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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Aereo Act Plays to Receptive Audience - Paul Cambria

Aereo Act Plays to Receptive Audience - Paul Cambria

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Attorney Paul Camry is with us now on the WB and live line he of course is our regular legal analyst he's with lips -- green he's argued before the Supreme Court. And there has certainly. Done his fair share First Amendment cases we're looking specifically at the situation before the Supreme Court right now. Involving area a startup company that says it can snatch signals out of the air and stream them online without paying copyright fees to TV networks. Paul thanks for joining us. How do you see this going. Can we read anything into what the justices were saying yesterday. Well I think that they're having a problem in some -- stifling the Internet that you will. You know the club network which is also called the Internet to. Predictions vice Versa. Is something that's emerging all the time they seem to be troubled by age. Any kind of ruling that they would maybe there wouldn't probably curtail. You know improvement and expansion and an area so. I think they're leaning toward aerial. But who -- But does it come down to copyright rules. In your mind. GAAP book clearly the broadcasting companies all the major ones shall undertake in the position that this violates copyright act because it's -- Public presentation if you will. Public broadcasting and aerial on the other hand says look all we're doing is taking. The public signal which you put out there freaks that someone can acquire -- roux France champ. And we are extending that antenna -- our Internet service if you will. And so we're not doing anything that you already have not authorized. And soul and that's how this operates. What they basically do is take public broadcasting. So for example they were having HP all works History Channel or anything could none of those are well what. They would take NBC CBS it's -- all the public stop and they're just extending it to you via the Internet. As opposed to you going to RadioShack for example and buying one of these outdoor antennas that you could buy it now even for our definition. Is it something that they're likely to side with the TV companies on. Or as you said that you don't -- stifle the Internet but. They've looked cable companies and certainly the TVs have made a case in that regard. -- but cable is different cable has its own congressional piece of legislation. That requires cable to stay. And remember Cabell is in competition. Where broadcast as Cabell has their own channels history food -- center. Here they're not competing with anyone they are simply extending the public and the -- well that's their argument and and there are distinctions. And their position a lot. With cable you went to congress that passed this actual law. Go to congress. But at the moment we're not violating copyright act all we're doing is same thing that RadioShack -- already it's a more sophisticated up to date. -- So do you think area has a good case. I do I do I think they do and I think what's on their side used to things there argument is look. You -- already put out a public (%expletive) hole. And you sell advertising based on your audio. We increase your audience you'll make more money. Watched the problem you already decided to make this public workers -- extending its. Two people via the Internet rather than have them buy it and they can put on the. One of the justices yesterday it was arguing basically that. By having an individual antenna for each subscriber they can say they're just renting you an antenna. If they had one antennas snatching the signal out of the air that would be different. Well let -- chief Justice Roberts who basically said. Didn't you design your system this. That would aerial -- dime sized antenna for each and every customer. And and -- sent world that you really decided that we see you could get a whole arm up. Copyright act in their answer was look. One matches and channel would've just been too much to manage with thousands and thousands of customers match we did at the other way. They call before we let -- go we -- year on the mend. What's gonna eleven life on the yen and the edge again -- him. Yes I'm actually out a way to work there's -- stable. But -- like you know my like ought to hire professional drag racers that are happy. And we're in Charlotte and doing extremely well and national and I can't have it and actually I don't want -- -- tutors. And wound up with a track being broke -- and -- banged up on but you know I'm tough little guy from ergo you know before. What happened did you get hit by another another racer. Well there's there's a we're not sure how it happened I sought golf cart coming across. It and somebody else that I just went out. Well I don't remember all I donors I woke up to the -- -- ask me my name. Your will will be. Yeah right back at it today. Aren't you and you you done with the race racing are you going to be back -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And about a month and get back to manage. All right Paul thanks for joining us this morning especially in light of all that yet. That's Paul -- a local attorney.

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