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4-22 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down -- the he would rate this thing. If you go to the hole looked -- my husband and my. The fact Diaz gets Ford dead Americans what I'm -- I protest over the because the guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know how to put this. Good. People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet I'd quit net news radio yeah. I was gonna use my computer is a resource but it is not a game you know we can put a man of the -- and we -- she's a hand and I can't get my monitors fixed life is not fear. Nine minutes after sex -- is ready at 930 WB EN it is hourly with you on the radio it is Tuesday that it is post biggest day. And now it is short time it is your chance to. React to what you have been listening to frankly over the last three hours not ordinarily. Ordinarily I'd like to end things on a high note in ordinarily I don't do the same topic for four hours but. I've also not been able to take. A lot of phone calls in terms of the quantity. Because the quality of the calls that came in on this case has been. Frankly. Amazing. And we're talking about the tragedy. Little. JJ -- At the age of two months his life as a normal healthy. Little boy. Was put to an end by his father -- all father. Jeremy bolt. Who for the second time. The first time was in 2007. With -- another one of his sons who was a baby. And the second time was a few years later. With JJ. JJ suffered brain injuries shaken baby syndrome numerous fractures. And up by the weight thank -- for the updated information. With the second case. Germany Bolden didn't take a police. He was not convicted now please insane thing a little boy or anything but. My understanding is that when you plead guilty to something that has the same effect as a conviction. But. Instead of seven years. Because he took the plea he got for. Now folks. I don't mean to squabble here. Or that's not the right word I don't mean to pick that -- -- of pepper. Seven years. For doing what he did to his baby son. I think is an outrage. You know what -- the paper. Look on line and I see people sentenced to twenty years in prison for -- 25 years in prison for cocaine life in prison for crack. What -- -- What the hell is wrong with a country. That thinks those are more serious crimes. Then beating it up baby to the point. Where that child's future is gonna consist of daily seizures 65 seizures a day is a good day. 200. Is not atypical. Our legal system is in serious -- Of an overall in terms of its priorities. And I don't mean to get on my soapbox here about the war on drugs which I think is absolutely idiotic. Because I consider a medical issue and it's none of the government's damn business what you do in the privacy of your whole. None of beer business. But when we have people who will never see the light of day again. Because of the bat. And we have people like jury Bolden. Who want to separate occasions with two separate children beat the crap out of them. That's what it affects. All of salt for JJ. Andy does -- would have years. Is messed up and yeah I would like to use the other word because that's. Frankly more appropriate that straight. And I find this. An insult. To the very idea of justice where is justice for JJ where is it. Where is justice. I cannot blame the Niagara county district attorney's office. I cannot blame the eight the day. I can't. Bit of the family. I mean if anybody would be upset it would be the family. And they told -- The only thing that well. What upsets them the most news they were only notified. Well late last week. Late last week there were notified. By the eight DA handling the case. Bad jury Bolden was getting out of prison as of yesterday. Now this despite the fact. -- The state Parole Board twenty months ago. And I quote. -- of Germany Bolden said your actions resulted in York two month old son receiving bulk. The panel remains concern. About your pattern of behavior. And actions which you attributed to anger and depression. You showed minimal insights. About the consequences. Of your actions. And I bet there is a quote that I'm taking from the Buffalo News I very rarely use the newspaper as a source because. Frankly I find a lot of what is written in it to be not credible. And I know what I speak. But it is a piece by -- her Beck. In today's Buffalo News and I will give mr. -- credit for bringing this story to the public attention so I can bring it to yours and that. Some people in this business have ethics and others -- And despite what other people might swim and I swim and and that stuff. I will continue to be the person I've always been in terms of giving credit to people for doing work. Now. Has justice been done. To would have years. I think it's a slap in the race I truly do. Folks I've -- you know people. Are listening audience. You wanna tell me stories about people you know. Who have done five years in prison. For drugs. Fifteen years in prison. For stuff where nobody was violently hurt. Yeah yeah -- context as you get more time in prison. This is. Beyond the -- Now if there is some good -- anyway -- -- say -- -- I could go on and on but I'd rather hear your phone calls you've got a lot of listening today and for that I'm very appreciative. Getting a ton of email a ton -- response now it's time for you to call it and -- me about this. Are you angry are you said. Are you motivated. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WBM. I wanna go to Deborah in Cheektowaga she's been on hold. Debra are you of any connection to the case or you just a concerned a bystander as -- I have yet to -- -- -- and the field. And let's -- -- your mind. -- And I'll I'll. And at forty. Who do you and a humidity the record and play every two and a half. You liked it in all of the little -- -- and the it -- yeah. Yeah I'll wouldn't count -- -- eternity. Because. There ended up. The ego that would looking at me. But here's here's what gets me about this and I don't know if you've got the same thought. The fact that our society. Throws people in prison. A longer stretch of time for not paying taxes that for beaten the crap out of a two out of a two month old baby. Our government I realize this is the difference between federal law and state law but. What I think about the resource is they put in to going after a budget how always on the -- ranch. Vs the lack of justice for baby beaten to within an inch of his life by his own sperm donor father. I made just I shake my head in B will permit at a fundamental injustice of it. I totally agree I couldn't be with you more I looked at the outlook and I and hit it and I love -- And -- honey I've got to lose you on the phone if you've got Bluetooth did you take it off because I'm losing you. -- Are we gonna do. -- is taking offer Bluetooth or getting people. I say that again that. My gosh yeah -- I can actually hear you know I don't feel like I'm losing my hearing any more than I am thank you for that. Well so what do you think -- fair sentence would have been on this and I think fifteen years would have been out of order. Well as you know we don't effectively have a death penalty in New York State and I'll. And yet and really in any state with the death penalty this would not have been a death penalty case unless the child died. Or -- the baby got a cop. I have no sympathy for the tour that that cat whatsoever whatever making that he gets I hope at that -- Paul and I hope -- wrap. Shrunken and Mal Moore and he would like happy loving. One year old little boy an -- and I am not cold -- glad I have them -- adding up. -- And you know. What I think about that. When it all of you listening right now whoever -- who have a child between let's say four -- are between three and six years old. This that you're of people for whom this story is gonna hit the hardest because I remember when my kids -- that little. And it's hit me like a brick wall right now my kids are grown up. And I cannot imagine those -- view. Like who went through the miscarriage. You had to experience just to have a child to have at the hold and the law. And obviously guys like this with a apparently some of the strongest swimming sperm cells in the world able to father three children. One of -- apparently escaped his clutches after he allegedly. Abused according to our phone call earlier. The woman involved in that case. It where's the justice that I just at the bit that's the biggest question of -- right now where's the justice. I get my hands on the eligibility into the life. We haven't seen anything you've seen a mile up protecting your little -- Oh -- can actually beat him with anger white. Unfortunately. Or fortunately in our society. We have to have laws to prevent that kind of thinking because if everybody had their own justice we'd end up with permanent event Betty and that would not be good. As much as I might fantasize about certain things I know it's wrong to actually put those in the practice because then you become as bad as the per. Yeah I know but boy it -- campaign. I -- I understand the frustration I really do believe me I do more than I should express publicly. Thank you very much. US so very welcome and I love you guys are all you keep doing what he's gone. We shall certainly try thank you up for being there it is hourly news radio 930 WBZ and and let's find out about traffic right now Brian as Rouse he's sitting in for Alan Harris what do we have brand. And next -- whether. I know this might shocked you if you're outside but cloudy windy and colder -- brief shower or two. I guess it depends on your definition of brief. If there may be. Snow shower late tonight in the southern tier the overnight low of 35 that is why I have not officially proclaimed demise special voice the officials springing of spring. Can't do it yet. I shower in spots early tomorrow morning otherwise breezy and chilly. Clouds breaking for some sun the high temperature 49 were holding at 42 degrees at news radio 930 WB -- oh my gosh even the people on the local theater community. Love that special voice when I say spring -- -- guys I can't do it yet I'd be misleading the folks that I can't do that so even you are gonna have to wait you've given me special dispensation. Sorry guys you got a hold -- I won't do it until it's time to actually do -- Back to the calls on WB Ian here's Debbie in Amherst Debbie thank you for holding what do you make us. I'm just wondering if you're pregnant strong voice that you really really high -- really really well. You're just gonna have to stay listening in here for the very first time it's an annual tradition on the program. Really really. Think it's okay. I would look at that -- The electorate why do we get -- in the that would put in the criminal cheer for why aren't the conditions out there. -- Why who don't like. It because who. Questioning why -- -- that would. And it's. So it's such a light and -- -- hit it and say we would do that criminal court but really we need to look at dished it was. A sheet out here is what the -- whoever told you earlier it was a sheet. And she words. She was beside herself because it was the most she could give out. Under the circumstances. She had to Obey the law that she could just as a judge or use her own discretion and say. You know meters -- mandatory minimum I guess we only save those for people who do Coke. Or pot. -- Ellis the math for the others have mandatory minimum beat the crap out of a baby. You can do whatever I want I -- I had an unexpected quick and be a Catholic or daylight right -- had it -- it's almost unheard of by and also secondly I'd like to look at. -- -- What it was prosecutor why why would attract good wobbled against and so light. And it's what I would -- we need to look at who we're paying your -- the county Erie county that I imagined and the DA's it to. -- Well I I don't know. And I don't get a chance to hear the first gentleman called him who is absolutely very intimately connected with this but he did not. Take I mean he he's had nothing bad to say about the judge or the DA's office in Niagara county. It was out of here hands it was -- law as written. Pop level ever prosecuted and are -- Jerry had collected a. It was herself that if it -- if it was say the guy pleaded. So we got four years instead of 77. Years was the most we could've gotten -- -- go to trial I think that's an insult. All hold well if you would I mean. You know everybody's who's known somebody who got sentenced to light -- ten or fifteen years for Picayune chargers compared to this. This just makes me shake my head in disgust. Hourly -- WB. He's not occur again when he's not standing inches. There's something. Doesn't every moment of the world love that song. It is 633 of Israeli about thirty WBE. And got a lot of us more is that all album of great break gaps talks. And you know the thing is you. You might edit and have room at the end for Greg key. The break -- -- But the great in band. All right it is sound orders yes -- that time Merrill -- and Perry Como came over to have a Tom Collins with us. All right let's get back to the calls a news radio 930 WB he would shut up Sherman judge does your calls -- that I -- and Joseph Bieber is at tactical control. Master control -- got a -- the Randall on WB and as we're talking about this guy this father in quotes. Who beat up his two month old son causing permanently damage would be shaken baby syndrome who gets. Four years in prison -- two and a half years and he gets released yesterday. And folks you tell me were the justices. You tell me how the system makes cents. You know I think about people who gonna help a lot longer time for a lot less. Here is I can't BM WB yen -- hello. Right or you hello -- Hi. Right or would like to say oh are outraged today here in Iraq. This is what we need for our virtual. Beautiful as -- children. I in very close to cryptic adding hair and add the extra measure meeting AJ -- And and everybody really needs recognized -- and reached a -- of the undeniable right. To live a life out nurtured in and feel -- And with what I'm hearing we need to cause more -- mentioned more weird. It is just broke in the system that'll look in your state is broke in. In the (%expletive) in front court -- That I can't across the world is broke in all over the place. Kathleen here's your outrage and forget my in Europe but jurors were a big part of my outrage comes. The fact that this was the second time. This guy a beat up his own may be causing serious injuries the biggest wanna add years. Williams -- -- Serbs -- it appears. Absolutely it happens over and over again and the laws need to change. It -- -- to change the it's a broad just need to change and the only thing truly that is gonna bring change is for people to. Starts speaking out. Just like they can't show and it's like you are. To recognize that this is a huge huge issue it is it's apathetic panic that it will -- ever going to go away. In chilly start screaming like which screening. We don't like we can't do anything about what happens in Bangladesh or what happens in England or what happens in Antarctic. Yeah I mean. I always straight talk radio can't change the world and people who enter this field should find that out within the first month it cannot change the world. What can change the world is people given getting involved in putting people in office who recognize what has to change and unfortunately. A lot of what I believe should change is politically unpopular because I think we have a very messed up idea of crimes that deserve 25 years to life and crimes that deserve for years and beaten up. -- two month old baby who is never gonna have the chance at a normal life that is not to be a four year crime. Absolutely and and I think you can determine how would she need to change that you'll hear child. We killed the through child abuse. -- child actual child can get child was murdered. Just fit in and -- important statistic if I was to kill and install. And if I would kill a child life sentence would be certainly pre set differ fertility at all. To when you're after -- that let me get because I'm trying to figure out how that it run that by the one more time canoes you you're gonna have to clarify what you just said it is I got lost. OK it is I would -- -- it I can't that being cry. Again adult in crime against a child. Like that would be at least. -- offer longer. It's like killed the adult for which and that is based on what. A so. I am in national cheer for the initial and maybe for a get out. Now that the child via the JJ did not die physically he is alive although the brain damage is profile. Now it is significant. -- the lives truly need to change and surely need to recognize that -- child. Is there -- more action more safety it isn't in the -- of law. And an adult. In -- to edit the king. Yeah yeah it's it's opera -- make it right away they can do whatever a child and -- doesn't have that ability. -- -- Yeah it is to. -- have to wait a lot and looking. At I think he'd say. I will -- capital credit and Senator Kennedy they can't be gotten to move the launch. In in the direction of in paper of a child sort speak you know we have some people. In -- senate. Mr. -- For instance. I'm in New York City who has real difficult time under the net. You know he he he has that yet are. You know oh protection let's talk about protection -- -- -- -- ballclub -- differ. -- until a darker green and god and you get more money donated towards. Animals in it support it you know. -- animal facility that -- if you -- child could be. You do know as somebody who's been involved in this field but there is a core relation between animal cruelty. And child abuse and animal cruelty and homicidal adults that generally speaking it. Those who are willing to inflict this kind of stuff on a human baby have thought nothing of getting away -- -- doing it with small animals. -- So I mean that's why I I don't think you can really separate the two I think there's a connection between the two. Well I separated too because they're -- tougher sentence -- That you would hit its secret -- for her child I separated too when you. See more donations. Be made to it will cruelty then -- child -- set some separate two. But yes I agree a person who's going to abuse the animal will be -- child -- -- -- that the separation becomes. Again and with the lives in with the public awareness. But where I guess who. I mean we all -- the various organizations that there are voices for animals you know we all know about brat that we all know who the -- but I. I honestly. I do this for live. And I'd be very hard pressed to think of one. Organization that is the national clearing house or what organization that is the local clearinghouse for information on child. Cruelty and cases like yes. True potential without voices which is called he weighs in at that. As for credit that was well actually -- second in older but it's here in the -- -- march against child. And Chris. Who is JJ parents truly is spearheaded the four marks. And it is true. Actually her and her FaceBook site that we are getting more people and hopefully more donations that we can keep their Q. I'll see at least they need lawyers to an end its like to. Hear. There is it and you know this -- -- -- you were stored deep without an Intel -- arm ourselves. But. We needed to start someplace. It I would argue that there are thousands and thousands of cases it was your yearly. Just like -- work since TJ it is she could be which is it in Chile. That our economy. Across America. To us saying we support you wouldn't really the only way we're getting it shapes is what the law -- see. It was back in the future more we have to listen to we have the right to protect. Children it and Matt Light children in particular. What the child they see. Maybe. And neighbor who I know is it child. It was like you know couple -- We need to either voice. If I see it and I I got it and I -- -- get it right you know it appears that child in danger I will call sepia I well. Because I can't walk away. It probably people's -- up and didn't think. This is that our problem and walked away. OK now. What could the family about what are the issues here is definitely just found out late last week. Bet the guy who beat up the two month old JJ. Was getting out of prison. What possibly could have been done had they -- say two weeks ago -- a month ago. Well I think the frustration. And it -- -- we're -- you can call ticket they think the frustration is. That they can't go onto the parole hearing. They and it was -- -- -- shell -- we lord. But -- I'll. He's so it's slip in the cracks -- speak it would help parole hearing. And all the sudden they receive notification pulpit like is going to be out on Monday. And I think they -- out and -- -- And -- did it it's another example consistently and slot. And truly I know. But is there anything forgive my interruption but there's really nothing they could have got to that point is -- If the state. -- determination. Paid this guy's getting out because he he has X amount a good time. And this -- the way the system works and there's not a damn thing you can do about it irrespective of the fact. That people all board has determined that he has shown zero remorse that he does not appreciate the seriousness of what he did and that he isn't likely rescinded missed but it doesn't get much worse than that. Right and it's bad because. There is nothing they could -- -- nothing. It certainly could do for the year. In this situation. -- and again would be -- is is making noise and make an awareness. This you know that this is happening and companies to change. So what. Forgive my probing a little bit further but. What needs to change. The lives he changed the guys flying through sort that we need to look hitter -- get the we need to look at the laws we need looking act anybody who -- the life of the child and eight reporters teachers doctors. Think that it. -- can't question but I'm I'm not yelling at you but the kid was two months old. And there's a limited number of people are gonna come to talk. That with a scared. Right and at this -- -- unfortunate. Art is that. He'd -- he'd. Do the best you can that they in this situation into Beijing. Well nobody -- -- in it and so -- sperm -- kids for years to dig itself that it can't. The only region to think that we can do -- -- teaching surplus make him a lot tougher tougher sentencing. It's you know black and and it's it's unfortunate that -- -- -- and everybody's house -- say hey what you doing that you can't have a substantial. It it you know that does. That's the most pressing our. Is that you -- children they'll. That we will never now you know what happened -- We we don't act on top Serbian held accountable. For their actions. In the end is it's truly truly front street. And it and it's gotten to the point where everybody just needs to. -- Caribbean plate and say it enough is enough. An air and it's you know it's saying -- do utility and infiltrate a towel. It would -- seventeen. Excellent and try forum that entry. Maybe now. Well -- I wanna push -- hole because you know what I'll talk about the sterilization issue. So don't don't go anywhere because I think when I heard that today that was something that actually made me smile. I've made me smile more of these surgeon's knife slipped but we'll get into that. Stay with us and -- -- at 930 WB EN it is -- -- asking the question who speaks for the little -- Who speaks to move on WB. And that it -- hourly and again ladies and gentlemen it's not often I stick with one topic for four hours since have been doing the four hour afternoon show and I think you know that if you -- regularly but. There's just no way I can walk away from this one today I can't go from this too let's do a happy ending but can't do is it's just it's not in me. I'm feeling. I'm feeling rather -- dial right now get this swirling maelstrom of emotions ranging from frustration. To anger to hatred to a law. For the family all going you know circling around in this vortex and -- Then that -- and Randolph New York is involved in via child protection movement and you know the one good piece of news. I got from one of the family members today and hopefully people murdered earlier. Is that. This guy and I used the word loosely. Germany Bolden who currently does real well and fights against babies I don't know how we do dancing with the men. Apparently he has undergone sterilization. IE vasectomy. And that gives -- kind of -- -- happy feeling. How common is it it is there's. Guess we're there yet -- yeah I really don't know what happened is is. -- I don't know. He did -- you weren't in support. I you know it would be great. -- anybody who has so guilty of doing what. They cheer in stone and JJ and anybody in decent pitcher out to the right in industries like for okay. -- -- the right spiritual. Salute her right to be Earl Taylor is obviously they shouldn't be around children in all -- -- and a -- suggests. I agree you -- suspect to me well percent. What what what concerns meego is gonna get I don't ms. Simpson thing over and over. Two years from now when nobody remembers the name. He works up with subject. Check it has no idea where this guy's been the past two and a half years. This woman has small kids from previous relationship a marriage she doesn't Google guy maybe he changes his name. And it. We're gonna be talking about a homicide and we're going to be talking about strike three and will be doing a show on hey what could have been done to prevent Paris. -- You know the thing I don't think the story will -- -- I think with the momentum. Is relatives. -- -- In and it's movement -- -- gonna go away and TJ will always be a hero in everybody's eyes. And will stand up. You know against child for issued against Al. In India the important thing this can't go away and in truly it's opposite. -- -- -- intermittent seeing how. Couple weeks ago there at the incident in Amherst. We're still nobody held accountable. And out you know and -- -- that let's get out of the country we got a mom again employees from the -- is it in the household. And our child the baby is killed. Well in nobody saying I didn't write it in -- evidence. Well certainly the -- mother who lives in house should -- either pepper should be held accountable for what happened. They've essentially. They are the -- curly -- gave caregivers they are the ones who are responsible for keeping the year child say. And and it's it's it's frustrating. It's absolutely frustrating that we don't see any justice for Wendy's for a little angels who are no longer an expert because they were taken by Becky and they're not to get the boys from the girls and a rapper and and accountability. Is shall lull. It is it it's an excellent screen. It actually does. Now indeed and I'm very glad you held and I'm very ledger called I do appreciate the extra insight and I'm out of top a -- I'm out of time and thank you very much Europe for what you do well. I think future electing you for bringing it to the forefront. And I think we just need to keep fiscal and never ever forget. And thank -- All right well I'd appreciate that are very much in doubt if this story's touched you and anyway there plant is plenty of information on my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly -- UER. -- like Jack Bauer 24 just at the LE to the end it is the page were wearing a tuxedo. My personal page is that in active. Again that thanks to Joseph -- -- at master control thanks to John Sherman your calls were. And I will leave you with two words. No. Yourself.

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