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4-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the he would -- this thing. -- the hole looked. More than ten. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- I protest it was a because the guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it may. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put this. People know and it's live it's local. It's Tom how early. Away at a white women that the news radio yeah. Back when America have a sense of humor. All aired by hourly news radio I'm thirty WB and and there are so many things happening I barely know where to begin. I have to take up buzz cut up this morning it was in his debates talking about the jiggle as. He talked about. Happened to take the big open as before -- jobs at WB yet it is absolutely correct the problem is is that. Sam he's got a bigger he's the better Jim -- counselor I do and that makes me very least and feel inferior. But anyway it was a bridge over a city beach if you did not have a chance to your go to the WB and audio -- And check it out he was so on fire this morning I. Don't -- -- for the buffalo general's lawsuit today another is only five plaintiffs' right. -- hundreds of people hundreds of women who have been buffalo -- And I completely agree with sandy beaches take on this which is. One where you expect that. When you sign up to be an NFL cheerleader what exactly. Were you expecting. And I'll tell tales out of school year everybody knows at the radio station I. Doing remotes I can't stand doing remotes as yet would somebody says hey you're doing your remote at such and such location my first reaction is -- That's my first reaction I don't like him. But they come with the job in my got to do all I got to the hole but it doesn't mean that I now all try to smile and enjoy it but doesn't really like him. But it comes with the top job in my contract it is not stay. You don't have to do remotes at the concern that. Now nor is my contract by the way cover man escaped. I should point that out there are a a number roles in the buffalo -- handbook -- out of delicately say this but the -- with a few buffalo jewels of my life. Socially and let's just say at bat. I put this delicately. The other day I had a hedge -- out with the shrubs at my house. Okay yeah it's kind of the same thing except on a real. Shall we say the a -- ball couple. With the buffalo Japan. Where you expect thing seriously. And to be brutally honest with you I really don't see much point. In cheerleaders. Zero -- if they're supposed to distract the other team. Wouldn't there be an equal chance you're gonna distract guys on the team and especially the guys on the the important point in the buffalo -- I'm not saying that that ever happens of course of of course it doesn't there would be no for an organization like that ever. But. Anyway I. I do that tomorrow I don't know that I've got it in meet today to do the buffalo general's lawsuit I think it is absolutely frivolous. Without merit. And to me that balls and one of those categories. If you don't like the job if you don't like the gig quiet. Nobody held a gun to your head and said you're gonna be a buffalo -- -- -- -- but it was gonna involve flesh. Because. There are people who don't make the buffalo jails because they're not objectively attractive enough funds artists that but. It might be too heavy they might have columns distributed in the wrong places they might have a little bit jiggle. Had too much -- in their way go. You know I'm sorry but. I just don't see. That point of the lawsuit and I also don't see much point in cheerleading at least after high school -- high school he got a letter. About the meaning the athleticism involved in surely. Cheerleading takes a lot of don't look at a lot of practice. They are really some tremendous athletes both men and women cheerleaders -- Obama's -- George W. Bush was a cheerleader. At one point in his life and it took a lot of energy and it took a lot of -- practice and all that stuff about the meeting but you know what's -- said. It's a totally spot on it's like a dance troop. Thank you. Thank you for making sense. If I if I heard the story yesterday I really feel like comedy got -- because we -- in the middle talking about. A baby who got beaten within an inch of his life by his sperm donor father who did two and a half years in prison for almost killing a kid. So I didn't really feel like introducing that particular topic yesterday. I don't tomorrow morning we're going to be talking about it I'm Buffalo's early news now. Also those of you going to the Cher concert tonight. By the way they clone sheer Sharon Cheryl -- Sir its an old joke but I have to say that there -- who write mine goes to see a 67 year old performer. -- wait a minute -- -- sir Elton John is 67. All sir Paul McCartney he's 71 nevermind. Opera Rosie you're good this year show a what are Corey wells will be either I'm sorry Corey I couldn't help myself. Those stories are kind of legendary but in any event I hope -- great time if you have great pictures to share with us and those pictures to newsroom at WB EN dot com. Newsroom at WB and the dot com part of me was really hoping to place and Led Zeppelin as my musical outbreak at the bottom of the hour. But I I think in the spirit of the Davey zeitgeist. Of this day we we may be playing a lot of sheer yes I sit tight Geist. Which is ghost of the -- spirit of the times. To German were not quite as much fun to say shot and Florida. Which is basically joy over somebody else's that misfortunes which is immature and I trying to have bet. For most people but I -- president only human by the way so things to get into I barely know where to begin. And let's just the have to go to my FaceBook page because that's relieve my brain every. Lap don't let you guys come on. As you. -- more experienced as they talk show host you realize the value of fought organization. And you don't want her ramble and I know sometimes I do anyway but that's why I need my little FaceBook notes. Rus Thompson congratulations to you congratulations to everybody. I'm Grand Island and elsewhere who stood up for the kid who was shafted at Grand Island high school guess what. Guess what everything I said during those shows has proven to be correct. I got exactly what I wanted you guys got exactly what you wanted for -- Now about -- brother -- in the cosmic cowboy but a chain the kid on Grand Island I received an email from Ross Thompson. Who by the way is a very dear friend of mine. And -- whose work I respect immensely. Ross does more with his spare time than most people too with their fulltime jobs including myself. Victory on Grand Island mission accomplished this is what Ross had to save his FaceBook page. Victory on Grand Island a mission accomplished the superintendent -- Which is interest going okay it's my urologist. Now they just called the scoring to remind me of my appointment. I don't wanna answer as it could be embarrassing. Yes. I know I -- What do -- look -- -- wanna answer for me you wanna find out. Usually I put my fallen dead while money here invariably -- by the way I put on dead nobody calls the the two effort to -- it is when I -- you -- I don't analyze and about the cell phone I probably forgotten that kill at twice and both times I forgot the killer. It is gone off right in the middle of brilliance. So let's just kill this little picture right here and editor director of the American. And is -- up by the way India. Dot com donation of any violence of any kind. All right take it rest Thompson and I got what we want victory on Grand Island. Mission accomplished the superintendent read a great statement she admitted. They were wrong that into this suspension. The suspension has been expunged. From chains school records. They return to his pocket tool. And have stopped the thirty year practice of turning T shirts inside out she respects the Second Amendment. The First Amendment and is the daughter of a veteran her daughter shoots on -- I started the applause after she was finished Ross Thompson. I wanna congratulate Russ and I also wanna offer kudos to the grand island school superintendent because as much as I was down on the Grand Island schools for what they did DeShea. I also. In all fairness must also commend the grand island school administrator. Higher ups who said what we did was wrong and we have to make this right and it takes a big person to publicly make that kind of an apology to a student. So for as many. Slide are a snide remarks as I made about the grand -- of high school. I also must give proper kudos and credit to the superintendent of schools for doing. The right thing doing a publicly and basically. I feel -- well I really -- I truly truly solo album. On the other is something else and this kind of escaped my eight. My attention but. You know what the musical was. There at the musical that ten or east by all the mater. You're gonna die. Annie get your gun. In the April whatever 2014. East Dodi and online the musical -- can work east Annie get your gun. I believe the word is. And now there's a story that I am not thrilled. To disclose to you. And I need to find. Where I found this story and it is from New York fire arms dot com. And let's see. According to New York fire arms dot com. Two compliant rifles have been seized from one of our members by police in Lancaster. New York. Now I've only got one side to this story it just came to my attention a short time ago. Well everyone it is apparently begun. One of our members that a friend had two rifles seized by the Lancaster PD of April 16. Here are the circumstances they were shooting on private land with permission. A nearby resident who happen to be retired police chief call the police reported there were shooting very close to his house and he found around in his yard. He did not see around fired or land but claimed it came from the quarry where these individuals were shooting. There were three guys total. When the police showed up they accused the three up firing the round onto the chiefs property. Very old and -- they had a large backstop. And the distance was far the bullet drop would have been at least nine feet. Nine feet and there is no way it hit the property however even if it did it would have been inadvertent and shooting regularly occurs on this property. The police demanded to know if they had permission to shoot -- they all said yes they had oral permission at the police then lied and stated that they are guilty of trespassing if the progression is not in right there is completely false. -- remember than invoked his right to speak with a attorney. -- You know what guys you were becoming more sophisticated. And I would like to think that my program is part of this. When the cops start given -- a hassle. About your guns don't answer that damn thing. I wish to speak with my attorney I have nothing further to say to you. I have nothing further to say to you without an attorney. I've done that myself works like a charm. Write your husband's that's right Tom wolf thank you Jim and Max and threats. -- city. Anyway -- got that up about our member than invoked his right to speak with a maturity. And the officer according to this piece cop an attitude saying something to the effect oh so you think you're Smart guy and immediately cuffed him. All three were taken to the station. The rifles were locked in the trunk before the police arrived so they didn't see them they impounded the car I'll remember was released as was one of his friends. The individual firing the nine millimeter rounds that they claimed was the one that hit the property was charged with reckless endangerment. The police chief produced a pristine. Nine millimeter bullet and our members sought and believes it was just pulled from a case and never. Fired I don't know if you understand that if you don't know anything about bullets around but. There's a difference between. A bullet -- has been fired and one that has not been fired. Now without looking at microscopically. I can't say who was lying and who was not. Although they were released the car was held until today which would have been actually a couple of days ago. Now I don't have a chance right now to get into this story in great detail other than to tell you bat. I have put the link up on my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly and guys. Yeah well. I've been stuck at night Indy 500 lights forever. Before -- die or go on disability can we please get 101000. Seriously I don't want to resort to fake profiles to do like certain politicians like a bit ago. Got to get this baby up to 101000 and then 20000. Are feeling inferior. I am I don't like feeling inferior it's bad enough that sandy beach -- the better jiggle test results. At least -- -- bottom part of his body that I mean that's that's mentally that's that's do you Manning enough but now Ted. Have 101000 lights on the FaceBook page. So you can check it out Tom dot Bauerle BE AUER. It's like our Jack Bauer the show 24. Tom -- hourly -- is the picture of -- handsome looking fellow. Who. Is wearing a tuxedo that is the page. On which you should defiant all the available information but anyway folks please remember. And this goes for everybody. If you ever watch the show cops. Have you ever seen these idiots get themselves into trouble by allowing a search they didn't have to allow. Or by saying things they didn't have to say. Keep all shot. Talked to little boy you are the minute you say I want an attorney. -- coverage that's the Euro. All right 324 just ahead I've only just scratched the surface of what we're getting into today. How old are always -- all that I have barely discretion surface much more to come Joseph gamers -- master control. -- John Sherman measure call screener and you know they do say about guys who worked on the same schedule in the same room and close proximity to end up on the same haircut cycle. Proof of that unlike FaceBook page you can see their picture they're both fine looking young men paragon of virtue and quite frankly. Exemplars of the America. That I -- Under Israel had thirty WB and I don't know what that meant. -- Yeah and yeah. The whole lot man always call me. Here is that in town now. You know it's interesting news here at the radio station weird but we have a few people who are going a we also have -- -- people who say my mama's going. I was going. I like to keep up with contemporary acts which is why C Three Dog -- whenever and wherever I can't -- every Beatles tribute group that comes down the -- every. A group to comes down the -- You gotta take it with their stuff. Are right it is they -- gonna -- you know your old. When somebody actually puts out in her vomit tribute band they probably already -- and I just haven't been paying attention. All right it is up hourly and is ready at 930 WBE and the I'll by the way just quick note to in this business we have something called ratings and I am kind of blown away by -- numbers for the afternoon show and by for the radio station in general. Just a quick thank you for your continued support love loyalty. The bond that we have. And now under is gonna get back to work in the lesson is. For those of you knew in this business never ever ever ever get a big head over great numbers and never ever ever ever give suicidal over bad ones. If you're gonna get a bad bounce from time to time you're gonna get good bounces from time to time. We just happen to be consistent year which is kind of weird all right it is out now back to work that was quite right. I can think of certain talk votes. Should have them very nice of I could think of certain nighttime guys who would spend the next hour about a pop up. -- now. Not that like Esther story is interesting about the at the guns. But the bottom line bottom line. Folks. Never. Never. Consent to a search. Don't ever consent to a search. There are reasons I'm saying. Which will become apparent. Presently. As we move on. -- the program. I have some very interesting questions. On my FaceBook page to -- about this one is not going to make the shell. But I think it's interesting nonetheless because to me. This is awkward okay. Joseph and John especially want you guys to pay attention it is and everybody listening to my voice right now. If you work in an office -- especially office complex with interconnected buildings with pedestrian overpasses and stuff okay. You know how people will take twenty minutes or half hour and they -- pot or walk around the building. And then for whatever reason you have to leave your sanctity of your office and go in to the big building. It is inevitable. I run into the same people eight times during the course of their exercise. How many times do you have to say hi to them. It's awkward. Like the first time this and I don't but the the second time. By the fifth -- I feel as though I don't I don't as a person. I -- and it. It can't be fun for you because you're trying to exercise. That's always awkward -- I'm sorry that's one of those moments for which they never -- -- -- How many times do you say hello to the people doing the power walk at work that you run into eight times in twenty minutes. I worry about things like this I don't sleep a lot and I never claimed to be normal. Also up kind of a throwaway question in my FaceBook page in a go as you please fist fight between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin who would win. Bad expression. I don't have many do you enjoy history especially western history many view the term goal as you please fist fight. May ring a bell. And I will tell you exactly. Whence it came at least how it entered my consciousness. Whitbeck when folks there's a wild west gun fighter by the name -- Bat Masterson. Masters he actually hit until the 1920s it was a very good writer. He is a tremendous sports columnist actually died at his desk of a cardiac arrest in New York City that's a long way from cal country. But. Bat Masterson. As you know he only killed two guys -- had this reputation as a Canada. Gun fighter in the west. But he shared his memories of some of the characters he knew from the wild west -- remember in the 1920s some of these guys were still alive. Why it -- lived until the 1920s. But he died in 26%. Doc Holliday did not have a long life because he had tuberculosis. But anyway long story short Bat Masterson. Looking back on his memories of Doc Holliday he was exactly the Val Kilmer character. That we all knew and loved from the movie tombstone. -- huckleberry. While it looks like somebody stepped -- older it. You know Val Kilmer -- here's Masterson had to say about Doc -- I've always loved this this this expert. This expression has always stayed in my mind. Physically Doc Holliday was a weakling who could not have -- a healthy fifteen year old boy in a go would you please fist fight. And no one knew this better than himself. And the knowledge of this fact was perhaps why he was so ready to resort to a weapon of some kind. Whenever he got himself into difficulty he was hot headed and impetuous and very much given to both drinking and quarreling. And among men who did not -- him. Was very much disliked. He was not exactly the charmer from tombstone. -- -- about the guy -- is a long way from that according to -- masters and so of expression go as you please fist fight I kind of lifted that from. My reading a Bat Masterson. And I have just totally -- myself a spot. In the hall of shame of wild west geeks. That's just not even close to be right of heavily but the tombstone once all right now moving up as you know ladies and gentlemen. Chelsea Clinton. Is with child. And I wish Chelsea Clinton and her husband nothing but a successful pregnancy and a happy healthy child. And a situation less delivery. Please understand. There are certain spots -- politics right. My wish is were nothing but happiness and help for the Clinton grandchild and I hope you understand I mean that sincerely. However. Given the fact that grandma. Has all Hillary has always been one of these abortion on demand it lunatics. I've often wondered right now. Now that Chelsea is pregnant and of course they made the announcement at a news conference which frankly I think was really tacky but what the clintons everything's political. All right just is its political grandstanding. Soul. My question on FaceBook yesterday was so Hillary. -- Chelsea. As short grandchild in her womb. Is it a child or is it a choice. It's not yet. How Hillary would feel the Chelsea said mom. Report. I wonder if her views have changed. She'd never admit it of course if they had. I will admit that my views have changed on this subject markedly over time. And I we'll tell you exactly when they changed. If I had to pinpoint it would be the sonogram. First time I sought sonogram of my own flesh and blood that was that was the game changer for me. Because at that moment I realized holy crap. That's what a Little -- is. Now it's off please don't misunderstand me cynical. But seeing the sonogram and realizing. Holy crap it's and he. It change your perspective. And well these did that for -- I ask -- question here. Got a lot of lip. Because I've been dying to do this year. How much have you changed. And on which subjects. From you or -- Until the time of your adulthood. Did you change on abortion. Did you change on the patriotism. Did you change. If patriotism doesn't do it for you respect for the country and the constitution. See out here as were we get into some ground that could very well get me into trouble. Because -- old fashioned. But the words of our National Anthem in part are the land of the free. And -- the break. And we are not -- of the free smokes and I hate to be the -- of spoil your Bobble. I hate to be the one to give you a dose of reality but every day that goes by. It seems to me that we are at grave risk of losing what little freedoms we have left anymore. Case in -- A Supreme Court decision. And ladies and gentlemen this is something I would have expected out of Stalin's Soviet Union. This is something that would open par for the course in Nazi Germany not in the so called into the for. The United States Supreme Court. Which is supposed to be the ultimate guarantor of our freedoms as Americans citizens. And the ultimate arbiter of what is constitutional. And what is unconstitutional. They took that power upon themselves in the very famous Marbury vs Madison case. The Supreme Court of the United States. Has set it is now law of bullet. Vet and anonymous telephone call. Allows the police stood -- to stop and search. And anonymous. Telephone call. That is not. Right. And I'm gonna tell you why it's not right. It is in direct contradiction of the Fourth Amendment I'm not a lawyer but I have a brain sometimes. Expected to increasingly growing -- Not the right -- but. I do want to share with you something that. I happen to think is important and it's important because. I've been saying all the -- you know people give up. -- You know a little bit -- you keep talking about the Second Amendment. My response is always that today it's the Second Amendment tomorrow it'll be the fourth -- after that will be the Fifth Amendment the First Amendment. Which part of guaranteed freedom don't you understand it. All top -- those crazy wacky -- gun owners don't you get. Now I really don't because that's not what the constitution cents. And it's the same thing with the Fourth Amendment up for those of you who don't understand what the Fourth Amendment is all about. I will explain it to you as best a layman -- in layman's terms are coming up in the next segment. But if an anonymous phone call gives the cops license to pull you over in search you. How soon will that be before that is abuse. How many cops level little track phone. An hour -- her arm around -- On the -- but aren't. -- You know what's gonna happen. How many times before somebody Joseph lets you leave your car opening night let's say somebody like you very much somebody throws a bag of weed and your car. All right somebody -- -- most people for tales. They see it on the through -- you drive an entree as a road. And you know. This guy driving this car. -- PT cruiser. In -- he's. Think he's got some weakness or collect that gives the cops absolute right to pull you renounced search and make it fine with somebody put in your card. It's a -- it it's totally convenient to set people up. You think will be used for political purposes. But given everything else that's happening in this country I don't trust this government as far as I can throw. The land of the free my apps were not the land of the free with a land of the -- And I hate to be the one tell you that because this is a long cherished delusion and illusion of mine that somehow we were different and other countries were not. We have changed and we changed for the worst and it discussed. The problem is America is the last bastion of freedom and so. What is the last bastion of freedom in the world we're gonna go after America we're gonna go Yemen. You wanna go to Norway and good -- you wanna go to Australia. Me maybe Australia I don't know. If they've got national welfare group. So if the United States ceases to become the land of the free there is no other place. We could possibly -- There is no place to which two to two -- not. This this decision by the Supreme Court. Is so. Absolutely. Antithetical to what our founding fathers would have decided. It makes me wanna puke. I'm not blaming Obama. I'm not blaming bush I'm blaming hears that word again the zeitgeist. We all want a bigger stronger government gas capable of deciding running and ruining the every aspect of your everyday life. And they'll use the police to do and they'll use the criminal system to do you think they -- you don't know your history. Were no different than any other stake in civilization that has ever existed ecclesiastical is there is nothing new under the sun. Amen brother. -- -- -- My phone number 8030930. Its hourly on WB -- And AccuWeather -- to delay. Clearer. Windows will gradually. Die down and it's going to be our -- Colbert might even fun. There will be -- freeze the overnight low thirties. My Alley and had better survive and I hope yours do as well. I don't like Bush's will survive those things survive anything nuclear holocaust might bushels will be there. Warmer tomorrow with some clouds and some some high 54. And I know you're wondering Tom what are we gonna get over sixty. Allegedly on Friday I was at the throw in the qualification because little -- Friday mostly cloudy and breezy with a passing shower or two high temperature 62 it's 45 at news radio 930 WB EN. By the way guys at Joseph and John thank you were the daily effort you put in to making sure what it is in terms of being via. Phenomenal success it is in fact. I don't know if you -- this but that corporate has just awarded our team a bonus. Yeah I've got to stick of gum. You'll get a stick of gum and then John you'll also get a stick of go after there's so a stick of gum is better than a kick in the net. Now it is at 352. At news radio 930 WBE and so my question to you news. Is there a major issue on which you have changed your mind. And granted. You could be called a flip flop -- especially after John Kerry. Mom. And his flip flop on a number of positions back during the presidential campaign that when he was running that was. He was called out of a number of occasions including by me. Have to be honest with you but I myself and maybe you occupied you you can not tell -- That from the age of 1725. Or thirty you still feel the same way about stuff you felt. Back then right now. There has to be some major issue on which you have changed. And that my view has changed markedly. On the subject of abortion on demand I don't believe it. The reason I don't believe -- it. It has nothing to do with talks has nothing to do with any religious feature any spiritual feature nothing at all. Because people who don't like what I'm about to say they always want to pigeonhole people as being well. -- tried to oppose your religion on eight. Mr. born again Christiane well I'm not. I'm more he'd actually keep this for life that's my new group -- start. But. I believe that life begins. At the moment of conception and why -- -- believe. Because nobody has ever been able to name one other logical place during the gestation period at which life would be -- Thursday. I thought about -- -- -- with this very issue. So my views on abortion on demand have changed markedly. Now what I throw people in prison. And now. I would try to educate people I think education. Is a much better tool that incarceration I believe that a number of different subjects. Maybe he used to be against guns now -- for the maybe used to -- Ford was hired them. That's a pretty major issue total I'll get into the Fourth Amendment and it's erosion just ahead but I wanna give it its proper due to its proper time in the next hour.

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