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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-23 6am Malaysian Plane Search Update

4-23 6am Malaysian Plane Search Update

Apr 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That is being yeah these. -- -- -- -- You can't you can -- it keeps things. It was a you -- good things happen. He went. Along this. The center of defense and relax -- 1000. Paula this northwest. However. And ethics he's have been suspended for -- to -- -- -- editions comparison here. Yeah. How important is it prior to this expansion can. Do you have been pretty cold. Current weather conditions. PCs and we'll visibility and making ethics community. -- and prevention. Has this. That's our -- -- -- weaknesses. That you could get them addicted to. -- didn't you want to use these kind of you confusion can. You know what to think. Moved into anyone has not completed more than 20%. Of the focus on what the citizen and no context of just being confident. The focus on what's. Ethical of its previous. Around the second told the that he -- -- which occurred on the eve. Our international investigation team. To cap that has this great. And approve this morning. The department of an international investigation team to investigate. If he's seventy into the the ministry of transport and -- it. And for the investigation team. And as an announcement as he does that mean that by this chrome. The deputy minister -- past -- time comes -- important news from here. The investigation team. Yeah yeah speed and power from -- international civil aviation organization. I think it'll. When those. Like this and it recommended that the system as a whole thing easy to look into this week. Should vote aviation. The main purpose of the international investigation team. History that you -- investigated and determined that took part of this and through thin extend an important future. I would also like to know that the investigation. Criminal aspect which under the this investigation moving Qaeda and its civil aviation accomplishments and statistics. And the things that I'm an -- that you -- car accident and incident investigation. In Chicago convention. These are quiet spot to investigate accidents do and -- the full power in their respective countries. The aviation accident investigation -- USQ you both yeah. Better. Which was established since December 27. Is it possible act as the second period for this investigation team. Because -- did when he moves and I wouldn't. Be huge touching maintenance records process and system. Innovation. To defend my record this corporations and figure it. And then yeah. To investigate Houston Texas quality opponent and survival tips. -- go through this a central point expect from -- he's an important yeah. Corporation to take off accidentally and incident investigation was signed in 2008. You are in the process of identifying the amendments and that -- Representatives. And will be -- to members of the team in accordance with the international standards. We will announce new numbers next week. Indeed it is imperative for the government involvement independent team of investigators. Just -- content. And transparent but also. As I've been through these good things that you have nothing to hide.

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