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4-22 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're back -- the Beijing governor sandy beach thanks for your comments on the attacks thing saying and so will look. Gave our prior map but I keep up your verbal skills picky about the other skills used any modern technology to your advantage. I think where were at a disadvantage as we use it simply because it's there. Because everybody has to be -- because its latest. And if that's the case -- I think now lose perspective of what's important and verbal skills are very important. So far they haven't managed to duplicate that we are now going to change subjects. There are terms. That mean something substantial. When you hear the term. You immediately listen. For the rest of the conversation to see how that term is being used and it's an important German people on just throw around. And when you inherit you know that I've got to pay attention to this this is important to me well sometimes they get used so often. That they lose their remaining. And they get used many times totally inappropriate manner. And you get angry because what happens is when it's used in a totally inappropriate manner and it's not applicable to what you're talking about it at all. Then what happens is when it is trying to be used for some answer is nobody takes its there's. It's just another -- owner is just another whole home. And that term today would be racists. Okay it seems like everything that somebody objects through that has to do with skin color is because there -- objecting to some thing. That is racist. And because of that they've they've lost ownership of the word basically. That the term racist as soon as I hear right now are going to need jerk reaction. Because most of the time it will not be anything it's legitimately racist. It's just something that somebody just like a puzzle to agree to and the reason they don't like it is because of their own reasons but. It must be because -- are racist. Now the US army ladies and gentlemen. Being called racist by some black soldiers. I have a couple of articles I have a New York Times article by Helene Cooper. I also have an army times which is their newspaper article by Michelle tan. And the the army has just issued no regulations regarding hair and -- -- owns. -- league. Over or what they are first of all the army times article. Thousands of soldiers and others have signed a White House petition. By the way there's 171000. Signatures on the White House petition so now. -- thousands of soldiers and others have signed a White House petition calling for the president to ordered the army to reconsider. Appearance and -- regulations they contend are racially biased. Against black women. The updates in the army regulation was published last week. Among the rules clarifications -- army appropriate hair styles. For example the army does not -- twists or multiple braids bigger than a quarter of an inch in diameter. The regulation also bans dreadlocks of any style corn rows must be in you must be uniform and no bigger than a quarter inch. So there are specific our regulations regarding those hair styles. Twists and dreadlocks have been prohibited since 2005. But the regulations of the time did not clearly define specific. Their styles the new rule clearly defines a different there's thousands of soldiers specific guidance on what's allowed according to an army spokesperson. Published before regulations or official. The publish information includes photos of a number of unauthorized -- though several of which are popular among black women. So because these styles are popular among black women and the army says nyet no. Date field that the only reason that went through it 'cause their racist. A man I remind you that our armed forces. Is not a social club is the military -- I'll also remind. Just that we have no draft. But it you signed up to be in the armed forces and when you sign up you don't get to negotiate what what you like and what you don't like. And also to be a member of a fighting machine. The they don't thank. Highly of individualistic. Thought processes. You've got to be ready to take in order and follow that order even if it means your death. I mean think about it signing up for the armed force is a very serious thing and you can expect that I'm gonna go in there and tell them home and Wear my hair. I mean as I recall because I've been there Elvis and his Erica. Remember that Elvis very famous sitting at a barber chair because that's what they do to try and make everybody a member of the team instead of an individual. They publish a new regulation and included what I just told him. I've been in the military six years I've had my hair natural for years and I've never been out of regulation is never interfered in my head gears the sergeant. -- jasmine Jacobs of the Georgia National Guard she has to twist. She started the White House petition sees as kind of -- loss of what to do now the army defines twists as two distinct strands of hair. Twisted around one another to create a rope like appearance -- -- twists are big go to south of black female officers. Now are going to the field because it makes it easy to take care of in the field. A most black women their hair doesn't grow straight down it grows out she said. I'm disappointed receiving army rather than inform themselves and how black people Wear their hair they whitewashed at all. I wonder -- the drum why it will watch this. Is that they're purposely. But is say she doesn't quite get and it I she says she's been in the army for six years. She must understand that the army doesn't really checked. In with the of the people who are in the army to find out. What direction -- ago two -- that's above your pay grade above their rank. In a White House petition she calls for the army to reconsider changes to regulation. The changes are racially biased. And the lack of regard for ethnic hair is apparent so that's -- I mean -- as you wonder if it's called racist. The quote is the changes are quote racially biased. And the lack of regard for ethnic hair is apparent. So why would have to wonder. Seeing that black soldiers and -- of men and women make up way a large portion of the armed forces. What the army would have in mind that would make them racist. Because you fit a category maybe they've does that maybe they've decided that. Certain -- more appropriate in battle or in training or whatever but it's the army's calls about the soldiers call. And that's the way it works. But but to say you don't agree that that's fine you know have to agree with -- got to do it. During the army just agree -- Yeah and that's fine but the cot races. I'd like to know I'd like them all the motivation of this soldier why she thinks the army would take a racist position. I don't know you know I'm not dumb. I'm a crazy. About the hair styles of some of the running backs in the NFL. But if the NFL put a rule out because this started with what is start with a guy Green Bay the defensive back -- Green Bay I'm thinking. And though long hair coming out of the back of his helmet was harassed you know it started -- one person that a lot of people did it now if the NFL said. You can't do that -- things below the helmet and -- bowl -- because if you're an offensive player. The defense is public grab you by the hair and wrestle -- round or it's dangerous or or just for parents I remember the NFL. As rules about how did you Sox after be up so that you -- hall. OK if they did that the first thought I I wouldn't have would be all the NFL's racist. No the NFL is looking for the same thing the -- looking for both for different reasons they're looking for conformity. You have to be a member of the team. So the NFL has -- on just using it as an example it's to get conform to again conformity. And it's -- racist because she puzzle I get I think is they'll advise. I think the at it if the NFL came out with a -- lucky here cannot be. -- let's -- one inch below the helmet OK so that they go after Harris and our staff I don't know if more guys like -- but they don't go after Clay Matthews then all of our. -- -- -- are absolutely doubt your your totally right. About that the army is looking for team members are looking for conformity -- conformity -- dog and outlook for individuals. Who laden. Who feel that they should be able to do anything they want to when you sign up for the army you basically sign up to say OK I'm here to be a part of the team. Now what do I have to do and the key is have to do and to question whether there racist what purpose would the army have him being racist. There be no purpose to. 80309301806. On 692 visits -- -- thirty my question is does the term racist still have any meaning. It doesn't amaze I can tell you that it used to but it doesn't to me because everybody else that it's every five minutes we -- something else is racist. And I would challenge this. This soldier to give me an idea. Well give anybody an idea of the racial aspect of it is it just because it applies to people who are black. Would that it by itself make it a racist that if they decided that that kind of hair in that style was dangerous in the field. And could there could possibly kill you and they said you can't Wear it anymore because of that would that be a racist attitude probably not. Will be back after Davis and does the term racist still have any meaning to me it doesn't really doesn't. The latest example being being new -- regulations the army has issued in which a black female soldiers Letzing is 171000. Signatures on the White House. Petition to get them to. To rescind it. But they claim it's racist. Now what is not mention in that article but as mentioned in another article. At the same time that the army regulated -- change that regulations there. They now band had to lose on the face neck. Hands fingers and lower arms OK let's say now Tony I'm looking at -- hold up these parts so I conceit. -- and the tattoos on your face and that's right there. Your neck and ears or still above the nectar hands no tattoos on their hands fingers no finger tad too. And lower arms. So that -- believe it's still haven't on your chest. You have on your back you're gonna have it on your legs. Although women usually pat put tattoos on accounts you know it's a lot of guys with that -- And that's it and now. So at this -- detectives will be applicable to men and women one -- its home. So there's still some space should put that goes by so there regulating tattoos -- so it's tattoos and the hair styled. But nobody said anything about the yeah regulations with tattoos. But this hair style yeah seventeen thousands. Let's see what people think. Frank you're on WB yen. You just -- And so acre feet where all the social for Gortat in the services. They probably -- bad. And -- what orchard and written and it's four. Yet when corners -- sure -- were cut short exactly sort -- -- -- left. I mean you're given some -- and are looking did you -- -- -- You know sure that you are a little -- here and it's up your -- But there's no reason for me or why they're here sort you don't want to -- are lighter and any departure Albert. Quietly OK have long here here -- -- they -- your act. And we're all other for a bit atop the -- and torture Weiner Albert sport that -- -- back. -- we weren't there at all. All that corn -- and all the other stuff Gordon and they're all rich Republican approach knock your act. Uniformity everybody sport to be uniform. Is supposed to be exactly it's it's it's sort expects you. That's always thought -- like especially wants celebrity's. Would -- service. And that they were -- -- had to be a big photo op is that you are now a member of the team you're not an individual like you were before. And between the age of think as a team got to be ready to act as a team so they try and strip away that individuality. Shortly that's why you'll everybody -- is sitting uniform corner everybody. To the apartheid is about. What color before it should be word. I. -- outlook column oh sure going to be where. You earners garbage where this same color your form. Now -- order same weapons. -- -- -- So so cryptic coordinators services now it's got a tour. L 11 thing frank we all have to remember there is no draft so if you're in the service you'd join the service he certainly know -- what -- entails. And and then you shouldn't act surprised. Or cute rhetoric for six years since it six. Rules and regulations. -- -- -- -- the I doubt that got. We're -- our sales. Use the race start absolutely. Absolutely and you know what you know what the appealed the area to the White House is for the president to overrule. That. So obviously they're playing they're playing they're playing that card to know the president. Who certainly would understand his being black himself who would certainly understand our need for individual morality. A structured by others I totally disgusted and surprised. It's that got away with to get to stop. It's largely it's because you know a lot of his signature were a lot of the guys -- from its -- -- mean. You don't feel like he -- servers. I we never could never ever K it's true I expect that you're out of that -- I think it to you got an article -- -- that you -- the deep -- Government property. It's what you would enter search you're -- government property that's right call she. Yeah I could always you know always you always hear that the sailors when they get off the ships or whatever we're going to town have a little fun and come back -- -- so. I'm my idol Michael Brodeur had had a tattoo on his war. Oh absolutely what you paid the price critic to I don't -- -- army if you went out and got it is true. And -- it would while you're there you better article stated -- courts are keep the government property yell because we've been playing. You know productivity -- that your back your body while you're again. While my body is via my body is my temple Franca as you know while I take great pride -- -- -- note that -- thank -- Thank you I said -- -- you couldn't have a picture of his little short guy from Fantasy Island but I guess it's a different kind of -- So the army has changed their terms on tattoos and hair styles. And a six year army vet says that a female says that it's because it's it's a racist policy. Because it only affects the the black female soldier. And so masking as that term racists still have any meaning. To me it's they wanted out we gotta we gotta come up with a new -- because Islamism and -- anymore. It's used so indiscriminately will be back after this. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN and that call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Today the army has that made some new regulations regarding hair there can be warned it can't be worn and how it has to be -- And also attempt to lose as they came out with a rulings of the same time banning you know for new recruits are assumed that people are -- there are grandfathered in but. For new recruits you cannot have a tattoo on your face neck hands. Fingers -- lower arms that's that. But also the army may hit our regulations. And there are 171000. Signatures on a White House petition. For the president to overrule. There care decisions. Because he says that the it says that the changes are quote racially biased. And have a lack of regard for ethnic hair. Well first of all I think what you have to remember is that. You subjected yourself. To the rules and the regulations of the armed forces there was no draft you weren't forced to join and now you're in there knowing that the rules to change. And that's that's that and you're supposed to be a member of the unit as a unit growth as a group deal not an individual -- so. The armed forces. Does not look. -- kindly your sympathetically toward individualistic. Expression. And it's basically -- -- member of a group you're a member of a team. And she should and on them by now she's been in six years but I'd like your opinion. View was do you have any. Feelings that video word racist. Still has merit I don't are really don't because it's used so poorly. I mean it's used all the time. And because -- that what happens is you know the term knee jerk reaction that's what you get. You've got to because as soon as you inherit you don't think of the merit of the case how it's being -- -- -- -- -- -- -- alone. Everything ran out of twinkies at the convenience store it's a racist. As you know that I was gonna come and get twinkies and you don't have them form is just silly. Let's go to Diane. Find out what she thinks diameter you're on WB yen. I think it's I don't really do probably and I'm I'm -- the the words they found the time it seems pretty much over nothing but I want dvi and they have elect. There is. A poor job in this city Japan and one that has -- giant not plastic -- -- to back his back. Now I think this. I do know that how do you know. My son knows that OK and and they're totally inappropriate I think that is related those. To have somebody work with the public. And and have those kinds of feelings. Well first of first of all opt to take your word that this stroke I don't know I mean uncertain as the war or walk around his shirt off now while obviously. Obviously. That would be less than desirable. If it's never shown you don't see it you don't know it's there. I mean if if he took his shirt off that the regular policeman's picnic and they were walking or -- -- that I think he should be severely reprimand -- maybe empire. I don't have and it. Him and he has this has a very negative. So is your son this is your son is your -- -- copped to is that housing. And -- And well one guy sees another guy's back is only a few ways you can do that. Okay thank you. I'm thinking and I've been working with Tony for sixteen years I couldn't tell you -- -- a checkerboard tattooed on his back. You don't see your fellow workers without shirts on except in some. You know if it was a fellow cop or maybe they had a communal shower something might seem getting out of the shower with a tad too. Obviously if somebody has a swat sticker on the back there. Back on let's word beer in front of America beat their chest. I figured this out English is my second language code and I think. I form these logical thoughts. And and quickly I know somebody has. They swastika on their back in your guy and the guy is a guy. There's not a lot of ways you're -- Is suing on target -- yeah maybe if you're a neighbor and knees out means you are -- may -- -- are going to get the mail it's. Great big -- -- can be almost everything we don't know so the bottom line is. If he has that but nobody's seen it it's it is -- like that's like if the tree falls in the flowers and nobody's there inherit. Did it make a sound. We have a sound was still very even though nobody heard -- because nobody was there doesn't make the sound disappear. But if the guys ahead it's an interesting thing if the god has a swat sticker. In the back of his back. -- food but nobody sees it. Would that be actionable. I think you'd have to. You have some kind of psychological counseling find out what that represents. In an effort represented disturbing but. -- Maybe he's unsuitable to be a policeman. I'm thinking OK if he -- it. He's definitely -- suitable replacement but if he doesn't show it could we can come out of his job be up for something you couldn't see. Or is that is that free speech. This thing question insurance -- and lets you output of for different reasons I I'm just thinking -- if he doesn't show in public. Could he would be fine floor or dismiss or discipline them I don't know -- Variances and see what the regs say. I would assume it would vary from department to department. Depending on the idea on the police department however offensive things or offensive things I think it's lost record is among the most. This you know that the Nazis didn't design that Jesse did not know that was a long time before the Nazis. But -- obviously not defensible if people consider it. But is that defensible if nobody sees it. I think they'd rule if the judge was involved -- that a judge ruled that if a non display. That is not actionable. I could be wrong but I thought I think that's what it would lead to other things ago. It would lead to a psychological counseling actors chosen mines -- does show Munson and if you found out of the guy. A vote was his whacked out is is that too -- probably now. Say it's the Irish -- the guy -- -- -- All right will take a break we'll be back we want him out as a charm racists. Still have any meaning. Also are very interest in ruling six that true. I yeah I did not catch the beginning of each of the story but. This this case has been around well law and time that Michigan cannot use race as a consideration for college entry. We did that show like 56 years ago. And I think if I'm not mistaken off the top of my head there was a woman from Texas who wanted to go to law school in Michigan. And she was -- and somebody who place less than she as far as grades and test or whatever. Was put in there because of racial preference and she -- I think it was on sixty minutes. Now this is the same case and I assume it is there rule 62 which can do that anymore. So we might be talking about that does -- take a break will be back today is Earth Day. And though poll was supposed to do -- Supposed to do something big drill hole on the gas taken against -- all you are anti Earth Day what's the matter with you don't you care about the environment -- -- -- Yemeni special. Any anything planned for a birthday while I read 9940. Fights he's my 545 sports -- the computers are all yeah very muted as one last -- you didn't take on paper. It wasn't it was you can use a piece of paper. Anybody tell -- replant trees they know that. -- the camp really truly. 803930180616. Not to lose six and start I'm thirty we're asking does the term racist they'll have meaning. They have so eroded at that. It's used for everything it's the whip the cart out -- the 171000. Signatures at the White House for petition for the president to override the army's new regulation. On hair and I assume -- as well. Let's go to somebody who might have a good view on this and interviewed -- in Grand Island RW via. And -- now you or the service. Iowa as sort of an injury OK -- fired them -- -- reports on the table better and -- particularly strongly about that subjects. You know preemptively -- father who's on very much liked and respected here in your opinion. That's what and the -- that's fine. The very first thing I haven't quite -- In the very first that -- your mind when you hear somebody like you said quote the race card in your record and I think that patent office of the -- that it's outrageous an -- Because and adding that yours so turned off -- And heavy -- keep your mind open at that. I'll tell you why it's because it's been misused -- -- many times that you know every once in awhile you can understand is somebody misuses or tries to use it for their own benefit. But when it's used regularly as an excuse. And you and you investigate each time it's used -- you come to a conclusion that. This wasn't a proper time he has that it loses its effective and it really. Backfires against people who might have think there. Legitimate claim. Explain why I don't believe it is being accused of going on and out -- the Cyprus servers in the that and any point out something that was very important post summit of the people what really you know early thinking about. It's about -- it's not about quality it's about -- And party you once. You were -- there and you absolutely. And -- it's just the nature of the beast. You sign up for the deal and you know what the arm what -- -- what is. It. About and well you have to conform to uniformity and other words if if if everybody is -- -- here here here. You have to conform to them then you become uniform. And the purpose of these regulations are for uniformity so -- you don't have any choice about your team member younger team member. What I wanna try to explain it you know there's certain things that are inherent -- that we can't avoid like. -- -- Anemia and Maricopa. And real failure and dust and be more. Prevalent and the Blackberry okay so that it mattered and that's we have everything about. Come anywhere okay. You had quite simply weren't that it's a little bit more slack once you actually get out there and I want from the west votes -- -- -- Biden spoke. That was even different from here that. Back when I -- in the -- -- I get the thought about it and man you better get well because they're very strict about it and religion and it's so there -- and let's talk about that. And then saying. We're gonna -- -- to lynch report and a pop. Well I went to about. -- whatever ago and if I'm quite and I got to netcam and that means one thing but that that's an attitude here at. When you let them have to mention here. And it almost looks like they're -- step. There are sent me earlier but when you're not trying to operate -- -- -- an interview -- -- still. Well let me just bring this up I'm looking at the new regulations in parliament. And I see if I just read it right now there are plenty of a black women walking the streets of the streets we event. That. That indeed could conformed to this does say that you couldn't do it is is wrong so you don't wanna do it that's another story. I'm not -- you couldn't do it and he what I am trying to say is that because we're all different as people okay that genetics. Would make things. Different for a black person and -- a white person. Another word that you're the tape -- that -- and they have to answer to a problem that -- -- -- all that straight you might have tension there. We always look for motivation to what's what the motivation -- for the army to do this because the army has a lot of black soldiers male and female what advantage. To demo would this present. I am not dispute whether they're trying to -- -- -- old puppets -- you know being racist it's simply practice it's not quite at that genetically. We -- different and it's something that it would be. And it would be durations. You're going to block and that means that they expect -- powerful engine -- of back in now. Was that something started out -- about a little helmet -- what a week. Every. Viewer webpart -- them. You don't really. You empathize with the other person on -- -- I don't think it's not -- anonymity. It's. You know another thing medical. Journal a while most people that -- -- an attack like I -- not -- you now targeting errors. And almost four -- one. The black people just because of the -- That they have no control over. So they -- obligated chip that would let them as and so there where we normally cut. Well. Oh yeah. That's something that's a problem for them on their genetic -- -- not then do it you know and insert. Saying it's not it's not individuality. It's just the way they're made up. Exactly and -- And it didn't want somebody -- ranked number first thing right here at every illegal organ. That is somewhat right. Well as if you think that's Teresa's attitude you can hold that as to be your your thoughts by an. Yeah but I'm thinking of of people have been worn down like water on the rock. This is racist that's raises that's raises. And you come -- not accept that anymore let me ask you this I don't know what the process is on changing regulations in the service. But one what is -- in the we have a lot of book. Of black a service people in it at higher ranked show that blacks certainly would have been included in the decision making process. And that if that were brought up that it wouldn't have gone that far. Absolutely you know and and the fact that a polite and so get as far as the White House -- I'm sorry to hear about commander in chain and do respect that position I'm -- potion that you would normally get involved and. And -- involving you know -- -- I think no I think the reason that's brought up is this there is if there's a in the White House. If there's a petition with more than a 100000. Signatures. There -- they've pledged to look into. This is 171000. I don't know for just started a wide but that's the reason is part of this story from the New York Times is assure you that this many people have said yeah -- we'd like to -- it just gives you appoint a word is. Jerry I have to run I wanna thank you for wearing the uniform thank you very much. And I'm glad to hear that thank you very much my abroad analysts and Jenna Hamilton was the -- It was a lot of similarities between an element Bruno. They're both they've -- expense -- time where we haven't seen in my -- wondering -- as. Because he is a a candidate is he's he's trying to become a candidate for public office -- months. That's over so. -- that about wraps up and we will see you tomorrow at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB yeah. The local. Which they never into music be used.

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