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4-22 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So lawyer has got 562500. Dollars out of the approximate three million dollar -- will be lead. Plaintive. Which would be -- project got 5000 dollars and the other's guts and depending on on what kind of a setup they had to start with. Our got various amounts of money but the Buffalo Bills should not have to pay for this is ridiculous it's a for it was a frivolous lawsuit but it prevailed. Sedated. They promised about 50. Week. As far as you know just that are getting you the information texting -- of information about the team whatever. In in two week periods that are getting ten -- got thirteen so it was about a million dollars a attacks but they have to pay or asking. Is a texting replacing conversation through your verbal skills are they going. Is that texting here in -- intrusive. In other words you're getting more more information that you're really don't need. And how easy it is to opt out is it easy I doubt very much of it if it is easy plus. That it does about the Internet the Internet brings great joy and great sorrow and you have to you have to kind of -- them. I saw that up close and personal right now wouldn't mind my guy Tony Caligiuri. Earlier. The Internet -- by -- joy. He's that I saw these pictures of two lines male female. There was snuggling was Q I've seen a lot of those kind of pictures they are cute -- nice and warm your heart. But then he just said did you see that is. All. -- Bad pitch so here that's what I tell already the lord give them -- lord take it away. All the -- Lyons gave you maybe you should affect the woman of alliance and then to be happy that would yeah. But that's the way it is. -- -- -- stuff earlier in the morning while I'm having my coffee and I'll see those cute pictures -- I like animals you know you see those kind of things and adorable. It was anytime you view that picture jungle cat you can't lose their own gorgeous and majestic and whatever. But then you also see these are things that have. Watch is gone viral. And that's what counts. It's gone viral eight million people saw this luck it's a slow opening and not. Well what's the big deal don't they always -- usually cracker this is exiting I hit a gun well. And at -- and everywhere and now we have to be up to date on all the stuff that's gone viral. But is some of its intrusive I think and if we lose if we lose the verbal skills. We -- lost him writing skills a lot of schools on him and teach him writing anymore you know we don't. And -- -- here's something an -- okay. Here is I went alone in her high school town eight eight of thousand people and that's when I went to school there still 8000 people. -- I'm OK here's where -- hold a pen like this okay. See that at. Times I see now where kids have a pen and they hold it like this it's almost like a and they write like that. You always like that. Now I hold it like that they went public eucharist like this -- -- that's out as a way we hold of the normal like if you look at any time they doers. -- -- A piece on schools and you'll see a kid writing something. They're holding. The end the writing instrument like the it gave me but yeah it's almost like a tomahawk or -- I don't know how you write like that but anyway so -- already we've already lost writing skills the ability to actually write something somebody could recognize okay. I don't have that I've always been lousy right the only thing that right now my checks that's at. And I'll write a letter occasionally I'll write a note to myself and in years that's just one word to remind me something. So we've realized that a what I'm afraid of yet now we're gaining speed he had always gaining the ability to instantaneously connect with somebody else. But in many cases we're giving up verbal skills and that's something we can't afford to give up there's a reason we have voices. All right I think that if somebody were crossing the -- they saw speeding bus heading toward him they text somebody. I'm -- -- the jump out of the way I mean that's the way it is now it's all Texas specially with kids. There's no verbal skills allow in that. They can be standing next religion but I can't dramatize -- seemed to be able walking on the street like or not on the street like at the mall. And they're both they're both on their phones and they're both texting stuff. I wouldn't be surprised that they were texting each other standing next to each other. That's just the way it is somebody saw me and this was a couple of years ago now but it was really remarkable they were on a -- A trip -- their wife and daughter the wife was the husband is driving the wife was in the passenger seat the daughter was in the backseat. And the trip was awfully quiet. So he turns and says to them. Indulgent to have anything to talk about why so quiet and they both -- -- Well there are quiet they would texting back and forth a lot that we're having a text conversation but it wasn't -- was. And so I'm thinking that there are times when tax as well that's fine. But if you lose the ability to communicate verbally. You're -- rarely put yourself at a disadvantage because no matter how. How advanced the electronics are. And the communication the ability they get their faster and all this sort of thing. I I think verbal communications hearsay. And without it how we ever gonna present your ideas. I ever going -- -- you gonna attack somebody and -- your lover gonna do that. Is that is that the way it's gonna work. I don't know are you gonna apply for a job and a EU EU might have sent to you know an online resume. And that was screened -- -- by machine looking for certain keywords. And then if you're lucky enough you're gonna get him in person interview with the in person interview was going to be verbal and you better be able to present yourself in -- the job. It and you better hope that your -- spell your spell check -- a thousand things in their right. If you see all kinds of all funny little sloppy evidence shows you or text texting gone wrong with -- yeah exactly and all it takes from a government I've hired a lot of people OK in my in my earlier career I've hard people. And if I get a via a written presentation from them and there's misspelled words it's things like that gone. You can't. At the competitive level where you expect a good job at a decent salary are able to present yourself properly. And I think it's one thing when your texting to your friend hey let's let's go to look. Burger king and have companies and that's one thing but in the important things alive you're gonna have the real present yourself properly. And if you can't you're going to be at a distinct disadvantage. In one of the things that was interesting I would do to sixty minutes there's a billionaire. I usually don't watch above summaries I have it on I used to watch. I don't much anymore but they had this billionaire on. Who heads up that Robin Hood Foundation and these -- Made up of very very well to do donors who give very generously to support education. And that they have different charter schools a lot things like that may have different things that they try out. Because they say if something's not working we tried that I would try something different and they said that they defund. Five to 10%. Of what they give out every year. Because they did not meet the standards and that be ahead of or Robin Hood Foundation who's a billionaire hedge fund guy. Said something that just rang the bell with me. He says you know he said what if something isn't working we replace that and try it was something new oh. Otherwise we won't fund that and that is what the government does with our money education out that's what the government does at all. If it is not working they just keep funding it anyway a good example of the buffalo school system. Not working. Just keep funding it anyway and people trying to make it better. Are always. Pictured as outlaws and troublemakers and whatever 'cause everybody's got their -- in the trough already. A but it was very dangerous thing when he said there doesn't work what's the sentiment and so we defund it and try something different now that's the progressive way to think. That is they forward thinkers not somebody who is this this is the way it's always been we're gonna keep doing it even have it don't work there. Will take a Greg will be back with -- your calls and text and all kinds of stuff. On -- radio I'm thirty W -- yeah the jump off point in today's conversation was the back of the bills lost the three million dollar lawsuit which I thought was frivolous. And the bills were. Were not the lord not to to blame I think the court should have thrown out but they didn't aren't so we're asking -- texting. Replacing our conversation because it's about taxing the bill's text -- out to their fans. And is it you know eroding. A verbal skills is texting intrusive. This this person at institute of the sort of said. That there weren't supposed to be no more than five a week and in the course of a two week period instead of ten of them actually got thirteen. So the bills are paying through -- a million dollars attacks but those three extra ones. Have you ever tried to opt out of after the signing up for anything whether it's a magazine subscription whether it's a music deal. Whether it's anything have you ever tried to opt outs -- not Harvard -- ago. And we're saying there's something. To be a paid for for all of the things that we gain. Yeah what are we what are we gained in this electronic gates immediacy. Shore you can get all people. With cellphones. You can always get in touch with people that's that's a good thing. But some things were giving up especially with texting a verbal skills and it's more than that -- an article here about about kids. And what they're what they're losing because of some of the advances we have electronics now Tony. Your son is old 66 the as a computer. Lie ahead yet but why -- okay well listen to us because this is important. Rising number of inference lacks the money's not an infant a rising number of infants lack the motor skills needed to play with -- building blocks. Because of an addiction to tablet computers and Smartphones the according to teachers. Many children aged just three to four can swipe a strain. But have little or no dexterity of their fingers after spending hours glued to ipads. Members of the association of teachers and lecturer is also -- house some older children were unable to complete traditional. Pen and paper exams because their memory have been eroded by over exposure to screen based technology. They column Paris's crackdown on a tablet computer euros and even turn off Wi-Fi at night to address the problem. He -- households with tablet computers more than doubled from twenty to 51%. Last year so 51%. Album. And so there again I said when you gain something some -- somethings who you make sure it's a net gain. A you have to be it was still right and and operate an electronic device. And you have to still be able verbally communicate and be able -- you have to still be able to. Do handwriting although. I think that's becoming really start as I said the only time I write anything by and is in my checks write those twice a month and that's that. I don't sit and write long -- anything because I can't them -- read -- after reverend Myron my handwriting is terrible. My mother had fabulous and my sister Beverly has great hand writing my hand writings talks if I didn't know what I was writing I couldn't tell you what I just world. OK and when I have to sign my signature on a check. I get through halfway through the first name and the rest is just a -- line. OK here's a later recognized -- and them. -- -- So you have to get some and are you concerned that. Especially since Nixon and expanding and the baseball stuff so that's manual dexterity -- your hands. This business report from the teachers association a concern him. Not really because one nick is just started getting in the lecture electronics where -- within the last within the last year broke. We still make him right every day where he has homework almost every day except when he's on. On vacation -- retro apparent solar panel of some gas and he likes to write lists and and notes to mean Jeannie so. You know he EE who enjoys that. Any doesn't spend. A lot of time -- is -- and is iPad if he does he's gonna look up Khartoum or something like that that's about it. Well I tell you how to get hooked OK I don't booked. A couple years ago because of Randy. Walked by -- these desk Monday in his job was done for the day it was it was waiting for a return calls while -- -- and he was playing the bubble game. And -- that's it's this thing it's that bubble game is that I -- I get it I went home. And I download it and I I got hooked on -- Well and now I have an iPad now the bubble game on the iPad not as good as the bubble game on the computer. But it's uh oh a bubble game. -- again. I'm done and again I mean I I play all the time they get the spinning bubbles and that the ahead on -- all the -- up. It's because it's addictive the sounds are addictive -- collars are addictive the pictures are addictive. And I'm a grown man well past grown. You can imagine with kids how easily addicted they get to this stuff especially if it's if it's magic to them like a child with an iPad. That would be spectacular. Put your finger on this part of the screen and something shows up I mean just incredible. Kids to our into the -- means counsels the we he's the Xbox is playstations. And that kinda. Requires a little bit of of dexterity which your fingers because -- you go from one button to another in a rapid fashion. I understand that I think the one thing it won't replace is. The creative arts if you're an artist that's in your head in your ability to add to draw -- to paint or something like that. I don't think that can be duplicated by. By the electronic devices so that's that's at least say for now. But if you -- verbal skills I don't care how good I don't care how high score on men at war sixteen or any of that other crap -- get the job. -- assembled because they can screen your applications. They can do all that they can run -- Lisa computer things on your. But eventually you're gonna have -- them eventually. You're going to have to speak with somebody and if you do not have the verbal skills you are not going to get the job they don't care how good yours a gamer. Publisher applying for game a job that though produces games. We'll take a break -- -- -- -- beach and company. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB EM. Call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Caught via voice like a disclaimer guy. We just heard disclaimer I don't -- -- -- about right -- Volvo Limas ansari you know I I mean that's fun. Slightly higher estimates that -- But they're there for York. Legal enjoyment and that's exactly what happened to a guy he's getting legal enjoyment who sued the Buffalo Bills. In ended up with three million dollars he is getting. 5000 dollars because he is the lead plaintive -- as name is a -- And his lawyers are getting 562500. Dollars getting half a million. And the rest in the class action -- diverted divvying it up. And it's three million dollars basically. A lot of it except for the lawyers trees here. Our -- debit cards for the Buffalo Bills merchandise and things like that it was a frivolous losses just absolutely dumb. And I would've thrown out had -- been a judge -- thrown out the lawsuit and the lawyer that that brought it before may but I'm not a judge. The bills as I said before can be criticize and critique for some things. Legitimately this is not one of them I mean they sent. Thirteen or a thirteen. Announcements over course of two weeks instead of the maximum of ten but that's what we were very litigious society. So we're asking is texting. Replacing. Conversation and verbal skills. And you don't want. I'm asking this question while while the starter -- contest here you are you familiar who witnessed on this owning it is texting only. OK and I'll give you more information on tomorrow. I don't have a right in front of me. So there again texting is all you know it's it's everywhere it's everywhere and that's fine as long as as long as it doesn't it displays things like your verbal skills. So were about to go into it all texting contest on the radio where. It's all verbal but that's all right it'll give us a different platform and maybe a tradition as some things -- yeah. We hadn't done before taxing and helps me because I'm hard of hearing and I'm like yeah exactly what. What did you say I think that the jurors are now -- only out of butchery and get somebody out of a tree at those people out of a tree. You're texting I don't tax email but I don't tax. I barely speak. When I don't have to but the point is as wires that doesn't replace among other things which are still necessary. Verbal skills are still necessary you can make the argument that some things are necessary anymore. You know we don't need typewriters anymore you can sell him out -- -- But don't tell me who don't -- verbal skills. Because we haven't gotten to that point yet and I hope we never do. Because otherwise like for instance now on job applications. Basically of people fill out electronic job applications and then some companies. Are screaming them electronically. Looking for key words. What the hell that has to do. With the ability to do the job in the -- well as -- nothing to. It's just a means that make it faster but faster isn't always better as Tony found out on his honeymoon. So faster sometimes works and sometimes it and you still have to have. Verbal skills and writing same thing. I hardly write anything anymore -- basically -- -- -- and that's about it but that's that's becoming lost art. And now especially with the verbal skills and now we find out from this teachers association. That kids are having problems. Slightly against like a screen all right at the camp is building blocks. Because they have ipads they can't use a building block. Because they don't have the manual dexterity. In their hands you know it's gonna get right down to putting the square peg in the round hole. Remember that that was like one of the first things you'd -- do you'd have this little board was shapes and and you'd have. A square peg in you'd try imported in the round Toniu Fonoti doesn't work that way. And -- your make any longer a Sauna hammer and then you make of that. But with combat what -- -- -- the skills that way yes they are Dominique or he's gonna hire me now I can put the square dragon rock hall. But the the bottom line is I think you'd use these things to enhance what you already have. The things that are necessary anymore you can drop off but there are things that are necessary. And I think it's very very important. That we recognize that in need that human communication is important that's why we have a voice remember god gave us a voice. He didn't necessarily give us the guys that are Chris a couple of of faced. Book entries please this on comes from -- she says I believe teens and young and our belts are losing social skills because of texting and are also losing. A basic understanding of the English language. Well that's true that's true and there seems to be. No real effort. It's to keep it up to snuff. We seem to be very casual and our speech. And our thoughts are not readily available when not teaching kids to think on their feet which is important. You know are obviously it's important were -- some some parts in real life so there -- lot of things going down the drain in exchange for. The ease of typing out a few words and getting your message instantaneously. So we're trading skills four row X or it's an expedient change which residents are reports -- -- -- This one comes from Jane she says that Einstein said that he -- the data technology will surpass our human interaction. And I think that's as -- all people are glued to the devices and I kind of think those people are sympathetic. He got it they can become addictive too late now there are some things that are wonderful about it I love the fact that I go on iTunes and I can dig up music. That would never be available at the record store well if you define -- records are now as one business this kind of gone down. Obviously because -- -- all the things we -- aren't bad things it's just an evolution that's fine. But it is easy as something magical to a child's a push one part of a screen and have something appear. But if they can't put two blocks one block on top of another block what do we gaming. I don't know I would be one thing and it if you're -- addicted to the community to be a computer have but if you're addicted to block should be yeah. Okay Chris another a face shortly. This one comes from Sandra she says texting is okay and it does have its place but every now and then I would just prefer to talk to a person and human voice. It's so much batter and he can't tell tone from attacks that's. You can't and that's the whole point. Whatever I've spoken in front classes I try to explain to them but the human voice the nuances of of hello one to one communication. How you can put a certain. Group of words together a piece of paper. And and they can mean five different things depending on how you present them. I can't do that with text. I mean they tried to have from time to time they have little smiley faces. And things like that. But if you see somebody that's really good at what they do you'll pick up some things that they do that you can't duplicate on a computer. Evers Everett have been nexus somebody and they're trying to make a point in they'll gently put their hand on on your arm or something to explain summit. Very powerful communication. Very powerful. And you can't do that computer. Or argued the law can somebody's eyes when they treat women telling us on the you can tell when somebody's excited about something shows up in their eyes can't do that computer. Really can't. Trying to lull baby to sleep. You what are you gonna do a virtual lullaby -- Some member as somebody -- your -- -- and they wanted to have ones who in the world and then everybody else could. Good. Dial it up and you'd have -- -- schools mean we we can't be doing stuff. We're losing part of what is always been important to. Yeah take the best of the new technology but don't do -- just because there. Because an -- And don't lose things that are still important and hopefully verbal communication is one. We'll take a break we'll be back after they thanks to a -- Berger how nice -- burger. Was our guest in studio wanted to blow. Take a look at the show and will be invited to join us and she did and she said as some handmade. Creations. And what did you get Sony you'll get a hand made Chris and scoop. And it looks like a solid scope it is it is gorgeous very nice thank you what you get I got a bottle opener a bottle openers so that you can advise him and you can drink. -- I can advise him because I got a scoop to like this god life is very good thank you barb we really appreciate your considerations in the wobbly lady should know -- act two and even though she knew Jones act which still louder in the studio. North and some of the first with mine. Ice cream on your flow why you broke your flow asks I'm going to go home and make a virtual appear on -- yes I I have a picture of ice grim picture group a year and a picture of glass. And that I'm going to virtually going to because it's better for me I've given up actual life. God. And mark writes about the stuff the more drives me nuts because yeah I enjoyed the what's the order the accessibility. Of people and information or whatever and I. I'd solace that you got and I use that but you know lose some of the things that are important like your verbal skills. Let's find out or did you think about this. Which is not a cellphone here on WB enrich. How do and I'm I'm calling because I really use the lot in. In the well well bill was really quite currently lists there's so many of these. Frivolous lawsuits going on around around the country but one thing that bugs me is. Do not call list like this there are a lot of it in that I apply for that either. Oh lists thank insight on the and they go on there and sign up there and and I keep getting call. And it just so aggravating. And the other anchor Greenberg is gonna call it is the fact that politicians. It themselves exempt from -- right when it started and it actually -- at election time. When you call from politicians. And and I always say bad element and now. But it but I hope that they don't hear me. While you're right Betty they exempted themselves I think there's a federalism as state list I get I get him occasionally but. Where I usually get our company's that I deal with that I have my phone number I opened I opened a new checking account for specific purpose. And I have had five calls from that same bank even though I told him don't do it anymore. They're all different people wanting to know my experience was -- pleasurable yeah the experience was pleasurable these damn calls aren't so they just keep pounding you. Great and then and it's huge -- over and if you -- which your name and something on your computer. To look at some information. You're done because that name goes out everywhere. Have you noticed that if you're looking up and it OK we just got a nice green school from a bar if we put ice Graeme scope. On our search engine. Before five minutes are up we've got fifteen things on our computers granted to an ice cream -- it's amazing how fast that works. -- -- -- -- I'd say it out and we get politician to change. An echo -- that get them off. I don't think -- I don't think will be able to I'd like to try to be able to I'll tell you why it's a hell of a lot cheaper to use their robo calls that it has. To be on television and newspaper and radio whatever so -- just barrage you with those because. It's a pretty cheap way to reach a lot of people I don't think they've ever -- the anger issue associated -- it where even if it's somebody alike you don't wanna get that call because it's intrusive. Yeah yeah it has changed -- -- is -- And I got in the ballots some politicians. Worry at what point was critical -- change my mind. Yeah I you know you're waiting for the results of your lab tests from the doctor and you see that the phone is is ringing in your hoping as a doctor and at some. Local politician. Trying to tell you how good they are what are good things they've done for your thank you rich. Specific checking account for a reason. Okay. And the opening an account was fun. The bank was fine very nice very very fast very friendly. Okay. I've had five calls from the bank five calls. Saying where its Q4 era of -- doing business with -- and we'd like to know what was your experience. Well my experience of the bag was fine this experience is not fine and then they never listen to you that just reading a script. One person said the second call said I'll never forget this said well sir is there anything else we can do for you. And I said like a fool. I said well I am looking for a safe deposit box. I said but I'm only interested. In a safe deposit box at the same branch were -- openness account. And the branches that and I gave the street address OK as -- that's the only place I'm interest. And she's as well just one -- sir we'll see that we can help you out. And -- you you can -- she goes away percentage of that. -- -- -- we do have an opened safe deposit box on Bob Niagara Falls apart and that's not address I just gave you. I said look if you really wanna help me the first thing you should do was listen to me. US if you can help me I said yes I'd like a safe deposit box at this address and this address only I was Pacific. So then you come back after not listening to me tell me you have won somewhere else that's not listening. That's only angering. And if you wanna stay in this business I suggest you start listening thank you for calling -- I'll might -- -- -- -- just reading scripts. And if you wanna throw him off. In -- them because they're not used to okay -- they then they don't know should I start from the beginning. Should I start from where I just -- where did I just am and that will throw them up I don't like on while the girls are really don't. Even calls -- what are you wearing dog well balls but they others forget it. But I don't need five calls from a bank I just open an account and where I'm very pleased with the bank and so ticked -- of the calls that may go to a different bank so leave me alone. I will take a break will be back what more we wanna hear from you. The Buffalo Bills lost the three million dollar loss of what a shame because they should not have been a trial on this. Was goofy it was a frivolous lawsuit and they lost that. Aware -- because this one guy signed up for. Ten. Ten tax over two -- and he got third chain of much of it. As volume Vanity Fair. I'd like to get this kind of that seat up on the upper deck on on an icy day. Anyway also got 5000 dollars. And his lawyer got 562500. Dollars life is grand met in the lawyers' society will be back.

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