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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Aereo Court Case From Gadget Perspective - CEA's Jim Barry

Aereo Court Case From Gadget Perspective - CEA's Jim Barry

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jim Carrey is with us cities that gadget guy -- a spokesman for the consumer electronics association of attack talked to frequently and -- on the WB and life went according jam. Report -- -- -- you know -- were talking all morning about this case before the Supreme Court involving broadcast rights and distribution. But it really all points in effect at how we watch TV is changing there's so many options now do you have to have an antenna cable or dish. Well actually built -- directed. Too -- to the company quote their ego. They're based on Long Island although I looked it up there. They're technical recorders speaker -- of -- neat little compete. Satellite. Well but the -- on -- bought. But what this does it let. With the two companies cut it captures quite a signal that are in the -- around the of the -- folks may not realize that cost about all of us -- television over the year. Real local channels. But what -- it doesn't capture those signals. And then atlas sells those two individuals who want a twelve bucks a month not only to the live local programs but also. Shipments order -- to watch them whenever you want no it's not available. Everywhere totally and eleven more Boston Miami and it cost intact. They say it couldn't be in a lot more soon. The broadcast still like this because they weren't ready. When cable companies satellite. Phone company sent out. This local station over there and they either -- broadcasters to pay by the cable or satellite. Transmission. Here he does not paying so. No other countries and come down to money but also. Innovation. The other brilliant thing I've I've been around the sinister or let this hurt her purse. Let's hit poor of the beta Max. That's where. Movie East -- -- there the automatic. So they're gonna ruin their business and courts are probably going to make copies. But that's lost the movie business ever. So Jim tell me how old work if I wanted to not have a cable in my TV and I have an antenna in my TV. What are the devices out there that would allow me to pretty much get everything except sports. What most of us already war and the local sports who was on -- local call on. It wouldn't get the other cable channel. And put. What sort out there to buy that little -- -- on a tablet and Smartphone. Now people would get signals. I'm you can also have a little coup or an apple. Boxes that's more up. Or the Smart. Number of Smart. Garrido on that went psychoanalyst doubled with different places well. Let you download or stream. There are. So. It's definitely it's innovative it's different the protesters. Or one. Patrice technically TPC there are so that the current. Court. -- recovered on that morning and record stricter. The justices are awfully skeptical but that would go. Out -- -- Supreme Court. Yeah you know you're the one thing though that might be saving TV we were talking about this before we had -- is possibly black out rules. Would you -- with that. Well could be but we -- cases want it all out. And the blackouts are ones that -- -- themselves. Anecdotes. It is when they black out different. Not sporting events but the thing about this. That it is a copyright states is something that is. And their crew and the winter Saturday. And a private or public. Humble little. As -- kept on sides. Satellite dish. And so each person that was signed and so -- -- it's not like the spirit it's it's one for each individual that science. Amateur circuit changed the way. We view TV in the future. A wicket at Italy's you know not only area where there was only one that is really again because they're not treating -- many things really kicked off broadcast but there's such. Turn and going on of people. Streaming video -- the court is the term that's used so not using cable or satellite or phone systems. Not bios or AT&T -- those types. I'm there's a lot of people especially young folks. We're watching their television over the Internet and that's something that's a huge change. The broadcasters -- trying to push back on that that this is -- -- you out of order particles that are gonna hurt a lot of success they're they're gonna have to adapt. Just that the movie business adapted to the VCR. And now makes more money on our home video dvds now streaming and so forth than they do in the movie theaters. Hey Jim great talking with you thank you. I think that's Consumer Electronics Association spokesman Jim Barry joining us live from Boston.

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