. We do have a responsibility. To assist people temporarily who were able bodied who are going through tough times I have no issue at ball with people on genuine. Disability. -- Kerry who absolutely. Through mental or physical disease cannot work what are we supposed to do throw those people out of the streets come on -- You -- -- hell no hell -- but when you've got people who generation after generation after generation. Their career path is knowing how to game the system. That is a problem especially when those people are deriving greater sustenance from their lives then you are from a two -- to worker poll. And that's the frustration that that we've. You know where we changed our intervention and it's -- -- on top selling disabled someone becomes disabled list short term disability you know and it. Take it to be able to cows. And I -- it so materialistic but you rearrange somebody's homes and achieving these in the furniture and the carters and. Cell phones and it's like I can we live paycheck to paycheck. Can. I as -- doesn't add up to -- you know I don't know I don't know the answer -- The answer is thank you Joseph for reminding me to put my microphone on so you didn't hear me typing in the background. -- the answer is we need. Okay nobody is a corporate expression. Are you ready. We need a paradigm shift thank you thank you let me run this up a flag policy if anybody salutes. We need to change the system but here's the problem. Once you give people something they become addicted and we have. Three or four generations now of leeches who had become addicted to. Two other people's money and setting up there -- Asses all day while other people work to support their lazy backside I personally offended by that and plays I don't wanna hear about -- being mean and nasty because I believe as you do Jason that the poorest of the poor who genuinely have tough times we have an obligation. To help them I can I can go bigger. And I'm not against people going on disability or SS I there are people who through no fault of their own contract diseases and simply cannot work. Only a mutant cave man with think those people ought to just be you know. You know used his cattle fodder or something. But I am exactly on the same page with you when I see able bodied men able bodied women. And their career path is gaming the system and knowing every single benefit because that's all their family is gone for generation after generation. I am nauseated. Yeah it stopped and yet it's just. It's it's mind boggling the mind boggling. So what -- -- did you have an epiphany. Did you have a moment of truth. I'm. I don't know like they did it better progression I don't think it would warn you think that should be opposite end where these to be up. In believing in. And to be. A different life. And might finally turn the switch would we if not you buy gas and I don't want to sound like a crazy person we have that attitude that we should try the government. And yet here with the program in place welfare whatever lies. And that they would it properly it would be ejecting out improperly. And now as you. Learn and grow and mature whatever you realized yeah. And apparently -- Rush Limbaugh -- the single best analysis of the reelection of Barack Obama you know what I'm gonna say it's hard you cannot beat Santa Claus. And basically we of people addicted to other people's money you can't take it away from them anybody who tries to take it away is gonna be voted out of office of course will be called all kinds of games. While and I now own up to it I voted for the man twice I would I regret it I voted for Cuomo I won't be tax -- it you know it's just. It's that the free money down or just handing out there's no checks and balances on it there's no accountability. -- we are we all you know what we all make mistakes and we all change and unlike some people you actually from your mistakes. I'm a slow -- sons and could work there. But I loved -- I'm glad you called give my I give your wife my best. All right actually you called me by thank you for putting. Thank you for putting -- to show. I total role reversal the at. We're -- from 447 news radio 930 WB ER again have you changed. Your viewpoint. On a significant issue a penalty. You know what the death penalty is something else on which I've changed I've talked about abortion. I also changed on the death penalty big time. I'll explain that -- -- you're gonna hate me for this but has nothing though. I have done a 180 on the death penalty -- and -- maybe 140 on the -- stay with us -- news -- 930 WBE. And as far as AccuWeather is concerned clear skies tonight the winds will subside and were going to be at thirty degrees tonight as the low in the last I checked that is underneath freezing. And year out tomorrow it'll be warmer 54. Hi some clouds and sun and that if they supposedly at the 620. We're at 42. At a news radio 930 WBE. NC Joseph Bieber and I have achieved perfect mind meld by the way guys thank you will for the corrections. To. What I have to admit. Should have been a greater clarity on my part on my FaceBook page. With respect to the Lancaster cops and the guys at the quarry. I haven't had a chance to look up all of the corrections and clarifications. But I have posted the best one. That has been sent to me this is from a pro gun site by the way. I know that could be taken two ways but. Thank you for the clarifications. Just -- -- -- so that when I say that it's about truth. I mean it's not about my ego about truth. Oh okay it's about me let's. I wanna get into my change on the death penalty all act like that that our guys wait a who's this online to do disguises a hung up what I'm just trying to sort things out here 803 you're gonna wanna pass over somebody who's been. All I I still can't see the named or Johnny. Walt this is -- in the false on WBBM now Walt -- for holding and it is your turn finally server. Okay thank you can't. You had to callers or one look. But -- five year old male who identified himself as such. A young men Hoosier -- core. And both epitomize the a variety and frustration. And fear in the American public as to what's going on in this country. But but is there really because I look out of America. I don't see people as aware as you are or is I am about the real road were -- I see a country that is self delusional. Our you're right in that respect because. I think there are of the opinion of take. If it doesn't affect me down a -- Obama with it. -- or just cannot happen in this country. And it's happening slowly but surely I'm very. I just choose to ignore it. And you know there is being mesmerized by politicians who have become so comfortable here in the their position. Because if I guess so lucrative that -- It doesn't affect me then I'm gonna go along with it until one day you know they're going to be you know. I get inundated with taxes that they really can't afford us. Well you know not just taxes but a loss of freedom and I think one of the greatest revelations that has happened in my life over the past eighteen months her. Has been a realization. That the expression freedom isn't free. Isn't really some meaningless cliche. That freedom has to be zealously guarded by patriots of every generation. Because that is the inheritance we need to pass on to our spawn or future generations and I think our generation my generation has screwed the pooch and has dropped the ball. And I want I'll talk you further after the news break it is 455.

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