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4-22 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. It would. Be offended. If you go to the -- to a the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threats facing America's use of Russia and al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling ask for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do but that happened -- that. -- -- -- -- -- That was -- -- Tom hourly. Even though this. I think it -- back page -- lives these local Buddhist. It's Tom hourly -- throws a shoe yeah honestly onions -- 0930. Doing -- somewhere somewhere in Western New York there's still the biggest party going I don't I just get this thing feel it. It is by. -- on the Israeli tonight thirty W Vienna good afternoon and thank you very much for being -- this really appreciate it we have. Lots of things we're gonna try to get it through today -- media program but none of them as heartwarming as us all stirred up with a heartwarming one again and to some cold hard reality that is this frigid as ice. And somewhere some of you are thinking yes like my facts no that's not where I'm going to you'd be saying -- you're I would say about -- It isn't clear where the frauds are back now a fraud should not be confused with eight vote. There's there's a little bit different between four dogs and -- okay told limit your garden -- wouldn't aunts and that would be war. But this is the time of the year if that there's gonna ask John Sherman because my neighbors had this incredible backyard quarry on. And without any intervention on their part this just nature. Which is why I laugh -- Earth Day. Yeah it's -- they asked me how many flying blanks idea that would be a zero object -- nature takes care of things. And for the past 23 Summers -- springs the fox have naturally found their way to my neighbors pop. So every evening now when I come home from work. I get the biggest kick out of opening the vehicle or whatever car driving and stepping outside and all here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sure you don't have the readily available because I've ever said anything about fraud -- out. But if you have a neighbor with a ponder and the frogs have piled upon you know of what I speak. It is I don't know why it. I don't know if you find this is comforting as I do maybe this is -- people enjoy fishing which is something I've never gotten into that I would never do could have always just seemed cruel to the -- In such a girly man but. I find this so relaxing to hear the papers so actually open my windows are cracked because I -- Erica. Because not -- for my entertainment thank you John -- John quick question quick question everybody you're on what I was gonna do this but. You know obviously John and I are neighbors and coworkers. And that the relationship stops there for now but John you have you have seen or you have heard rather the papers in the neighborhood to Prague from the pond. Isn't that the best out ever. You do it windows opens you can hear okay because they go all the way down the street open even to your house say. All right so -- -- are like they treat thank you John you you may leave announcer I've used you could buy good data user. But how about you but sometimes it's just those natural sounds. That our soul. That it's like white noise but it's a relaxing white noise and keepers always put the innate delightful mood. Because somehow it always -- is it like the world is right when I hear the peak hours. That I see the great lutherans flying overhead -- I think ours is. Just look at her date just like the cardinals now -- -- those of you I know my audience I know you guys are that the wild. And it. In our neighborhood we have a super abundance of cardinals. And it started. I noticed that -- -- in ten years ago. And it is actually exploded in a sea of red. In the -- neighborhood and the John German neighborhood every single year this time and here we have cardinals singing out. But while -- you would think that there are millions of cardinals in Williams real looking for a date. Because it's our pleasure. Singing to entertain us the -- got a concert is not The Beatles a chase that they're singing because it's the natural way where the cardinal hooks up. You know it it's all it's their fraud here. Can I say fraud here anymore but if that's that's where they hook up. So I hope you have a chance at least sometimes to smell the roses now live -- how stressful your life may be. -- how many responsibilities you have no matter how many things you've got to do a given day. Always try to stop and smell the roses because. You just you -- know me in Albany springs do each of its app company Summers each of us there and we never know you know job. Next -- great job the one article for which I was looking the hardest. Does not seem to be in the sections you have delivered to -- but that's okay all do get off the year. You know I listen to -- each this morning talking about this guy. Grew -- filed a lawsuit against the Buffalo Bills. Because the Buffalo Bills promised. More than tech text messages every two weeks or whatever ones and they set up their team. So being America in 2014 the guy took the Buffalo Bills the court I'm sorry that is a frivolous lawsuit. I have no issue and I look I -- show people what I had been injured in the car accident you know they just gonna let somebody -- my vertebrae and say all okay it'll be a lifetime of pay -- but I'm not -- get money out of it other equities studio of course -- -- And you should tell when you suffer a genuine legitimate document injury you should get compensation for. And given the choice between money and having a healthy back I'd rather have a healthy back again but that's just not gonna happen. Not in this lifetime. But this is a frivolous lawsuit but I -- it five hilarious about it. You're aware of this but the guy who sued the bills all he's getting is 5000 dollars in cash. I'm gonna say that again all he's getting 5000 dollars in cash you know -- attorneys are getting in cash over half a billion dollars. What's wrong with that picture the guy who brings the -- gets 5000 dollars the lawyers who who'd get the legal work get over half a million. And what the bills are gonna do now the rest of it. If they are establishing a class of aggrieved customers who sign up for their texting service and they will be compensated but I love with the bills are doing it's -- like an -- view. -- they're going to be compensated. But they're gonna get gift cards this -- only in the team's store. Well that I'm sorry look at it I've got my issues with the bills but I've got -- even bigger issue with what I consider to be frivolous lawsuits and to me this is just a giant middle finger to -- this kind of mentality of this kind of thinking. But I also think -- myself the guy who brought the lawsuit. Does it affect would his emotions must be like right now. He's the guy who contacted these lawyers are okay. He's getting a 5000 dollar check and I don't think that's taxable by the way. I think it's 5000 cash on which you don't have to pay taxes. His lawyers are getting over half a million I think it's 562000. Dollars. I'm sorry I find that delicious I wonder -- a guy feels about back right about now. Anyway what else is happening all speaking of the law there's something that is driving me absolutely up the wall today and I I am just I would say a apoplectic but. Apoplectic talk show host although -- in short bursts listening for four hours would drive you up wall. So I have to kind of contain my emotions. If you are up so called man. And you beat up a baby in 2007. And you break the European -- baby's arm not that it matters what did you behaviors -- -- maybe but if you break a baby's arm in 2007. And then you beat another one of your babies to a point where the baby has a fractured skull. And the baby will have permanent seizure disorders. Parent is a special place in hell reserved for you. I'm sorry. I don't care that your parents were drug addicts a lot of people walking around here who had really crappy up race. I know some people whose upbringing would shock you. I would never name names because I am a ball they had a lot worse than this guy who just got out of prison after serving that I mention. Two and a half years. Two and a half years. For beating up eight babies. And then babies grow into an adult. With a permanent seizure. Disorder. It's nothing that's going away it's nothing for which -- secure it's nothing that is remedial -- through physical therapy or drugs medication or anything else it is a permanent seizure disorder. Two and a half years in prison and it was the second time he did it. Now because I. Happen to have a sense of professional ethics unlike the people one news plaza I will give credit to the source from which I'm getting this information it pains me to do this but ethics must come first yes I do have a sense of professional ethics for those who may doubt that. Fact a very strong sense of professional ethics. Up personal ethics for a professional at that absolutely. Odd -- back I have to give him credit for this and the article is in today's Buffalo News. So if you know get her back. You make sure that he knows that I'm giving him credit and the newspaper credit for this information because that is my sense of professional ethics maybe you guys could learn something from me. But anyway. The information from the story comes from this Jeremy Boldin is the guys they'd be. OLB I am in 2007. He broke his own son's arm. In 2011. He fractured his own son visited different -- his own baby son's skull. He was given a four year sentence. Now ladies and gentlemen I don't claim to be a lawyer. But a four year sentence for such an egregious crime and a crime that is a second offense. Second offense. This guy's a little slow on the uptake as far as his concern. Yeah well I Jeremy -- would. -- a dance with a man. I want Kelly delivered with a man and he's he's got it beating up babies are. We do with a man like that demanded those little bit about self defense may be a man who may have some training in martial arts -- -- to Germany against somebody like that. 'cause I think you get your basket and you deserve to. But wait I'm not advocating vigilante isn't. I don't advocates that that would be extra legal and it is not part of by professional code of dignity and ethics. But I always wonder what I hear about people like this did they actually try. To fight a guy. We give me that much at least that he ever square off against a guy who's capable fighting that. I wonder. Probable I don't know I have no idea. He's a tough guy when it comes to babies and infants. Or order please that tough dealing we've grown ups. Doctors say it I -- I always wondered if it is reminds me of that seemed. From LA confidential for the beginning of the movie were Russell Crowe. Is parked outside this white Peter's house on Christmas Eve. And he sees this guy who just got out of the joint. Beating up his wife again. So Russell Crowe pulls -- at this lay off the roof of the guy's house. And then the guy comes outside and has a little interchange with the Russell Crowe Carriker. He really guts. Detrimental change. Back with Russell Crowe to we have that again Joseph because that was -- totaled. -- -- -- There's more to -- I'm not sure we can play more to it from a LA confidential. Yeah that's all the clip that was available to us market but you get the point you know what you tried dancing with a -- for change a question. And this is where I want your help on this has justice been done for these two little kids. I cannot understand for the life for me somebody who beats up on me. And I most certainly can understand for the life of me somebody who does it twice. If you door in 2007. If you break babies are in 2007. And then you'll Fletcher you're -- kid's skull. As an infant to the point the kid is never going to be able function -- -- full brought up a ball because the kid is always going to be subject to seizures. Tool and a half years. Off for -- stretch are you freaking kidding. I'm sorry. But you do that kind of a crime. That is the most heinous act. Committed in the most vicious way against the most innocent victim. And then again Europe. Wonderful humanitarian president who wins the Nobel Peace Prize thinks that aborted babies who survive the surgical procedure can be murdered and nobody really should give it. Welcome to America. Has justice been served for these little kids -- I think two and a half years is a travesty I know that's the way the system works I know that he got credit for good time. And I know that that helps the prison guards because well what's the point I mean. The prison guards like good time makes their job easier it's a tool they can use in the arsenal to get in the race to be a better. But I think it's a slap in the face it society. I'm men so called on his second offense. But what does it do for bigger to what's what's gonna be the next thing -- is gonna have to kill. And then whats he gonna get 25 to life that I'll be out after ten. This is to me this is absolutely outrageous. Who speaks for the little guy. Who speaks for the little guy and has justice been done. You let me know -- several pissed operate now. If I was -- get at if I was to give full -- how pissed off I would be. It would not be good 803 on I thirty starlet thirty on. We try that again. 8030 lead thirty on the -- -- start -- dirty on the cell phone 180616. WBM. That's free from anywhere has justice been done. Where a baby gets beaten up. By a second offender child -- upper. And the guide those two would have yours the kid gets a life sentence of seizures I think it's Sox. Pattinson that I FaceBook my whole screen is my bad by the whole screen I'd do what what happened within shrank. My my my FaceBook page just went through total shrinkage seriously was it -- version by the way I thought we change things up a little bit. Does that play in the group from Ohio. The Ramones maybe. All right it is at 335 -- news radio 930 WB yet although I got. So some of my FaceBook page top your neighbor's keepers wouldn't be there if I'll paraphrase big business had dumped its chemicals are the property the papers all. It's really. Really that is the old chestnut that's the liberal progressive propaganda. Conservatives. Hate clean air. Clean water and by the way we wanna push your grandmother off a cliff. Now for about the fact that you've got a president who told somebody that her mother should take a pain pill instead of getting a pacemaker she needed you know that's that's -- -- that's compassionate forget you got a president who believes that botched abortion babies can be slaughtered I mean murdered legally and that's a big problem. Conservatives are hateful ones don't you know. -- -- is nothing but anti American anti capitalist propaganda. Has absolutely nothing to do with clean air and clean water it's a marketing bland it's taken up by the left. Obviously there's Al Allen's entire show is about current date and I rest my case bank. All right now it is at 336. That news radio 930 WBM. -- should anything like this. Your take a look at my computer this bizarre I work with FaceBook now for a long time and I just can happily Davis. Anyway. To get back out too well what we're talking about. I am exceedingly upset that it takes a lot to get this upset. To the point I really have to check every word I use in fear that I'm gonna say something that is going to be final. But you've got a guy a man and alleged -- By the name of my journey Bolden. Then he was sentenced to four years because for the second time. He beat the crap out of one of his infant -- the second offense. Except the second offense was more severe but the first offense the first offense he broke kids are. The second offense he broke kid's skull. He gets a four year stretch he goes to -- That is not justice. That is not justice. No you don't wanna do right now. I wanna go to the godfathers wedding on his daughter's wedding date and ask for favor that's what I wanted incredibly hot now. I believe in America America's amid the my fortune. RI let's not take some cause some -- making fun of it but I understand that Dan. This is that this is an insult to justice is lawyer says he had a tough upbringing because both parents were drug addicts folks. Think about your life. How many of you know people like the people you know who had a hell -- a lot worse upbringing that a couple appearance that would drug addicts. I can think of one person in particular whose early years were absolutely traumatic. Beyond any thing that Germany bowl but ever could have experienced. And this individual turned into a productive. Happy member of society. It wasn't easy and it wasn't overnight. But this is an outrage. To -- this is an absolute outrage. What you gonna. The next progression Joseph. Is almost like it could be from The Sopranos joked you don't pay your shot debt so the first time -- break your car. Is don't open the big break your skull what's next -- I tell -- that's actually -- In any movie wasn't actually this guy's going to be. You're gonna hear about about it again. And frankly it. The blood. Or his next victim happens to be is going to be the legal system of New York State I think this is outrageous. There's little -- on WB Ian -- you are on hello. Hello mr. Bauer -- ordered. With no particular call so. You takes -- I have to say I agree with what you had to say about their individual Germany Ritter -- support I needed. For here SC gets he gets out to air. Announces its second offense which according it was more violent than this -- defense. I won't get out of according debate what would you consider would you ever broken arm or fractured skull the usual like Tennessee agers I'll take the broken arm. Of course without a doubt I'm just I didn't hear anything about this story before listening to your market so I don't really know. What's going around the site from where it hurts but you'll look at. Well I -- I have to give credit to get her back to the Buffalo News because I do it was sent to professional ethics which are quite profound. But. I wanna share with you because this is relevant to what you're saying I don't wanna get your comments on it as well. A bomb I was an utter shock when I heard he was getting out said -- at the local -- of Nortel Wanda whose son Marshall was Baldwin's first victim advocate with the broken our. I would not put it past him to get together with some other woman who doesn't know his past and abused her child. -- What Wall Street appears. No one no one notified the family. That Bolden his release was pending until Friday of last week. When they got a letter from the Niagara county DA's office so much for victim assistance. -- -- Yeah it sounds like a pretty pour -- support network for the victim. It most certainly -- and I just cannot imagine. -- the light this poor little boy is gonna have to leave. Because his -- sperm donor father gave a fractured skull. You know for his first birthday. Are absent without a doubt I mean a lot of well the dysfunctional households and they go -- to be perfectly normal life. There who has grown up to dysfunctional household. Exactly and they'll vote to what one would consider to be dysfunctional. You're dysfunctional corporal punishment is a dispute is impacting -- away -- itself. You know there's so many different interpretations. Dysfunction. And a lot of -- archer crap. Collect better terms this. Ultimately it is always so you don't -- I'm being abused -- being neglected. As -- holes there're a whirlwind of problems. Her -- this country. Where are being -- real man because the kid with a fractured skull victim number two was two months old. Two freaking months old. When daddy beat him up. Yeah I I definitely agree -- definitely think that usually got a lot longer sentence. Like point I think you're polite you know something along go flying. You know what you get more of a sentence if you you would get more sentence if they found crack or Coke in your car you wanna see why am in favor legalizing drugs this is exhibit day. -- -- And there are mandatory minimum sentences. This guy this guy. Is seriously he was better off beat the crap out of a two month old baby that he would've been without however many. And you know the terminology blanks of cocaine in his car. Ridiculous. I couldn't agree mark he sure got a -- settles and he should definitely not your brother the kids any. And he looked at. I think you ought to you know what he ought to have a vasectomy. -- I think that he should be announced we talked about this all the time when women you know sterilization of women -- -- were not kid after kid after kid for more and more welfare this guy is is case exhibit -- for a forest vasectomy done in such a way as to be absolutely positively irreversible. Yeah you know that I'm really disturbing about the whole thing -- all politics are going in the country is in -- and simple searching you'd like to go on -- Unit to register your dog it's certified -- Thought you'd think it might be a good idea circled -- -- registered etiquette. But the -- should be checked out. Yeah the only problem -- bat is that we be registering with the same government that thinks that you know having more than X number of rounds in a magazine is a crime. He would this would've been seriously let's go to them more time violating NY safe because for this -- used are you kidding me. You may. This house beyond disturbing this is an outrage. Yeah I mean I've gone through a bracket upbringing and involve parents are alcoholics and stuff like -- There and are different clubs that you -- thought about harming anyone or cause anybody any great -- All I've thought about harming a lot of people in my life but decency and frankly if you're being gang raped in prison has kept me from that. All right thank thank you -- you glad you called. Well I mean I don't know what my doctor touch me down there it's like you don't think my chances with the prostate cancer right what is a PS they look like good all right no finger for me thank you. 344 news radio 930 WB and what we want this thing. Anyway 8030 and I'd heard he started I had 3180616. WB and forgive the levity but sometimes I just have to get my brain out of where it is because right now I must tell -- it's at a very dark place and I think if you've -- any common sense -- sense of decency or any morals whatsoever and I -- morals -- -- morals are usually in the eye of the be holder but this is something everybody I think you'll agree yeah. -- a four year sentence for fracturing or two month old son son so the kid's gonna have permanent brain damage in seizure disorder. That is that should be more than a four year crime does anybody disagree with that. -- anybody think you'll be out after two and a half years and does anybody think the family should've found out before Friday. That this guy was getting released. People do more of a stretch for minor BS drug crimes -- they do for this. This is bold. Fill in the blank. I almost said it but I didn't what are these days I will but I'll be speaking from the heart and as long as you speak from the heart. It's okay arrogance. Comment that are 345 let's go to JR in the act and more on WB and JR has justice been done this is -- guys this was the guy's second offense. Yet there that are possibly a third. I do not believe justice has been hurt. -- -- you just said yes it has spent that I do not believe justice has been served I hope you'll forgive my confusion as to what -- -- Game. And bet -- -- convicted. They're possibly up Federer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay that no disrespect intended -- a -- This particular set first of all is was four years even the right sentence in this. No not give him the abuse to -- Problem the kinda cool. What you've been saying -- from the last few minutes an expert on the first couple of bones were broken up and and allow me to read we. Two to three weeks I'm getting months. All all you're not counting the fractured skull -- -- -- ice -- saying the fractured skull. Was the culmination of a series of beatings preceding the fractured skull a victim number two. OK I did not know that if that is true that's new information. I hope I -- If you can document that my email is Thomas WBM -- I'm look I'm I'm only going tonight again you know -- they always get upset over the newspaper when talk radio I mean I rarely this is the first time in years now in months I've used this paper as a source free radio talk show I've done. But everything I'm getting from this is from Danaher -- piece in today's Buffalo News or given credit. Right part of information that they have received it from me. Okay. All right I talk to your neighbors to discovered that he talked your neighbors deceive your good -- Sir inside -- -- that nevermind in it inside inside joke. All right I like to talk further about this -- are okay can you sound like somebody who knows a lot more than you're letting up. Op report we really get pocket two Jeremy. Two K. Okay I want you to hold on my friend okay because that. You want to come. Out during whatever you're gonna do what you know. I have my producer talk to you we'll get a call back several playback if that's okay. OK fair enough -- which I'm older than normal. They -- that yup folks always appreciate extra information especially you know people who can improve their -- provides in everything. It is at three 48 at -- read united thirty WB yen and by the way in no issue perform my implying that -- an -- that did not do a thorough job with this story because -- swim in that stuff punctured and that the best he could with the information available to. So up I give him credit for this story otherwise I would not heard about it and on the bigger -- 348 -- news radio 930 WBE. And here is AccuWeather -- year from WB yen today will be a cloudy day it'll be windy colder colder tonight I just made up a new word that a bigger works. I mean theology is that something electric. With a brief shower or two. Arcade gagged this is why -- could not see spring has sprung in my official JJ sanctioned voiced. I can't say yet snow shower late tonight in the southern -- the overnight low 35 tomorrow a shower in spots in the morning otherwise it will be breezy and chilly clouds will break -- on tomorrow's high 49 degrees right now Joseph -- is. Until are you serious because unlike -- thermometer -- and it was 53 nice to tell me it's 42 no you kids -- Yeah this was not a -- down day for the Torrey this was a G day. Can I thought I was gonna drive home and a blizzard -- -- -- verified that JR all right now the question is Joey Geneva out of 55. Yes okay. Let me get back to a guy knows more about this Germany -- the case -- Jolie you're just joining us this guy his second offense beat the crap out of one of his -- infant -- fracturing this kid's skull he gets a four year stretch of which he does to what it appears he's out he's getting out I think it's an outrage. This kid got a life sentence permanent seizures JR what do -- get me wrong. It's I just picked up it's like when I got in my vehicle I didn't hear anything previous. Problem. I agree with importantly it you know we've got to -- that next time you were supposed to be eligible for all is in August. And our. Sources tell that it was going to be denied them all so. So how okay. My understanding is. Bad according to the way our system works he did it his stretch and because of his good time that he accrued. He gets out. I don't believe. When it com golf. It was good that old time. -- I I want more info from view and the stories has an awful lot of my listeners right now and and that's good. Don't know the F thank you that's that's good because -- it if you -- as a society. It if you don't care about your kids. And and and and the justice system and how it deals -- people who have a track record once but twice a beat the crap -- a little infants. Then you might as well -- -- society --

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