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4-22 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now oh hello hello hello what is region governor and I'm sandy beach and he's saying you say it's a cold and rainy Tuesday and -- daughter and her boyfriend having come back from doing this day yet all my kitchen down monkey. Well it's so we get through it anyway. Luckily yesterday it was very successful bankers day and this is no real for a step forward so while Polonia and there. That's like we are getting spring and drips and drabs we got a nice day and then we all get excited right start breaking the law and a high heating up the shrubs things -- and that also we get this for a few days we called again you worked on your own -- yet. Well we have got all the branches in most of the sticks picked up already. Freaked out the front cover all the leaves are gone -- I just need to get into stuff you don't wanna wait until you get all that does stuff the comes down from the tree. Got to get some mild winds today so that'll probably knock summits of our users -- open. Doesn't knocking on your head as it's falling to the ground yeah. Have a couple of branches -- -- stock and their sizable branches are stuck in the tree had -- did and it with the latter because I don't have an aide frank typed letter that high. So -- got to figure this out. One of the problems remember the October surprise few years ago what that did is it broke a lot of branches off high up. But they didn't they weren't totally broken off and didn't fault -- -- I remember having those the -- people come out because I didn't want those things -- -- -- house or any any people whatever. Because. When they fall even the smallest branch. It's surprising the damage you can sell. And -- the word because the kids and beat Hillary diehards who absolutely have hinted at these guys and you don't want -- that -- -- you play outside -- Wear a helmet yeah you know need to. Chris our guard Chris now Chris has somebody else do his lawn his lawn work that's good actress you gotta gotta be right ideas the only way to do it. Right there on the boards and watch and treason and Ellis stuff as it is nice. But it's a lot of work of -- -- -- its birthday. Have you ever notice the trees in the forest grow great. But if you trade in your yard you gotta trim it got to -- -- got to do so when it's when it's a new -- you gotta give it nutrients. A bar say that however those says he -- where he's trying to survive anything. It is Earth Day. I haven't done anything to commemorate Earth Day. We it's an official holiday here -- -- -- while my -- really gets today off did you know that I didn't he hugs every tree in Western New York individually. I saw him hugging and oak. At pine tree is a little hard to hug -- get really close of the stoked. That makes a good countries on you can't get close of the stock. We have magnets so are you doing anything special for room for earth and yeah a lot of my truck idle for a bottom our picnic -- By a dog just so the dog and use the tree and not I think we should use our our rock our fauna and flora. Remember them is to be in the sales department -- -- -- to get that -- announced -- on they -- Dalia when bush -- the best dead now. The deal and and. You talk about frivolous lawsuits. You wonder why some people file lawsuits especially when they're part of a class action. But the class action lawsuits are you know lawyers roundup a bunch of people. Who have a similar experience and then they file as a as an a single enmity. But some of these lawsuits are very frivolous I think. And if I were judge I'd toss them out as being frivolous. A lot of the lawsuits that I would consider frivolous. Was just -- lost by the Buffalo Bills. Now what about bill's gonna have to pay three million dollars. To some -- on who subscribe to their text messaging service. Now of a deal was this if you signed up for the text messaging service with the bills. They promised that to send you know more than five a week okay. And the lawsuit is based on the fact that in two weeks he got thirteen. Up up up up up. OK so is that attack and he got third today. So that's -- that's ridiculous that the lawsuit would have gone forward but it dead. And it didn't in the real importance of got to fork over three million dollars to Jerry won't check. Who's a bills fan and now lives in Florida and the others of the lawyers and the other -- of people in the your class action. And it's going to be mainly in debit cards redeemable. Only at the team's star. So I I don't think the -- total loss that I don't think it should have even gone forward that's just to me. Ridiculous. But it got me -- thinking about texting. I mean texting as do girl we all are involved with texting a verse all emailed changed everything and now texting is. Even more prevalent than email. And is it the problem I have whether it is not texting itself. But texting is replacing conversations. Verbal skills are being -- we've talked about this before verbal skills are being are being lost somewhere in your life. You're going to have to stand up in front of somebody in -- -- they're going there's going to be a human being -- it's gonna interview for a job. You're not going to be able to sit on one side of the deck a desk and taxed. While the other person is texting back and you start and a half all right. -- -- your your verbal skills -- still very important it's how you communicated how you sell yourself. You know you you really kind of need that. But it seems to be going away especially with kids kids hardly talk at all anymore on the phone certainly. It's all text -- all texting and what can texting not do. There is nothing that conveys your thought process more than of the human voice. Nuance means a lot the same sentence can mean two or three different things depending on how it's presented verbally. Of course -- radio this is what we do. And so. You know the the thought of not having verbal skills while you're not gonna have a career -- radio that's the start whether you want one and autism material you're -- gonna have ones are going to be available to but there's a lot of other things. That that are so important to have good verbal skills zealous about sales. You know if you look at the broad. Picture of. Things you can do for a living if you -- managed to sell something to somebody and it doesn't matter one is -- can be -- -- It can be a car it can be the thought of vote going on you Disney vacation he can be anything. But if you could sell something you'd make somebody opened up their wallet take up the charge card or take out the cash and pay you. For what you're selling -- gonna make a good living in your whole life but in order to do that you have to have decent verbal skills. I don't know any successful. Salespeople. Who don't -- don't have good verbal skills. I know some who are successful who don't have good follow up. Where they can sell it TO and that's that. They can't do the paperwork and they you know they don't get the right information on the copy -- -- got to change it fifteen times before it actually. Yeah it's on the air. I know sales people like that. But there really good at selling but they are not good of follow up. But I don't know anybody it's good that doesn't have good verbal skills I mean you'd just have sold news. So we're asking a couple of questions. Is texting replacing conversation. And replacing verbal skills. The and also. Is it isn't becoming intrusive. I signed up I'm gonna tell you know which which TV station signed up for are those. Emergency text aren't. Boy did I think I might getting more and I signed up for. If there's a flat Tyre somewhere I get the emergency Texas did you hear the sound whenever somebody you have there. And you whip up -- hole in golf has to be really him and what. This minute I'm up. Hey I -- although I think I'm going to opt out and that's another question as the ever signed up for anything and then try to opt out of is something if a lonely person and you just love to read your lob to get mail. Sign up with serious sometime okay. Now I'd like cars and I spend my money basically on cars and so I have more cars -- perhaps push hard. But you'll always get the at -- test run on serious and I sign up for okay. But then -- what happens what what happens is at -- -- car you don't wanna have to pay for serious are you trying cancel it right. I'm still I'm not making this up. I'm still getting stuff on Syria's. Where have you and we -- you know -- gonna give you another two months of free for vehicles I haven't had in five years. OK now I don't know who's driving these vehicles. But he's or she is not getting these tax I'm getting them. I think this is to come to the conclusion that people sell cars. They trade cards and when they when they cancel -- account they cancel the account not because they didn't likes areas it's because I don't -- anymore. Access. But opting out a lot of those things used to be almost late night record deals. -- will send you an album every two Watson and down on the bottom Reynolds I. Unless you opt out going to block trying to opt out of that it's like trying to opt out your colonoscopy. And much the same reaction. It would have been a -- a colonoscopy. I will take a break we'll be back Lamar or -- company and who's right and I'm thirty W via. Lot of a lot of of people you'd recognize down at the biggest day yesterday. -- -- cars was there and Chuck Schumer was. Originally Schumer is itinerary calls for him to be in Niagara Falls in the morning. And Rochester in the afternoon remember -- said on the -- wonder why he's not going to be a thing Tuesday while he was a bigger states -- -- changed his schedule. Or -- went to Rochester came back camera and I'm sure nobody was there. So he was there de -- that was there want the judges I think on media the best of the best those sausage -- -- -- him there. Did not say. It doesn't mean it wasn't there but. No I know sighting of the mayor now maybe the mayor was -- just. Didn't see him. But there was he wasn't out front and center like usually is so I don't know if you want or not but good day. Very successful lots of lots of people lots of lots of fun and I'm sure some of them just went to bed. I've met John Zach is Zach knew about this before anybody did now it's a huge. Hollering imparting whatever but John always hoping to stay off always. And that people didn't understand that when it was a more low profile holiday. But now minutes are up front and personal I can't picture John as a party animal. Now you can in his amount they're doing -- doing the Waltz across Texas polka. I don't think so either. So anyway John will be back -- thank. Thursday so it takes him a couple of days to recuperate. I -- a step of trainers helping him. All right video we're talking about texting. Now they -- our -- -- Lotta people do -- many people do it on texting first came out. And people were charged by -- by the messenger by the time. And they were getting bills -- 3000 dollars that they kids that ran up the -- to know about well that's kind of passed now but that was originally. Things happen. Here's a story about the Buffalo Bills are out three million dollars -- will get a through your comeback what a frivolous lawsuit the bills should not have had to pay this. I think it's just silly and I think there are times when the courts show how silly they debate this guy signed up for ten messages. Every two weeks. He got thirteen. Today and the and he and his group at three million dollars you've got to be kidding. That's dogs. I would be -- what more would be -- company under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB yet. WB and wherever you go -- WB and iPhone app powered by the final out left. The best defense really index. Well the Buffalo Bills are out almost three million dollars and what I would consider frivolous -- I can't believe that the judge just didn't toss that out but everybody didn't. And I have a Steven Watson nonstarter Stephen T Watson not to pick -- you with Steven L Watson. Stephen T Watson though buffalo business reporter. And the bills have agreed US it's in the paper today and that the at one time you know the but you know you trumped me he went the DoubleTree absolutely double these sections even better than that -- section but they don't have one in the buffalo knows that's a change -- A C section and watch people have a baby milk maybe a red dot all of these action now you're Talking -- on -- get an extra paper. I Stephen Watson says the Buffalo Bills have agreed to pay up to three million dollars. Mostly in the form of debit cards redeemable at that team's star. To settle a class action lawsuit accused of sending too many alerts to fans who signed up for the text messaging service. So his failure to sign up for it in the terms of agreement say obeying now more than five a week. Okay and this guy during their course of two weeks. A third. So instead of ten he got thirteen and he won the so. He won the lawsuit. Jerry won't check a Buffalo Bills fan and an area native living in Florida. Contender in his October 2012 so that the team violated the terms. By sending him thirteen messages over two weeks when it promises and no more than five away. -- -- The lawsuit was pandas frivolous by some sports fans and media commentators and legal experts. I think it's you know that's ridiculous it's you know if you really think about it if the guys that you know I signed a pretend. Over two weights and I got -- 130 had to be government to get thirteen he's going to be August I won today. But in the settlement filed last week and a federal court in Tampa. The bills agreed to provide of the two and a half million dollars in debit cards to people who signed up for the service. Along with 500. Is it not -- and out of -- wonder where oh where lawyers come from. They always try and round a class action JOY. 562500. Dollars to the lawyers. In this half a million bucks. Going to the lawyers for this because he got three more text alerts and it was supposed to. The estimated value of the a debit cards. Our 2.0. 487. Swords and it's Adam about two and a million dollars in debit cards are worth. 575065. Or 75 dollars and it depends which -- signed up for so first we're asking is this. Is this a righteous trial I don't think so I I think this is just ridiculous the lawyers and double and a half a million dollars. And the rest of the class action members -- what's left basically. So do you agree would be of the verdict I don't I really don't. And is texting. Replacing conversations. Are verbal skills going down the drain now this will be more. It's the important to you if you have kids because you don't -- kids with the follow -- phone nominee here. Talking to their friends anymore you don't see we'll see things just changed evolved. Remember it used to be this may get off the phone I'm expecting a call that's what was the very aren't. And and now you don't even though because it's silent as the kid's a texting each other back and forth. And that's that's okay it's a form of communication as long as it doesn't replace verbal skills. Skills as we started we opened the show very very important -- way you communicate easily sell -- the way you show. Exactly how you feel it's hard to do that with text. I mean you can -- you can put that text in the in capital letters and people say look at the capitol as he shouted. It's ridiculous I mean you can't you can't replicate. The human emotion that's in your voice as you convey something for one to another because you can say the same exact words and have been mean four or five different things depending on. On your inflection depending on how you present that and that's going down the drain which is something. Idea computers great -- great emails grave it's easier. But we trade one thing for another. In place of junk mail now we get junk email. About like that I get us on these guys probably get around a 120. Day. Out of a 120. From -- on nine. If there's five worth opening it's the law -- Out of may be a 120 today and some -- more I'm just saying on an average might get a hundred. But the -- the button. On my computer in my iPad. Mets that deletes everything is worn out I have ever replace. 'cause I don't him -- opening crap I can I can tell you're right from the beginning. -- beats and Diddy Diddy duty to -- then moved junk over and delete that. Delete everything and then ten minutes later before again that that's what we got so we used to complain about. Junk mail now we got junk email we -- to complain about our kids talking on the phone too much and now we get the kids texting which can be dangerous while driving. And it can be dangerous because you're gonna lose your verbal skills if you rely too much on that. And that happens to everybody because unlike before when you might overhear your kids saying something. Maybe your kid who wanted to -- kept between -- he and his friend Sheehan or girlfriend whatever now you can't even -- you don't know. So now you have to resort to spying or snooping or something like that. And so we give up something to get something. Because it but it all stays the same -- It's basically the same is texting replacing conversations you find that to be true if you are older and by older I mean anybody over 18. -- what what you've gone detects. And then here you know what I okay you were texting wrestler hours. I don't know it's not important you'll never know never know he take that and effective families on a -- together anymore you wonder why people are. Often different directions. Now is. Is texting if you've signed up for any of these things including ours -- But hours I think we keep rational and dollars in usually safety. Related there related to traffic accidents things like that. Have you sign up for any of these -- texting. Services where if something happens they let you know immediately. You don't have to find out from somebody else you get little a sound on your phone -- your. -- your iPad or whatever you got it hooked up to and -- look and you'll find out something's happening as I said. I'm hooked up to law are now at least the one on the TV stations -- and stuff out all the time. And it drives me crazy because of most of it doesn't apply to me and I think -- try to opt out. Election -- how successful I am a you're signed up for any of these things no idea I have no need to you don't want to know now I don't my -- and head over drove. That's true. My wife is she likes the text alerts she's got from NASCAR football yet know why don't again could she gets them through vibrate. -- That's why yes you wonder why he signed up to everyone and offers them now I know -- -- -- a lot more pleasantly. This is starting to smoke cigarettes. It. I haven't seen -- that it's a -- does she's hooked up to a lot of them but -- and write about eucharist. I know a lot of sports updates it's it's technically not a tax did what you get and it's the same thing you get messages from a specific sports site. Which acts in the same way as a tax -- -- Makes sense simply because you do sports and there's so many sports and with a different time zones and the different activities regarding on the court on the field and off the court off the field. That there's a lot of stuff. Yeah I sign up for every single sport and I did every update imaginable weather Reno a guy scores thirty points or. You know this event is canceled just I get I get absolutely. Any anything that happens I give my phone. Is it intrusive or is welcome my -- you need for work so I understand map but. Every once solid goes out -- gone now here's another thing you I do it like this sometimes oftentimes of this muted and then when I go back when I'm ready foreigners and the fifteen things there and I feel like rating -- a -- but if I hear that the -- all day it'll -- mr. I can see your -- honey what is that. All the Lehigh Valley iron pigs -- traded their capture all of you -- -- -- writes if you decide upper teens you know sports and sometimes -- it was a bill story started at from to replace it got up over I don't know what. And the Buffalo Bills version of which is essentially. The exact same story -- Up for a 21 here obviously. And that's fine I'd I'd need for my work there's something going on I I should know about it and the the other on with a television station. That will remain nameless which drives me crazy is that a lot of stuff on there. I just don't care about. Maybe it's me maybe if I lived in the city. And I traveled of the local roads during the day it might be more important to me but usually by a known commodity here. Or little afternoon and it then I don't need that information so it's probably more me than them 83 Montreal 1806 on six -- of music start I thirty. The Buffalo Bills lost the three million dollar lawsuit because they texted thirteen times over two week period and guys as you promised you -- text no more than ten times. And he and his group 13 million dollars. Are we losing our verbal skills because of tax thing is texting. In invasive and intrusive. It's in your life friends and perhaps you wanna push a little bit away and how easy is is it took opt out of things. It's not easy from my experience. Whether and that's why I don't sign up. For any you know anything that the ducks. What the charges from your charge card. Because it's tough enough to opt out under all circumstances when they send you an actual bill. But when they start taking an -- charge -- even worse. So give me any example without names don't give me name's not important. But how difficult it is or how easy it has been for -- opt out of things -- signed and four before will be back after. Yes the Buffalo Bills have to fork over almost a three million dollars worth -- basic merchandise. Because -- losses class action suit and today it was such a frivolous of emotional loss that. Scott -- told Yahoo! is the spokesperson for the bills says the purpose of the bills' voluntary opt in text messaging program. Was to provide our fans with the information they requested about the team. The organization maintains that our text messaging program was in compliance with the law. Those of the -- is proper stool but this of this column -- who initiated the the lawsuit can -- the lawyers got nearly half a million dollar all a little over half a million dollars and that that that -- show Jarreau. On the justice system works. They said you and five week. And in two weeks the maximum should have been -- -- -- Thirteen. Three more than he should have gotten. And wouldn't it be great if we can all lead our lives of those exacting standards so instead of declaring -- a frivolous lawsuit and just throwing it out they went literally. To be number and -- that's a case. I mean if you take things literally. Sometimes they're not meant to be liberal -- meant to be general but if -- taken literally. Why don't we clamped down on any any restaurant that as they sign that says the world's best -- But he approved that Letterman did a thing about it when he first started CBS show searching for the world's best operate by -- standard like that now. But anyway that's what that is I think it's ridiculous that big bills fan on surely welcome comes back stadium. In September 22 I'll be signed up for the mobile text alerts from the team after visiting the web site. Language at the website promised fans who enrolled in the messaging service. Three to five messages a week for twelve months he got six messages during the second week. And seven during the Leo first week. And so seven sixes thirteen five in August and you do the math so that so that extra three costs of three million dollars thing about like that. For each one they set out it was a million dollars. A million blocks for each one -- sent out. -- meanwhile I think there ought to take this guy that is instituted this note. And -- -- that empty seat that's up on the upper tier remember that special seat. And delegates have free slides on the pole on McCain the battles. And still criticized the bills from time to time. Both in the outfield and in the office this is not one problem. Meld the bills are righteous in this one I just. But the -- Sylvia now. The law is always there though -- are like what eat that remains of dead animals on the road they're gonna get over half a million dollars. And those aren't going to be gift cards that's going to be money. -- 500 and some -- thousand dollars. For the lawyers solo lawyers come out smelling like a rose the bills have to give up something that really shouldn't have to give up and we have another frivolous lawsuit that prevailed. Well we got back we want to know from you is texting replacing conversation. The art of conversation. And your verbal skills are very important to your success can you present yourself well he present material well. Doing it by tax and especially the kind of text that's very limited as to what you're import contacts while comedy characters. It's it's a number of characters very limited and you shortcuts. So we're losing losing -- we're also closing handwriting. My handwriting -- lost years ago. But we're losing a lot of things 30 big gains were making for accessibility. And speed we're giving up a lot of things in exchange. We want to hear from you is texting intrusive in your life and how easy it is to opt out of something maybe you promised to marry at Maryland. You up that mountain I got to -- of Iran anyway we'll be back ever does not Beijing company.

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