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4-23 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- hello all what is region governor and -- sandy beach lot of legal things on the docket today. Actually Georgia turn in true People's Court we do a lot of vote Leo thinks probably maybe talk about the US Supreme Court. But at the beginning of the show going to be talking about about -- hotels who are unhappy. -- how they were treated in the workplace. Hello hello hello is a -- company a sandy beach -- talk about today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Whether because it brings in fresh flush nods and and and you can get away with a lot if you bring in pastry I'm just telling you. I couldn't be happier with the Chris and Tony so. Although I don't think sometimes they too much emphasis is placed in my body I'm just thinking I just read this story about the originals. And they're suing the Buffalo Bills some former jails it's and a him to say OK but what we have to remember all we get into it. Of the workplace. Rules are the same. Whether you're in a lawyer's office or on the football field the law of the rules are the same the legal rules but sailor talk about that but it a couple of things here. I would love to see this as a matter of fact. If it were available to invest in this I would I would invest my hard earned money this is not a Clovis California. Officials have agreed to review of the business license of a copy shop. The features. But Reese says in bikinis. Policy you what you want some early morning coffee now that's worth waiting in line for. And the people waiting on you will have bikinis on. Yeah I wonder if they'll have a hair net to. Honey because you have to in New York stay when his serve vote I think you're gonna Wear hair -- -- rules that they have hair nets were barriers parts of -- I want I guess -- what the -- Captains or you'd have to and I would insist on on one and certainly. And I because I'm a very -- person. The bottoms up copy shop which I love the name. Bottoms up their time there and you know bikini shop. As running into opposition from some residents well you know what I said those other restaurant of those residents go to Dunkin' Donuts. Stay out of my average up I think their legal what do you think bikini clad women serving you coffee. I saw -- enough food TV one time coffee shop and I think it was in organ where. The the women dressed in outfits that. A number of provocative. Yeah if you like you know something and you know sexy nerd kinda -- -- sort of hiring a coffee shop always covered up yeah and we've heard about them doing not a car washes we've certainly heard that. It's you know you don't have those big monster things coming down from the ceiling and what you might and might have forgotten about that but I got there or. At one time topless maids were available not made the Clinton women. Topless fighting back -- Lucas and I tried to hire one to come into the one -- to a studio well -- Marshall is there because it needed some tidy up. But there are -- owner warrantless. -- -- shot hit it. Larry Levitt said no no hold -- -- of estimates get this place it can really use that -- thing don't you think. And what better way than topless cleaning ladies but now. Condone or at least get rid of the mold on the wall with thanks so that would have been nice -- ago. Hey good nosedive your country music fan like I am and when I get this information is going to be one of these. Moments for me. Ronnie Millsap Matt Wise -- and Hank Cochran the newest members of the country music hall of Famer Hank Cochran as the Ryder. And Ronnie Millsap and Mac Weizman as performers. I keep in mind here's why it's a who moment I've been listening to a lot in my country music. And it the last couple weeks on my idea of my iPad most of 90% of it was with Mac -- Be is that funny that I would -- just focus on Mac Wiseman just before the announcing he's going in the Oliphant. He was one of the item. The original members. A Flatt and Scruggs it was bluegrass -- and and he's a great I love his singing too he's great. As a Mac why has been very good and he cut an album few years ago -- John Prine. And John -- Ambac -- and a sound really good together there are there voices one. And though a Weisman if you look on. As what time. On the Internet you'll see them in different states. As far as his weight is concern. He's either very large or very thin or somewhere in between but his voice is the same and it just sounds great so congratulations the -- -- Ronnie Millsap of course very well known glad to see him in there I met Ronnie Millsap -- -- programming WBA champion Dallas. And he came in my office he's blinding -- she didn't know he came into my office and we're having a chat and when he found out. I used to program to BK BW in buffalo he started singing our jingle package. -- dedicated a veto phenomenon and I said -- intelligent of packaged. He said when he was a kid. He used to listen to radio stations all around the country DX OK getting distanced. Distance nations. And he loved listening to KB any of the jingles so he would he would memorize the jungles the did different jingle packages for the various stations. And he -- large package and now he's going into the country music hall of fame good luck to him cool -- Millsap is is very good. And so is Mac Weisman and does it should be yeah a good hall of fame ceremonies there. I let's say what else is going on we'll take a break and will be back with more beach and company under -- read united thirty W via. That I tell you I've met Obama in person. And that I yeah I went up to Toronto to see him. And we had conversations as but not not a tribute to I mean this was real ABBA. The real for people -- -- which I thought I should post that picture us as a picture of me with about about that. The BJ's I tell you that I've actually met the BJ's. And my sister came in from Boston and I got a I got her to -- the BJ's -- -- -- the level of Barry given orally like six of us in the dressing room in the BG's came in wearing -- white suits. That. -- that which I should post that. The rich people I've ever tell you when I met the Village People that's the first time I met -- Was that the -- they realize that you -- it was the newsman in the group and many are buy your tickets that the ball's new casino resort box office. At all Ticketmaster locations online at Ticketmaster. A Nazi. Yeah you know when this jockeys tell you that they enjoy the beatle music while they were listening to via music. I was interviewing. -- that I tell you that. Should -- some of the audio -- that I would just real good and I don't license is bursting with pride you know you show it. And all of I -- Let's say Tony gets so excited. About food stuff. I'd never -- days. You have a quality guy friends and -- maybe go hey look at this picture this hot days. Now Tony gets. So excited he says. Us and he turns the screen around so that I can look at an ice cream sundae. A bit has what type thing the cost a thousand dollars. Now I don't know what's in it it would have to be stock in the company that that a -- made it an order for me to spend a thousand dollars on ice cream. But everyplace you go there's usually one special thing. In which they challenge you to read it yes it's day 72. Pound stake. And if you if it. You'll get another 72 -- stake for free as long as -- week that within three minutes of -- the first one or you can T -- -- T shirt hey all I got was this 72 ounce steak you know. And when you go to places that ice Graeme they usually have some dish. That -- was ever about ten people. And you can order for yourself if you want an and they when they say you know seventeen scoops of chocolate and whatever. But you found a thousand dollar ice cream dessert. Yeah one of our listeners sent me a link and out ABC news and posted it. And it says this is what a 1000 dollar ice cream Sunday looks La. And out you know if it looks nice is colorful. I can't tell you what's in -- biggest it's not really that big it looks like I can finish that and -- one going to be something -- -- it looks like there might be gold on top. Are okay that's it's like watches. You know if you're paying a lot for a watch because of the fine craftsmanship. And that that's one thing. But a lot of people pay a lot of money for watches because it's OK watch but it's got diamonds and rubies and all that kind of stuff on that's what makes it. Expensive does not because of the watch it because of the jewels that are on the watch so I never quite got that. There are some watch brands that you can spend spend as much as you want open now. It started 50000 dollars will be the cheap ones so I don't a Timex will keep just as good time as they do. A lot of people are complaining that this is a complete waste of money and like donate -- -- that -- -- Marty should you may be spent and help on the floor gallery or after an hour ago but it's it's really again it's not that big effect. I've grown up we score this place called the avenue sort of bar was on a Delaware. Avenue next to mr. ships pizzeria. And on the Ellis I was in north buffalo rocket and they hit a Sunday was called the monster and I don't remember how many scoops of ice cream. But as far as I know nobody was able to finish. There is a place outside of where I grew up. Call Campbell farms. And what we were kids in high school will drive down there because the banana splits were so big. They needed police in the highway to direct traffic so a couple of years ago I was -- visiting my sister. And she said why don't we go to Campbell farms as it. I've been -- since high school I expected it to be you know run down and you know hardly anybody -- cobwebs. The place was jumping. And I got a banana split -- gonna banana split that is so big I'm not making this up. I'm home my hands out of Tony to -- Vegas it was this big. I could only eat like a fourth of that's that I couldn't eat anymore and I was thinking of taking a picture of it and sending it to you to show you the size of this thing. But I didn't have my idea my phone was here I am wholly and I got down now -- I didn't do it. But it's humongous and I'd put a -- banana split up against anybody in the current laws schools which are let Janet let me put your face and it if you can throw small people in there aren't many have been -- -- way out. It has but in high school course you'd save money because it was so big. The -- split it -- win it would have been your girlfriend or fuel with a guy -- Joplin you know whatever. But yeah it's up but there's always a restaurant that has some that they always challenger and you watch -- channel all the time. And they're always they're finding out away places that have these kinds of I think that it usually involves large portion. Of beef yeah or like I tell you about the cycle in the post in one pound of steak. Hash browns cheese in May oh -- -- SA haystack and I mean I have no problem -- about but Lotta people do. What you'll never you'll never see your restaurant they're doing great business because we have a salad we shall generally. Amman there is more greens and as solid. I did radio more leafy vegetables every audio on so nobody does that so that's what it. I had -- I all -- heard there was over. I've heard there was over six posted all over our building come celebrate. The earth on Friday. About a birthday was yesterday. Yet -- too but apparently it's apparently a big long. Partnered. To stop thinking thinking of salad and Earth Day in the same breath group of my scenes and wanna see the three more than I -- and all around us and a wanna walk around her day with a chainsaw Damascus. You know your -- and betrayed -- electing. Him. -- with -- we got a guy here who was the appointment for he's planting trees all the time you know yes and seen him go. You probably were like the picture that's been going around the diesel pick up. With the two bigs Dax in black smoke and says at the earth they -- -- I think he drives a Hummer. You think he's ever had -- -- you drive. What they're good quarterback Lamar would be to accommodate all the workplace. Love the humanity with the buffalo -- we'll talk about that and more on those record I'm thirty -- WB and wherever you go with the WB and iPhone app. Powered by the final out left. The best in fence railings index. Up exterminate you may feel bad Tony Tony inform I forgot again this year to get Shakespeare birth they give these 450. I miss them last year warnings for 49 of course when it was 440 united doesn't. Not that particular about 450 is a very special -- it's -- very -- it got a huge case it's needed to put 450 candles on there. -- an -- that -- water drops like it might forest fires to put the candles. But happy birthday to -- -- Shakespeare it's because we're talking about memories of -- where kids and what we like to dual ice cream and stuff like that. Two men and you know why it's psychological. And not -- old days and even sometimes now when you got to milk shake they'll make it in a metal container. And then they'll bring the metal container to you and they'll pour some out into a blast. But you know when you're enjoying what's in the -- there's still some left in the metal container and what's left in the metal container is like all. It's even better than what you're currently drinking although it's from the same thing. But you know that when you finish this you can up the metal container and pour more out. There's something about when -- -- That's -- that's terrific now some some places still do that they still have the medal contenders. But that was always a real treat guys remember that -- is that the past before you all know I definitely remember that it was noted that -- background as you remember that they did did at certain gyms to -- got like -- strawberry shake after -- -- they'd bring out like the blender and -- have the blender with your cup that's nice I like that and also frosted mugs. They used to do it where they and W root beer you'd get a frosted mug. Where ago when report rupiah -- into the already cold glass. It would be really nice and very refresher on on a summer's day. And that's always go I have a couple of vote. Mugs in the summer that I put in the refrigerator freezer actually I do I put my mugs in the -- and a I love that that may -- -- countries on what my model Hungary is not so that's that's it we're going back through so mom. Childhood memories of great food. Now you may have seen it may have heard it buffalo Joel's lawsuit. Against the Buffalo Bills their former jails. And this story in here front page budget and stop us. The news staff reporter and before -- get -- through what they're claiming and whatever let let me just say this. A work place is a workplace. If you're workplaces and a lawyer's office or your workplaces on the field at Ralph Wilson Stadium on the same rules apply. For the job. And there are certain things that always should be abided by -- say all this before right I get into what -- -- says. If if if you'll join the bills under terms of employment. And you read it recognized that knew what it was. And then you became a Jill. And it wasn't it wasn't what they promised if they promised that if they said this if you work for us here's what will do for you. If they -- well they should pay they should pay whatever okay. Also. Every every worker whether you're Joseph or an ironworker. Very seldom could be both. But no matter what your job as you should be treated with dignity by your employer can say he says that too. So -- your employer should I keep their word on the terms and conditions of employment. And you should be treated with dignity. You should also expect. That. That anything that's illegal would still be illegal even though your your via Joseph and and not working and lawyer's office. That settled at the laws have to -- fall all the promises have to be kept. If something's illegal it's illegal however. How are you have to be realistic. In Europe France and your approach to any job. If you are going to be paid by if you yearned to be a buffalo jail. You have to ask yourself. Why do I wanted to do this merit and well if I became a Joseph would this be accomplished. And if you're still on OK then you can go forward the new tryout I've actually been a judge two or three different years. Four new jails. And I've known several jewels. But you have to match up your expectations of what the job really its campy starry -- -- to be dance around in front of 80000 people. And and it's going to be that the most thrilling experience in my life. You have to be realistic about it you also have to be very realistic about why you're there. Does anybody. At all -- figure out there because the crowd wants to see fabulous cheering. -- and that's really believe that no of course. You're there because -- probably in good physical shape Europe probably -- an attractive young woman. And the guys it's especially the guys vote will be equal opportunity maybe all the guys and some women are going to judge you by the way you look. OK there out there to get a tutorial on Shakespearean. A writings there is there to look at. Now sometimes you don't even share. It it's. All right so if you dancing in front of a crowd of 80000. Obviously some people are going to be allowed some may. Make rude suggestions and things like I mean that if you don't expect that your two -- eve to leave the house. -- now personally. Here's my own feeling on this. I've been you know it's produced the games at one time for KB radio -- in my shooter games. And -- let me just say this for those of you know in town I'm in raging card carrying heterosexual. So I don't know. The jails do nothing for okay. Okay that they are organized that's -- I'm their for the football all right. And I'm sure some people there to to look at them and ogle them I doubt if anybody in the 80000 seats. It's you know we're a little bit behind in this game but I have a feeling if a rousing she starts right now we can get our team over the top. Nobody's going. C'mon let's get serious and so I'm I'm asking a couple of questions. If the generals and they have a lawsuit now other former jails suppose the Buffalo Bills say you know I'm. Just not worth. What would just knock me out. Of the jewels anymore would you miss them. Would you miss them or not and secondly and this one I mean we've done this show before several years ago. The question why wouldn't make a grown woman. Wanna be a cheerleader. I'm OK with it and junior high school all look at his NCQ -- In high school very nice and -- -- argued that you should be a gymnast and your vertigo and your athletic ability is terrific regular guys. Even in college I'll go even in college but once you get out of college. I'm thinking and you should leave your cheerleading aspirations behind. I think something's something's definitely amiss there will be put it that way if you wanna be a cheerleader after you've graduated from college. -- male or female. But this time females. So that's my feeling that epic game identically vigils record careless there there are not you have -- -- there there attractive women out there. Doing it in that just eyes. You know there are very you know a lot to our already stronger really rewarded doing after the game. But if you're going to put yourself on display like that why do you expect that some people aren't going to acted appropriately. Now you certainly can expect your employer to follow the law and follow the rules. And -- that's fine and nothing gets illegals should be legal because you're wearing a -- out -- having said that he wanted to. Why would you want to. Now I don't know how things have changed but I think Al while a while back when when I was doing stuff with the bills. I think they got like one ticket for game it was a that's it's not much in the and they cinema promotional things -- whatever but you'll see when I read the complaint from the X jails. It's a mental one realist. As far as expectations. -- I Tony out of -- on the hot seat. Would you care if the jails disappear tomorrow now we don't nothing bad happened to him but they just weren't there if they disbanded. No I wouldn't. When Carolyn Bennett okay. Grown women as cheerleaders are your daughter is normally -- a fourteen months I -- some seventeen months though she's a long way from being a Joba. If your daughter graduated from college and by the way it says in this that. The girls around college graduates and there I assured him column girls that are there are women what they are so the women of all already graduate from college. If she said I'd like to be a cheerleader. Would your reaction. I would wanna know how is that going to benefit you in your career now. And then when she comes the ones that guys were saying inappropriate things while I was wearing this outfit and jumping up and down standing in my head I would say you -- no longer -- is actually grass. First of all if you into the game and everybody was error ready to start the big game but both deals were missing one or whatever vigils are disbanded. Would you be disappointed. I wouldn't be disappointed and all you barely noticed them when you're actually at the games there's 80000 people there. If -- in the nose -- you can't even see them anyway they just line up like one on one end of the field one set on the other. It is pointless to yell about adult women want they after college I can see it up to college okay give you that. Signed through put that video -- out for the way I think when you graduate from college -- view you have if you wanna do -- I -- go ahead and do it but I am I'm kind of on your side and that's when -- just think it's kind of -- yes yeah -- why I think it's very strange to be -- adult females is generally it is now we're not saying that they're not athletic. What I'm saying that they are not attractive they are. There'll athletic and their attractive and some via. They don't they call themselves cheerleaders most of time their dance teams the NBA as the -- don't have them I mean -- -- -- the Laker girls were Apollo -- were going Campbell Abdul tomorrow Laker girls. And so to me it's just eye candy it's there. If you want a look at it fine if ever give you diabetes and and it showed overture. Here you know 8309301060692. -- and start 930. Apartment I'm all choked up over this issue. But remember a few years ago when we did at the a similar show they weren't -- There was just a general question some father of one of the girls called not happy. But I would say it's reasonable expectation. Is that if your daughters out there and lead. Not necessarily super skimpy but less than you'd -- if you were sitting in the stands outfit she's jumping up and down. -- she's got -- bombs I'm mad and it's gonna happen. Israel time trio -- -- microphones and while I know I was just using extreme example. So that they are I was picturing the classic cheerleaders member is aware. I librarian. I always try to put that image in the -- -- -- -- Librarian in Hamburg have wilder outfits and I've been some of those are wager orders. Well. It. -- more Bullock Bullock. On the parade and I picked up QB Dan thanks a Joshua sending us some photos of vote. Early cheerleaders is that what you have there yeah look like it was from the forties. They used to Wear long long skirts and and a not that I would remember that act as adult but I certainly -- movies. That they have megaphones. Yes it looks like. And the guy cheer leader in the rights. You know of the ought to be a cheerleader honor -- that there was you're gonna do but -- the female cheerleaders -- what we're talking about and I think that after colleges over. You should pack away your cheerleading of I mean if you wanna do a fine. But don't be surprised then if if a year. Sensitivity meter goes awful lot when you're out there. -- dancing and cheering and whatever. In 00 lasts outfits than the people in the stands are wearing and some drunk and lots start shouting things that your. I do think that the workplace has to be honored. The agreement that you have up for your work has to be on -- all rules laws regulations have to be followed because after all what is the workplace but don't be surprised. If you get a reaction that makes you uncomfortable or whatever your -- for people a look at -- you know it and they know and they do look at some of them do. And some of them are not -- well mannered there's shall we say that. But basically. I wanna know how you feel about grown women as cheerleaders and of these jails were gone. -- would you miss them and I'm thinking of it you know what they're getting into way they work place. Lawsuit mean think about it that way or unionized because we've seen other unions here we know what they do. And they -- the -- of like went out on strike these are former jails that are who witnessed losses that strike you know what the other unions do. They would have to copy the -- it's because. They would have to get a big rubber inflatable. Jill -- an importer putter out -- everybody it probably volunteer to -- or up but that's a different story and outside the main entrances. You don't -- it to be this on. How we doing we're running out of there. So instead of inflatable rat you need an inflatable -- which currently avail I'm on message Zach and I and John Beck -- -- -- As dressed baby governor general's office I'm telling they now out NR -- are fine with their athleticism and their looks and whatever. They are on the scale of was sort of -- for modestly their their high diplomats. The other cheerleaders like you know raider rats and in Tampa Bay and some of the others -- Dallas Dallas over the top. Vigils are more conservative and -- why and I got a problem with the guys but I would make if I don't care at all hole and it may not be trio. -- about -- Cheerleading has been. NFL when used to watch the cowboys. Years ago normal art television shots of the of the year cowboy cheerleaders and aware of the cowboys' -- game. You don't see much anymore and what do you see when they turn the cameras are going to break you see some outstanding that -- there -- moms like. Oh did he say something road to mate I was as outrageous I'm going to say I'm going to the police. We'll talk about if their lawsuit has any merit when we come back on newsreader I'm -- Like -- there WB.

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