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4-22 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN yeah. You with. That. Whole look. -- And welcome to the New York City -- the -- -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one hunts with an assault rifle. No no. And -- It gave up ground. Tom hourly. Column and went up to. Now what about how my backpack I could have come from Canada makes it look ma it's life to its local capital. Full moon. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly I'd like you. You have woes. I'd like voters. And 930 W. I definitely. The news radio -- -- thirty W. UB ENN at -- may be the only laugh if you get out of me today at least we're talking about the certain news story. And because I have a sense of professional ethics you will critic Dan herb -- article in today's Buffalo News for. Giving me the heads up on what happened basically there is a man that I use the word loosely named Jeremy -- Who won two separate occasions beat up two of his infant son's the first one in 2007. And that child suffered at least a broken -- the second one took place after -- And basically he destroyed. At the age of two months. The future. Of little JJ bowl -- his own son at the age of two months not only. Suffered. Skull. Cracks. And injuries consistent which shaken baby syndrome. But also X rays revealed. A history. Of fractures. And broken bones and things where they shouldn't be. Now the kid was two months old. And the X rays. I mean it was like the kid got hit by a free tour. I may be exaggerating but not by much. And he's out of prison. This was his second time beat up up baby. How low do you get in life. Beating up a baby not just doing what's. In 2007. But they're doing it again a few years later your own flesh and blood a baby absolutely incapable of any kind of self defense. Well at the time he was sentenced to the maximum. Four years. -- folks our justice system is soul. You know the word I want -- used up. Do you realize. There're people in prison now who will be imprisoned -- years from now. For pot cocaine and acid -- whatever. Our society thinks nothing. -- throwing those people in two rat holes of prisons yet our guide who beats the crap out of two separate babies. Does too would have years and he's out. Now if there's any good news to this and frankly I'm stretching. It is the fact that now. Because -- legislation that was up pushed through by a man with whom I'm usually at odds. Senator Ted Kennedy and Governor Cuomo. Very it may look back period for child abusers is no longer three years. Which it was for him. The last time now it is ten years'. Sole. JJ's. Sacrifice. That he made frankly without his consent. May in the future result in other little people. Having a better shot at justice because my friends JJ Bolton did not receive justice. Dead in the case his lawyer. I can't -- Maybe a few years ago I would have gone after the lawyer I presume he's a public defender but I don't know his name is Daniel -- He represented. Jeremy -- and in the 2011 case for which Germany -- has just been released as of yesterday from prison. He calls the situation a tragedy which it is. He says he's quoted in the article by -- of her back in the Buffalo News. As saying -- natural parents were drug addicts -- the so called father who beat the crap out of his own two. Babies. Germany's natural parents were drug addicts. His adoptive parents did their best to raise him he had a lot of issues and a very tough childhood. Folks. Lots of people had tough childhoods. I did not. I have my vicissitudes like anybody else and as an adult like anybody else I've had my ups and outs you have to. I know people personally who had our worst experiences. In Germany bowl experiences. Bet if I told you what they were you would say you can not believe such a thing could possibly happen here in Western New York but they did. And somehow they got through life without beaten the crap out of baby's not once but twice. My brand sometimes. Give Ginsberg gives way to. An extreme amount of anger and vindictiveness. And eight. Burning. Desire for some kind of justice. But I recognize that we have laws in place in this country because. If everybody practices then that a justice. Nobody wins. And ours is as much as we might like those Charles Bronson movies. Nobody wins you've got to have some wall. The farcical part of our legal system however again getting back to it is we throw people in the holes for decades. For drugs. And this guy Bruins a baby's life and those two -- -- -- yours. What's wrong with this picture. I don't advocate drug abuse. But where's the sense of proportionality. I don't think it's any of the government's damn business what you do in the privacy of your own home are really don't. But when you beat up a baby that's that is the government's business that is the people's business. Because if the government and end in the system won't look out for babies who in the hell will his father not this one. When -- go back to what can you be yet Kevin. Because the previous caller to whom you are related did not want the name out there are gonna ask you not to use your last may -- even though I know what it is. Kevin your thoughts overall. On what your family is gone through but just being victimized by Germany Bolden. But in a sense being victimized by a system. Which allowed a two and a half years stretch for such an egregious heinous violent act against society's most defenseless. Person a two month old baby. And it exactly down. When he when we found out you know Friday that he used you know one day you know we're we work where -- we had actually no inkling that could happen. Now looking into what having a little bit Italian we find out that Thursday. Committee of unelected unaccountable. Prison staff. That -- just determination and they claim that she -- -- they can do it. I can provide you with this problem what I'm about to tell you about later. Throw -- -- We have minutes from the parole hearing working was to aid and they said he has high likelihood of -- I -- Asks that you don't he showed actually no our Middle East problem remorse for it asks. What what are these people of this committee that can overrule the probe or why don't even have a Parole Board we have. What committee are we talking that. I can't think at the moment but it's like -- assessment. Before because here's the thing I understand the prisons do offer -- good time and it's a way to get the prison guards the corrections officers it's a way to make them a little bit safer because an inmate. Wants good time so they get out all the sooner I get that I understand that. But when you're talking about a violent criminal with a high likelihood of recidivism. There is no way in hell he should have been out after two and a half years for what he did it. Exactly and and that's what we -- know what the issue is we're going to be working with Senator Kennedy. And assemblywoman crystal people spoke to addressed that you're old debts at that's a whole library just found out. Wouldn't allow my brother and I didn't. Albany remarkable courage we didn't get everything we wanted. You know and that's where we're learning edged -- to wait a little bit political system -- this is that you know you don't get the whole apple you'd take what you can. It also respect to our little one you know what are the other things that we were after was readily searchable database. For the public or bring up point three US side of a child abusers -- child abusers because. Even though he claims that I'll get a vasectomy. He couldn't hook up with some girl. Now all she -- all of a ball knowledge there should be able the look and see what kind of person that is the girl should be able to look neighbors should be able to look. Yeah also that like in the case of upbeat Mohammed -- even brought a burst could have been looking look at -- there's a problem. Which you know the -- the sad thing with hobby is CPS did get called out they dropped the ball. And and and I'm not gonna bash CPS but as I told. The other caller to whom you are related bet I believe that one of the issues -- that too many people out of vindictiveness and spite. Try to drop the diamond somebody during the divorce or during a custody situation. For their own advantage. And our CPS workers get set out on witch hunts and the real victims get short shrift because they're too busy chasing down phantoms. I totally agree -- we totally agree and -- -- you know and in armed JK. You know he's been victimized by the system every step of the way they didn't punished. Jeremy could begin within the first case. There was another you know calm during his sentencing. There was a -- -- sentencing report -- Jeremy referred to his kids and his walks one looks a little streak. We're shocked because now we found out there's a third child another brother JJ. That no one -- about problem we have since been in contact with both mothers. -- Germany's. She had stated abused her physically. Late term pregnancy and you -- before you all thank god before which instigated and I -- they. Here. And there's injuries. Starting at approximately -- have four weeks. And it over the course of the next eight there have -- he had supper -- the traditional fractures offer a radiologist. -- report was that on various stages. So he had in Hawaii this baby was operating when they take on the actors in the doctor's -- Debut on comparable where diaper changes what you're he had broken -- A -- hold on I you know this is so difficult for a lot of people here including me and dom. See a lot in my life are right below hear about kids. Gave it everything changes from current and Judy just hold on. A wanna check in with traffic and Brian has aroused DO hopefully getting his home safe Brian. And AccuWeather for today it'll be cloudy and it'll be windy it'll be colder a brief shower or two maybe a snow shall relate tonight in the southern -- 35 below tomorrow we should be up to 49 degrees. And we're still at 42 editors radio -- thirty WBE and a wanna get back to Kevin. Who get a he's been the face of this case on TV. But I just want to withhold his name because some of the family does not mind the name being out there other members do some try to respect those who. Would like their privacy respect a little bit more and I hope we understand that by the way. I will be putting up the fundraising site. Four. JJ. For this seizure dog. Which will cost about 20/20 five grand eventually. I'll put that up my FaceBook page I don't usually try to get the ball in fundraisers in some cases. For whatever reason and I know it's not fair I become emotionally involved in something and I give it more than I do other cases. Otherwise all it would be doing is fundraisers this one is just grabbed me and it won't let go and it's all I can think about right now. -- and Kevin. The the long term prognosis. And this is what is just angry. The the so called man journey -- Who hurt his son this severely. He's out of prison the little boy is going to be in a cognitive prison. And -- physical disability prison his entire life and expects. That makes me that makes our whole family six. Our home. It can get need to cry against. I don't want I don't wanna do that meant I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good behavior. -- Brother affiliate. And wished or something I could do. That would just take that away and then nothing can and that's the heartbreaking part of this is that. This little kid had no chance. And it just it freaks me out. That this Germany -- can hook up in the future with some woman who is not sophisticated. Who doesn't do a background check who doesn't Google. And Kirk kid may be from another guy might end up victim number three in might end up in a great. Exactly and that other. People not that this is unimportant. But I. Society and they'll all had been victimized by this Jeremy Boldin because. The conservatively speaking. -- armed agent medical cost to date have been in excess of 300000. Dollars. And it's gonna continue growing. I I cannot imagine. I count -- I hate to do this to your IIII. Wanna hold you through the news and I want you just to kind of summarize everything you want us today. -- can give you proper time after the news and I know I haven't taken a lot of calls on air today because your information. And your connection to this is is is just. I'm getting more information. Then I ever thought I would get about this case and so please hold on and by the way. The original story I found out about and I don't usually use the local newspaper as a source from my show is that I wanna give credit. To what -- her back from the Buffalo News he had the article in today's paper on which are basing today's show and without it I would not have known about it. So while. Again my epics demand that I give him credit. And brown. You know I'd like to play more this by that today hardly seems that -- I just wanted to have something a little upbeat we're talking effort is joining us about the case by JJ bowl when JJ is a little boy just over four years old. And his future quite frankly is not promising why isn't promising. Because at the tender age of two months is so called father beat bush beat beat the crap out of com. The kid. JJ. Has brain damage. To the point where 65 seizures in the day is a good day. 65. Seizures. In a day is considered good as many as 200. Seizures in a day. The person I use that term loosely who did it. Do wonder he's ever have had a chance to dance with a man -- baby. Germany bowl and he. This was the second time we did it is. The first kid got off lucky you wanna call up with a broken arm and a few other injuries. In that tragic but I have to say that that he got a -- JJ. Bore the full brunt of this roots brutality. With a brain damage. Etc. I've put up the fund raising site so Germany. Sort routers are aware JJ bowl and has a shot at getting a seizure dog. And if you're not familiar with the work of seizure dogs. You should be dogs are amazing animals with that people with seizures. People with diabetes who were going into a diabetic situation. And that they are expensive like anything else they cost money. Kevin is familiar with this case very familiar with it. And back Kevin wanted to give you some time to got to composure thoughts. And just say anything you wanna say obviously I believe me I've been tempted to swear on a number of occasions I've come to close. But. I want to talk to all of my audience about this case and what we all ought to be thinking about and they've got a chance to ponder that so. What you're going. -- first of all. We put the family would like to thank you went -- media and for giving us a voice for JJ. And allowing his story to be -- -- -- his story is not unique am there're hundreds of these stories. Statistically. In New York State by their own thing their own. -- 80000 children. A year or abused or neglected in New York told JJ is a tragic story but there -- others secondly given ball. People should calm the aware -- other side if you know something great. On child abuse is under present pretty credible. And it stops when we say it stops and that means. Electing officials that will change -- watch sports such as Senator Kennedy fought with us and will continue to fight. Also -- your children. You know they are there our future in -- not touching day to be that's what. And you know hundred there Q and think the audience for their anger and support. And black sheep aren't well. If indeed and you know this is where you know they always say in in national politics. They stop at the water's edge and for me based stop when it comes to cases like -- and I do applaud Senator Kennedy and Governor Cuomo for signing JJ's law. And this should never happen again we should never have a so called man. Given the opportunity. To brutalized. Two separate babies. And get away with a two and a half years stretched for giving the second victim a life sentence of brain damage cognitive. Disabilities. I'm sure physical disabilities. It it nausea it's me and I've put the fund raising site up. And as a soldier other family member you guys have my personal cellphone number you've got my personal email and I don't wanna be whole world but if there is any thing I can do. With whatever skills the creator has given me to assist in this I'd be more than happy to. Thank -- term. And let me leave the audience that flat spot as horrific as this story is just bear in mind in a lot to -- environment now. -- Thank you very much on. And that is good news JJ is in a loving and safe environment now. And also we understand from the previous caller that the perpetrators. Who is beaten up two of his own baby boys since 2007. Has been the -- in my eyes and sterilize this information we got from the first caller. -- -- -- Must confess to having a fantasy of the night slipping. And I did very -- evil thinking when I ponder people who will do this to. The most defenseless children you know how upset they get about animal abuse. Magnify that now with child abuse in this format with -- It it. Angers me at a level. That I intentionally have to do deep breathing. Because otherwise. I'm -- series up -- that I'm gonna regret. I wanna go to Ken in Cheektowaga on WB and my phone number by the way. And folks I know that I haven't taken a lot of calls on this but the calls have taken have all been. Calls that simply needed time. My phone numbers 8030930. Start 93180616. WB and -- Cheektowaga. My apologies for keeping you on hold so long my gratitude as well thank you you're -- WB via. I think this one of the guys mature a little bit investment so -- -- mentioned you know which agencies are counties but. There's a great reticence on the part of district attorneys to prosecute. Crimes that involve children. You know and I might -- to its political. That there are afraid that they lose their cases mechanical alone an election. Took this results and it is plea deals. In a lower that you don't charge. In manually go away for four years are fighters. You know. -- it. Look at this is gonna sound really naive canned and I don't know where you are in the system or what role you play in the system. But -- DA's prosecution where non prosecution of the case should not be determined by whether. He wins or loses -- a case like this should have been again not being a lawyer they should have been a very winnable case before a jury. Had that gone to a jury would the sentence conceivably have been longer. If found guilty. It. Was this it was -- simply because I don't know that. I don't know I don't know circumstances of that case in particular but just you know I don't personal experiences and on -- dealt with cases just as bad maybe worse. With multiple. You know incidents of abuse by the abusers. That was a conviction conviction means it wasn't played. He says my reading of the article I hope I'm not getting their well. You know what that particular case but just speaking for you know cases that I do. -- because those are reticence to you know. -- well you know Clinton's. A what I I want to play a little story about our DNA. Ranks of the after the Alex -- verdict -- He. And I wanted to say he put everything he could. Into that case his office tried its darnedest to get a conviction. On the most serious charges against the doctor. And I will tell you. I'm very good authority that he was personally. As upset as the family and personally as upset as I was by that verdict now that's old now you know that's old news now. But. The it has to be tough. When you lose a case like this but I think that's part of the job you have to be willing. And apparently this was the case in Niagara county you have to be willing to take it all the way before a jury. When I see the word conviction I don't see the word plea deal. Minister confirms something else that you were onto about you know false sense you know false reporting that the use. And neglect them. But 20/20 5% of our calls. You know my experience that would be be the case. Well I'd have to tell your story here being a public figure with small children there's a time GPS came out to my house I don't even know how many times. And they were anonymous calls made by people who didn't like me and it. I've finally just. -- -- -- you know what this is this is done this is over I'm not doing this anymore and took steps to make sure didn't. My children were never abused and the fact that somebody could anonymously call in and say that -- public figures kids were being abused. Or anybody's kids were being abused. I think is absolutely onerous if you're going to make. Such a scandalous charge against anybody. I think that you should be required to give your name. Your phone number your address and then have that information. Verified not that it should be released to the individual about whom you're complaining I can see the logic bear. But just be able to make a phone call can like I don't know you. But let's just say your kids screaming in the background crying because he's hungry. You know what I'm supposed to call -- EPS if I don't like you maybe a player radio too loud at night. And then I can divert CPS resources. To we vindictive call instead of a real call. I think the unintended consequence of allowing people to call anonymous tips in the were anonymous complaints in this EPS results in the a a a burdensome caseload we're real abusers basically not properly investigated. And all right -- on that bandwagon for years and personal experience taught me that. And I look I I'm not ashamed to admit that because I did not abuse my children nor to my ex wife. That's insane. Thank you very much -- glad you called. And I'm sure my enemies will now you know make a big deal out of -- but I'm just I'm just telling you the way it is. And folks when you're going through. It I don't care how bitter -- divorces. I don't hear. How much you don't like somebody in the public. It is a ball -- move it is a total pussy cat moved to Paul -- A complaint like that and not have to give your name. And supporting evidence because otherwise you know what happens. These investigators to CPS workers they go on these wild goose chases all the time. Because somebody's trying to score points in custody battle. So they don't have to pay child support. Somebody wants to make their spouse look bad. That's BS and that's BS all the way and I -- pour it. It's 546. -- news radio 930 WB EN. All right. Paramedic trafford reporter let that rarely happens. AccuWeather for today mostly cloudy windy and colder brief shower -- -- -- -- late in the day in the southern -- the overnight low of 35 -- serious lot believe me. -- shower and spot so early in the morning otherwise breezy and chilly with that clouds breaking for some some high 49. Right now -- holding at 42 degrees and that they set on the drive and it was 53 in the thermometer the Jeep I don't know what happened since then but it. Graham and day out I believe it's YUM. And M and -- infinitum. 42 degrees right now. Ladies and gentlemen if you are just joining us I I have to tell you that sometimes. And I begin to show. I don't know in which direction the show is gonna head. I have no idea who was listening or what their connection is to what I happen to be discussing on that particular today. And it just so happened that my very first call. On the story of the guy who gets out of prison. After two and a half years for beating up a two month old babies old baby. I had no idea that people so intimately connected with this case we're listeners and they turn on the radio. Haven't heard me talking about it. I had no idea and I will tell you at all. -- -- and in all honesty and frankly with some humility which is uncommon for me that. I I consider that a great honor. And -- said that before bad. I don't know why it but. I am very grateful. To those -- you. Who is lives in some way shape or -- I have touched when tragedy has touched you. I'm very grateful for your calls and four you were. Telling me things and telling me using me as a conduit to tell the people of Western New York hearings the need to know. And I really value that trust. More than I can ever expressed and I really value that bond more that I can express. And I don't know what I ever did to deserve it. But believe me it is something that goes appreciated. Every day and if you think that's just radio BS you talk with anybody. With whom I work on a daily basis and they will tell you. That it is not contrived. Radio it's not a world -- BS it's genuine. And maybe that's part of the reason why the bond as -- because it is obviously genuine there are certain things happen in life. That really. Very very I don't know any other word but it's like they they put a blowtorch to my soul. And it and just make me. Want to cry. They make me wanna do very very violent things to the perpetrators. That I really shouldn't publicly expressed. Because they're wrong. Because you can't have anarchy. Otherwise were no better than the perpetrators. -- This is a story I don't know if I should talk about a for the next hour. Right don't know if I should go into the happy ending -- So if you have something to say. About this case. I will know whether or not to continue. By the coals and the emails a common during the news so your phone number to call if you wanna get in on this has justice been served. 8030930. The cell phone number is start 930. And the toll free number is 180616. WB EN.

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