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4-23 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back with -- -- of said he visual look at the buffalo -- lawsuit -- -- -- -- the bills up for various reasons. But some of them remain a mystery to me. One of the things mentioned in the suit and we're working from this article front page of the problem is today. Is the fact that during the angels golf tournament. They have an auction. And the high bidder Sager is say your bed you are betting on the Lucille. Lucy and -- my councilman and after my -- Your bidding on Posey and other high bidder for Lucy it's charity right OK you -- better policy. Guess what certainly thing we'll see Haston oh. She has to ride in a golf cart with a high bidder during the tournament. All of a humanity. Now if you are comfortable doing that for us all. There's all kind of been all kinds of charity auctions a bachelor auctions eagle -- date whatever -- stills and that one remember I read the information about a several years ago. But if -- a couple of don't go to the buying all or don't go into the auction part of it. And ever what's to be uncomfortable -- that if you're that sensitive maybe you shouldn't be a joke at all. Now they should be treated with respect they work hard -- their attractive women they are -- athletic one. But they gonna get a grip on the on the reality of the situation. Your bare because you'll look pleasing you're attractive person that's the reason you're there you're not there to cure cancer. He's not there to send a rocket to alone you're there because people while will catch and if you get too full of yourself he gets a little ridiculous. Claiming that Mario Williams. Makes sixteen million a season. And and that the jewels were not paid enough. Why why would you bring that capital lawsuit. If you're a lawyer would you feel old school team putting that a lawsuit what is what a player -- have anything to do with what the jewels. Nothing nothing to do. But there again you know what that is not the big Tony. Debate that's still as income disparity thing. Out of hand and eight we consider it if it's the same job same job same salary totally agree what you are -- But if one's a cheerleader and want the highest paid defensive vote attack -- in the business. They're not the same thing it's not the same job would not the same responsibilities. Or the same expectations. Well it goes under the the category of it's not fair that he has more than there if that's exactly what it is exactly. I the -- thing I totally everywhere it is equal pay. For equal jobs but that did not equal jobs being a cheerleader is not an equal job to being a defensive player on the bills just simply has. So get past that. Panels -- honesty what she thinks and auntie Donna you're on WBM. O'Donnell you. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm a friend. A former. Afloat chill -- twenty years ago foot jail and we met on an airplane I was. Headed to Santa Ana California issues that are in effect on -- Now. Once that she knew where I. Yeah it's the whole. Q they're saying in. Contact him at -- -- to make a living. Have not a great choice that I agree if you're there you. My OK my friend who worked her way through college. And don't wanna get off the line without telling you what you majored in -- and is -- she graduated college. The winning scholarships and pageantry you know on -- -- ahead and -- you know flowing whenever current and that you want after university. She still wanted exposure because she had a a fantastic job but he also enjoyed. -- -- -- live -- -- whatever and so he joined the Buffalo Bills had no trouble -- engine and the advent of facial modeling and beautiful woman. Very athletic because it -- -- -- a lot of pageantry which he has been issued its president and when we match she was an elitist and Jose to. Duo runway show for champion athletic -- Alan my way to get my ethnic. From my West Coast spot but. And that's when -- began -- An hour flight. And we've known each other and and -- situation. But you know and because probably qualified a beautiful thing that beautiful woman. And the exposure. The issue would never got net Shelley California. And we've gotten tired in comfort in the years she -- You know performed here import from there Abner. However he while fully qualified mechanical engineer. For. -- to get fair. Now what -- that you work through it you can't it appeared that might. The standard school who what -- everything. And and then had been up. Becoming a couple of killed over exposure and went a bit of money now -- -- -- that. Non sense about rude comments and -- an educated woman. Who cares when you look back. About a -- -- Yeah it's lines down and he had no problem now however that we did hours and -- many years. Is. Cuba and the only thing. The money do. And the thing about things about those and they did this -- bat and get credit for it and my friend. We shared event teenagers in their picture taken at them and they would go on and. Absolutely edit and it makes you more comfortable with crowds. Your social skills are enhanced and that can be used later on on your resume as well. And that all of that. And of course can no longer work there anymore she married an extremely well -- anxious to children live in Virginia. And and more money than Iowa. And my life. Look at that buffalo and you know as you know. You know. Wiggling her spot. And an opportunity. And again -- let me reiterate that there are much higher higher exploited. It has some really good cases because. My friend told me that if there's anything she never wanted to do she'd have to do it and kept her. But her pay was reduced if he would money opposite manner that event I'm -- -- been here. It was her responsibility it was her kind act and sign that incident with which is a. That's got to may now that's a level headed approach to it here's some things you game. Well I'm glad to sell or there I'm glad you -- of the French because that was interesting and informative thank you Don appreciate it. I mean when you lots of these events because they're they do things obviously be on the football game itself. It builds confidence that you could be a very attractive vote woman's. And very athletic but maybe you or your lack of confidence that's possible missile build it up people want your autograph they larger picture of their picture with -- -- and you get to go to visit hospitals and in charitable things and golf tournaments or whatever so it it really enhances -- it's like come theater school I went to radio TV and theater school in Boston. Now I never intended to use theater at all however the some of the things in the theater part are very helpful -- radio. And so it's the same thing if you're on a public stage it -- bills your character and builds your confidence. Maybe you use it for the next jogged down the line. There are no professional. 65 year old buffalo jails. -- doesn't work OK so you do what you do and ms. long is as long as you're getting what you were supposed to get. And you're giving what you were supposed to get of it's it's fine it's getting him there may -- saying well. This isn't what I bargained for so I'm leaving OK if it isn't what you lightly. But don't say this is more work than I thought not should be getting more money than we agreed upon that's not the time to negotiate. The if there's any negotiation and I doubt if there is becoming a jail but if there's any you do it before you start the job not after your wrong. And so I wanna hear some of this stuff. As is because of it's foolish any laws that are broken prosecute. Okay any money that is actually vote to make sure you get it but beyond that either -- -- don't do that it's not going to be the end of the world for bills. Will be back after I'm saying. That was probably -- of those things you know how lower off the -- when we're in the commercials. We -- we will do jokes and in control lines out there on time and occasionally just before go back on. We're still laughing and Parker walked off the weather's at four times he was laughing -- could not stop laughing. And Kelly does it was there and it John was there. And I don't know what was said something had to be said by either of them or somebody in the group. But it was really funny. I'm going next time I talk to Kevin or or John well I don't know Kelly. I have to ask what was said because it had him. He had to wipe these days he was he was crying he was laughing so hard -- that's awesome because a final the line is no value is yes on the air. If they -- gels work on. Would you miss them now that's fine they look fine and he big irritants fine and their hard workers or whatever but I don't think they'd be missed that really don't. They do some good community work to that's nice that he has missed as as -- -- to a field. Because most of those squads don't really cheer much anymore they dance. And that's what they -- being onus. You're not going to hear you know low block that every time they. That block that kick blocked a kick and it was us that was kidding. Remember that that I do remember that's happened several -- exactly got to know the game somewhat. You know but anyway. So I'm not I'm not putting him down I'm just saying that the idea that reasonable expectations. And up and Arabic and a caller who said they were being exploited them of the of the players were being exploited. Anytime anybody wants to exploit me and pay me one player makes that's will be -- I and that's that but I you really exploited if you let me see let me get this straight now. You take great pride in Europe in your body and your movement. You probably go to the gym to work now for. And now somebody wants to pay you money so that so people can look at -- from afar in the stands of a football game while you're dancing. A round not really cheering dancing primarily. Is that exploited I don't think so early -- And as far as I know. When you join the -- they don't Wear robes. Nowhere more moves they Wear cheering outfits and they have probably the most conservative vote all of Swanson privacy and -- -- short of vote may be one dollar club but mainly. They're pretty conservative so it's not like they're out there showing a lot of spin and many times when you think it's -- it's not it's a leotard. So I've found that out with figure skaters. They all -- earlier targets including the guys at -- bit problematical. But any time you see all that's a low cut that she's wearing now it is. It isn't it believe me it's a leotard did you know that yes in high Def rarely shows up at you that. Okay who is next I think there would be or Joseph in Niagara Falls joy here on W via. You know. I think -- -- -- children -- -- -- -- insult without restricting there was. I don't want guys said it may distract the other day means he can't be serious. You -- if you he's got. Now it's about equal to these women here. It'll probable jail while a missile outlook -- you are now it -- it -- aware of where we're at it. Part of the Japanese you'll meet at via via. What record actually -- the order you know charity. Yeah that. It's -- -- Or did they know. What we're getting into. -- all -- old story. Sure what's old is expected to view. Here it's it's early were they play at trial as the girls are here this. Why yell -- him because -- they're real good look at -- celebrity's. What -- -- -- hear about what are your church leader. And it's it's one of the first things that you learn about somebody she either is -- Joseph was -- Joey it's it's always right up there in front of -- resonates so they're proud of it. Sure there is absolutely right -- hit. One good look at women and I don't want. Attractive older -- and it and you know we're looking -- when Billiton has irked when voters like. Yourself go look at the arts. -- I don't I don't I was gonna try and find some scrap metal to bring down their ages -- look at. I broke out trucks -- got a -- look at -- or are awarded the credit. Well all the game -- what you -- Now it's just it's just bad -- -- -- I think what they had to enter China exported it was where I don't don't don't. Yes all of a little bit -- for error Austin. That's a good point if it is five out of the hundreds of girls that have been. Jails thank you Joseph good point a very on point I think would that. That's the first thing you're not somebody all of her she's in jail. Or she is in jail or she's trying out for -- as I said I think two or three years I was a judge. On a personal stuff because of some of those girls are very athletic and very attractive and it's very difficult. To make choices but when they make the squad they take great pride and squad as large by the way that a lot of them. And does so because a lot of -- like they have five. Or sixth because they have a lot of them there may be an event coming up that they're not if they're not comfortable with going to the event for whatever reason that after all nobody's. He's dragging them into the event. End of this indeed even even have -- it's something that perhaps wasn't their top choice. They probably gains something from it by being there. The in the explosion the exposure of the of being a judo and working with a crowd and as I said having -- picture taken may be doing an interview here and there. And so the big kind of things that are expected of the jails shouldn't be a surprise -- on the squad. And insult of the fact that these five didn't think that they were paid enough it looks to me. Like 01 album came up with the idea you know we did a lot of extra stuff. And we didn't get paid for a while it wasn't part of the deal. That you would be paid for it bureaus that losses now the bills -- settle a justice -- nuisance though. But I think there -- also endangering the other jails and maybe future jails where the bills they don't need this more than seven clubs that don't have much at all. Including both the New York New York City club while actually and they're actually in New Jersey books. They didn't want the governor to suit up as a cheerleader Chris Christie as a Joseph wouldn't quite make. Assault that not all the clubs that in this way that I don't think they'd be missed at all I mean they do a good job but truthfully yourself by by. Rebecca. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 80309. Series cell calls are free and started 930 their toll free line is 1806169236. However backward -- governor sent NHL lawsuit by five former buffalo -- holes in my attitude is if the terms of employment were met. By a by the employer which drew would be the Buffalo Bills by the employee which should be the jails. If the terms of the employment are met they have no may have -- -- the fact they think it's worth more after they get end. Or that they should have been paper something they weren't paper after they get and it wasn't agreed to at the beginning then they have they'll gripe and and it's about exploiting. I wanna get into that basically. There are some variations of this but you have two things that are marketable. You have your mind. And you have your body now as I said there are some variables. You make your living with your mind all right you're you're doing did you think about whatever blah blah and that's -- you make your body he could be a model. Okay is that being exploitive. You could be a member of the National Football League which you spend most of your life in a -- Building muscles practicing what you have to practice and you can catch a football if you throw a football again tackle somebody can run fast whatever. As -- -- -- -- any sport and then you're making your money -- your body. Right now obviously it crosses over a little as far as intellectual capability. To do any of those jobs. But basically the bottom line is your marketing what you have. And if a young woman who was attractive who is. Athletic and attractive. Wants to be a joke that's what she's marketing. Marketing their -- she's not saying let me come in -- work on your books. She's saying let me come in and display myself -- the bills' game. And I'll be part of -- dance -- But I don't think they -- culture is anymore I'll be part cheerleading group. And go will will play Democrat -- one of them once you've decided to do that why you surprised. That does some drunken allow might make an inappropriate remark. Obviously anything that breaks the law should be prosecuted. And if the bills didn't follow what they promised they should be held accountable. After that you -- your own. Where your big girls outfit because that's what you are. You're no longer a kid you not high school anymore. You are now an adult and as an adult he should know the terms of employment and know what the are being exploited not a -- not come back right after a strangely enough. The bills being. Caught up with three million dollars in refunds because they sent three extra text the somebody. I mean that does seem coincidental picture was in the works before that but it's a they get deep pockets of grab some. And to me if you didn't like it should request. Example. And all of they just the thought of having to ride around in a golf cart with somebody because they with a high bidder. Four of the of the golf tournament and for that afternoon your derided in their golf cart. Why it's amazing to me argue would even survive something as dastardly is that. If you don't wanna be up on the auction block for charity riding around a golf cart don't go. They can drag you up there. I'm so the bottom line is anything that you agreed to do don't complain about it or don't do it. Altria and I'm real 10616926930. Jerry and Amherst Gerri what's -- what's your take promise. -- which it is an opportunity. To talk about. If you result Oklahoma musical today and a lot of the western movies where they try to make money for this is dancing to put him into water well or something. And they had a thing with it was a woman the girls. Would make like that get through punch it something you -- differently than men had been outed them and they got the -- The girl or something would go on a little picnic and you know eat the -- which you. Exactly. These -- impeccable always before Oklahoma itself. It's just the way it is I mean it's not you know like -- said that for the bottom line is that they do something that's out of line. -- -- -- -- That's the way the ball bounces have a good day. I can -- -- -- he's right that is they have these. They would you know home mrs. Perkins or ms. Perkins were maker of her fabulous apple pie and everybody bit on it. And then you'd go on -- -- with her and eat the apple -- I mean I was pretty simple but the way it is. So aunt and you know -- know how people's minds work. When they're selling beauty and that is is essentially what they're selling. You think your viewer and I bitter you'd be you have -- ride meg if somebody is a high bidder and you with a winning -- and you'd be right around a golf cart. Isn't that a sign of accomplishment. Hey look at -- I'm surrounded by all of these though women and I was not dead. They've been on -- And figure it out sometimes. You know what it's like becoming a rock cats. And then complaining that men in the audience a look at your legs. I mean I just don't get it I really don't you spend your whole life trying to make yourself attractive. Tool either of the opposite sex of the same sex depending OK but you spend your life making yourself attractive and there was somebody mentions that. You're offended by. That's what drives guys crazy. As we can't figure that out we really can't if I were in the gym every day and I had a fabulous body and I was bluff. And I was on the beach one day and somebody said and regard I'd be complimented by it. Never happened I would and it but they don't seem to have been the same -- -- -- The same mindset that got in arguments with this. Women -- yoga pants why you -- yoga pants because you want the men don't look. You yeah I herb -- complained that the look and you feel that -- him about this guy in on plane crash are right. And Harrison Ford is the guy. And they got a plane crash and they impression of desert islands as a tool it's kind of frothy thing it and them. So as she is after they set up camp and everything go to sleep the next day you wake up and and she's she's wearing shorts and a teacher won every you know whatever she had a plane. And -- looking manner and she says hey Saturday. Why you don't look at me like that he says let's get this straight you went to the store you bought this out for its enormity of look at your right I'll come off. And I can't get my that are really can't. Let's say my whole life is spent on DOD and at criticism and I wonder will jump up and down in front of 80000 people but please don't even think. Thoughts that are approved by -- -- first. Gimme a break if there a look at some guys have ever fantasize about that's what it is you know what I know it everybody knows that. As long as they don't put their hands on you may or -- or -- make you uncomfortable by looking in your window. Get over it William part of what what you signed up for. Will be back -- more would -- and company there's exploitative thing. That's and as they just don't get it. Have we exploited Barbara Streisand. By asking her to sing for money into the record label on the concert promotions exploit her. Because the issue was asked to sing on a stage you're on an album whatever now she was paid handsomely in exchange for her singing she was paid. Our models. Our models exploited. When they walk on the runway or when they pose for -- photography you know lay out some things like that. One of -- shooting their shooting either their face or their body that's one of the true. It's it's usually one of those two things are they being exploited now that's what they're willing they're willing to for a salary let you take a picture of their face or their body wearing your clothes or your shoes or whatever. So I don't get this whole exploitive thing. If you think about it -- in the Buffalo Bills exploited because they have bodies that most of the rest of us don't. Have or can run faster jump higher be tougher while you know a knock somebody's a blocked off. We exploiting them. Now we're paying them good money to -- Some of thought that the chills are being exploited if the if the Joel's know what's what's involved as they sign up for. If the bills say here are the terms and conditions of employment. And they look at and say yeah now that's remain and they signed their name on it and the bills keep their word and do what they're supposed to do. And the of the Joseph keeps her word and does what she's supposed to do that I don't see the basis of losses. Now if the bills violated the law they should be held accountable. If if there was anything inappropriate at an appearance the person should be a should have been called cops and the story. But the surround after the fact is that you know we had to do so much extra things. We practice and that blob blob blob blob blog you know what's involved if you take the job and take them in and you take the job and then just do it. Our Chris we get a lot of -- FaceBook today what do you this one comes from. Richard he says I loved the Buffalo Bills I hate the buffalo deals they look ridiculous if the team really wants they have cheerleaders of the games it's about a local high school work Palestinians. Tony you said that to me the other day and that's exactly right there be something refreshing. To see either college or high school cheerleaders. There really actually cheering. And that I think would be a nice addition. But I have a thing about I don't know if I were grown woman but wannabe a cheerleader. I was going to bring that up but if you were caller made the point about. The. Actually especially college there's been a local older than maybe they are and a high school might be obvious that they're very good point good point but guy it's. If you're a grown woman and you have a well. Person quoted in here. In this article by James. Stats. Her name is Maria. To be able to cheer them on in front of 80000 fans it was a dream of mine since I was a child the dream was taken advantage of by the bills. So I could see as a child. Wanting to appear before 80000 people but as -- as a grown up as a cheerleader as a woman I. Don't know. I just don't know and other wondrous. This one is gonna come from Barbara C says cheerleaders serve no purpose fans don't pay attention and accept a leader and make rude comments. And all they do is -- what -- sexist image of women. Well I think that bush is right I'm part of that I don't think it's a sexist image I think it well be charitable it's an appreciation of the final one -- that a second ago okay. Either drunken lots who would probably insult and not if they ran across that but you can't judge everybody by the drunken lots. I mean the game probably more drunk allows than usual. In one place at one time but if you take have you ever been to a game before he became a -- And you never sat in the stands before you became a jail. Don't you know what goes on don't -- in the parking lot afterwards you'll really be shot. So the bottom line is unless you've never been to a football game. Why is this a surprise to you shouldn't you know kind of behavior goes on even though they tried the NFL believe me it's a mission to try and it's is civilize the game a little bit more off the field. While the other two -- the line and we'll get the Oakland Raiders and you think that's never gonna happen yup some of the fans are outrageous and and cheerleaders regionals are probably the most conservatively. Costume. That's way to put them dancing and I think they are that's fine no problem that he you don't want -- answers out there and it's not a bad idea. I should suggest that. My musical virtual institutional and all of us have wanted to each yard line. And I think the critical exactly out of his staff and I don't like that yellow flier over -- have a plane drop money. There's already folded lengthwise. And keep working and that I didn't like that I I think that if you are totally naive and have never been to a football game which -- desires to be a joke I'd suggest you go to a game for -- go to several. And see that the behavior and get a little outlandish at the an -- released a little bit and a like I could never figure out cheerleaders for the NBA that game is so fast at least with football league a long time and -- -- -- now though those are definitely the answer -- yeah because with the NBA they're up and down and up and down and up now -- I mean how would you have time to defense offense what a -- -- Alter -- libelous and hockey. Hockey doesn't have anything -- God Christen one of those have. A sheer outfit that comes down -- the law -- -- it was Columbus from solid big Carolina has -- Carolina Carolina has some of it's there and address late cut if I'm remembering correctly they're not dressed like traditional cheerleaders wore masks I'm. The pads and but it's it's a very super. Really stand at the -- the -- raising collapse in. And baseball doesn't have that. Baseball doesn't have crying and they don't have cheerleaders but football at least you have enough time if you're on defense chances are going to be on defense that at least three plays -- time. Offense same thing. But we have -- with basketball it's up and down -- up and -- so fast that they think they go out during timeouts -- that's I would thank. But the bottom line is I'm I'm shocked. At this lawsuit only in regard to how naive it is. Because this is either very provable or should be thrown out of court. If they can -- -- by simply presenting the terms of employment. -- look these five women signed up for this and they show. But they didn't get that. All right vet bill and but if if they can improve. That it's a big parties -- broke. If they say you signed up for this but there was more to it -- you thought in order to meet those terms. I don't think I don't think they have a case. Then you just leave how many jobs have we seen that or more to it than you thought. And then you decide you don't want the job that he given up nearly. And it is knows nothing stopping them as far as I know there was no there when I changed to through the goal polls although that's a thought to. They were not -- little -- they know what the deal was that the bills paid what they said it would pay did what they were supposed to do and the same with the girls of the women. Then why is there as -- the first place you know alive because this is the society -- -- now would suggest everybody -- everything gets the money money money money money. They just get through paying lower about the -- three million dollars because they sent three extra attacks out. And now they're trying to grab there's two and it's. Really do you had your moment in the sun the people cheered for you they cheered for the tame. You are you more well known now than you ever work walk away from -- -- will grow from it with some dignity is that a grabbing the last ball you're camp. Are that about wraps it up I've got to go and. -- for Tim unfortunately effort shoulders that jiggle test. As the Joseph there was a jiggle test before they become a joke and I'm thank -- she's set a bit Joba was quoted says she was really a -- she. She really studied hard for the journal. -- Our audio ago -- affair eligible for -- I'm really not sure.

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