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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-22 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

4-22 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. I -- look down upon you with Cory -- and -- and India the whole look. Muslim tensions and my -- They keep going for it and it's. It's easy to clean. But the same publicity. Would listen now as well. Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm you slide it -- local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly you do well I wouldn't discount. On news radio 930 WBE. Creditors led by twenty year old son. Blazing saddles and I I totally bombed out on Easter Sunday he's got to see it you have to watch it with me to appreciated. The problem with my kid is the kid is so good with film and metaphors I mean every parent brags about their care okay. But this is the Q do as they quarry was in the Sistine Chapel and -- the tour guide about some of the symbolism in the air and the tour guide. Said. Well I can do this for years I never even noticed that so. Was blazing saddles what might -- the problem is he's been out blazing saddle me after one viewing and that makes me feel inferior anyway it is about ten minutes after -- WB EM. Ladies and gentlemen as you know I have certain weaknesses in life there are certain crimes that just. Leave the aghast. And one of those crimes news child abuse. And when somebody beats up a child not wants. -- one child. But twice with another -- There's a real problem and I think that there is a demonstrable danger to society. With this guy. And I think the danger is such that a he he ought not to be giving out number one number two whenever it is he gets out. There ought to be a corollary to his release. If you want to get out. You will undergo a vasectomy and we're gonna make sure that the urologist does it in such a way as to be absolutely. Positively. Irreversible. Because. I don't know if you guys are aware it is but. What used to be impossible. Reversal of a vasectomy has become increasingly. Possible. As surgeons have advanced techniques. Now. I'm way past the point wanna fathering children but for some -- something to keep in mind. It is eleven minutes after four. Editors ready at 930 WB. The end. -- that look at your face like severe constipation your acting in their okay good. But anyway Jeremy ball movement who not once but twice beat up. His own sons. Though the -- -- there the final of a second victim. At the age of two months suffered a fractured skull. Now the gentleman -- Right now his name is -- are that is how I'm going to identify him he is established his bonafide with us and with me. And he has sent me a document. Which is actually from the Niagara county district attorney's office and short and better. And gear solid so please be advised. That the above named inmate will be released from Franklin correctional facility on April 21. 24 -- so he got out yesterday. He will be subject to parole supervision until August 21 2050. And this is -- -- people be Germany bold. And I am absolutely stunned -- ladies and gentlemen. If he had been caught with -- and outs of cocaine or pile of pot he would've done more time. Then fracturing a kid's skull. That's what's wrong with our legal system and that is -- folks. If it. I -- I just I'm outraged and that letter by the way it was written by an 88 from Niagara county and I'm not blaming her she's a cog in the -- you are right. I'd like to get your comments I doubt she's going to be able to -- but she's a cop. Now I don't know why the family. But germ. Jerry Jerry I don't know why the family just found out about the impending release. Days before the release that's not really -- the family I JR is where there's -- JR you've established your. Your -- now the first child. Beaten up -- -- tough guy whose real big -- -- -- He got away with it with a broken arm. The child with which you are familiar and you've proven that familiarity to us. Off error in right field a reason to go into how we did debt but the right don't put -- on the radio it's bad policy. You tell us -- Before. JJ. Boldin had the fractured skull. With the permanent brain damage. There were other injuries documented in this case which indicated a pattern of physical abuse. Correct up now listening to it just like -- -- the stalwart not fracture. Okay worded I get fractured skull. All right suffered wells suffered fractures and brain damage might occur perhaps my mind -- Tibet. But the brain damage was I presume we got he got caught in the head in the brain swelled up causing. Like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's basically what it is. And. In that case. Little jaded very lucky even to the right. You check into any shaken baby case. You know they don't live. Okay yeah -- Yeah the article are receiving multiple fractures and a permanent seizure disorder my mind made the association with fractured skull I'm glad you cleared up my mistake and I apologize for making them respect you know more about this case that I do. Obviously. What were some of the other injuries in addition to the shaken baby syndrome which left the this little boy it with such horrible life altering permanent injuries. These ironies of this between. Let's say the first documented -- and -- For the broken our. He went in with a Broken -- And apparently they had taken X rays and being so small. Europe where you should be an extreme you're gonna get a little bit more than any areas that they. Want to surveil. And they know -- fracture grip. And at that point you know they particular series of factory. Arm for diagnostic purposes because. At that age should not. Rib fractures all at different stages of -- ripped broke and what was called our pocket handled fracture from the knees and hit. The baby was two months old. Had this been going on since the day the kid came home from the hospital. That has the Stanley could tell it started at about two week. It wasn't quite like CSI where. He already out or should they look at -- at the different kind of because they have been so cool. They were all at different stages you. Well we -- went so went when a human being just two months old and you know the range of error in guestimate what do pressure took place I mean how how could you possibly know. How is JJ doing now at this point JJ would be an elementary school I presume. Argued then these are a little bit over four year old and is at a special without pre kindergarten. We did a daycare kind of. What do without again -- for it if I ask a question that you are uncomfortable. Answering. I know you're gonna let me know it is you're Ken -- guy and can work has -- tolerate that so you let me know anything estimation comparable because that is not my intent my intent is. My intent is only to get justice for this little boy and unfortunately I don't think the system's gonna do it. And I'd like you mentioned. On that that letter you regret. The the -- -- -- attorney. Yes mom she is. She had done everything. She could between. The different district attorney. And that they're -- work -- Brickyard. Is if you go on YouTube and look up some that they feel for her. She is got -- -- about. Is that very strict -- And you know we were independent personality. Proceeding. And I had never seen her. Basically ship to the point where she would cry. If three other case that she would -- -- going before Jeremy. It was Mary regiment at various strict. And when it came time for her to -- them. You know do you ever say regarding that. And T -- You know and Jeremy basically -- at her. You know no remorse. And you know what -- know rendered this sense she was basically and tears. The most. He could get. Which for years for this. At Atmel because the statue of limitations between the first documented case and that case. Had expired it was three year infantry. What can you tell us is there something I'm missing about the twice convicted Germany. Bolden. Because I read this article and I don't feel any pity for him. And I can't find it in my heart to forgive people. I cannot find it in my heart to forgive somebody who with two separate infants beats them up. You're feeling the same thing that most of the family here and probably most of the community. And move where we had. Lobbied in Albany. To get a lot changed. -- you know some of the reactions were saying. We would there was a grassroots campaign. You don't -- Western New York area. And it'll go in Albany. The and they were part of some of our legislators. And blew them you'll read this goal for. And and watching Graham. You'll be. Because read your book but look back period for this yes we are ridiculous and what we spoke with children so. And he'll be legislating. You know. Some long or. Stop quote incredible appeal. And having your outlook that all of the Obama missed supplied in there was documented cases. Both children. You know in the same thing repeat. Well what what you'll find that look this is not news to you because you obviously through your experienced a lot more about this and I do. It is not at all unusual for somebody who thinks nothing of beating up babies to also have started out with animals that tends to be the pattern that's why I take animal abuse seriously as well. Because the two would seem to be intertwined. And I would like to hold on sir 'cause I'm really grateful that you're calling it as somebody who's very familiar with this I want to thank you for correcting some of the things -- said there were incorrect. -- and for your passion and knowledge of this. I don't go anywhere wanna find out what's going on with traffic terrorism Brian has -- At 42 degrees right now we're gonna put out -- 320 tonight and cloudy windy and colder brief shower or two you might see a snow shower in the southern tier. We're talking with a man were identifying his JR. And he's very very intimately associated with that the case of JJ -- little boy. Who. Was. At the age of two months. Diagnosed were shaken baby syndrome. And a whole series of injuries. To his little tiny body caused by Germany -- and this was the second of his own children. Germany Bolden beat the crap out both infants. And his attorney and -- I would expect an attorney -- -- to represent his client that's what an attorney does. He makes the argument that the case is a tragedy that Germany -- and had to drug addicts is parents. Now what do you make of -- is again and I know a lot of people with far -- upbringing that came up pretty darn good. If you repeat. What what do you mean what is Jeremy bolt -- like I mean that the grown up you're the guy is he area man is he a monster what. I'm basing it just some -- where two children like that. And to coaching with U2 in the best of my knowledge and Stanley knowledge. And accept the need sterilization. That's taken place. -- the urging of other family members. So this problem shouldn't happen again you know it's our own children. But somewhere down the line you know what concerns me he's gonna meet some woman. And she's gonna fall in love with him she's not gonna know -- thing about his past she's gonna have kids from previous relationship. And the next time we hear this name is going to be and Thomas -- But Tom that's why JJ -- with tea. Because that law would not and with the family understanding would not have applied TJ gate case. The family was doing it to protect which he now I'm going up poll. A politician statement that would protect the good of the children going forward. Because having eloped -- get out -- saying look back period if you were to get it VW lightning and years and a repeat offender like that. He could spend or you're in jail that -- The current statue limitations were there. And be -- pressure -- know when a competent but now going back for years they can take it. Into consideration. And you know cases the penalty goal off with a maximum out of her sense of being twenty -- year. And it quote from a misdemeanor to felony. I -- I have a ton of people out my friend I have a ton of people who wanna talk about this. I want you to kind of come up with a synopsis as a closing statement from you is somebody who knows more about this case -- do -- After the news Gregory well to do that forest and for my listeners. All right thank you this is what I love folks about doing radio in my hometown. And in a community like this is this crickets and it was curry turns me on hears me talk about this case he calls and Indian -- itself. Writers there's a lot of money because ever compensate. For that port 25 editors ready at 9:30 WBZ. Am. Yeah. Really don't mind if -- -- this one. -- That in this -- out. The -- making the you that it can make you think it's. Fans in the -- he announced. -- -- -- -- -- Okay. -- -- Or thirty or is ready and I'm thirty WB -- quite. Engaging fellow by the way Ian Anderson. Very Smart -- all like -- of interviewed and brilliant man very brilliant man. And now I have to give another -- another radio station credit and well JP did such a good job interviewing Ian Anderson's advice to object to these are dude I gonna give you kudos even though we don't work. It is up for third. The foreign news radio 930 WBBM. All right we are talking about something that is. Well it it's driving me up a wall frankly and the laws have changed. If there is one affirmative thing out of various it is that. The legal system has awakened -- So that people like Jeremy -- -- do not get this skate on a second offense. For beating the crap out of a two month old infant resulting in permanent brain damage and this poor kid is gonna go to his entire life. With. Permanent seizure disorder. And I've known and I'm sure you have to. I know people who got some very serious diseases like lupus. Who have gone through seizure after seizure after seizure and it is not on me in the least it's just a it's a horrible thing. If we're talking with somebody who is intimately familiar with this case and were calling it JR we've checked -- -- was notified and he. Absolutely he's familiar with this case. And before idea JR asked you to. Give us the synopsis I just wanna get back -- something -- -- I don't want to put words in your mouth and I don't want you to say something that when you hang up legacy he's revisionist said that. But when I think of this guy Jeremy bolt what I see his picture when they realize that to a separate occasions he beat the crap out of defenseless babies. I think to myself this is a monster on two legs. In my over reacting is there something that I'm missing. -- It's ever fought a guy is -- flooded dude. As always wonder about that you know what I would what are we spirited dance with a man. And I have -- can't. I have certain fantasies that I ought to get into. Give us your synopsis everything we've talked about so far you've made some corrections to what I've said for which I'm very grateful because it's all about truth on the show. And just talk to me. I like your depression in your boy I I was -- show up I understand how people you can connect to subject. -- a little bit more to. On our great there there. Family experience. They are -- that there. Other good they -- out there at all for 200. -- Not to mention all of the medic aid and that the family there at the -- Actual idea how many and -- these jurors weighing your food down to a parent about growing up. There and we were walking. They're still here today. And then you go and you -- other families. That it lost their children to appear like there. They're not that. -- I don't -- here that. Trial could you repeat child abuse is programmable. By correcting what was a good start. Although all of us and your listeners probably know somebody. That. They're gonna do. You know at the I won't dispute me. We need to speak -- say something and that's why. There was starting to go out there with Senator Kennedy and now. That CPR workers opening up the communication between what we see. So let's stop like that the little -- out how -- going out to a pretrial. Two of them two of them in the past years. -- -- Which you know one of the problems and its its interesting you mentioned mr. -- because I have long been an advocate. Of people not being able to make anonymous calls to CPS because they're going through a bitter divorce were there girlfriend with whom -- that a child is pissed them off. Because all it does is it takes EPS workers away from legitimate cases of child abuse and puts them on witch hunts. In my right or wrong. -- Well I I you know what I'm actually quite honored and flattered that you said that because I was kind of expecting a different answer because. I don't think it's a question of we don't have enough -- as workers I think the CPS workers are overworked because of false complaints from vindictive individuals. But I guess will be -- -- for now what is the prognosis. For a little JJ for -- JJ's law. Was named which allows the system now a ten year -- back instead of the previous. Three year -- back for repeat breeders of children. Is is he cognitively. Going to be okay. Or will his IQ always be at a deficit because of these injuries Tuesday. He will always the O shy of a molecular -- Four years old. 100% party. Four years old cannot see one completely were. Four years old. -- Say the grandma. Grandpa. Or any other. Com the family teaching him some sign language because there are some other parts of the brain where he could still communicate. And you got there are there are accurate are part of and we know what it is. Literally. You're killing time that they. You know teach him something he'd be able to act Quebec and adding to. It'll just recently learned basically be able to walk in Kabul on and go to where he can go. JR what is seizure dog be of any help and do you have access to a seizure dark. Our family. Is in the process all. They had -- dogmatic. You know what is basically under -- JJ. Unfortunately. Over the week before they were gonna and that's gone now for news or Seattle. And the dark not medically cleared. And the trainer told the families at. That the -- will be able to. You know -- a great football training unfortunately there was an 80% chance that it it would Eric Butler. Eight -- so we didn't want a -- so. I'll have already culture. They're all down. Another -- There are being trained her. Unfortunately you let's teach the dog just attacked the future. Bet that bonding between the trials. And the animal so they got to be in close proximity and they want to see your app and you encouraged -- -- Where we are so. There's going to be a lot of people who were hearing their sport gonna wanna help as there and you know I. Fundraisers I'm I'm very leery of advertising anything fund raisers were special accounts because unfortunately that I feel the obligation to do it for everybody and I hate to say no to people but. Is there an account is -- fund raiser so that the family at least doesn't have to take the full financial hit. For buying and training a seizure dog for this little boy. Our -- is there the foundation being set up as a base super long name. If you send it to me I'll be happy to put it on my FaceBook page. We will do after my understanding is there's still some. Two points that need to be here. Or we can really make it public. Just to protect the family understood for instance they're. Outrage. A working dog. Your thought as expected lights are out usable like between 5% a year approximately 25000. Dollars. -- -- Not counting -- and things like well. Let me know -- more than willing to. Provide that information they're in -- however you would like to disseminated or you want additional information win urged. Your listeners. To get involved in some of these groups armed with some of them the meetings and marches sit out. And experience for him you know the devastation in the old that it takes on the -- and and it's you see something say something. When you are when you're ready to go with this -- you let me know and if there's anything. With my. Whatever skills I have is an emcee or whatever that would be of use to you please note that I'd be happy I'd be honored to help. -- you know anytime you want additional information on the list. Wii's. -- scene of -- tight knit group where. Other groups in the area you know support. You know what -- a lot of these things come up in the media were pretty much aware of it. Well I I don't wanna be whole world focus I can't stand when he pulls it crap but -- I'm gonna -- I'm gonna send you my idea personal cellphone number and my personal email so that you always have a direct line to me if you need me if I can do anything for you okay. I I'm I'm honored that you called and I'm very gratified and pleased that you corrected my misstatements. And the mean frankly the truth is worse than misstatements which I didn't think was possible. Thank you very much. Note thank you. Folks are very. Seldom find myself. In a position where does lost for words. But. And I know that JJ isn't the only kid in this position we're the only person. And in this position. Now the good news mean let's try to find the let's try to find the flake of gold in this siege of of crap. And the good news is. Bad. JJ. Has a great support network that's number one. Number two. The alleged bother. I used that term loosely. Germany -- according to our caller who does know this case has been sterilized so he will not be reproducing anymore little kids that doesn't say these -- -- with some poor woman down the line with no idea what this guy is done. So -- got no business being around advocate for cancer. I'm number three the law has been changed. And this is were gonna put politics aside. Because. Although I'm not a fan of his ordinarily. I have to applaud Senator Kennedy. I have to applaud governor -- -- signing. JJ's law. Which does change the look back period from three years to ten years for these serial child beaters. So it is transcends politics. In this is were grown ups need to get together and say you know what. If we have power we have to do something to help people especially. Little kids who can't. Speak for themselves. And the caller was right there's this story. This story moves me now a different way than it did before when I started off those we were just getting in your cars. My my emotion was. Extreme. Burning it raging flame throwing anger. At Jeremy Boldin and the fact that the system released him after two and two and a half -- stretch of four years cents. My emotion is still one of anger. It is also one of a profound sense of sadness. Over the fact that the prognosis. And the progress to date of this little boy. It is not. Optimal. And to be brought into this world as a perfectly normal healthy child. And by virtue of the violent actions. Of Germany Bolton. To basically get a life sentence. Of limited cognitive skills. And seizures were 65 seizures is a good day. Folks. I need you to put yourself in this position permit -- bleeding heart. Prepared. -- IE. In my life have known people I'm sure you have as well. Who have had seizure disorders due to brain tumors do to advance lupus. Do a whole bunch of neurological issues. And sometimes he seizures are soul. Absolutely. Traumatize him. That you end up spending a week two weeks three weeks and hospital just recovering from the rain storm you just went through. After this little kid have to go through. 65 seizures a day on a good day. It it it's -- it's harper. And I hope you'll forgive my just being a little bit emotional here. But I don't think justice has been served. And I'm not gonna blame. I mean -- the easy thing to do is to blame the Niagara county. I've got my issues with the Niagara county DA revolving or drunk driving situation a few years ago involving her daughter of a connected -- -- one person. But I can't blame the DA on this one -- count. I can't blame the ABA who handled the case I can't blame the judge they worked with what they had a law a law that did not protect. Little JJ. And moreover I have problem with the system. Again. Words you would get more time. For bad -- unhealthy personal choices. Then you would for destroying somebody's life. 803 all right. Thirty is the phone number 8030930. Start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB yet if you don't know what we're talking about I'll try to restated as briefly -- camp in the next segment. But it's a story little -- issue law. And cause you kind of -- were I am right now just in the stated shaking my head and rather distraught. On WB. And AccuWeather. Well cloudy evening windy colder tonight a brief shower to my biggest snow shower in the southern tier late tonight the overnight low 35. Old and it's 42 degrees at WB and it was 53 when I was driving and now it's 420. It's my fault blame me. Let's go to. We've had people on hold here for ever -- is Kevin. On WB EM -- and I will start the call we you know and we'll have to finish after the 5 o'clock news at which point I will restate exactly what we're talking about. What what's your brief but what are your brief thoughts right now starter. Am I mean junior junior. Grade alcohol I'm JR robber we were my wife and I were the ones that can't do it. For the nine months after he was a -- move down by CBS and we had to deal with a majority of these health issues that JJ yet. And Ahmad analyst. You may -- problem. -- to meet fractured femur fracture a wrist fracture. I hadn't yet spike I'm spider web fracturing in the Balkans system would be -- -- backwards. Under -- flat surface but not true skull -- that maybe where you got that. Yeah my brain made a connection that wasn't there I -- well that ain't good I'm glad you cleared up that's that's the important thing although. It doesn't you know doesn't do do the little boy any good at this point. As you as you well know I can't even imagine what your co pays are or what this is done to vote to the family I mean. I want to hold on that's the beginning of this and a wanna hear more because this is a very important story. Somebody's got to speak up for they're scared because the legal system I think let you down. And hopefully it's gonna improved so please we'll pick you up in the Riverside news on WB yeah. Excuse me it is 455.

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