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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Setting the Stage for the Aeveo Court Fight - Bob Thompson

Setting the Stage for the Aeveo Court Fight - Bob Thompson

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB and -- this morning's Bob Thompson director of the Bleier center for TV and pop culture at Syracuse University morning -- Good morning there's an interesting case before the US Supreme Court involving a startup company aerial and at stake really. Is how we get our TV you land -- -- and assuming he's watching this with interest. Bill let me know what it boils down to is that we all of course used to get -- TV by putting up an antenna the antenna pulled in the league built out of here in. Then we connected that the PB. And we watched. Now of course the network. There's stations still broadcast over the year but very few people actually have television set -- it antenna anymore. So cable companies put up antenna or satellite companies. Get it from the satellite in the -- deliberate to -- but when they do that. They pay a fee to each one of the networks that they are using that as signals of the defeat that comes up to work. About three billion dollars a year -- with a lot of money. With Kerio is planning to do is to give him much cheaper service for people to get over the year channel CBS NBC fox ABC. On they will have to pay these big fees to what cable companies or. Satellite companies an area does that by having little -- that -- Put up in the -- collected material would give it over the Internet to trek. Directly to people for much cheaper. An aerial book and plan to pay the network for a doing this needless to say the networks. Are not happy with that -- Stereos argument is that it's one little antenna per subscriber. And they're they're just renting new this antenna service they're not stealing the the contents they're just a delivery system with one -- -- subscribers will -- that. Very clever argument because the idea is that networks do indeed put their signals up over the year. To be picked up by anybody with an antenna up for free. And then as you point to -- area we think we're just going to. That every service every person that -- services they have their own antenna. We're just doing what they could've done for the now the networks have made quite annoyed about this because of course this doesn't bode well what has become something. Big by the way it's only available by eleven cities so it's not a huge. They -- at this point. Almost -- the networks have -- -- is that should this happen built to put their signal up over the year adults become what people. That would actually happen but that certainly has big implications for. Television stations around the country. One of the justices yesterday argued the case that. Because it's an individual antenna for each subscriber. That area knows what they're doing that they're trying to do and and run around copyright act you believe that. Well I think that is is that there's certainly a legitimate point because that's certainly what we're trying to do. And from what we've heard yesterday indeed. Justices don't seem to be. Terribly supportive of this we're not expecting a decision until. The end of June and you never know how these things can go because. Rolling off and go -- beside technologies and this is something that. -- -- was ruled against all the development and new club. Might be hope that a bit but that. So far they don't seem terribly sympathetic to whatever you argue. If -- wins now. This would change everything. -- -- -- although I have a feeling it might be more gradual than we think but yes it means that the is that television network. Good don't have to let me know. If people wanna get television is deleted either to get cable or satellite which the which. The networks get paid for. Or they have to -- up over the years old which most people wanted to hear you would have this alternative where you could completely bypass. Problem paying their networks to get this period. Do you think it would upset their financial model model or is that just part of their argument. Well I think because of some of these threats that that the network debate that will just. Change our model it might be accelerate that mean when you think about it the old idea of -- in the middle men. All the local stations all across the country being the ones that are delivering television to our. Through other middle men of cable and satellite companies. He is a really old fashion and get right down to a anyone of these networks could just go directly -- Too afraid to satellite. Couldn't keep -- Provided system bypass the whole fashion over the years the entire league. And an area -- decision. Positively for burial could potentially excellent. -- Bob hey did you see a cold there on Letterman last night. Which -- bank. Well I think what they're doing the reasoning announcement -- early would they wanna give -- there are plenty of time to. Let us get used to cold beer it's going to be on his own show and I think this was the first acquiring across the ball of that plan. Dan many many more visits to do you think. I got a feeling he'll be out a lot. Before you start to build showed not just got Letterman bit everywhere they can get it. Hey Bob thanks. -- nice talking with it it's not Thompson director of the Bleier center for TV and pop culture at Syracuse University.

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