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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Grand Island Pulls Down T-Shirt Flap - Rus Thompson

Grand Island Pulls Down T-Shirt Flap - Rus Thompson

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A big change of heart in apparent change in policy the grand island school district last night. Addressed the controversy over student that was suspended after you wore a T shirt with crossed rifles on at the school part of the NRA local. Gun rights supporters claim victory let's bring in -- Thompson now. Earlier he led the protests against the district on this issue he's with us now on the WBM live on good morning rest. What I did orbit so I don't. Great what happened last night. Well. We all we got it was -- -- or the other I can't help but get an early 7 o'clock and then. We had that seven there we all walked into the in this school board meeting -- act the entire -- waited for almost two hours for finally get the agenda. And it came in the form of the superintendent. You know. And it would be second note but yet she read the other reap what she got the one that we waiting war. It she read her statement and you guys -- -- -- my FaceBook page that she. -- -- -- The suspension that it would long distance and she'd -- didn't mention it and biting she'd get that it would would decision with a lot of the Asian. They have now -- reversed a thirty year. All of the other -- determined shirt inside out or adopted all of them. She is but they won't Second Amendment order First Amendment supporter. I was daughter of a veteran. In her daughter -- on the local teams well we I get -- -- people have an ally in the India superintendent of the school district on Grand Island. And the suspension has been expunged from -- His his record. Exactly been taken completely out of this school record I did at. Aaron that separate and had an opportunity to meet the parents. I'm I asked them that he would get his little me back then. Was taken in the days after it yet he got it all back -- the only thing that didn't happen what that they didn't. Didn't give an apology machine in a written -- at -- like pat. Everything else is there really aren't. I -- freedom of speech but that amendment is strong longer valid. She did quote that I didn't that I didn't expect at all I'm sheep -- to -- it. 61%. Of the residents are Grand Island are registered firearms. Are all sorted it. 61% of registered what about Robert shotguns so it would probably 80% of the people I've read that. That happened that are good -- supporting the Second Amendment. And that's why people really came about all the apple. If her daughter's on the rifle team effort statement said she supports the first in the Second Amendment. How much of a flip was this could it be that she was. On your side -- us all along. I've -- I believe she -- I believe that you bought a PP nobody's being the individual that actually suspended change it. I believe in what I would all the with the vice principal of the high school that actually made unilateral decision to suspend. But that was after that you remember when this story wasn't even at school with the structure. Because of the take a lecture. You took a lecture an op. In any bad it's marketed the I'm NRA logo on the back in the future. And they don't want that OK anyway and anyway -- -- about and what we are heavily and then with all the I had a short while loader. And said that are that unacceptable alternatives that he could no and that when -- suspended insult. It was it was the one individual that made it in unilateral decision and I think that she got that on outside the whole -- to its what do you know. If it happened it happened earlier that wouldn't didn't let it drag out -- formula didn't really base went national after I was done with you guys done I've always show. That they went national in within like twelve hours. It would all over the country. -- we sign -- and several sites is the moral of the story here -- not to mess with NRA supporters. -- I think the most important thing is not to mess with the First Amendment the economic -- in every amendment of the constitution. If you think we have a constitutional right -- -- get settled very quickly if people would just respect. But why in the in the bill of rights and constitution which is the backbone of the country. All right Russ thanks for joining us this morning. That's Ross Thompson a Grand Island one of those that led protests against the grand island school district.

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