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4-23 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backlit BJ -- -- -- front page about tornadoes chills lawsuit cites abuses and -- violations accuses managers and bills of exploiting cheerleaders. I'll say it is so once again briefly and we'll get into this article we'll take your calls and and emails. If you know what the terms and conditions of your employment will be and those terms and conditions are met. And then you don't have a complaint as long as what they promise they're delivering and what you promised you're delivering that's the best the bargain part of aren't. If all of a sudden you get into and it's not what you expected it to be your you don't like the working conditions you certainly don't have to stay there but as long as -- as usual Warren misled as to what the job -- Having said that the vigils workplaces wherever the jewels are whether it's at the stadium at a hospital low or ID a mall or whatever. Andy workplace rules and regulations and laws apply to them as well as they do if you work in a factory girl. Law firm or radio station or whatever so those should all be above board all laws should be kept the law should be broken having said that. Is when I go through some of the things in their losses seems like. Strange. It's to put it mildly Tony says there are seven NFL teams that do not have cheerleaders. What's though what seven -- And see we've got to the Green Bay Packers Packers LeBron owns around the law means alliance giants giants jets jets Steelers Steelers so neither the giants nor the jets both teams in New York do not have them Bernard. It's we have them. And their athleticism is fine and there are very attractive young women and that's fine no problem. There on a more modest side of the cheerleading scale and that's fine too but I'm asking two questions of the -- were gone. Would you miss them and I think you guys. You know -- there for a football if you're talking about game day. You're there for the football you don't wanna look at pretty woman that's fine -- very attractive okay what we're down -- -- now I mean that's the way it is. And I just have something. In my head that. Why -- grown woman one of the future players beyond me especially since they're probably already attractive. All right they're probably already athletic OK so what do you expect to get out of this. You know that your gonna be on display that's going to be a job. You're not there to you know what they're doing a rocket science you're there to jump up and down and dance or cheer or whatever ago. But that's set and its design for one thing. To attract attention to you to beautify the set in this case -- set my Iberia Ralph Wilson Stadium. Well the set might be at the mall whatever grand opening -- some store and that's fine as long as you recognize that. And and and keep an a level head about it okay. James status as TIAA. Asks wrote this for the buffalo and goes first that was seen as a -- More -- up he they don't use anybody's last name in this. Maria. To be able to -- in front of 80000 fans was a dream of mine since I was a child. The dream was taken advantage of by the bills. She said she quit after the 2012 and thirteen season because she was not being paid for the hours she -- not the first question I have is. Was she promised pay for every hour -- was she on an hourly rate. If she was she should be paid. If she wasn't. She can't suddenly decide well I was gonna do this robbery but this is harder or more. Marvin Payne and I expect -- and now I wanna be -- cast the first course. She's such -- not being paid for all the -- work. Which she was especially upset by the way the jails were treated at some community events they were required to attend. And I would say this about that hurt her employer if it's indeed the Buffalo Bills when they're doing -- Off the stadium stuff if her employers are the Buffalo Bills they have a requirement I think to make sure that. Security is is all right you don't want to put any of your employees at risk. So I I understand that. I could not go back she's talking about the squad because of the harassment. She. She cited degrading sexual comments. Okay there again where were they where they at the stadium where some people are actually washed. Degrading sexual comments. I don't know. But if they were read someplace that you would not expect -- there again you have to have a safe environment. But she's decided that an inappropriate touching. At the jails annual golf tournament. Now that's absolutely out of bonds and I can understand that. I didn't you know vigils had a. Golf tournament. But no one would say that if it's the if it's their golf tournament and everybody's touching them they should be arrest -- Some pretty it's not a -- you know it's not a sideshow there attractive young woman -- should be doing what they're doing it shouldn't be touching. As a result Sheehan for other -- filed suit. In State Supreme Court against the bills the production corporation which currently manages the jails. And citadel communications. Which is 97 rock the Joel's former manager. On -- citadel managed -- did not know I was not aware. What the focus the lawsuit is the defendant's failure to pay them a minimum wage for all the hours they work the suit also cited their mistreatment at the -- annual golf tournament. Where select -- were required to Wear bikinis. And go into a dunk tank. And where they were dunked by tournament participants -- let me say this about that. All right were any of them forced to Wear bikinis or they asked to Wear bikinis. If they said hey look either where this bikini at the golf tournament or you're done or your -- when are gonna usual for other events or whatever. That's that's not right. But if they were asked. -- who would you like to participate where you're Burkina and they said yes hello and they okay that that was their call. Dunk tanks everybody goes and a dunk tank teachers going dunk tanks. You know you see all kinds of -- community people if it's usually at a fund raiser type of thing. But however. I'm sure people throwing a baseball whatever they're throwing it they're trying to dunk them had different thoughts about. They were auctioned off like prizes. Okay well OK if you high -- orgy yet. Get dinner and a conversation. Yet area picture live with the I mean we don't know that that's not on here. And had to ride around in golf carts with the winning bidders. All right what's the problem -- that. If you go to the golf tournament and it's your golf tournament and they auction you off and say somebody who is gonna do a round of golf and by being a high -- you have to ride in a golf cart with a what's the problem that. Otherwise just don't go. -- -- I mean what what is the expectation here I don't know. I signed up to be a cheerleader Maria. Cheerleading was my passion I had no idea that we would be taking place at these events. My suggestion to Maria. But if they ask you aware -- -- bikini January it that's fine if you don't wanna work that should be fine to send him with a dunk tank. But he said we all have full time jobs and college. Now that's my first question -- fulltime jobs and college degrees wire that cheerleaders. I'm sorry I know that's a little harsh for those of you think that it's like a great idea for grown woman to be a cheerleader doesn't strike me -- Terrific Scott -- stall who is the communications guy for the Buffalo Bills. We are aware of this lawsuit and it's our organizational policy not to comment on pending litigation so that's -- blah blah blah Obama. Okay now get this this is where. It goes off the rails. When we come back components are -- tall goes off the rails and it is sold 2014 I cannot value. It's totally off the rails. They absolutely don't get it when they say this will be back with beach and company newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah okay if village holes were gone tomorrow would you miss them. I -- I know ball and it was a jails there OK fine. I don't think they add much to via atmosphere on game day they do some public service and and a media stuff and that's fine no problem that. But I think they got to get a realistic. Approach of what is expected of them laws should be followed promises should be kept. But beyond that you've got to recognize that your there for a reason so people look at -- master basic reason okay. And they're grown women as cheerleaders. I'm sorry after college I think -- put away your your cheering outfit. Now here's where it goes off the rail on on their lawsuit totally off the rail but sole. 24 team okay. The suit notes that defensive end Mario Williams. The highest paid player of the bills earns an average. Sixteen million dollars a year under his contract. While the five former jails were paid less than the minimum wage first of all what Mario Williams earns is nobody's. A deal nobody's business except Mario Williams and the bills. -- the bills while pale and he wants to accept than he wants the play for them. That's what they feel his services -- it's got nothing to do with the worth of the gels but there again this is right out of eight. Makes up thirty times what do you make as an hourly worker. You know we got that from Barack Obama that's what we got that. I would say that it suited to -- to put that a lawsuit is ridiculous. They say that's illegal. And they aim to change it -- their lawsuit. When I made the team I thought I was starting the best chapter of my life I soon realized that wasn't a dream come true but a nightmare. We were the laughing stock of the NFL cheerleaders we deserve to be compensated just like everyone else. This is gone far too long it's time we took a stand for what's right. And for that person I would say this. Did they are you getting what they promised they would give you. Okay are you giving them what you promised you would give them okay. If the answer is yes you have no no no luck. I know standing with -- -- if you took the job under the circumstances. That there were presented and their living up to those circumstances you have no bitch. You can just quit just let it. -- suit alleges that the team exploited them. By failing to pay them -- mandatory minimum wage of eight dollars an hour for all the hours that they worked. What was the deal go -- and and you have to you have to look at that if there's a technicality here that. I know that in some cases when it's our -- interns but some states do not allow interns that are not paid. It used to be that interns either got paid or guard college credit. Or sign in some cases high school credit for what they were doing and those laws very from state to state. The lawsuit says that based on -- game performances practices rehearsals and appearances. Each individual Joseph provides approximately twenty hours of unpaid labor per week. And solve -- they're talking about we're not making enough money while you're not making enough money. I would suggest. Doing something about it. Either if I I don't think that the -- aren't unionized and I don't think there are pixel now. Former U. Former union or or withhold your services or whatever -- to what you have to do but but complaining about something that may be -- we don't know may be. Wasn't promised in the first place. It doesn't have merit. The lawsuit alleges that the -- jewels were forced to endure degrading treatment as part of their mandatory participation and six annual events. Including the golf tournament and these swimsuit calendar release party. At turning stone casino where they were required to Wear bikinis. And subjected to grating degrading I'm sorry comments by some of those in attendance. OK -- it where you forced to be on the calendar where you're forced to go to a party. If you were forced to be on the calendar I don't see again that and to be honest with you if you weren't fortunate not the point where you forced to go to the party. If you weren't forced them there was -- we'd like you to go to the party that what are you complaining about. Don't do these things main complaint later -- and make enough money doing them. I mean that's ridiculous. On the face of it. Unless the bills are withholding. Promises that they -- up upon the arrival of these individual people who are signings of his lawsuit. I would hold him blameless -- The suit further alleges that they former cheerleaders were subjected to the jiggle test. By the defendants who wanted to make sure their bodies were triumph and penalties you know orbited that would -- too -- to jump up and down. When when I came in from a what was Johnson. He's that I know -- -- your legend in this market. But sandy we have to see if he's still haven't he said jump up and down format said this is so degrading synchronized slip into something more comfortable first. And I did I jumped up and opportunities as your firmer than buy hourly. -- was -- here at the time so I -- him -- he says yup yup I think you're you're you're our kind of guy so I was subject of the jiggle test. By the way I don't know if you got the memo what we will be posed for calendar. Just let you know I -- mr. October. I I. I wish they would value me from my mind am I just that piece of meat on the intercom payroll. Is it because in my buff -- is that the reason I'm here -- that. They said you up like Clinton human can hold a candle to you I explain -- -- Clinton couldn't hold a candle anybody right now because he's gone. I had tell him to him didn't notice. In and get out of the office that often I'll buy it so they had -- jiggle test and if you need it. Okay. If if you if you wanted to but that's don't get. I mean. Well where were worse burly players on each side of your lifting you up and pounded the generals -- -- -- you know I don't. I'm sorry automatic light on this but this is ridiculous as what it is. Except for the parts where touching was involved which ago which I would prosecute if somebody is going and I just prosecute and the story without. I would take a break you know we come back we will talk to using the way but we will require jiggle test report which on the -- to jump up and now holding yourself all will be back up. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start drinking or toll free line is 1806169236. And I exhibit calls the other two questions of the -- -- gone would you miss them. And second wave grown women as cheerleaders. That's all of -- Pennsylvania. You do what you wanna do but let's face it you wanna be a -- for two reasons you're attractive and an athletic system those would be the two things. I'm not that your you know you know planting trees for the environment. Or curing cancer or anything like that an attractive athletic young woman. And and and get over that. If indeed. The bills are from are giving you what they promised to give you. And you're giving them what you promise to give them it's all over. -- just because you'd after the fact you didn't like it or it cost too much Joseph for your gas or whatever. Sleep if they didn't promise that you shouldn't be going after it now. If they didn't promise of -- and ever that's a different story. Let's go to chuck chuck you're on WB ENN. Hello chuck there yes yes and -- really such a bad precedent. Nationwide -- tell you why. You started off our wild bat with this gentleman who wanted to get paid for college student unionize them. The cheerleaders who are supposedly unfairly paid -- -- -- the right now. You know it's we can or it would keep going this well. Okay. And next thing -- -- that's gonna happen and right now I serve my country part time epic -- I work 8090 hours a week went on active duty and I never complain about the fact that are not paid enough. And an expert these people put it. Back and say what we are very pretty improbable plot. Well -- you signed contract because you know what I joined -- you know I knew exactly what I was getting into because I read my contract. Bingo bingo and if if if they delivered GO what they promise they -- delivered about what you promised. Then it's no harm no foul. Exactly exactly you know what they think that when that wind chills were being -- -- We're being painted light year of light -- where they -- I'm sure they got free meals. Think like techno is for for crying out loud -- it is at the security. Expected big things are other taxes they're uniformed -- get. Whatever I -- than what it is it is there now well we'll have to wait and there they are becoming their. I think these folks are just failed brutal well we worked very unfairly patent you know maybe we should go after because now that it's. -- number of people -- let's get more money. I think it's ridiculous it's that the bad president. Nationwide it's -- the one example. For crying out loud why don't we just unionized and get everybody back -- You know for everything from the military got it to -- -- Well I I agree with the UN to put him in the suit that. The market -- Williams earns sixteen million a year has nothing to do with the -- absolutely nothing. Well let's go to the -- go away is the general go way any -- I won't let that why because you're right older women are all you don't older women -- -- but -- -- outside. A certain age should should give up give up the cheerleading that. Well they should give up -- cheer lead the object how I look at it like I totally agree what you know what they're not bad precedent being set here. It's not being called greed greed greed and I'm sick of. Well thank you judge -- thank you for wearing the uniforms we appreciate it thank you now if if you sign up to be a jail. The first question on -- should trial first eyes and your excepted. The first question is what what's the what's going to be expected me. And bill what is the compensation is their compensation. What will I have to do. And I think via the Buffalo Bills have radio. I I think they have an obligation to fulfill what they promised. And it should be a safe work environment as best they can provide it you know when -- in front of 80000 people. And many of them drug fizzle out remarks Obama will be made going to be on the bills controls certainly. If -- sent out for a PR appearance whether it's a charity hospital or whatever. You do the best you can. To prepare for that. But the bills when -- away from the stadium can be held responsible for everybody who makes an inappropriate remark. If the if the bills -- violated any of the work laws they should be held to that. But beyond that as a cheerleader you know why you're there you -- a wider there. You're there because you're probably attractive and spam was somewhat mettler OK that's it. And when you make it here this is this is good when -- appearance somewhere you're appearing at a mall. Store open. And you go there and your address in your jewels outfit. Now if you were not dressed in -- jewels outfit would you be asked to make an appearance at the mall now David -- name. Nobody illusion name you haven't done anything on stage screen radio television who knows what. You are just an attractive young woman that's at and is a lot of attractive young women and -- You wouldn't be asked to be there for that opening or whatever. If you're not a Joseph and you appear in and your jewels -- the pro government -- jail that's your draw. So if you warrant a jail they wouldn't issue. So there's so many easy to answer questions in this -- the bills violated a minimum wage deal I'm really not sure. All the law in New York State rates that. Worthy of the jewels are invited to do some of these public service things all whether they are expected to do it and should be paid. And are not I don't know audiences will find out the answer that as this proceeds. But just don't get so full of yourself to think that suddenly. Your imparting important part of the Buffalo Bills revenue stream coach and you know there -- people like the catcher. That's it so get over will be back after this it is a -- governor I know when I was programming WBA champion Dallas. We did a couple of promotional things aware of the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders. A very professional group and all strictly by the book and went well and there was nothing out of the ordinary that happened. And it was a good positive experience so. -- beyond that I really don't know. -- of the -- is saying there underpaid. The Mario Williams makes sixteen million a year and they make minimum wage and blah blah blah blah blah. And I think they did have one good point what I would use that on the show from now on okay. Is they have to take a jiggle test and I I was just wondering you fail. If you don't have enough to jiggle. I don't know is that the only way it felt so I think we need that now I think Chris though when you're talking to callers. Asked them if they regional okay now most talk shows are looking for sizzle -- look at project. Okay forget sizzle anybody in the says -- Not anybody can -- -- in on talking about all right Chris give me a couple of FaceBook entries please. This one that comes from a job he says only ugly. Jealous bitter women in the stupid politically correct would not want attractive adult women around typical idiot leftists. -- And everything gets political. Have you ever noticed that on route and pulled it and exactly. -- though it's the I guess Neal would be next in -- Romeo you're on WB. The -- on the I think they're exploiting them in I really enjoyed -- game actually Heatley and the lady I think they're probably some of the hardest working. Members -- better organization. Is no question they work hard and they rehearse and they practice. That's not a -- that's not a question at all. I I also think that the charity work that they do I -- -- -- go to school mind when I was a child and they didn't make enough money to -- details. And a state -- that and not. -- the charity whoever they were doing. That's -- -- bit or the other and they have a good community outreach where they deal with charities and things like that that's part of deal it gives them. Shame that they keep exploiting women I mean it's not that that organization at every organization they're exploiting the players by. By making a play after they've had an injury I mean -- just an example of more rich guys exploiting people because they have money. Well first of all I don't think they're exploiting women because the simple way nobody forces on the tryout nobody forces on the joined the squad everybody knows what the conditions are so if you know all of that. A YU why would you call it exploitation. Just because of this year aspect of what they do after their children and -- that they're going to be eight or edit -- the end of an -- Wait a minute now let's let's get serious for a minute -- why do you think the jails Herat the game explain why what what merit what they have. -- Really believe that there you -- Do you really believe that a professional -- somebody in the NFL. Needs sidelined cheerleaders to inspire them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think also edited the distraction to the other team because they're gonna be looking up to the sidelines larger leaders that they don't have girl. Home gone -- hysteria nil nil nil nil -- not now I know like -- bill is in debt because. I know I just brought that up to this story off base obviously you're very naive guy you know get out enough thank you. While he really thinks that the cheerleaders distract the other team. -- it engaged it now but I wonder where those girls are from -- it's just apply and I didn't even know the policy that -- Ahmad. The truth is the players don't even know that -- are out there and lastly I'll run into them you're going out of congress running for a task yet they don't care they get more play usual -- enough and they feed off the crowd went round I'll get so I say that it uses that exactly. You think that was like -- call I think if you believe that he really believes distract the other team opus one yet they don't at any level. I will tell you this. The two people that go into the game every week that were playing near the one that carries the and no other woman carries the offense. They probably inspire the team more than the cheerleaders do absolutely after that and the Chalmers will tell you a bit surprised or even call cheerleaders. 'cause -- interest in ensuring their interest and dancing they're called dance troops with a lot of a lot of teams a lot of teams don't have them seven -- on them at all. And you're getting. I thought I thought it was put on call because like heavily -- -- is that naive. That is really naive at bank and any level that you leaders had the players don't even know when I played. We didn't know that they were -- her -- -- her no I play basketball. And we had attractive girls is there were girls and as high school. -- remote down during the game you're concentrating on the game after the games of the story. But not. On the bus -- yep but I'm just telling you that during the game you don't even asked them. You really don't now hey look -- crystal look at -- pleasant. They work hard they they -- they practice and -- some of them are very athletic some of them are very attractive we stand all that. We would not denying any of that which is saying we don't think it's really that important. Ram -- if anybody would like vigils will be huge number -- thought. -- -- -- -- -- But that thing about this part about the world where appropriate toxic cloud because I get. Nobody ever talked rituals over a little girls to think if you talk to mean here and I'm going to put your arms and stick it wherever they're always work. If they're touched inappropriately column policemen and haven't taken care of. Yeah but I think this story when I was in the army report who walked up to behind their most state called go go global you know the boots. Yeah I would. Absolutely I still have a -- glad. I like -- I wake up from. He made the mistake of grabbing her fourth point of time. Okay. Now -- that we are able to order over like Shia armed wing and the ball. Kid turned around and verbally rip. Are good -- -- it for all the other guy. Walked -- art people like little whipped up. The idea was rebuffed and it was a buff by upbeat Melamed Tibet jumbos could talk to you thank you very much luck. If you wanna -- and a cheerleaders outfit and you are your out there you're jumping up and down a -- Danson and Jared into all that's up. Want to thank you there. -- their for a reason for people to look at EO are ranked. Andy is it out of the realm of of just a normal -- kind of thinking to think that. If they're drunk as a skunk they may say something that's inappropriate online goodness. I mean if you are prepared for that you shouldn't be doing this front of 80000 people half of which -- Are lucky to be able to stand up -- at the end of the game and you're worried about inappropriate comments by the fact that the the defensive -- Mario Williams makes too much money you don't make enough to get serious get serious will be back.

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